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    I'm looking for an experienced Applescript or Javascript coder to automate a single task within Microsoft Outlook. The task I need to be automated is creating URL links in emails to files on our Local network. This would be a process of drag-and-drop onto a script bundled into an App. The user would drop one or multiple files onto the App which would create the URL links in the email, then the user can write a brief to accompany this. I can supply existing scripts that are similar but we need one that works with Current Apple OS. I do not have any specific preferences for the programming language; whatever language can be used that will work on Apple Mac and automate Microsoft Outlook tasks is fine. I am looking to have this project completed within 1-2 weeks. If you think you&...

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    El equipo necesita ayuda en la implementación de scripts para terminar el flujo de trabajo ya diseñado.

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    Hello everyone, I'm looking to hire an experienced programmer to create a custom Apple script that runs inside the Apple MAIL Application and automatically deletes all junk emails from blocked sender lists, so I never have to see them at all. My preferred programming language of choice for this project is AppleScript. I don't have any specific conditions for emails to be considered as "junk" other than being from blocked senders. The script should also be able to run on whatever schedule I specify (like every 5 minutes). If you have the skills and expertise to help me with this project, please feel free to contact me.

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    Issue with Apple Script 已经结束 left

    ...Issue on MacOS Catalina Project Description: I am experiencing an issue with running an AppleScript from Terminal on MacOS Catalina. I need assistance in resolving this problem. Specific Requirements: - Resolve the issue of running an AppleScript from Terminal on MacOS Catalina - Ensure that the AppleScript can be executed successfully from Terminal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AppleScript and its syntax - Strong knowledge of MacOS Catalina - Experience in troubleshooting and resolving AppleScript execution issues on MacOS Catalina Deliverables: - Updated AppleScript code that can be executed successfully from Terminal on MacOS Catalina - Detailed instructions on how to run the AppleScript from Terminal If you have the...

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    I would like all iMessages to be forwarded to my email using AppleScript - is this possible?

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    I am looking for a programmer that can create a custom Applescript to open and print URLs on my macOS system. I have a specific list of URLs that need to be opened and printed, so the programmer should be able to work with a given list that I have already determined. The preferred output format for the printed URLs is PDF. I am looking for someone that is familiar with coding for macOS and can produce quality results. If you are experienced with this type of project and think you can provide good results, please get in touch and let me know what you can do for me. Thank you! More info: The csv file will contain 3 fields per line (id, url, file_name). The script will need to 1. Read the contents of the csv file into an array 2. Loop through the array, directing Chrome or Safari to:...

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    Hi Everyone. I want the following module on macOS . - Get the URLs and captions of the current tab of each browsers on the macOS. - If 3 browses are running, the URL and caption of the current tab must be obtained from each window. - I used AppleScript to get the result, but in this case, a permission alert is displayed to the user, which is very inconvenient. So I want a module that doesn't require a permission alert. - The following browsers must be supported. Safari, Chrome, Opera, FireFox, Edge - Development environment: macOS Monterey (12.6) + Qt6.4 - Your source should be compiled in Qt6.4.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can help me translate a script for Photoshop from JavaScript to AppleScript, so that it can work on photoshop 2023 Mac. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AppleScript - Strong understanding of Photoshop and its automation capabilities - Experience in translating scripts from JavaScript to AppleScript - Familiarity with Mac operating system Project Details: - The current script is written in AppleScript and the main function is to automate tasks in Photoshop. - The goal is to make the script compatible with Mac by translating it from JavaScript to AppleScript. - The project has a specific deadline of within a week, so the chosen developer must be able to work efficiently and deliver the translated script wit...

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    ...this: moz-extension://432b5ea0-8b3c-47d6-b991-8d2a431d4288/devtools_web_scraper_panel.html#/sitemap/scrape?sitemapId=screener I'm assuming this url is local and can't be accessed by other people Things I've tried so so far:  Custom Javascript directly in console: Only worked up to one hour after the time that I set up the scrape. Otherwise it seemed to time out.  Triggering through a custom applescript with terminal: Firefox didn't allow you to inject code into the console meaning the button could not be triggered. Creating a script with python / selenium that opens the browser and clicks the button: This is the most recent thing I've tried. I found that firefox showed a 'red robot' in the url area and didn't ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can fix a script to save emails as PDF's. The script was created using AppleScript. Requirements: - Experience with AppleScript programming language - Ability to troubleshoot and fix script issues - Attention to detail to ensure the script is functioning correctly - Prompt communication to address any questions or concerns The project involves fixing the current issue with the script, without the need for any additional features or changes. The client will provide details of the specific error message or issue they are experiencing.

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    One simple project: write a script that can work as an Automator Folder Action to do the following: 1) Monitor a folder (Folder A) into which new files are pushed 2) For each new file: determine whether the file size is still growing 3) When files have finished uploading (or file sizes stop increasing) move the completed file(s) to a different folder (Folder B)

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    Applescript Help 已经结束 left

    Help with script that is not working for outlook

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    I want an AppleScript that will log into a website. My own attempts have failed. Below is my attempt.

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    ...solution that can automate formatting on Apple Pages/Numbers. The primary function of the script should be to automate formatting. I only need it to automate 1-3 different types of formatting. WE DO NOT NEED SINGLE FORMATTING OF A BOOK. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Programming, Coding - Strong experience in Apple Pages/Numbers scripting - Familiarity with automating formatting - Proficiency in AppleScript, JavaScript, or Google Apps Script - Attention to detail and ability to follow project specifications closely I've attached two files: 1. Text to Format - this is the initial text. Chapter by chapter it's a book with some words in bold. 2. Formatting - this is the result I want: each chapter has the words in bold on a page on the right all numbered with their tr...

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    I am seeking assistance with an AppleScript error that I am encountering. The error message is not specific, but falls under the category of "Other error message." The issue is related to a specific script that I am using to automate tasks. I am looking for a freelancer who has experience with AppleScript and can help me troubleshoot the error. The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: - Strong knowledge of AppleScript and its syntax - Experience with automating tasks using AppleScript - Ability to identify and resolve errors in AppleScript - Knowledge of AppleScript for the Apple Mail and Apple Reminders applications If you have the necessary skills and experience, please apply to this project. I am looking...

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    Hi. I need help using this javascript open source script I found. I would like to get it to run locally on my computer (without internet connection)... The goal would be to use the script to find the face in a photo and crop it based on the face position. I'd like to run this as an applescript so i can add it to mac automation in automator or Shortcuts. If this is something you can do, let me know how much it would cost and how many days you would need. here is a link to the open source script::

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    Create AppleScript to run in Numbers (Apple app) to do the following: - Bulk download image files from url list in column A - Rename files to data in column B - Save files to desktop folder: /Users/Twentyk/Desktop/img-download/ I will be inserting this AppleScript into Automator’s Quick Action and using the service Run AppleScript for Numbers. I will then run this service in the Numbers file. Attached is the Numbers file ().

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    I want to bulk download files from url list in Numbers and change their filenames. I have many lists containing 1000+ urls to do and I want to automate this by inserting this AppleScript into Automator and running it from Numbers. AppleScript to do the following: - Download files from bulk url list (column B) - Change downloaded filenames to corresponding column A - Download files to the following path: /Users/Twentyk/Desktop/img-download/ - I will put this script in Automator > Quick Action so I can run it in Numbers Example Numbers file attached Any questions, please let me know.

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    Necesito alguien que me programe unos script para automatizar mi flujo de trabajo. Trabajo con muchos entornos virtuales VPS desde la herramienta de Microsoft Remote Desktop desde Mac OS. Trabajo con una pantalla ultrawide de 49" con 6 ventanas en cada escritorio. Básicamente es para mejorar mi flujo de trabajo, son script del tipo applescript tell application "Microsoft Remote Desktop" set the bounds of the first window to {100, 100, 200, 200} end tell Pero con mas especificaciones y partimos de la base de que no esta dentro de las librerías Microsoft Remote Desktop. Por eso la solución puede ser en bash o phyton o con lo que se pueda hacer o resulte mas fácil. Resumiendo 2 script uno para modo portátil y otro para modo escrit...

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    Hi Peter K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Semen K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Project for Ali A. 已经结束 left

    Hi I am looking forsome to write me a small applescript project quickly ian

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    I need an Applescript developer to help with certain automation tasks (e.g. checking the InDesign document for certain mistakes (wrong address block, wrong disclaimer, wrong variables in text) and creating PDFs with various settings when the checks succeeded. Base script exists and works, but needs polishing / updating.

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    I need an AppleScript to open Apple Mail and display a New Viewer Window and then pause. I would then manually choose the individual emails I wished to export. When I was done making my choices, I would then hit a button start up the script again and it would choose "Expert as PDF . . " under the File menu and the script would place the exported emails into an iCloud desktop folder called EMAILSFOLDER. The script would then terminate

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    Hello, i often have several stickynotes open. I want to a script that: - saves the current state (Text, Positions and State (Open / colapsed) in a file - and then closes them - and is able to open stickynotes from the saved state - IMPORTANT: See Picture: A mac can have multiple Spaces / Monitorgroups -> just save the sticky notes of the current Space / Monitor You ...script that: - saves the current state (Text, Positions and State (Open / colapsed) in a file - and then closes them - and is able to open stickynotes from the saved state - IMPORTANT: See Picture: A mac can have multiple Spaces / Monitorgroups -> just save the sticky notes of the current Space / Monitor You can use whatever you want to script / save the file. I think the easiest way is with applescript a...

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    Trophy icon Build me a website portfolio 已经结束 left

    I need a web design Portfolio. I was a web designer 5 years ago. Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie. I am able to code by hand in HTML, PHP, SQL, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, AppleScript, etc. I can use WordPress, even modify WordPress. However I don't have the time to build my portfolio, so here I offer this job seeking to have someone build it for me. I need: + A portfolio website explaining that I am a web developer. + This portfolio shall list my skills mentioned above. (I can add more later, or after the fact.) + The portfolio needs 10 examples of different websites. The 10 examples must have 10 different styles or themes. Different layouts of 10 sites that are each viewable on desktop or mobile phone. +You may use WordPress for these example sites,...

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    I would like to get an AppleScript (or an Automator Script) that will open iPhoto and Photos libraries om a specific folder, allow them to migrate to the current version, and then close the library and move on to the next library on the folder.

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    Filemaker curl insert URL 已经结束 left

    This is a micro project for today We have a curl “get and path” function that are working from filemaker 19 using native AppleScript or directly from terminal command. We need to insert field value within the curl options and URL and for that we need to use the filemaker “insert from URL” function then we parse the Json result within the database. The job consist to translate the 2 curl (AppleScript or terminal) command within filemaker using “insert from URL” or “calculated Applescript”. We know that it’s work but we do not control well the parsing and encoding URL within filemaker field. We provide the original working curl and we get back the “insert from URL” equivalent with the $result parsed examp...

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    Hi, I'm using Automator to compress, rename and delete files. I have a working Automator app which do just that with the selected files. I usually select by batches of 10, 15 or 20 and use this. However I would like something more complex with a Script or Automator or Shortcut app - select all files in a folder -> for example select 55 files - the scrip ask a question -> make batch of ? - I type the number -> 10, 15 or 20 - the workflow works -> if 10 batches = 5 compressed files created for 55 files selected and the remaining 5 are untouched // or 15 batches = 3 archives and the other files are left alone - the zip files are renamed with the parent folder name sequentially - zip is changed to cbz - the original files are deleted All...

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    I need someone to help me answer this problem. "I want to utilize HTML buttons elements to control the functionalities of Zoom through Applescript code, but I believe that HTML can only run Javascript code. Is there a way to make Javascript execute Applescript code either by writing Applescript code as Javascript, or by running Applescript code using Javascript and shell command osascript?"

    min $390 / hr
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    min $390 / hr
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    1. Environment: MacOS latest 2. Use case: 1) I drop html files into a folder regularly; 2) I need a converter to convert the html files to pdf files (file name unchanged) whenever the html file is detected. 3) I can make simple configuration of pdf, such as pagiated or just a single full page. 3. Possible solutions: 1) I have Automator (from MacOS system) and Hazel (automation tool); 2) Applescript with wkhtmltopdf or pandoc, but I don't know how to make it work in batches;

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    Tableau Online - Server - Publish Workbook... - QuickConnect Tableau Online - Email address a @ - Password abc - Sign in Tableau Public - Save to Tableau Public... - Email address a @ - Password abc - Sign in

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    Applescript projects 已经结束 left

    Need applescript to automate tasks

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    Applescript writer 已经结束 left

    I need a AppleScript to work on Apple mail so that it replies to a designated subject line with a simple message

    $67 - $143
    $67 - $143
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    AppleScript developer 已经结束 left

    to create a "drop word"(similar to a drop cap but applies to the first whole word of a paragraph) shortcut for pages

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    Hello, I need an Applescript to copy the outgoing emails to the file it comes from in the Apple Mail program, or in the Outlook for Mac program.

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    Daylite plug-in 已经结束 left

    I need a plug-in or two built for Daylite. Experience with F-Script is a plus, as is experience with AppleScript.

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    Project for Parvinder S. 已经结束 left

    Hi Parvinder S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I have a small filemaker management software for my business, I would like to integrate whatsapp with the company number. currently i open whatsapp automatically with applescript and with Automator send the message by pressing enter. would you be able to send me the personalized message in a hidden way? without seeing this whole process.

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    We are a property company looking for an Applescript developer to build some code to speed up a desktop research process. Essentially this requires creating a script that will open 16 websites in a browser, enter data into certain fields on each of them, and click 'enter', 'next', etc..., then screenshot the results and collate the screenshots into a folder. Ideally the process would start with a dashboard where we input all the pedigree data only once before the script fires it into the various sites. It currently takes a surveyor approximately 30 minutes to do this process manually; their time would be better spent analysing the outputs rather than hammering in the data. Needed ASAP, screenshots attached.

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    looking for a script to automatically check if current location is A then do nothing or if current network location is B the mount NAS

    $117 - $195 / hr
    $117 - $195 / hr
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    I need a programmer to create an applescript for macOS finder for moving or coping selected files in predefined folders through predefined hotkeys. Should run under MacOS 10.x and above

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    Hola tengo una empresa pequeña que elabora impuestos en Estados Unidos y me interesa desarrollar un programa en AppleScript ya que toda lninfomacion la metamos vía iCloud - Numbers

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    My lawfirm uses ProLaw, which "helpfully" creates reminder e-mails like the attached. I'd like someone to create an applescript script that pulls the date information out and creates a reminder on my MacOS calendar, if one doesn't exist already. I'd also like some Applescripting done for moving things from ProLaw to Omnifocus, so bonus points if you're comfortable in that area. That will be a subsequent gig, though.

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    I have a simple batch file for my PC, which automates a couple of programs through command line instructions, loops etc. I would like this script (batch script converted to Applescript so that I can replicate the same automation workflow on my Mac Mini M1. The same programs (graphics applications) are on the Mac. My original PC script is very short and fully commented.

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    I have put together this applescript that when a file is added to an action folder, it makes a new directory based on the first portion of the file name, makes a directory called 'images' inside, and then Moves the input file to the 'images' folder inside the newly created folder. This all works GREAT, UNTIL. .dun-dun-dun.. The directory exists already!! (oh no) . So I tried adding some If statements and it still is running the rest of the script fine (which adds in some other files and moves the completed folder set to another folder on my hard drive), but I can not get the file with the same first portion of the name to Move or copy over.. It needs to add an IF Folder exists somewhere and trying to figure it out, but can not get this to work. Any help appreciat...

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    I have an applescript that is not complete. I need to take the variable grabbed from the file name and press it into a shell command to replace the variable and run the shell script. I need this completed within the next couple hours. Here is the apple script i have so far: on run {input, parameters} tell application "Finder" set fileName to name of file input set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "." if number of text items of fileName > 1 then set fileName to text items 1 thru -2 of fileName as text end if fileName end tell do shell script "/Users/nathan/Desktop/ " & fileName - - - - - - The .sh script looks like this: #!/bin/bash curl '' -X POST --data-urlencode 'To=+$fileName'

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    I have lots of small programming jobs that require a iOS/OSMac/Applescript Guru. I have a 75% completed and working iOS App controlling my home that I can't seem to upgrade in Xcode to current iOS specs. That's my first objective to get working again. Then I have 25% of the app to finish. It's designed to control and complement XTension, a Mac Home Automation App. It would be helpful is you were close to the Kansas City vicinity, but I can work by email and Dropbox from anywhere. Please send references and requirements.

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    Hello. Since Twilio offers javascript to control sms messages, I would think an apple script to send sms when a folder is updated is very possible. I would need an applescript that when a jpg file is added to a folder on the hard drive, an sms is sent to a phone number. To make it even more automated, I would like the phone number to be texted TO be pulled from the .jpg file title. For example, the jpg would be titled , so when saving this file to the specified folder, the folder action would connect to twilio (api - java) and send a text sms saying, "your file is available." Thank you for your interest in the project. Anyone proficient in java and twilio api should be able to knock this out.

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    I would like a php or java script that would create a virtual token queue monitor with alerts sent SMS through Twilio. A user would enter their phone number, then receive a token number, see number of how many in front of them, and what token number is currently being served. Similar to that of a restaurant or deli. Since Twilio has API or deli. Since Twilio has API access, I would like to implement a text SMS message to remind the user their token is next in queue. A webpage on our server that shows the information such as current token number and next 5 tokens in line. A basic css style script is fine that I can edit for appearance of the monitoring page. Thank you for your interest. If this could be done with mac AppleScript, that is your preference, that is fine...

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    I find myself having to delete all the files in a folder repeatedly. I would like to automate this task but lack the skills to create an Applescript or other comparable tool to: 1) create a new directory in a specific place with a folder name that includes the date 2) copy all the files in a specific folder to the newly created folder 3) delete all of the files in the specific folder.

    $1411 (Avg Bid)
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