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I have a family owned tree cutting company business, i started young at the age of 12 years old. After becoming an arborist my father gave me the company and let me do as i pleased. I took everything and try to make it as 2000s as possible 'new age'. For a few years now i was thinking of using the logs we cut from old and big trees to make wood planks/slabs with to make epoxy tables, doors, counter tops and so on. I decided last year i would start to gather logs , and this year i decided to start another business with another name. Our tree business is named Élagueurs Arbor , it is a French name mixed with Latin which means tree cutter. Elagueurs is trimmer or cutter and arbor means tree. So i tried to think of name which would fit with the old name so i came up with Arbor Essence. Which i like because it is a french name and english name at the same time. The name in French means,Arbor meaning tree and essence meaning kind of wood/tree type of wood. In english the name arbor also means tree but essence means trees are the essence to life and all living being. To bring back to what is, to be nature/natural/savage/being. I would like to have a logo made that would ressemble my old logo while being different. To show what we do without even having to read the description. I want to become the wood connoisseur. I am aiming big, international all around the world. Thank you







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