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    Word Limit : 2000 [login to view URL] basically a critical essay. In which i would need a Bibliography (References) in the end of it. And the content should be concentrated more on the works and the contribution of the writers to the 20th century American Literature rather than their personal lives.

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    Read the word document for more details.

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    MS Excel Expert in handling Big data with complex formulas - No Errors to be done as the file is critical.

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    A critical appraisal needs to be written on a pre-selected research paper that I will have chosen. This involves critically evaluating the research paper. The critical appraisal will be structured using a standardised assessment tool (CASP tool). The research paper will be in context of Nursing. 1500 words critique.

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    ...from Pakistan. Hiring full-time in-house experienced academic writers having educational background in the field of finance, statistics, accounting, HRM, IT, engineering, economics, medical, marketing and management, psychology, sociology, actuarial science. A candidate must have strong English writing and reading skills. We are offering market competitive

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    I need a Research Philosophy work on "Critical Realism" in research.

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    Analysing an IT Policy - word count: between 3000-4000

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    The purpose of this request is to write a critical literature review on the topic of “selection and concentration strategy in R & D Strategies of Pharmaceutical Companies”. This request also requires you to read and analyse a range of academic materials, again a key component of MBA’s level request. I believe that selectio...

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    critical issue in my website >>> i have my online travelling portal there i have some critical issue regarding that i want solution of all >> that is their header is not not working properly i have also one issue in payment gateway .

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    Open .zip file. ==> READ Instructions.pdf. All project details are inside this file. ___ Deliver: PowerPoint presentation (.ppt file) Deadline: 5 days Maximum Total Pages: [13 – 20]

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    6 竞标 that needs critical Summary Information packs about our products created like the one that is attached. What we require is pretty much summaries of each of our products, the information can be taken from the document attached but changed to our products. Please inquire and quote on ongoing work with us, as there is quite alot of summaries that

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    Critical review (synopsis) on the research article Length: 1-page Single spaced, Times New Roman, Size 12pts Content needs to include all points highlighted in the breakdown below and answer all questions: Introduction – What is the purpose of the study or what problem are they trying to solve? Is a testable scientific hypothesis stated (often

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    ...mla. 4 sources needed. 300 LEVEL UG Intensive Writing Course Final Paper Worth 35% Of Grade. Please Write Accordingly. Upon Satisfaction I Will Personally Inform My Entire Friend Group And Highly Recommend You Guys To Them As My Real Means Of Payment For This Service, Rather Than $. Thank YOU IBSN Of Book To Be Specific -- [ISBN] 9780393927931 Shelley

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    Open .zip file. ==> READ Instructions.pdf. All project details are inside this file. ___ Deliver: PowerPoint presentation (.ppt file) Deadline: 5 days Maximum Total Pages: [13 – 20]

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    ...with knowledge to psychological research and social theories. This is a one page academic poster which aims to answer a social psychology theory question. You must be familiar with power point and academic writing and present the arguments with an appropriate academic English. I will check the work for originality and it's crucial that the sections

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    Please check the attached document for the detailed requirements

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    ...Postgraduate essay evaluating ONE known BUSINESS leader and connecting leadership and management theories to practice in a coherent way. Must examine relevant literature. Critical evaluation of theory and practice. Word count is 5000 not including references. No appendices/ no direct quotations. Harvard referencing. Must be well written and done in 3 weeks

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    Review and edit 4500-word journal arti...submission for publication. Focus on clarity of writing, the strength of argument and accuracy. Edits are to be made in MS word using track changes and comments function. Need strong academic writing skills. Knowledge of risk management and current safety issues with AI would be useful but is not critical....

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    With reference to ONE of the areas highlighted below, develop a critical review of the academic literature focusing on key themes and debates that emerge. Where appropriate, attempt to compare the extent to which academic theory reflects evidence in terms of organisational practice. The person who takes on this project should demonstrate good grammer

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    Chapter Summary of Chapter 4 of Vivien Burr's Social Constructionism

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    Critical analysis report about minimum wage, pros and cons for minimum wage as well as the impact in the market

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    I am looking for someone with philosophical background who can do some critical readings and writings for me. There will be two tasks- 1000-1200 words each. Thanks,

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    What is an Innovation Audit? An i...innovation audit is a way to understand how effective an organization is at managing innovation. Individual employees are asked to anonymously give their opinions on different aspects of innovation management, such as the way ideas are generated. Guidelines. please find the attachment for report description

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    I need you to write a report for something. Read a specific article. Summarize it. I identify individuals in article and write a bio. Isolate facts and figures. Research the best way to combat what the people and institutions are doing.

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    Critical Thinking Essay

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    ...oftentimes there are more than one correct answer. The goal of this critical write-up project is to encourage your critical thinking (supported by research and evaluation) and help you express your view in a logical and systematic manner. Description: With the increasing popularity of Web 2.0, one strategy to achieve customer intimacy or competitive

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    ...towards analyzing critical and contemporary educational issues in the state of Georgia specifically and the United States generally. Students will actively examine the teaching profession from multiple perspectives including those inside and outside of the traditional schoolhouse. Concurrently, students will reflect and interpret the meaning of education and

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    Servers been up 2 years no problem now this "Transaction cannot be processed" Error at checkout appeared yesterday around 1PM and still has all my sites shut down. E commerce stores running opencart Linux Cpanel WHM hosting dedicated server

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    Choose at least one of the following areas in Managing Operations. • Design of goods and services • Managing quality • Process and capacity design • Location • Layout • Human resources and job design • Supply chain management • Inventory management • Scheduling Analyse Mayfield hospital in the selected area (s). Based on your analysis, you...

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    ...MEET THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS**** Topic: How can men be affected by eating disorders? Thesis Statement: Lack of attention to eating disorders among young men not only leaves this group of people untreated but also worsens feelings of isolation associated with this disease. 5 pages long excluding citation page. MLA format I need this by 4PM

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    A critical technical report needed I will contact for more details

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    Task 2 – A Critical Review of an Academic Journal Article (40%) Your task is to review and evaluate an academic journal paper in 1,250 words. The particular paper will be supplied to you by the module leader: Your critical review should include the following: • A brief understanding of the article - What are the objectives of the...

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    Animation, presenting the 248 words of an ancient Hebrew text drawn from the Bible - Letter by Letter -to be synched with a vocal track. The Letter-by-Letter sequencing should look like VID-201.... (attached), but also contain for each Letter the associated "dots" and "squiggles" above and below Letters (which are vowels and musical notations) are

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    Wanted: a talented researcher to critical analyze a written literature review. Topic: Most recent test suite minimization and prioritization techniques including pros and cons of all. I already have a Literature Review on the topic above. However, I need to critically analyze the LR, highlighting the pros and cons of each technique. If it is preferable

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    2 pages are enough I will send the little article which writer will use it

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    I created and launched my new app on ios, but when someone installs it, its get crashed and if it gets started then after some time again it gets crashed. CRITICAL issue. Experienced ios developer needed urgently.

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    browse and research the nature of activities performed by the assigned Local authorities

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    Critical Appraisal of: Czeizel A & Dudas I. Prevention of the First Occurrence of Neural-Tube Defects by Periconceptional Vitamin Supplementation. New England Journal of Medicine 1992;327:1832-1835

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    Animation, presenting the 248 words of an ancient, Hebrew text - Letter by Letter, so it can be sung. Will send mp4 to indicate the timing and font style

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    URGENT NEED WITHIN 7 hours~ Need a 1000 word critical review on the article: Natural Disasters and the Risk of Violent Civil Conflict by Philip Nel and Marjolein Righarts. will go over it more in chat. This is a small project~ Can't offer a lot.

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    This is a time critical project (to be ready by Saturday, 28th October-2017)! Only full-time Freelancers are welcome to bid. Please don't bid if you don't "any" of have the following:- (1) Expertise in Python, Numpy, Scipy, NLTK and Basic Linear Algebra (2) Good comfort level with mathematics and equations (2) Ability to report twice a day - morning

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    Hello guys, I have to thank you first of all for having a look at my posted job. I am looking for someone to help me out with writing for the literature review as I am looking for making it a critical reviews that would be leading to research questions and motivations to be digged in more while going throughout my research. The area which I am pursuing

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can do some critical reading, thinking and writing for me. It would be based on the book Reader's choice, Essays for thinking, reading and writing, 7th edition. Anyone experienced and interested, please message!

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    ...only then you'll be able to write about them. This task requires outstanding skills of reading, writing, critical thinking and textual analysis. This task is definitely not for people with average english abilities. You need to be an EXPERT at English Writing/Reading/Textual Analysis in order to complete with task. It's impossible for someone with

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    ... Task 3: Essay (Individual) | Weight: 40% You are required to write a critical essay on “Organising and Managing Innovation”. To do this, please use one of the following organizations as a case study: 1. OpenIDEO 2. Threadless 3. Quirky 4. NineSigma The purpose of this case-study based essay is to demonstrate your capacity to critically

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    I am looking for someone who can create PERT diagram and identify critical paths. I have 3-4 sets of project schedule already done (any suitable assumption required can be made in case schedule is not proper). I will pay $10 for entire work. Should be ready to start now. If you are occupied with other works please don't bid. I want all work be finished

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    Critical Thinking writing and report writing

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