New Corporate Design (Not Identity, only Design)

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  • 获胜者: karlmoya


Design new Corporate Design (CD) Office papers --> only papers layout templates in word - the logo and colour is given:
Formal letter template, letterheads template, brochure template, E-Mail-signature template, envelope template (C5 format), forms template and invoice template. The house style is created in such a way that all the elements are arranged in a distinctive design and pattern.
All example / templates / results must be provided in MS Word. Each template one description how the layout is set up (measurements of positions, colors and font used)

Using the existing logo (see attachments).
Using the existing font for logo or company name.
Selecting an similar / suitable font for texts.
Maximum 3 different fonts for text typography (letterheads, title, body, footer and notes) is allowed to be used.
Must select fonts what are automatically switches to an generic sans font everyone could us if one have not installed this particular what is used for the CD.
NO (!) generic templates are allowed to be used!
No pictures as background.
The colors and the design must be selected tho show clear, quiet and modern style.

I attached some GO’s and NOGO’s for your reference.





  • karlmoya
    • 1 年 之前

    it would take only 1 day to do the job

    • 1 年 之前
  • DesignGorillaz
    • 1 年 之前

    From your brief you require 6 items:

    1. Letterhead template
    2. Brochure template
    3. E-Mail-signature
    4. Envelope template
    5. Forms template
    6. Invoice template

    A brochure template would take a while on it's own, that's without the other 5 items.

    To design a template for a brochure more detail would be needed on your company and it's industry to help tailor these templates. Are you looking for styles to be set up within the Word template? What information would you like to display on the email signature? Even though you have the logo, all these other elements take time.

    The contest prize doesn't reflect the work entailed here.


    • 1 年 之前
  • hasibbpi1988
    • 1 年 之前

    what product you need to design ? is all corporate identity design ??

    • 1 年 之前
  • iobiz
    • 1 年 之前

    therefore the price is sufficient

    • 1 年 之前
  • iobiz
    • 1 年 之前

    Hi. You dont need to design a logo. you only have to design the layouts for a few papers. therefore the price

    • 1 年 之前
  • mahmudkhan44
    • 1 年 之前

    #increaseprize please

    • 1 年 之前



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