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    从旧报章 1. 侦测和切出每个别小块,得到每块的位置。 2. 得到(切出)每个小块在原图的位置 , 从右上到左下标号。 3. 得到的小块作横直投影。

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    从旧报章 1. 侦测和切出每个别小块,得到每块的位置。 2. 得到(切出)每个小块在原图的位置 , 从右上到左下标号。 3. 得到的小块作横直投影。

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    蚁群算法在云环境下的调度实现,开发环境是MyEclipse6.5,cloudsim3.03,输出虚拟机分配时间表的源代码! .........................................

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    蚁群算法在云环境下的调度实现,开发环境是MyEclipse6.5,cloudsim3.03,输出虚拟机分配时间表的源代码! .........................................

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    $176 - $2206
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    蚁群算法在云环境下的调度实现,开发环境是MyEclipse6.5,cloudsim3.03,输出虚拟机分配时间表的源代码! .........................................

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    ...searching “Wikiracer." We recommend that you play the game a couple of times first before beginning this assignment. Here is one implementation that we recommend playing: https: // Before beginning this assignment, you should be familiar with the different types of graph searches, specifically, breadth-first search (bfs), depth-first search (dfs), and Dijkstra’s algorithm....

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    Objectives to achieve o US...Meta Data Partition. If authentication is successful then Private partition2 will become visible to the host/machine. 3. Meta Data Partition: This is a partition that is only visible to the controller to store data/metadata like pin, encryption keys etc. o Every read & write operation destined for Pp1 & Pp2 partitions should automatically be encrypted/decrypted via the controller (encryption algorithm can be simply Xoring the data). o The key for encryption/decryption & both PINs should be changeable in Meta Data Partition. o IOCTLS should be used to mark any partition as PP1 or PP2 o Once the partition is visible to the host/machine (after authentication) it will behave like normal volumes & its PP1 or PP2 properties should persist even ...

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    The following are the details, please bid only if you can deliver. - Serial DBScan code - Parallel code ( with openmp) - Performance evaluation of serial and parallel code results. - Speed up and efficiency graphs. - Detailed comments on the code.

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    First create an admin module and encrypt it using file vault and algos a file is created to store a string by usin rsa and caeser algorithm

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    All Operations used a thread block of CUDA. First randomly population is saved in global memory. And the assigned block checks whether the individual fitness is evaluated or not. If not then randomly select one individual and evaluate it. Crossover, mutation, selection, and termination assign blocks used global memory for In and Out solution process. When this global memory in out of range then assign one block that removes the worst (low) solution from global memory and replace this randomly to create a new individual

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    We are looking to hire developers to write a dynamic automated price optimization algorithm that can respond to market events and to competitors. The product we are asking you to price is available in different local markets and prices can be set each time period. You will be given historical data for a sample of markets: a history of prices, sales, and cost of sales for the firm whose prices you are trying to optimize, as well as an average of competitor prices and a variable summarizing market conditions.

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    High quality digital images are very common due to easiness in imaging devices and inexpensive storage. However, they are easy to manipu...evidences for real life applications such as criminal investigation. An example of content tampering is shown in the figure below. You are asked to propose a CV algorithm to detect image tampering. Design a conceptual/block diagram, provide justifications for each step and the specific order and techniques you adopt in combining different components. Try to provide as much information as needed, including details of your algorithm (either in stepwise fashion or in algorithm style). For example, if you use sharpening filters, specify the specific type of filter you will use. Also mention two shortcomings of your approach, where your ...

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    Create a GUI with python 6 天 left

    I have two scripts of code on python in which first script uses RSA algorithm to encrypt and decrypte an image and the second script uses DNA coding to encrypte and decrypte the image The GUI must takes an image then encrypte it using the rsa encryption code , then encrypte it more with the DNA , shows the result image ,after that take the result and decrypte it with the DNA and lastly decrypte it with RSA and shows the result which must be the same original image after decryption The scripts are ready , just to creat the GUI and correctly assign the codes

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    RRT algorithm Python code 6 天 left

    Development of RRT search graph algorithm

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    Project aim is getting end user ready app to connect a go pro camera and using it as barcode scanner

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    The idea is to build a regional network of airports where we want to minimize the total distance while also maximizing the connectivity between airports and maximizing the numbers of flights that are offered, while also minimizing the number of flights with a lot of connections. This will be done in Java.

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    I want a python code that takes an image and encrypte it using DNA coding algorithm XOR , then takes the encrypted image and do the opposite and obtain the original image

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    Datasets: Chose above 100k instances & 100 features Write a scientific report: • Introduction/ description of data. • Perform one supervised and one unsupervised algorithm on your data • Report (and possible compare) the results. • Perform at least one feature reduction algorithm, compare changes with expectations. Add new data and compare prediction with results • Use both python and Weka, report differences/similarities • Write conclusions with strong support of theory • Include code, (intermediary) data We need to create report as well

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    YOLOv7 object recognition 5 天 left

    1. Required skills: - Basic knowledge of statistics and probability theory. - Certain knowledge of the methodology of neural networks and elementary architectures, such as de...Preparation of a training sample for training. Here are a few steps. It is the most complex task: (a) Acquisition of thermal images through the camera in their final form. (b) Development of an algorithm for the synthesis of artificial images of the desired type with variations in the number, shape, and size of objects for identification. This algorithm should include a well-designed and controlled probability distribution, with the necessary parameters for image curation. (c) Generating the required number of images. (d) Realistic image noise with a separate ready-made algorithm, or with the ...

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    47 个竞标 the car, the user cannot will be to interact with this, and the device will be conncte to power. The app will send the sensor data to an API Rest (Built by my side). The data need to be sent: 1) On GPS location change (approx; between 5 to 10 meters). 2) When the device detects rapid acceleration and harsh break (using the accelerometer sensor) Harsh braking and quick acceleration use an algorithm based on the change in speed. An increase in velocity greater than 8.5 MPH per second will trigger an acceleration alert. A reduction in speed greater than 6.5 MPH per second will trigger a braking alert.). 3) Detect a change of position using the gyroscope. 4) The application needs to be running when the phone is powered on. 5) Sent information to the API when the battery is under...

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    Please read full description: The project is to design the algorithm only for a wellness application. The application is the 'Spotify of wellness' but this is not to build the app; this is the algorithm ONLY. The code required is Node JS. There are 3 key factors that the code will need to pull data from. *The web creator platform. *The onboarding mobile experience. *User experience. The Node JS code will be provided to the developers to input into the app. I will provide the specifications to you through figma file and google sheet. The code will be required to look at many variables and will be complex in it's categories. The code will also need to review the user insights as users utilise software and adjust based on the ux. Basic understanding of softwa...

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    Lottery program with a 90% hit rat with the pick 3. Breaking down the draw number into pairs. Example draw number is 423 the pairs are 23,24,34. Showing the pairs from previous draws while showing due pairs, and key numbers based on the previous draws and giving the best 10 prediction with key positions. It needs to identify triggers to predict top 15 numbers to be ...while showing due pairs, and key numbers based on the previous draws and giving the best 10 prediction with key positions. It needs to identify triggers to predict top 15 numbers to be drawn. a chart showing positioning 1st 2nd 3rd furthest out or due that resets when number hits. must have the ability to back test; and a frew more details Skills Required C Programming Matlab and Mathematica Algorithm C++ Programming M...

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    Написать программу, реализующую алгоритм классификации Байеса для двухмерных образов в Матлаб (нужен только листинг кода). Write a program implementing the Bayes classification algorithm for two-dimensional images in Matlab (you only need a code listing).

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    Hello, I have one assessment to finish, it will be on c# most likely some algorithm tasks, there will be 2 task the first one is just optional but the second one will be little complex , and the time to finish the tasks will be 75 minutes so if you think yo can do it then reach out to me Thanks

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    (Best for people who know how Uniswap market works, how price is calculated, what are the liquidity pools) I'm searching for someone who can fix algorithm provided on When I calculate optimal input amount from this example above, results are ok. Problem is that the amount is not "perfect". For example output from this calculation is "300". But it turns out that if I would trade 350 tokens profit would be higher. So I'm looking for someone who can find the issue and give me a fix.

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    I need an absolute expert in Machine Learning, Algorithm, Predictive Analysis, Data Mining and if possible full a time worker. 100 data sets/examples in Excel are ready to train for a machine learning model. Data sets consist of one upcoming event with related odds and one historical event with related odds which is perfectly related or most probable to the upcoming event. I have also prepared 10 teest sheets. These sheets consist of one upcoming event with related odds and around 50 to 500 historical events with related odds. Its differently from upcoming event to upcoming event. 1. Train the model with data sets/examples (and build algorithm) 2. Use this model/algorithm to find the perfect related or most probable historical events to the upcoming events in the ...

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    Seeking a freelance consultant to develop a Arduino Sketch for a Esp32 Wrover Development Board. Sketch must be developed to import various libraries including 1.) numpy, 2.) gpio etc. and a pre-trained tensorflo lite library. Sketch much be able to use 0v2640 camera and to obtain 30 second video clip and use pre-trained tensor-flo lite library to determine pres...Sketch for a Esp32 Wrover Development Board. Sketch must be developed to import various libraries including 1.) numpy, 2.) gpio etc. and a pre-trained tensorflo lite library. Sketch much be able to use 0v2640 camera and to obtain 30 second video clip and use pre-trained tensor-flo lite library to determine presence of facial expressions in video clip and then apply a custom grading algorithm provided by me.

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    ...topology area. 4. When all nodes are transmitting the data into defined base station (BS), network performance is measured using metrics alike throughput and time delay. Stage B: in NS2 , algorithm for node clustering is to be designed as follow 1. setting fixed/static node objects with variable locations (to be set randomly) and constant nodes IDs. 2. setting the thresholds of cluster e.g. cluster size, threshold location for measuring the node belongness. 3. Iterating of nodes number i.e. 100, 200 and 500 nodes at the time. 4. Apply search algorithm for sensing location and form the cluster, this algorithm can be Feed forward neural network. 5. As clusters are made, cluster-head (CH) to be assigned where all nodes will be reporting to it. 6. Locations of clust...

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    Read the bio 4 天 left

    The aim of the exercise is to realise a parallel sorting algorithm thanks to PHTREAD. More informations in private.

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    ...position. • Project Report (40 points) ◦ A project report that in academic paper format should be written for this project. (the same format used in project 1) ◦ The report should include: ▪ Introduction (5%) • Background about car navigation (2%) • Procedure of the project (2%) • Brief Summary of the project (1%) ▪ Project Descriptions (10%) • Describe the procedure (2%) • Describe the applied algorithm/methods of the project (4%) • Show the formula or equation or function of calculating the direction of travel and speed (3%) • Include a picture of the generated environment with the robot (1%) ▪ Results (10%) • Generated or planned trajectory of the robot moving in the environment (5%) • Snapshots of successful and failed na...

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    I need help in Computer science. topics covered are Advance Data structure and algorithm design

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    We have a website that has more than one year and we want to implement a new functionality. This new functionality it’s composed by a system that allows the user to add content to the website, then that content will be filtered and shown depending on the interaction of the rest of the users.

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    Hello Usama Z., I have an project that could be interesting for you. it is about a multi GPU Implementation of a merge-sort algorithm. I have an existing Code Base (coming from researchers). This Implementation is a Bit old and Just PoC - so I need some Performance Tuning, usage of more state-of-the-art Frameworks. Currently an old Version of moderngpus (from nvlabs) is used. I would Like to Check If cub or thrust makes more sense or maybe Update it to the newoderngpu Release.

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    Creat a clinic algorithm 3 天 left

    Medical field require knowledge of disease and understanding medical guidelines

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    We want to send out concept designer to work with a company in that companies office to make changes to our app. We have an IOS app that we would like to do a makeover on, update an algorithm and the APis, update and automate a reward system/email/notifications of payment incoming and outgoing. Some adjustments to the PHP laveral backend is also required. When completed an Android/possible web version of the same is required. We are looking for a team for a long-term relationship to keep our product updated and to evolve with it. We require the team to deliver the work on time or face late work penalties, so the time frame for completion is urgently required and will be a deciding factor in who we decide to contract with.

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    Looking for a person to guide on competitive programming (experienced with Hacker Rank problem solving), specifically on data structures and algorithmic solving in python language. Need to solve some problems in relation to advanced coding strategies such as trees and search algorithm with best time complexity, string processing which may include an machine learning portion as well.

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    Thank you for reading. We have a project to develop a fall detector using Bluetooth or Zigbee technology using pre-defined hardware. It is for an emergency help call and fall detection product. The project will be to: 1. Find a suitable fall detection algorithm 2. Implement it on the NRF52832 chipset 3. Test and confirm it works well. there are plenty of algorithms out there in research papers etc, we dont want the freelancer to create their own algorithm. key requirements are low power usage. We can provide all items for the development platform. Please reply with your experience in iOT, G sensor/accelerometers an Bluetooth or Zigbee

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    I have buy/sell algorithm and i want to automate it on TDA

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    I need someone to do a complex data structures and algorithm project involving matrices and graph theory. It is a very difficult python project and requires high level of knowledge and experience. Budget is $70 and deadline is 36 hours.

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    World Golf Rankings Database 3 天 left

    Looking to hire a database designer to create web database and then a long-term relationship to manage and maintain data/app. You will use public data from OWGR dot com: players, events, etc. Our computations and algorithm for awarding player points and rankings fields and players will differ slightly but the functionality from user perspective will be similar.

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    Required a Matlab code for optimization algorithms GWO, PSO, GA and RFO to tune 3 PI controllers in simulink model.

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    Based on the popular game of Free the Unicorns!, you will create a program in a language of your choosing (Java, C#, C++, or Python), which implements the Ethan-Dayton algorithm (AKA Prim’s algorithm) to find the minimum spanning tree in a graph. The graphs are all specially generated to be valid graphs for playing the game of Free the Unicorns!,

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    Structural Test Data Generation Exercise This piece of coursework is based around the problem of using long this took) • The targets covered by a random strategy • Comments on the relative performance of the GA and random strategies • For any uncovered targets, any additional modifcations made (e.g. to the information collected) and how successful this was. • Any other observations or comments not included above. Please find the attached files: - 2 methods to test - some example of Genetic Algorithm for Structural Test Data Generation and link to article about GA: As a result, I would like to get code implementation for 2 methods and report according to the plan above.

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    Hi David D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I have a detailed description of the task please let me know if anyone familiar with this algorithm so that I can share the task

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    Problem Solving related to computing: Scenario: You work for a Software Development Company as a software engineer (or any other type of computing related company), where you are asked to develop an application or design a solution for a specific problem, where the solution of this problem is related to computing. you need to do the following tasks: ‐ Identify an application/ a specific problem and describe its requirements. ‐ Design and identify the solution for this problem/ the problem solution could be developing a software that addresses the issue using Java for example or the solution could be a combination of hardware and software. ‐ How can you Test and validate your proposed solution/ it would be great if you can implement part of your solution. ‐ Document your work. The repor...

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    2000 words coursework about any specific computing related problem and solution

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    We are building a blockchain platform for decentralised applications (Dapps) and helping to create a blockchain ecosystem that allow for scaling and connecting disparate blockchains. We are looking for a member who has • Excellent Understanding of Blockchain Technology • Proficiency in at least one high-level programming language • Solid grasp of cryptogr...blockchain ecosystem that allow for scaling and connecting disparate blockchains. We are looking for a member who has • Excellent Understanding of Blockchain Technology • Proficiency in at least one high-level programming language • Solid grasp of cryptography and security principles • Experience with distributed systems and peer-to-peer networking • Knowledge of smart contracts • Familiarity...

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    Abstract: The goal is to implement an application of animated objects, controlled by user. The code is in C# with OpenGL. Details: 1. (Optional) Objects and environment definitions are stored in file (your format). Description includes object’s geometry, lights features and texture information 2. Objects and...buttons, check boxes etc. Changed dynamically: Light properties, shadows and reflections Objects’ form and position Textures View freely varies: Orthogonal-perspective projection and their parameters Point of view parameters Examples of modeling subject to choose: - Robot moving in corridor - Chessboard with figures (no play algorithm). Figure movement implemented - Dolly...

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    I am looking for 5 top Editors who meet the following criteria. :) This is a long term job if you are good at what you do! - Editing / Motion Graphics - Professional Text Animation. - $10 per video - Understanding of the YouTube algorithm (Watch Time). - Length of video: between 8 and 10 minutes. - 6-7 videos per week - Supply of paid subscription of premium stock footage websites. - Sample of MINIMUM video editing level: (watch before applying) - Deliver within 24 hours I’d like to see samples of work you've done before. Are you okay with the price from the description? (if not don't apply) Did you add samples? (if not don't apply) Do you have over 90% job success? (if not don't apply) Do you have earned more than 100$? (if not don't apply) Do you...

    $584 (Avg Bid)
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