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    Sviluppo app Android 6 日 left

    Cerchiamo un programmatore per app Android (non serve la grafica, che sarà affidata ad altro collaboratore). Dovrà essere gestita la comunicazione tra app e database sql esterno. Necessaria competenza ed esperienza nella gestione della comunicazione crittografata tra app e database. L'app avrà le seguenti caratteristiche: serve per inserire e mostrare

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    I will supply an APK that was wrote to work on a native android device with NFC reader and i need to be adapt to an Android device that have a USB NFC reader. i will provide the reader drivers from the USB NFC reader.

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    ...that you can select a menu and order (order). For eating and drinking establishments and table decisions, we are assuming the use of NFC tags etc. 1. iPhone application * Used by customers of restaurants 2. Android application ※ Used by restaurants guests We assume about 10 to 12 screens. · Store list, search screen · Store top screen · Menu list

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    It's just a simple app that only need to be integrated with one or two api, such that it reads information on an NFC Card through an ACR1311U-N2 / ACR3901U-S1 mobile smart card reader that is connected to my, non-NFC enabled, smart phone via bluetooth. And it GET Request from the API using the data that was read from the card and simultaneously POST

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    need a app 2 日 left

    i have a app u have to do some modification in NFC code and other code

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    NFC based app 2 日 left

    i need a nfc based application

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    Preciso que um freelancer faça um sistema de automação comercial, com venda NFC-e, NFE e CTe, Controle de Estoque, Relatórios e etc, o tempo do projeto sera avaliado conforme a complexidade do Projeto, o programa e a linguagem que sera feita é de total escolha do Freelancer.

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    i need a app that write and read nfc card data and show me

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    android app 1 日 left

    i want to design a nfc base app that read nfc card data

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    Hello, I have some NFC labels and I gave them id's of database. Now I want that when you go to the label with your smartphone that it connect to my database with corresponding record and show the data on the IOS app. Possible to make? regards

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    we have a company that , installs nfc tags onto assets .We then use an app to complete a task that normally ends in a certificate( gas safety certificate). we then provide those details in real time to the client and contractor. We then supply detailed management information for the client We store the retained information in the cloud. We then link

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    ...wallet with loyalty cards. A simple webpage to point /download the mobile app from web. Ref to webpage : [login to view URL] 2. Mobile app needs to develop for both IOS and Android devices. Phase 1: All the loyalty card - By default cards from the list + option to add new ones. Separate Tab for offers / etc and Manager your card. The 1D & 2D QR code

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    ...loyalty cards. A simple webpage to point /download the mobile app from web. Ref to webpage : [login to view URL] 2. Mobile app needs to develop for both IOS and Android devices. Phase 1: All the loyalty card - By default cards from the list + option to add new ones. Separate Tab for offers / etc and Manager your card. The 1D & 2D QR code

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    I need a react native developer to develop a NFC module to read/write in default factory format instead of NDEF format. The module able to read/write NFC tag and able to set password to protect each sector. The NFC tag we are using is NFC Mifare Classic EV1

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    nfc android app 已经结束 left

    need nfc app to read the data only

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    android application 已经结束 left

    i want to implement nfc....only read data from NFC card

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    Android application 已经结束 left

    i have a application I want to implement NFC on it .that read the data from the NFC card

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    NFC application 已经结束 left

    I need a NFC support app . that read data of NFC card

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    Hello, I need an android developer who can create an NFC tag scanner app. It will just record check-in and check-out timing when NFC tag gets scanned through the app. Type "NFC" at the starting of your bid description to get considered. Thanks

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    Android NFC app -- 2 已经结束 left

    We are looking for an Android & iOS phone application that can be programmed with a set of device credentials and then pushed into our devices via a cabled RS232/ TTL NFC reader. The Application will only be simple, needing to have 4 sections where text (upto 50 characters) can be input, and a "Program" button.

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    6 竞标 the compressed file) The customer or the passenger holds his card close to the back of the cellphone of the seller and the money is debited from the cashier. Note that NFC-equipped mobile phones can also be used instead of cards. For small amounts of money, the payment is made without entering the password of the card. For a small amount of money

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    I need a react native developer to develop a NFC module to read/write in default factory mode instead of NDEF format. The module able to read/write NFC tag and able to set password to protect each sector.

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    NFC Prime is allow to use program for read and write task on your NFC tags and other types of NFC chips. NFC tags is used for execute task and open and close your device. It also used for record the standard information by your NFC chips or tags. We can used many of the function of mobile device by using NFC tags. Such as Turn On/Off of bluetooth,

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    Emulador de DOS en SO Android 7.0 o superior Necesito un emulador ( licencia libre ) que pueda correr en Android y que permita CONFIGURAR todos los parámetros de los COM y USB ( entre otros características ) Se requiere un emulador tipo DOSBox que corra en Android o puede también ser uno del tipo Magic DosBox. Actualmente, los emuladores

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    We want to use our Woocommerce e-shop at Infokiosks. We want to expand to using a payment gateway called Viva Wallet along with embeded NFC and Magnetic Stripe Cards in our checkout process. The ultimate goal is to allow for the Infokiosk users to provide their card details in a single motion. We would like to integrate Viva Wallet (https://github

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    Hello, I have my android app using mysql database and jsp backend. I want to add some new features: - Change theme - Add NFC for payment (only read card id for deduct credit - Add admin section in android app Contact me for more details.

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    NFC based bicycle lock 已经结束 left

    [login to view URL] phone scan the QR code on the bike or lock; [login to view URL] upload lock ID number to the server; [login to view URL] to confirm the user information, lock state and other key information, the normal authority can unlock the lock; [login to view URL] issued an unlock command to the phone, while issuing an unlock command to the lock [login to view URL] - GPRS unlock or Blueto...

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    Hello, I want work with nfc technology and put a tag on a product and get the data when come near product with device. How it works? I can use database of the products to put data on chips/tag of these products?

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    RFID / NFC Consultant 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a RFID consultant to provide us with ongoing advise relating to a Tap&Pay system under development. The system will be using NFC and RFID technology. **The successful application will have a proven history in the latest RFID technology and related fields. ** Understanding of English is a must. ** Some knowledge of Java would be

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    Need to develop an NFC feature for iOS Simple work

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    Mobile app 已经结束 left

    Hope Youre well. I am looking for someone in London who can develop a mobile app with the following features : - NFC - integrate payment getaway - peer to peer - social media sync

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    the wallet app 已经结束 left

    please the first see the zip file then give price NFC-Based Wallet Note: The wallet system is made up of six parts: 1-The mobile app for the sellers 2-The mobile app for the customers 3-The management panel 4-The system for petrol stations 5-The API for other softwares 6-The intermediary payment gateway 7-cards all reserved copyright for abolfazl sadeghi

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    NFC info for iPhone 已经结束 left

    Hello I want a system where you can put a chip on a product. When you are short by the product with your iPhone you can see the info about the product. The NFC technology should be added to the app of the company, so not an additional apple app or something...Is this possible?

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    Application Development 已经结束 left

    This application was created for an event held by Amway company. It checked participants’ badges. The application uses NFC technology and gives an ability to read the status from badge as well as write a new one on it. The main feature of the app is a resistance to weak connection and it fully works in offline mode.

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    We need to build simple React Native Android app that has NFC communication feature. App will not have any user interface. If you open the app it begins broadcasting a special URL over NFC. Also the app start scanning on NFC for other user's app. When a app scan a URL successfully, it displays the received URL in Dialog. Please only apply if you have

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    Hi, I want an app for android with nfc capability. This app will purchase like cola from a vending machine with nfc technology. The transaction will be in bitcoins and app should have a bitcoin wallet.

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    ...including skills required to complete the project. Summary The person will be working on a functional App developed to work with a device over the NFC interface (BLE interface to be added). It will read and write data from the device based on specific conditions and then store the data locally on a MySQL database on the phone. On command the database information

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    Hi I have a BLE + NFC Project Based on Nordic chip nRF52832 (S132) The IDE is Segger embedded Studio To be precise this is the dev kit I have: [login to view URL] I am a software engineer with some background in both Android & Embedded software However as I am working on this project I sometimes need

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    ...savings project of its kind. customers will be able to download the app, open and account and associate it with a bank or building society account. they will also be able to use NFC technology to add savings to their account by selecting roundups as per other savings apps. however the interest gained on their savings will not be in an annual savings interest

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    * peer to peer * payment getaway * NFC payment * sync with social media (facebook, instagram ...) *** graphic design is already given, only functions needed Thank You in advance for your offers

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    We need an android app which can download some text data from a cloud app using a QR code/or NFC to identify the content. Application has to support a user registration method with some basic data. Please contact for more information

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    Trophy icon Design Product Logo 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a logo design for a product that we make. The product is called TagTrack™ and is used with NFC tags and QR Codes. The software provides analytics on assets that are tracked with the tags. I will attach our company logo and a competitor logo to provide some inspiration. - We prefer a logo that fits well into a circle or square shape

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    Webview App with NFC 已经结束 left

    I want to make a Simple App to read and write NFC Tags. For that I just need a Simple Webview App with a JS Bridge so i can control the native nfc via Web NFC API.

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    demonstration of NFC based relay attack using android and MIFARE Ultralight, then build a simple application to prevent the attack, the idea is to create a simple host-based IPS for prevention of NFC relay attack for android mobile

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can make a payment system where you can pay with - a card (NFC and QRcode) - Phone (NFC and QRcode) if its possible i want a web based wallet that is paired with the card and phone.

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    We are trying to create Mobile App that communicates to the hardware for some validation using Bluetooth and NFC. Here we have both Bluetooth and NFC solutions on separate boards. We need to miniaturize the solutions on a single PCB.

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    Nfc mini program

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    1 竞标 developed. The app is a "digital business card" that will allow you to transfer and receive your details by bumping it with another device (using NFC). At the moment, I am looking for a basic android skeleton to test if the concept will work. Once I have secured funding, I will be looking to commission a market ready version for iOS too. Look forward

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    HF7000 programming 已经结束 left

    Need to developp methods for android HF7000 device [login to view URL] 1) fingerprint methods (enroll, identify) 2) NFC methods (read/write NFC tag) Provider must absolutly know HF7000 device before submitting. Regards

    $4392 (Avg Bid)
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