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    写区块链游戏白皮书,主要介绍各种人物角色,游戏规则,gamefi 、defi的经济模型等,需要designer对区块链有所了解

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    需要一个mg动画师做一个1-2分钟的企业宣传片,具体内容详谈 i need a graphic designer to make a 1-2min animated video industry: food safety testing Chinese speaking freelancer preferred

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    My company makes umbrellas. Now my website wants to be revised, and I need a front-end designer to do the revision design for my website. I hope this designer is from the United States, with at least 3 years of experience in website design, and at least 10 cases. If this cooperation is pleasant, we will have many opportunities for other projects. Our future is looking forward to creating with you, thank you.

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    According to attachment (draft), output 2 pics fancy and 3D effect graphic design for advertisement. 根据附件中的概念稿,完成两张产品效果图,产品呈3d构造。 项目需求比较着急,希望设计师在1月11号之前完稿交付。

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    汽车及企业品牌logo design,在已有过提案的基础上修改,以及设计新的logo

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    hire a clothing designer 已经结束 left


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    Hire a Website Designer 已经结束 left


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    I need a video about 90 seconds long for the promotion of my book, I will provide materials such as psd files and Bgm . your job will be simply make some parts of the photo( cloth, hair, water stars) move or twinkle .I had already a idea in mind , I need some one who can communicate with me ,and be capable of using the software like adobe flash,etc. please give me a link of your previous work. have a nice day! 需要制作1分半左右的漫画宣传片,我提供图像 标志和背景音乐素材。主要是把已经分层的图片转换成简单的动画(只需要场景头发布料之类的地方移动)。分镜和配乐已经设计好了,只需要能熟练操作软件的人沟通,然后操作下。

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    设计小册子 -- 2 已经结束 left

    公司是一家涉及海事船舶的设备供应商,并且是船用舵机与甲板机械的设备厂家。需要设计与制作的宣传册应与产品相符合 I need the designer who can help me to design a brochure is relevant company product is steering gear system and deck company is base on Singapore and I hope the designer is in Singapore as well

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    Web design graphic design and picture design for videos

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    新創品牌其首席設計師尋找有設計針織服裝經驗之人才。歡迎對繪圖設計有興趣和清楚如何測量尺寸大小及規格的服裝設計師假如我們。你必須能夠與工廠溝通,實現高品質的設計。 Upcoming brand. Head designer requires someone with experience in designing knitted garments. Must have ability to draw designs and understand sizing, measurements and specs for the clothing line and must be able to communicate with factories to achieve top quality designs. Preferable: speaks mandarin

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    teespring.com网站克隆 已经结束 left

    1.参考网站: 2.T-Shirt Designer可使用插件: 3.网站其余部分的布局和功能需要网站1比1仿照teespring 4.响应式布局 注:网站语言使用中文,网站部署在中国,需要支持中国支付系统。

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    我需要找一个中国的开发人员来使用adobe的AEM/CQ技术来做网站。相关技术是:css3,javascript, jquery, extjs, jsp, java, servlet. 这是一个长期项目。

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    A media company based in Shenzhen China, need a creative designer for a small project. Project Details: Create a 1 second continuous animation for android system, see attached files for samples. 在中国深圳的一间公司,找寻有才能的设计师帮忙设计一秒的连续性动画。 这是将会用到安卓系统上的动画,详情请参考附件的图档跟影片,若有兴趣请联系。

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    This project is to develop the prototype 3d model of a transformer-like plastic robot toy product. We have done the concept design and need experienced designer to help on completing the final assembling 3d model for prototype production (using 3d printing). The final 3d model needs to be ready for real production use. 诚邀有玩具工程设计相关经验的设计师参与完成一部变形金刚机器人塑料玩具的手板三维模型制作项目。本项目概念设计已经完成,现准备制作手板,需要解决关节机构、零件分件、卡扣卡位等日后生产所需技术问题。整个玩具大约设计有100个左右的零件。本次制作的模型将用于3d打印制作手板。

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    I need unity 3d designer who can make map with map creator

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    Custom cabinetry plans for clients and contractors

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    I looking for an expert designer that can help me with my blockchain trading card.

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    To design my website from scratch in Elementor PRO. The site will will need to load very fast, responsive in mobile, PC and tablet. User Friendly Call to action, contact forms. Website URL: About Us We are in the automotive industry where we buy broken and scrap cars from local and use them for spare parts. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand. Awarded freelancer will be granted with access to the wp-admin which will already have the Elementor PRO activated.

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    ...any other outstanding work will win $100. As you can see from the examples, they use timelapse or lots of quick edits, showing what they do from start to finish. The entire process is covered, including the final reveal. Make sure you show us the final masterpiece in all its glory. What you need to do is create and upload a 2 minute video of yourself doing what you do. If you’re a graphic designer, show us the process of working on your design, whether you do hand sketches first then transfer the designs to your computer to finish. Show us the entire process from start to finish in under 2 minutes. Whatever it is you do to create your final product, screen record it, film it with your phone and edit it into a 2 minute video. As you can see from the examples, we only ne...

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    Looking for someone to designs these art with following concept One / 1 theme 50 images 35 for boys 15 for girls Boys themes Wild one Builder Tradie Mickey Mouse Cookie Monster Circus Farmer Prince Fisherman Dinosaur Spaceman Aeroplanes Trucks Machinery Safari Lion Giraffe Sports / baseball / baseball / hockey Girls themes Unicorn Mermaid Minnie Mouse Princess Wild one Wreath Floral Donut Butterfly I have added what I saw online for you to get idea and inspiration Work will be on going with time to time new designs request Winning designs I will pay $15 for the total competition and complete artworks

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    Only for freelancers based in Singapore only as you are required to physically present. I am looking for a product/industrial designer to finetune the workings of a children's toy. The person will have be well versed in electronical components such as circuitry, LED lights and power generators. Price is negotiable.

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    Hello to all architects and interior designers. I am renovating my house, 4700 sqf of living space in two stories. I need an architect/designer to draw the blue print of my house 2D and 3D(rendering). I also need your design expertise to remodel the space to create open concept.

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    A e-commerce boutique shop specializing in Italian artisan made and sustainable home decor or home wares

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    Brand is a high profile social Metaverse project

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    We’re looking for a graphic designer whom we can build a rapport and form a lasting relationship with! We have over 200 products needing marketing optimization. We would love to start off with rolling ads for our website. Not all of the skills listed are requirements, but would be great for a lasting relationship! We're looking to work on product marketing materials (brochures, web product detailed page PDP, rolling ads, retail product signage, posters, product image gallery, etc.), email campaign, social media posts, packaging, labels, etc. We would like someone who is within our time zone or will adjust to our time zone (PST). Check out our website at

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    Job Duties: • Create and texture (diffuse, bump, specular maps) low/high poly 3D meshes • Able to model environments and creature (biped, quadruped, multi-limbed) models • Accurately build 3D representations from 2D concept art and model sheets • Able to light a scene and produce high resolution pre-renders • 2D digital illustration skills • Technical skills like character/object skinning and rigging (bones and character studio)

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    We are looking for a designer to design an elegant logo and business cards for a Tree Trimming service. We are looking for a fresh, modern and green look.

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    Hi Alex R., I have some questions to ask from you about your project.

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    Hi Designer, saya Ken dari Karena banyak user yang request jasa design dan kami sendiri bukan agency, kami mencari designer untuk kerjasama design bio profile untuk user kami. Mohon daftar dan cobain design untuk bio profile Anda sendiri di agar kamu lebih tahu cara kerja dan cara designnya. Untuk yang tertarik, silakan cobain buat bio link dan apply di freelancer. Silakan diskusi dengan saya langsung disini. Terima kasih

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    to design ADU in Revit, and take on-site measurements for as-builts Revit files.

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    I am looking for someone to assist me with creating a Flow Designer React App. You will work with me on the code. I have been a developer for 20 years myself. I will create the backend code and some of the business logic and you would concentrate 100% on the UI aspects on the application. You will create UI that allows you to drag and drop controls from a list and put them onto a canvas and show the connections between the items you dropped. See attached image for an overall idea of what you would be designing. All the color boxes like "Request", "XML Validation", "Transform XML", "Condition", "IF YES" and "IF NO, DO NOTHING" would have been dragged from a control pallet onto the canvas and the arrows show the connection...

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    I need someone to teach me the terms of UI/UX designs. I have a project and there are some terms by my client that I'm not familiar with. I need someone that knows Figma. I need this person to train me for 1 month or more. I will pay Bi-weekly cause that is when I get paid. The teaching will be done with the task I've been assigned with. If you are interested let me know. I want to clarify that this will be a Bi-weekly pay, so if you can't do it please don't bid.

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    Hey, I'm a certified graphic designer and have logo, visiting car, illustration experience. Looking forward to work with you or for your organization. You can check my previous work if you want as a portfolio. Thank you

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    Hi there, I'm looking for a professional graphic designer to create a professional business card for my client who is a professional chef. He will be using them as hand outs to increase his business through word of mouth - so we want them to really be eye catching. We are looking for a front and back design - but there is no specific directions so please be as creative as you feel is necessary. Some feedback from the client: - I like wood grain textures - I want it to be simple, clean and clear - easy to read - want the design to be warm and to be inviting - Use the logo provided Information for the business card: Phone number: (416) 123 - 4567 (real number to be provided to winner) Email: info @ Name: Chef Ben Estay Website: Title: Private Chef

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    Social Media Designer 6 天 left

    @Fortefinancialfirm is a real estate investment platform, we post educational content focusing on real estate investing in the United States. We create all of the content and provide all of the information that will be posted, we strictly need someone to design our content. We are looking for someone to only design our posts and post them through We provide all of the content, hash tags, we only need you to focus on the design. We post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's (3 posts per week). You will post on instagram and Facebook through Later. Post should take about an hours worth of work. so we are offering 5 hours per week. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR growth or follow unfollow methods no need to interact with other pages as we do all this. Strictly design and post. ***(...

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    cards design 6 天 left

    Hello, I need of graphic designer with sports knowledge (hockey, basketball).

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    We have developed a PIM webapp which requires design/styling. It is a very simple website, almost single page. It uses a few data grids and has a few different tabs for basic CRUD operations. We require someone who can ensure the web application has a modern look and feel by implementing a colour scheme and picking appropriate styling to subtly differentiate sections of the app. We have a new logo and style guide which may be used. See attached screenshot which demonstrates the layout/functionality of the app. The black theme/existing styling should be ignored.

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    Superace Business Consulting is looking for a creative Web Designer to join our skilled team! The Website Designer works closely with the graphics and art department to develop an innovative website design concept. Someone who is a team player but who succeeds in their individual skill will be required for the freelancing contract role. If you're available, send a proposal right now.

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    I need a determine designer to design an article website

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    Social media management 6 天 left

    Monthly planner Post designer Post scheduling Hashtag Caption

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    Expert Logo Designer Needed 6 天 left

    Hi, i am hiring a Logo Designer for long term relationship. i will provide details to selected candidate only thank you

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    Video Editing 6 天 left

    Good morning, I need some Experience person who have hands on experience in Adobe premiere pro done some projects kindly contact us for more details.

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    I need a Determine Designer to design an article websites

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    Currently I'm looking for logo & letterhead designer for our NGO.

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    Want to simply change a phone number on a printed phone bull to a different number. Those of a hard copy

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