choose the best colour combination for my app design

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I am creating a interactive adventure story game app, a character is lost on an island you as a player need to try to help him survive, while other characters try to help you or stop you.

I have some photoshop files of the design I'm using for my app, it is very similar to a chat application wth chat bubbles, notifications and 2 buttons to select your replies.

What I need is for you to change the colours so that is it makes it look better and more appealing. Current this is how it already looks. I've made it very simple to change, just select each shape and select what colour or gradient you want it to be. The only skills you needs is the very basics of photoshop, it will only take you around 10 minutes to complete.

BOUNESES!! - things that you can do to be ahead of the competition.
- changing the design slightly by adding small details.
- Changing the two reply buttons to match your theme.
- keeping to the theme of a mystery story (this does not mean the colours need to stay dark).
- adding custom colours, e.g. more integrate gradients

All you need to submit now is the jpegs but the winner must submit the actual PSD files.



“Quality work”

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