With Freelancer.com celebrating its 25 million users milestone, it's only right that we acknowledge some freelancers who have gone above and beyond expectations. They braved out the adversities, conquered their goals, and achieved their personal milestones.

Let’s take a look back at 10 of the most inspiring freelancer stories we’ve shared.

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Ebrahim Hassan

10 Outstanding Freelancer Stories - Image 1

At a young age, Ebrahim Hassan wanted to help his family adjust to the difficulties brought upon by the Arab Spring. He turned his passion for programming into a business to earn a living for his family and to continue funding his startup. Since local projects were limited, he turned to Freelancer.com for a consistent stream of projects.

Jessie Weatherley

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Jessie Weatherley, an Australian marketing specialist, stayed home for over a year after childbirth. She wanted a new means of earning other than the conventional nine-to-five job. A colleague of hers suggested she try Freelancer.com, and so she did. After three years in the platform, she now runs JORK Consulting, her marketing consultancy firm.

Eshad Salauddin

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Earning solely from his corporate job as a graphic designer was not enough to support his family of six, which is why Eshad Salauddin started working part-time on Freelancer. In a year’s time, his freelance earnings were slowly exceeding his salary, which led him to leave his full-time job. Now, after three years on the platform, he is able to provide the needs of his family.

Ian Clement Fosgate

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Inspired by the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices of his overseas Filipino worker (OFW) mom and stay-at-home dad, Ian Clemente Fosgate dreams of one day earning a living for his family. After graduating from a local university, he worked from home instead of choosing local employment because he wanted to assist his father in running the household. He works full-time as a Microsoft Excel specialist on Freelancer to help his family.

Gustavo B. Silva

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Gustavo Silva found himself in a financial slump after parting ways with his attorney wife. To provide the needs of his kids, the Argentine father had to work on side jobs to augment his earnings from his full-time post as an app developer in the National Health Ministry of Argentina. He found side jobs via Freelancer.com. With his part-time income leapfrogging his full-time earnings, he left his day job to focus on his thriving freelance career.

Elizabeth March

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32-year-old UK-local Elizabeth March has gone through so much in her life. From being diagnosed with a Myositis to being separated from her partner, she managed to hang on for the sake of her daughter, Madison-Elizabeth. To support her one-year-old child, she works full-time as a freelance content editor.

Shaun Klein

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Shaun Klein was never passionate about his job, so when the company he worked for had some organizational changes, he chose to leave and start freelancing. He immediately began working on Freelancer and was amazed by the results. He loves how he has time to be a full-time dad and also do what he loves -- Muay Thai.

Mynoor Rahman

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The dream of building and managing his own company drove Mynoor Rahman to his goal. After working several hours in his day job, he worked a few more hours on Freelancer to save up for capital. Once his savings were enough, he left his full-time post and began freelancing full-time. Three years later, he is now an established business owner who enjoys his freedom.

Paul Stefano

10 Outstanding Freelancer Stories - Image 1It has always been Paul Stefano’s dream to get into voice acting. Since he was a child, the voice actor from Pennsylvania, USA loved recording himself and others around him. However, he wasn't able to find his dream job locally since the opportunities were very limited. Only through Freelancer was he able to get the chance to chase his dream of becoming a full-time voice actor.

Elinor Zucchet

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Elinor Zucchet loves traveling. But because the company she used to work for implements strict vacation leaves policy, she left and chose to freelance instead. This gave her the freedom and flexibility to work and travel whenever she wanted. To augment her business’ income, she offered translation, copywriting and marketing services on Freelancer. Now, she has traveled to more destinations and can finally afford to settle down in Spain with her longtime boyfriend.

These are just some of the people who've changed their lives through Freelancer. Want more? Check out our quotes page.

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