Traveling the world is a dream most people have but not everyone gets to do so. Time and money being the banes of it all. Some people are caught up at work, while some don’t have enough opportunities to earn a sufficient amount.

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In celebration of International Translation Day 2017, here are some success stories of freelance translators who found great deals of success in online freelancing that would lead to them chasing their passions of traveling.

Elinor Zucchet

33-year-old French translator Elinor Zucchet loves traveling. She spent her student life in several schools from different countries. Traveling was one of the activities she fell in love with. Seeing the beauty of people, cultures and nature made her feel ecstatic.

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After graduating from uni, she settled down in Spain and worked as a sales manager, a language travel adviser, a receptionist and a marketing manager. Despite the good opportunities she was dealt, she didn’t have much time to do what she loves most -- traveling. It pushed her to leave her full-time post and try our freelancing.

Working remotely allowed her to work when and where she wanted, thus giving her more flexibility. Two years later and business continues to flourish. She has now visited several countries and is continuing to do so.

Read her full story here.


Tiago Lima

Monotony was the reason behind Tiago Lima’s resignation from his admin job in a local health clinic in Bahia, Brazil. “Despite working in a well-paid job, I wasn’t happy anymore. I felt like there was no longer space for me to grow, and that I would end up doing exactly the same thing for the rest of my life,” he said.

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To support himself and his wife Adna, he worked on Freelancer. At the onset of his freelance career, he only offered two services:  business analysis and English-Spanish-Portuguese translation.

Today, Tiago is part of Freelancer’s elite (Preferred Freelancer Program). Together with the help of Freelancer’s Recruiter Team, he’s a step closer to his dream of traveling around the world with Adna.

“My goal is to travel around the world with my wife and Freelancer has been substantial in attaining this goal. So far, we have visited four countries and we plan on visiting much more next year.”

Read his full story here.


Masaharu Hayataki

Living in Prague, Czech Republic was a privilege Japan-local Masaharu Hayataki enjoyed thanks to his two jobs. Both of which were vital in his everyday lifestyle since it was his primary means of earning. Unfortunately, he lost his full-time post.

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He turned his attention to, a freelance marketplace platform he found through a Google search. He offered Japanese-English translations since it was his bread-and-butter.

“I speak English very well for a Japanese and I have writing experience. Plenty of people I met told me that I was the best English speaker they knew from Japan,” he said. Masaharu learned English by watching English-language television series.

“Compared to my previous job, freelancing allows me to earn more while working less. I receive job offers from local companies and could quit freelancing, but I won’t. lets me work anywhere I want – I have the choice to stay home or go out and travel the world. In the coming months, I’m visiting Nuremberg, München, Innsbruck, Venezia, Lyon, and Madrid.”

Read his full story here. has changed the lives of millions around the world. From graphic designers, copywriters, translators to biochemists, software engineers, and app developers. The wide array of projects on the platform can give anyone a shot at reaching their dreams.

Cheers to all translators from across the globe! Continue connecting the world, one word at a time.


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