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    ...key, will not be adjusted, the function of the previous s3 backup is helped by others. Now there is a problem with the backup function. The s3 bucket is used to back up the website and database to the bucket every 1 minute. Now it is not backed up. 1, the server inside, the backup password I have modified, but still can not be backed up, but also restarted the scheduled task, the server apache also restarted, still useless 2. There is a backup script file in the attachment .sh 3, before September 3, the backup is no problem, after I changed the database password and server key on September 3, the backup will be abnormal, there is a backup, but the file size is wrong, there is nothing in the backup file So I think it should be the relationship between the password of the database...

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    具体需求: 1.在指定服务器安装nutch和抓取我方会提供的20网址。 2.提供nutch具体安装步骤和使用说明 3.抓取内容可导入mysql或solr等,用于查询 4.提供如何查询抓取内容的说明 交付需求: 希望在3天内完成安装和抓取。 (补充说明,我方可以提供服务器供测试使用)

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    apache traffic server 的缓存命中率提升

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    职位描述: 1、后端开发及维护 2、支持多终端业务运行 3、单元测试 任职资格: 1. 熟悉HTML/CSS/JS,可以独立开发前端页面。 2. 熟悉/了解web开发语言/框架,如Ruby/Ruby on Rails,PHP/Yii,Python/Django,会一种即可。 3. 熟悉/了解MySQL的基本使用。 4. 熟悉/了解web服务器的基本部署、使用。如apache/nginx/lighttpd。或者像xampp这种集成环境也可以。 5. 快速适应上岗,最近2个月或更长有充足的时间投入项目 关于我们: 我们是Paiiiir,美国硅谷优秀孵化器入驻团队,成立以来备受资本关注,目前正处在高速发展时期,诚恳邀请有才华有志向有共同的梦想基因的你加入我们,一起创造下一个奇迹!

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    了解CDN的一般架构和相关开源项目知识。会shell脚本和linux常用命令 熟悉DNS流程及机制,能通过iptables实现一些常用的安全规则 熟悉HAProxy的特性,会制定一些安全策略,并通过HAProxy的配置实现出来。 熟悉Nginx,会编译各种Module,了解常用的module(CDN方面) 可熟练地配置nginx以满足不同的业务需求。熟悉Apache Traffic Server也可。 熟悉linux,shell, python, lua 有3年以上的工作经验! 有这方便的经验的大牛可以联系!待遇优厚!具体细节详谈!

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    了解CDN的一般架构和相关开源项目知识。会shell脚本和linux常用命令 熟悉DNS流程及机制,能通过iptables实现一些常用的安全规则 熟悉HAProxy的特性,会制定一些安全策略,并通过HAProxy的配置实现出来。 熟悉Nginx,会编译各种Module,了解常用的module(CDN方面) 可熟练地配置nginx以满足不同的业务需求。熟悉Apache Traffic Server也可。 熟悉linux,shell, python, lua 有3年以上的工作经验! 有这方便的经验的大牛可以联系!待遇优厚!具体细节详谈!

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    Joomla开发人员: 1、精通LAMP(Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP),精通PHP+MYSQL 1.1 熟练套用各种joomla模板,例如JA或者Rocket系列模板. 1.2 Form表格组件套用 1.3 Payment, logistic gateway接口对接 1.4 Newsletter组件和模块套用开发 1.5 VirtualMart二次开发 2、熟悉各种开源CMS,比如Joomla, 能懂得Wordpress, Zencart,Drupal更好, 熟练掌握Joomla 各种常用组件配置和二次开发。 例如VM, joomfish, 等等 3、了解CSS, Div、Html、JavaScript等网络常用语言。 4、有商业网站页面设计经验。 5、强有力的学习能力。具备良好的创意思维和理解能力,善于协作与沟通,必須按時完成工作及絕對需要有責任感。 6、请提供中文简历,要求提供个人独立完成的作品。 7,能独立看懂英文API和技术文档,优先考虑。

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    1) My system in Debian 11 linux, using bash script, creates 02 different variables, representing price lines. 2) I can send variables to tradingview using Curl, or any other format. I can also make them available for json reading, in a url, on a web page ( apache ), or csv format, to be searched / consulted by the tradingview script 2) my tradingviwe account is PRO+ 3) Lines position needs to be fixed/updated/queried every x seconds, if possible 01 seconds 4) these lines in TradingView are just for viewing, that is, they do not need to be interconnected with any other buying or selling system. My system already does that... it's just to visualize what the system is doing.

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    Description: I need you to install app, manage the server and make sure it works and handle server related errors. I need about 10 hours/month and support other any issue occurs Budget: I will pay from $80 - $150/month Requirements: - You are a full-time freelancer. - Strong experience with AWS, Linux, Nginx, PHP, Laravel, Apache, LiteSpeed, and Mail server - Experience with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, or Puppet - Experience with continuous integration and deployment tools such as Jenkins, Travis CI, or CircleCI - Strong scripting skills in languages such as Bash, Python.. - Experience with version control systems such as Git - Knowledge of database administration and management - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills - Excellent communicat...

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    My project entails the development of an E-Food Ordering System PHP Website with JavaScript and Bootstrap, and will make use of a MySQL Database. For hosting, I will need an Apache server. Additionally, I need a database system integrated into the website, so I will also be using a MySQL Database. The E- food Ordering System is a new system that replaces the current manual and phone-based process for ordering and picking up food from the restaurant. The system will evolve over time and will eventually connect to Internet ordering services for several local restaurants, as well as credit and debit card authorization services. Kindly First Check attached files for more details.

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    HTTPD fails to start: Starting httpd: [Sun Mar 26 11:43:34 2023] [warn] module ssl_module is already loaded, skipping (99)Cannot assign requested address: make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down I need your help to make it run again as it forwards request to 3 apache tomcat webservers running on the same host.

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    I need help with Perl (HTML::Mason) for 3 existing websites. These are very old websites and my old hosting company ceased operations. I have a copy of all files on the old server, including the mysql database. Furthermore, I already have access to a web server, so I just need help configuring it. I need Perl and all required modules working so the websites run correctly. Som...operations. I have a copy of all files on the old server, including the mysql database. Furthermore, I already have access to a web server, so I just need help configuring it. I need Perl and all required modules working so the websites run correctly. Some sections of the sites also use PHP. I tried to do it myself, but the websites time out. I believe it is a Perl module issue or some setting in the Apache c...

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    Funded NICHE SEARCH Start-up Lead the building and continuous improvement of niche search capabilities backed by Google or Bing. Exciti...continuous improvement of niche search capabilities backed by Google or Bing. Exciting full time and project remote opportunities. PLEASE APPLY ONLY IF you have relevant experience such as search, search architecture and design, Elasticsearch, Index creation and maintenance, Key term mapping, Search algorithms and Machine learning, Custom Bing, Google Programmable Search Engine, Google API, Bing API, SOLR, Term weighing, Scraping, Search Architecture, Amazon OpenSearch and other aspects of search. IF YOU HAVE NO CONNECTION TO SEARCH, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. Please see attached file, if you have any questions please write [Removed by Freelancer....

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    Looking for an expert in setting up Apache superset instance with Redis db configured and working. ONLY EXPERTS PLEASE.

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    We need to deploy a MedusaJS store to our Apache Ubuntu 22 server: - MedusaJS backend - MedusaJS admin - MedusaJS storefront And we need to connect server with our domain and instal letsencrypt SSL. We provide server access over ssh

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    ...Almalinux 8 Domain: 2 domain with subdomains: o  SubDomains • dev. • dev1. • dev2. o (Wordpress) Details: o Server needs to be optimized for Magento 2 Ecommerce (SQL, PHP, Vanrish, Nginx, Apache o RabbitMQ and Redis must be configured at Magento o Nginx, PHP, SQL, Apache need to be optimized for Magento Services install and config: o Nginx 1.18 o PHP 8.2 o Redis 7.0 o Opcache latest version o Composer 2.2 o Elasticsearch 8.4 o SQL o MariaDB 10.6 o RabbitMQ 3.9 o Varnish 7 o Apache 2.5 o Nodejs latest version o NPM latest version o Yarn latest version o Spam Removal o Malware Scanning & Removal o Server Security o Mod Security Configuration o Website Security o Backup Configuration o SSL Installation o SPF &am...

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    We are looking for a skilled developer with experience in Apache Camel, Spring Boot, JAXB, and Maven to update our project. The project currently imports Java XML files from an existing data feed and parses them using JAXB and Maven to generate classes from XSD files. We are updating the XSD files and need to update the Java packages and dependencies used by the project. The ultimate goal is to build the project with the new XSD files and classes. Requirements: Strong knowledge of Apache Camel, Spring Boot, JAXB, and Maven Experience with updating XSD files and Java packages Ability to build and generate classes from XSD files using Maven Experience with testing and debugging complex code Strong communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with our team Please ...

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    Optimization of Apache Optimization of Mysql Email Settings

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    AWS Web Hosting Company Setup 2 天 left

    ...should have experience in AWS infrastructure setup, EC2 instance management, web server configuration, load balancing, auto-scaling, database setup, and DNS configuration. Responsibilities: Set up a virtual private cloud (VPC) to host our web hosting infrastructure Choose an appropriate EC2 instance type and launch an EC2 instance in our VPC Install and configure web server software, such as Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS Configure security groups to allow traffic to and from our web server Set up load balancing and auto-scaling using AWS Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling services Set up a database instance using Amazon RDS or another database service, if necessary Configure DNS settings to point our domain name to our web hosting infrastructure Requirements: Experience...

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    necesito que alguien revise un servicio de apache , no se esta ejecutado el sistema operativo es linux

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    ...create but to design a website for my service offering. I will be relying on your talents and skills to take the information in the document attached to this task and present it in a digestible way for visitors to the site. Verify that you took the time to read this information (to screen out b0ts) by writing 'chicken' in the first line of your bid. I'll host this site on my own servers (either Apache or IIS - your choice) and so this is not to be done with WordPress. Ordinarily, when I post tasks, I provide a wireframe of the site and specify what goes where. In this instance, I want you to take the lead and show off your design skills. I am not concerned about SEO. I won't have any social media links. You can divvy the information up onto separate pages ...

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    Configure CWP panel for Magento 2 Varnish + Nginx + Apache + FPM - OPcache - SQL MariaDB -PHP 8.2 - Bread - Elasticsearch - email For Magento 2: Redis AQM

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    Using Apache Airflow to reboot the virtual machine created via Oracle virtual box. After the completion, sending the automated email.

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    Digital Signage (Ruby) 1 天 left

    Hi, We have found a opensource digital signage solution which we want to deploy on our server. The following requirements are: Ruby 2.4.6, 2.5.5, or 2.6 Rubygems Imagemagick, GhostScript, Poppler-Utils LibreOffice Webserver (Apache/Unicorn/Thin/Nginx) Rack interface to the webserver (Passenger, FastCGI) ActiveRecord-compatible database (Mysql, SQLite, Postgres) Nodejs as the javascript engine (as of version 2.4.0) If you have knowledge of the above and can help us to with these project, or know about another digital signage product please contact us immediately. Please put the word *RUBY* in your proposal so I know you have read this carefully.

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    I neee help for creating application in Apache NetBeans

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    We need to configure Fineract, Localise the solution and also train my team on solution. If you have excellent experience working with Apache Fineract and have training and configuration experience on the platform, please let me know.

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    We want a cloud based cryto mining web application that will run on apache web server and works with any of the most trusted API that supports all the listed coins below - Please indicate the API you plan to use in your application We want just the necessary php pages with their functional codes without any html or css design Features of the system: ADMIN PANEL SETTINGS PAGE: Coins to be mined - the application should support atleast 10 coins and the admin will add and manage them. The compulsory coins needed are BTC, ETH , LTC, DOGECOIN, GALA and more others to make it atleast 10 coins Payment for the mining contract would be in BUSD Admin will create plans where he will set up hashpower to be sold for the coins he has created The plans may have a minimum amount of hashpowe...

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    I am looking for someone to help me with the initial setup of a secure web server with Apache or/and Nginx, InfluxDB2, and Grafana, and an SSL certificate. I already have a domain with an SSL certificate, and I want to use InfluxDB2 as the database. As Analytics and visualization I need Grafana. Ubuntu Server 22: installed Apache: installed InfluxDB2: installed Grafana: installed ufw: installed You need to configure alls systems and add the wildcard SSL for any communication in the server. The project must have clear documentation and the setup needs to be completely automated and secure. If you have the right experience and feel confident that you can deliver the project on time, please do get in touch. I look forward to receiving your proposals.

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    proxy fastapi setup to domain when enter /api_ap its redirect to 8000 port ubuntu apache

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    proxy fastapi setup to domain when enter /api_ap its redirect to 8000 port ubuntu apache

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    proxy fastapi setup to domain when enter /api_ap its redirect to 8000 port ubuntu apache

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    proxy fastapi setup to domain when enter /api_ap its redirect to 8000 port ubuntu apache

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    Search engine Development 已经结束 left

    We are looking for solr Architect

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    Hey there can you figure out internally what the following request would cost if you can do it and if you offer a per project payment. ---------------- Required skills: Java JavaScript jQuery Angular ---------------- Upon successful authentication via OIDC, the user is returned to the redirect URI (e.g. ht...link. It would be nice if the user could be routed to the requested resource after successful authentication. an issue for this on Jira is already opened: The Feature needs to be integrated into the official version. I know that if the code-quality is good enough it will be merged. See how you can contribute to Guacamole: //

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    Hi Team, I have a micro project. I have one ec2 instance and one node js application is running on port 3000 . I am using apache on that Ubuntu server. The all i need is to copy the same node js app and run that on another port let say 3001 port. So i need to run two applications on same server. It should be a quick work for any aws guy, my budget for this is Rs.1000 - 1500 max. I need person who can do this today itself.

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    ...enable and configure IIS as the web server, showing all the steps (include screen shots if necessary); 3. You will install MySQL for Windows (and any dependencies), showing all the steps (include screen shots if necessary); 4. You will install PHP for Windows, showing all the steps (include screen shots if necessary); 5. You will install MyPHPAdmin for Windows to work with IIS as the web server (NOT Apache), showing all the steps (include screen shots if necessary); 6. Then using MyPHPAdmin, which you must access from a browser on localhost, you will create a database called "test" with a table called "names". The table called "names" will have one field in it called "first_name"; 7. Then you will write a simple PHP program to add 5 names t...

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    proxy setup and python telegram bot one code error fixed bid only who can start instant

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    ...a git repo with eclipse settings) - JDK17 - maven - runs on win, mac m1/intel, linux (later on android + ios) - create a model class representing the input of your function - create a service class implementing the logic - create a unit test, which tests the service class - we do NOT need a UI, we only need the model + service method to access the logic via JUnit - if you need libs selenium or apache commons are fine. Other libs NEED prior clearance - the runtime is JRE (no JavaEE nor Spring-container) - delivery in our git Outlook - after this test phase, we will have more tasks to implement to a full app, so preferably you/your team will get also this tasks What is our budget? we do not disclose our budget nor planned hourly rate. Offer us your best bid. Your bid? Place your...

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    Linux and apache manager. 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a Linux and apache manager with aws ec2. The apache was setup and domain was configured but the site is not loaded.

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    Incoming emails are failing on Ubuntu/Apache/PHP/Virtualmin vps. Need your quick help fixing it. (Outgoing emails are working fine with 8.9/10 rating on mail-tester) Email goes from sender client to sender server and queue there. Somehow email does not reach my VPS server. Not sure if issue is with postfix configuration, TLS support or may be something else. You will know better. Can connect with teamviewer to quickly fix it.

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    Set up SSL on the server to stop security warnings. Set up cpanel etc. Will have to do work via screen share ChatGPT version :) Job Title: SSL Setup Specialist Job Overview: We are seeking an ...providers and installation methods Experience with Linux/Unix operating systems Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills Strong communication and collaboration skills Ability to work independently and in a team environment Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks and projects Preferred Qualifications: Experience with Let's Encrypt SSL certificates Familiarity with nginx and Apache web servers Understanding of DNS and domain management If you are a motivated self-starter with a strong technical background and a passion for security, we encourage you to apply for...

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    website working by pressing restart Apache server ,,, it works for 5 minutes and then an error shows, again I press to restart the server. subdomain added VPS quasar plan CPanel when I restart the server, then opening, that is not meaning speed is not issue, website is not loading , that is issue , Hosting support said that all workers are working .... attack or someone set loop .. want to fix the issue I don't know the actual cost , honestly, i am not technical person , you can quote reasonable charges, I will hire definitely , doing clothing business

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    Hi, We operate a META search project connected with BING. We are looking to hire a backend developer to join our team to integrate Bing places results into our search results similar to how Google places rank in their search results. We need to understand similar projects you have worked on. Our platform is built using: Apache 2+ (mod_rewrite) PHP 7+ (MySQLnd, OpenSSL, cURL, mbstring) MySQL 5+ We have updated our design using html / css and are in the process of building our own text ads platform similar to Google Ads to show on search results. But it is priority that we integrate the Bing places information into our search results as often people just search for a local business / café / and need the address or phone number.

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    Tenemos un servidor con: APACHE PHP y PHP-FPM WHM + CPANEL Producto: Es un software web. Y con una tasa de 1500 usuarios tenemos caídas esporádicas, creemos que es por no tener una correcta configuración en el Apache y FPM. Nos gustaría soluciona este problema pero hablar de tener un servicio continuo con el profesional.

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    ...website dashboard and need some help to get it up and running quickly. I am looking for someone who is experienced with JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and MariaDB, specifically those that have worked with AdminLTE. My project does not require user authentication so the developer should focus primarily on the frontend/backed (MariaDB) development of the website. The technologies being used for the project are Apache, HTML, PHP and MariaDB, and I would prefer it to be built using either HTML, PHP, MariaDB. The developer should have a clear understanding of how best to utilize the technologies and frameworks mentioned to get the job done. I am looking for someone who is attentive to detail and can provide regular updates on their progress. It would also be great if the developer can iron ...

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    We are working on a data analytics project, In this, we have chosen to use Apache Cassandra as a database along with PrestoDB as SQL Engine. We are looking forward to hiring experts/consultant who has good knowledge of Cassandra, CQL, Database, and PrestoDB. The estimated database size will be 100GB monthly which involves complex calculations on the data analytics side. The broad scope of work: a) Configuring the Cassandra clusters, servers, and code b) Designing the Database structure as per the need/discussion c) Configuring PrestoDB server, coordinator, worker d) Unseen challenges and their force majeure NOTE - The detailed requirement of this project is confidential, so only can be discussed with the desired consultant on a virtual call. Consultation is required for a mini...

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    T...website. The website is currently being built with Wordpress. The AWS server will need be configured with the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the website runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely. Tasks: - Choose an appropriate AWS server instance type and region that suits the website's requirements. - Configure the server with the necessary software and services, such as phpmyadmin/mysql/apache/php - Secure the server by implementing appropriate security measures, such as firewalls, SSL/TLS certificates and SSH access (will have to confirm these items) - Assist the developer in moving the existing site to the newly configured server This project is managed by Kaushik, Freelancer Co-Pilot. The Co-Pilot will reach out to qualified bidders and expand on the requirem...

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    I need a well-designed interactive knowledge graph built with Vue2 using Apache Echarts (or any visualisation library compatible with Vue2) for demonstration purpose. The webpage should include an input space for users to write and run cypher query and a canvas for users to interact with the graph (hide the node, expand the node showing relationship with the other nodes, and display the information (or properties if you prefer) of the node). That is when you click the node, there will be three options to click. I have provided an example (neo4j) and you can completely mimic it.

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