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    I've been into fitness for about 20 years. Excited to start a fitness clothing brand. I choose a logo of an owl because its a favorite animal of mine. I also have a tattoo on my left arm of one. Im looking for a logo that represents strength, transition and agility. Also, it needs to look aesthetic completely blacked out. Here are some files I found online. Notice in one of the photos t...

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    I want to make only the arts for 4 humans man, 4 humans girl, 4 falcons, 3 birds,2 horses camel and 4 maps all in 3D, for the resolution of the mobile, and the UI arts the reference, my game in unity 3D and we need the same 100% like this art I want full game arts, in 3D with animations what I want and game demo actions like, hunt when falcon catch the bird and so,, I want 1 art for Falcone after...

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    This is a non-profit 501c3 charity for a animal shelter. We need a expert who can set-up 20 social media sites. All accounts must be connect to the website. Our website is basic and needs to remade to look professional.

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    • Research, prepare, and submit proposals for funding • Follow all requirements and deadlines for grant applications • Maintain a grants calendar to monitor progress • Communicate with potential donors and institutional donors • Write sponsorship packages • Identify new funding opportunities • Review budget proposals with the CFO or other team leaders Grant Write...

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    I need an inventory of animals. I need to have a file per animal that has these animal data: Ear tag Cost ca Category Race Location Birth Father Mother Photo on the other hand, for cows, the pregnancy data would need to be covered with a history of: date when the cow was pregnant and the bull that impregnated her estimated delivery Birth Dewormed Date Deworming and be able to get reports and ...

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    I require 20 digital vector illustrations of animals Specification: 20 separate images files to be created in eps or ai format Each image file to be named with animal name You will be provided a list of 20 animals and a picture reference for each animal It is expected that you will stay as close as possible of the reference pictures but following a similar style for all You will also be provided ...

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    Need a rich looking Sports related logo for QA Sports. Sports Facilities, trainings and products supplying company Color preference Red(Can use any sports related colors) Need to be fit for vertical and horizontal designs. Logo must be a simple symbol with name(QA Sports) Use Oryx (National animal of qatar)

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    From this web page: [登录来查看链接] we need the table "Terms by species or taxon" extracted without the citations/links. In cases where a cell inside the table has multiple lines, the words are to be separated by semi colon, Example for "Ant", the Collective Noun Column has army[13] bike[13] colony[13][14] nest[11] swarm[13] and should be transformed to army; bike; colony;...

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    The company name is "HeadStart Finance". The company provides help with college planning. The vision of an animal (perhaps a fox) on a road to signify a journey has been discussed. 3 options would be ideal

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    I have a small project im looking for some assistance on. I have a logo, but it needs to be worked on a little. I need the animal on it to look more aggressive and accurate. interested?

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    I need an animation like examples, hopefully with any animal or anything that can be the youtube channel character, like chilled hop lofi racoon. Rain, coffee, animations in long time, like doing anything after 5 mins (anything like, a page of a book passing, something happening on a window, everything that gives the stream some modulation. Low budget, (10 to 25) amazing for fresh freelancers Re...

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    We are building a coloring book. We need to separate the files in PNG (4000 px x 7000 height px) We have 35 vectors which we have labelled as Day 1, etc. you can find below. The first 3 Days contain many images. Each Image should contain 2 PNGs. First PNG should be broken up into several parts like the attached image. The background should be transparent, fill should be white and outline black. T...

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    TicksBuster I'm looking for partners in the US and Canada market by developing TicksBister tick trap, which I patented. My suggestion would be for the agent to be licensed for the TicksBuster operating system. He would process the orders received in the online store in the system, print the shipment information, attach the print to the finished packaging and deliver the shipment to the sele...

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    I need a logo designed for a pet shop, the logo should include several kinds of animal: ball python, tortoise, leopard gecko, hedgehog, tarantula, parrot

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    Hi there. I am have recently started a business selling baby products. One of the products I have thought about is to have a soft toy design which will act as a frame for a rear car seat safety mirror. Being South African, I quite like the idea of an African animal design. The mirror size would be approx 30 x 25cm for rectangular and 20cm for a round mirror I have attached an image for an example...

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    Hello! We are looking for design entries for a logo. The logo should relate to an event that we are preparing, which will be a congress on the topic of plant-based foods and celular meat (also known as clean or cell meat), as well as other alternatives to animal foods (eggs, fish, dairy). The event name is "Food for the Future Conference - 2021", which should appear in the lettering. ...

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    What am I looking for? I run a successful professional writing service and am looking for skilled writers and researchers to join my team. Topics vary, but are primarily medical, health, pharmaceutical, and business. What type of projects are available? Projects range from 1,000 word articles to larger reports and whitepapers of 30,000 words. What professional skills do I need? In addition to ha...

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    I'm the leader of an abscure band. The good news, is we know exactly what we want. I need someone who will understand old american references and someone with a solid portfolio of hip video work. people say we have a slight thundercat sort of thing going on. In essence we're combing startrek into soultrain into inside the actors studio and then overlapping ever animal that's bee...

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    can you give me your offer for small website for animal farm? 6 pages, no form 1 Kinderboerij (text homepage) 2 portfolio images page (of animals that are on the farm) 3 Bezoeken 4 Uw steun 5 De organisatie 6 Contact (no contact form) Build with Elementor Theme: [登录来查看链接] Content is ready, small texts and lot of animal images Project need to be ready this Thursday/Friday for first review client

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    I was wondering if you could help me with a project. For Christmas i want to give my (kind of) mum a picture. She has lots of animals including alapacas, pigs, peacocks, dogs, cats and chickens and ducks. Id love a picture of her with all the animals surrounding her. There isn’t a picture with all of these together so we would have to get creative, i could send you pictures but each animal d...

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    Pet Medicine Project Scope: research and write a 500-word article on pet medicines covering trends, including CBD and use of regular pharmacies versus traditional veterinarian sources. (My dog was prescribed Prozac (she's neurotic) and they told me to get the prescription filled at a pharmacy owned by my grocery store (same medication as humans).) This should be written at a technically high...

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    I need someone to create 'Professional' looking instagram business stories like below (search in instagram): - [登录来查看链接] - [登录来查看链接] - [登录来查看链接] No human/animal and irrelevant photos, no plagiarism (don't copy), everything must by Cybersecurity related. Must have high quality graphics. I need someone to create about 2-3 stories/images per month. All stories/images must be approved...

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    I am starting up a Pet services business, it includes: dog walking, dog visits, pet sitting, pet visits, small animal care, equine care. I am looking for a logo that includes all animals. I have attached my business card to show what it would need to go with.

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    Hi Joey F. Here is the job for the animal portrait.

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    1. On woocommerce shop page (including categories pages) I need to show main categories under the header. So it will look like second header. If I choose one of the main categories then same category parent categories should be appear on top left side, so the page layout will be like this: Header Main categories First row: Paren Categorys Product Product Second row: Product Product Product Third r...

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    1. On woocommerce shop page (including categories pages) I need to show main categories under the header. So it will look like second header. If I choose one of the main categories then same category parent categories should be appear on top left side, so the page layout will be like this: Header Main categories First row: Paren Categorys Product Product Second row: Product Product Product Third r...

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    We are looking for a graphic designer who can help to create a set of cute animal characters (with corporate identity) that will be used on printed greeting cards, printed stickers, and hopefully digital chat stickers. Final output to be provided in AI/PSD, PDF, JPG/PNG. It would be great if you can create a GIF version as well. Reference ideas will be further shared with shortlisted candidates....

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    What I need done is a good logo for me to use in my social media (listed above). I would like it to pop out like with bright color's but not too colorful. I would like it if it was like a soilder/animal of some sort something along those line's.

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    Hi, I am looking for an Instructional designer to design and build my e- learning course that I want for farmers. The correct person will be able to format my content into a successful online course. I have written all of the content and taken and compiled lots of photos. The course is in the niche market of Hydroponic Fodder. The online course is for anyone who owns animals and livestock. The...

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    I want to create a integrated circuit chip for wireless earbuds that is able to detect sounds, same pattern from a distance and it alerts the user via buzz or beepS when it detects the sounds. I work with the disabled and want to use natural animal and bird sounds to make my patients feel better.

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Cute animal 3d stl'

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    Classic Cars Vlog Arabic 已经结束 left

    Denpasar - Tuesday, February 21, 2017 The Assessment Team of the Denpasar State Wealth and Auction Service Office (KPKNL) chaired by Irvitania conducted document verification and field surveys of State Property (BMN) assets in the form of two-wheeled vehicles at the Bali Archeology Center and four-wheeled vehicles in Center for Veterinary. The types of two-wheeled vehicles that are the object of ...

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    We pursue to develop a medical Android application able to perform online consultations (telemedicine). It must be modern and easy to use and developed along with the desired characteristics given in this document. Mobile app characteristics - Patient and Doctor General characteristics a. Log in and/or registration with mobile OTP b. Book Doctor for online consultation c. Selection of animal type...

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    I need some help with internet marketing.i need to sell animal crossing new horizen items

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    Needing a social media manager for Animal and Pet Brand. Preferably someone who loves animals, pets, has higher education in animals or pet nutrition. Loves or/and has a pet(s). You will be working with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.

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    Good evening my name is junior so my project tu bel a Park domestique animal so i need help

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    Design a logo and banner 已经结束 left

    I would like a logo and banner creating. My style of choice is as the image attached. I want something with a sketch of a baby deer (animal) around a wreath with some text. I also need a banner designing which would be a similar concept but a different design

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    Project for EG LTD -- 6 已经结束 left

    Pet Medicine Project Scope: research and write a 500-word article on pet medicines covering trends, including CBD and use of regular pharmacies versus traditional veterinarian source. (My dog was prescribed Prozac (neurotic) and they told me to get the prescription filled at a pharmacy owned by my grocery store (same medication as humans).) This should be written at a technically high level, as ...

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    Game developer 已经结束 left

    Create a crypto game (on eth test net) Request: Type of game: catch animal Rule: control and click the crane to catch the animal. If player catched the animal, they would receive amount of token. If player didnt catch the animal, they would lost amount of ETH (on test net) The web game need to be connected with meta mask Style design: simple, cute (like picture) Quick delivery Have experience abou...

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    Trophy icon Pack of the legacy 已经结束 left

    I would like the logo to have to do with a wolf. My group and I have a channel call Pack of the Legacy and we want a new logo for the channel. If it could have something to do with wolf or any alpha animal. any color is good. We all think of each other as a family. Our saying we like to say all the time is Pack Together Family Forever if u can add that in there some where. Other then that be creat...

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    Presentation Topic: PGX Biomarker – “BRAF” Power point Slides: 14-15 Slides (excluding Introduction slide and reference Slide) Note: Please include images, data, charts whenever it is necessary Instructions: The goal of this project is to strengthen scientific information gathering, assess knowledge of pharmacogenomics, and give students the opportunity to practice presentatio...

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    some drawing sketches 已经结束 left

    i need some of the animal sketches to gift some one. if any one know please contact.

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    This is a straightforward job for the right developer. We have ao WooCommerce plugin that allows our users to display their plugin in multiple ways in elementor and would like to modify our plugin to allow our users to download the products on the front end in a pdf format. Please message me for a more detailed explanation. Please start your proposal with the name of a random animal.

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    I'm looking for a long-term script writer who can write in the topics of the following: Celebrities including TV and movie actors, singers, comedians, influencers etc. We're very lenient, casual, and can accommodate how many ever scripts you can write per week. We are looking for someone that can: * Communicate effectively * Reasonable turnaround time * Be creative and humorous * T...

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    i need full on page and off page seo for my. new website. i offer sales of exotic animals. i am targeting USA and i target 20 keywords i need great seo works my keywords below exotic pets for sale exotic pets for sale online exotic pets for sale near me exotic pets for sale in texas exotic pets for sale in florida exotic animals for sale exotic animals for sale near me buy exotic pets buy...

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    Easy Rewrite about detail sport country animal . I have 15 list you can find article in google. You rewrite mannual (not use program rewrite) detail 500-1,000 words per 1 file .docx Font size 22-26 15 files= (Between 500 and 1,000 x 15 )Words = 10$ only and 1 file excel about link article you rewrite i will recheck. --------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    We are looking for a long term virtual assistant to help a growing ecommerce business with daily Social Media tasks, and assist with a few Shopify ecommerce tasks. If you enjoy writing and interacting with customers that would be awesome too! This person needs to be task oriented and creative with a desire to share ideas and input plus have fun while working! We want to make you a part of the t...

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    I am looking for an artist who can provide 26 illustrations of animals for children age 5-7. An example is attached. Size app. 5 x 5 cm (300 dpi)

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    photo graphfar my photos god and car any animal

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    Cartoon Creation 已经结束 left

    Three animals for cartoon animator software. The job description is as follows 1. Create three animal characters 2. The characters are made in photoshop with full body parts divided according to cartoon animator template 3. The animals have a lip sync. Therefore, a full head creation is expected. 4. I expect the PSD format as a final project Concerning applying for the proposal. 1. If you don�...

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