I have a script to edit.

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  • 奖金: $79
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Minor presentation and phrasing issues also play a negative role.
There only occasionally errors, typos or some awkward turns of phrasing that
could be fixed.

Check to be sure you are only using the present tense when describing action
(see pg 35 for examples of past tense use).

There are many talking, repetitive scenes in the third act. You’ll want to avoid
repetition and trim dialogue.

I have marked all the feedback, and you can see the feedback questions then.

The price is $79. The best time is before 23 o 'clock on May 15th. I use it in two competitions。

Script modification requirements:

[login to view URL] the script according to the bright yellow mark on the script feedback.

2. Revise according to the blue line in the script feedback.

3. Complete at least one manuscript by 23:00 on May 15; The second draft is completed on the 19th.

[login to view URL] the work if the modification meets the requirements; If not, go ahead.

5. Edit with Final Dra software.

6. The last is the successful screenwriter.





  • JonBenn
    • 1 周 之前

    1) There is no script to work from. 2) If this is part of a course that you are attending then really you should be fixing this yourself as per the attached PDF. Getting a Freelancer to do it for you is poor form. 3) If this is a script with ambitions to get made into a film then offering $79 to some random person on the internet to fix it is a bad idea. If I was to do this then I would want writing credits.

    • 1 周 之前
  • August8th
    • 1 周 之前

    Your instructions are a bit confusing to understand. Is this written by a native English speaker? Because the writing is a tad confusing to understand, and I don't feel I should be having any trouble reading this, but I am finding it hard to understand both your instructions and this pdf you provided.

    • 1 周 之前
  • Sinmi7
    • 1 周 之前

    Hello, we're awaiting the actual script to be able to work on too.

    • 1 周 之前
  • rkdesi
    • 1 周 之前

    Dear sir, Please give your master file

    • 1 周 之前
  • deepakmorris
    • 1 周 之前

    Hi, we need the actual script to work on! Please upload the script and I'll edit it based on the feedback in the judge's document.

    • 1 周 之前
  • Arghya1199
    • 1 周 之前

    I am working on it. Please contact me for more details.

    • 1 周 之前



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