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    ...将get到的长链接转换成短链接后,用二维码api生产二维码显示到前端。 具体需求: 1.用YOURLS搭建 短链接服务。 并用shortcode方式写入function.php. 方便前端用shortcode调用。实例:下图是一个获取当前网址的shortcode,可以用来获取当前的长链接。 在前端,通过使用[geturl] 就可以显示输出当前网址。 (当然,输出当前网址方式有很多,这里只是实例说明 SHORTCODE的使用方法。) 短链接转换后,代码结构类似于: 这样, 我可以通过使用[shorturl]短代码在前端显示 转换后的短链接。 2.最后,使用google 二维码API(如果有国内类似的二维码api也可以。)短链接转换为二维码。 代码如下: <img src=";cht=qr&amp;chl=[shorturl]&amp;choe=UTF-8;chld=H;" title="Link to "> 上面标红的,就是用短代码将转换后的短链接传递给google api。 这段前端代码,可以直接在页面使用,也可以在我打印PDF模板使用。 如果国内有类似的前端调用的二维码生成api,能这样使用,也是可以的。

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    发现国外很多cpc广告联盟的广告代码都是开头都是<script type="text/javascript"> 。 希望开发出一个软件可以刷类似下面广告代码 <script type="text/javascript"> //default pop-under house ad url clicksor_enable_pop = true; clicksor_adhere_opt='left'; clicksor_frequencyCap =0.1; durl = ''; clicksor_layer_border_color =...= true; clicksor_adhere_opt='left'; clicksor_frequencyCap =0.1; durl = ''; clicksor_layer_border_color = ''; clicksor_layer_ad_bg = ''; clicksor_layer_ad_link_color = ''; clicksor_layer_ad_text_color = ''; clicksor_text_link_bg = ''; clicksor_text_link_color = ''; clicksor_enable_inter=true; </script> <script type="text/javascript" src=";pid=3...

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    Hey how are you? I’m Kate and just wondering if you could take a precious moment to help me translate this Simplified Chinese article in Australian English in regards to Arts. This is fairly important to me as it is mainly for my little private business’s art project description. I need it as soon as possible (within a couple of days). Thank you for your cooperation!

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    Business Card Size Side 1: Logo 2 Class free trial is the offer Self Defence Classes at the Karate Academy of Power Direct them to scan the qr code and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours to schedule you in for your 2 free class trial Direct them to turn the card over to contact us for more information Side 2: Social media QR code, encourage them to follow, message and DM for more info Contact Number: on attachments Contact Email: on attachments

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    Website project: Design and develop a responsive website for a toys brand. Pages: 1. Home 2. About us 3. Contact us 4. Product categories 5. Terms 6. Shipment and Return Policy 7. Privacy policy 8. Q&amp;A The website is an ONLINE STORE, therefore it must include the following features: 1. Registration 2. Login 3. Shopping cart 4. Like / save for later button 5. Magnifying tool to view the product 6. Content side panel (to show the content of the package) 7. Checkout (place your order) 8. Invoice 9. Customer Feedback Additionally: 1. WhatsApp Contact Number 2. E-mail 3. Social Media accounts 4. Chatbot (not necessary) IMPORTANT NOTE: For now the orders will be paid upon delivery However This might change Therefor, the proposed solution MUST support electronic payment...

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    the main micom is You have to develop based on evaluation kit from NXP (we will pay for it) 2~3month work and I need guitar multi effects noise gate, comp, distortion, amp sim, IR, modulation, delay, reverb ETC. so, if you are an engineer and play guitar, it would be great to work with. and if the output is good energh. I am willing to offer an incentive for achieving great job

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    AMPUSHER . Its Home Flex 50-amp smart charger is similar in operation to its public chargers so there is no learning curve. It can be hardwired into a 240-volt circuit (typically the home’s drier circuit) or an existing 240-volt outlet. The 23-foot cable allows for more installation locations in your garage and the whole charging unit has a sleek design Sometimes you don’t need smart-charging capabilities. Instead, you might need a durable outdoor charger that can withstand tough weather conditions. AMPUSHER is ideal for home EV charging, as well as electric lawn/farm equipment, which is a growing market. There’s no app to this one, just a rugged 40-amp charger. This unit can be hardwired or plugged into an existing 240-volt outlet and the power output is ad...

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    Trophy icon Logo for Paula’s Paper Creations 16 小时 left

    I’m looking to have a logo created for my paper crafts. It’s capped “Paula’s Paper Creations” it’s all hand made cards and paper projects. I use a lot of whites, and pinks in my projects. Attached is just an idea of my cards so you can have an idea to create a logo. Thank you. Look forward to seeing what you come up with

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    I’m looking to have a logo created for my paper crafts. It’s capped “Paula’s Paper Creations” it’s all hand made cards and paper projects. I use a lot of whites, and pinks in my projects. Attached is just an idea of my cards so you can have an idea to create a logo. Thank you. Look forward to seeing what you come up with

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    We are designing an open-world survival mobile game that may need some in-game materials/props like handwriting letters or messages. We are looking forward to finding someone who can help us do the handwriting crafts and then scan those for us

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    About Break the Moldz: This is a create and sip company where you can bring your own alcoholic beverage in Downtown dallas. And make arts and crafts. Something unique new and fun to do in Dallas. We host live music . Karaoke. Jazz. Poetry events as well. Childten can come during daytime hours only Project Description: Something eye catching. Fun and impressive

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    I want to design a coding challenge, and would like someone to complete a coding challenge so that I would know better about the responses. The Coding Challenge tests your real-life coding skills with some practical problems. This challenge is designed to analyze your problem-solving ...challenge would be similar to: Coursera - Hackerrank - Codility - Khan Acadamy - Data structures and algorithms - System Design - OOP &amp; Design Patterns - Git -

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    Looking for a redesign of logo, NEW Striking FONT. Must keep the same colours to keep continuity but must represent sports fighting arts such as grappling, traditional karate, kicking and victory. Must have a jpeg as well as format that allows printers to blow up design to whatever dimensions we need

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    My website traffic has decreased after AMP plugin activation. It is still decreasing although I removed the plugin. I need removing all these AMP effects on website

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    Hi, i need a logo for the name "Crazy Arts". I need also a "Favicon". it should look classy and elegant. maybe with bit gold Kind regards Sascha

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    We have an ecommerce store that sells image files for use for arts and crafts projects. We are looking for a talented individual to create instructional videos that demonstrate how to use a Cricut cutting machine with our SVG image files. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating videos that showcase different project ideas and techniques for using the machine. These videos will be shared on our website and social media channels to help customers get the most out of their cutting machines and our designs. Responsibilities: - Create high-quality instructional videos that showcase how to use a Cricut cutting machine with our SVG image files. - Develop project ideas and techniques that highlight the versatility of our designs and the cutting machine. - Work c...

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    Seeking an automated QA testing expert that has vast experience testing web-based applications with Angular, Python, HTML, CSS, and cloud database (Google). Would like to know your preferred automation software (Selenium, Pytest, Cypress, JMeter, or other) and your numb...Ensure Cross Browser Compatibility: Ensure the app is responsive on all common browsers. 2. Performance testing / Test for Responsiveness: Do load testing to see if it crashes under different scenarios. 3. Functionality Testing: Check all of the different components of our web app, including links, forms, and workflows to ensure that everything is working the way it needs to. 4. Interface testing &amp; Check for Broken Links 5. Security testing 6. Cookie Testing (Usability testing: this will likely be done wi...

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    ...parking slot. We have reviewed various WP responsive templates as per below, please feel free to recommend a Wordpress Template that suits our project and is still supported by the template developers. We think that a hotel / B&B type website template would be best to customise for this website. The website pages we will need for this project will be the following: Home Page - Images / Text and Videos of the Business & Business Contact Mobile Number Compound Page - This page will contain images and details of the HGV truck yard Warehousing Page - Each of the 3 Warehouses need to be: clickable and users need to be able to view images of each warehouse, with

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    ...e-learning etc. Job Description We are looking for Sr./Jr. Illustrator for our office based in Dilshad garden Delhi. Candidates should have min 3 and max 10 years’ experience in creating illustration with support of adobe photoshop. Artistic abilities like line drawing, coloring, digital sketch creation and visualizing is required .should have basic animation knowledge along with bachelor in fine arts (BFA) and mark in fine art (MFA). Animator or artist Duties and Responsibilities:- 1. Conceptualizing ideas for characters, scenes, backgrounds, and other animation elements. 2. Creating semi realistic character sketches for new animations based on design and coloring. 3. Developing storyboards for animation projects 4. Designing backgrounds, sets, and other elements of the a...

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    For whatever reason, I cannot seem to get my house AMP ads (served by AdPlugg) to show up on my AMP pages. My site has been picked up by a couple of aggregators, basically doubling my reach, but they use the AMP format and so my ads not showing up is costing me significant ad revenue. I've tried to configure it myself using the guidance from AdPlugg but it just doesn't seem to work. Need someone to a) fix the site so that it will serve adon AMP pages and b) talk to me a bit about the whole AMP process.

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    ...on a the heatsink. It needs to be designed to fit to a particular size and needs to be designed in a clever way to minimize noise, heat and look good. I have attached some samples of the Regulator, amp and power supply design. This needs someone with experience in hifi, audio and amplifier design. Things like added extras such as bypass capacitors, testing points will need to be considered and reducing ac ripple, i need a good clean DC power supply! Your using 44000uf of capacitance per channel, so this needs to be tamed. I will work closely with the designer as i have already have the amp built and working (this is a prototype). This design will need to be ready for PCB production and testing. You will need to fit everything onto one circuit board and it has to b...

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    ...indicators, the trading platforms that are currently being used are bloated and lagging. The idea behind this panel is to allow traders to use whatever platform they wish for their charting and analysis, but then they would enter the orders through this panel. This panel need to be light, thin, snappy, responsive and modern look. I have all of the CQG data API information and it will connect to AMP Futures broker. I will provide demo/test login once project is accepted. I have ideas on the layout and the logo and buttons have already been designed. But the most important part is to get this functional first, then it is just a matter of laying it out the way I want. I have attached the logo and a sample layout to use (it is from TradingView order panel). If you are familiar wit...

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    I am looking for a tshirt logo design for a martial arts tournament. Name of the tournament: Infinity National Championships Theme: Martial arts theme with African safari animals, Tiki's or possibly outline of the state of Wisconsin. Name of tournament must be in the design. I would want the colors of the logo limited to no more than 2 colors if possible. I have a copy of tshirt designs attached we have used in past tournaments for reference.

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    Banner for website 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a talented designer to create a custom banner for use on my website. The banner should be 846 pixels wide by 416 pixels high . The banner is to celebrate 50 years of trading 1973 – 2023 We are a in car entertainment company selling car stereo speakers amp. We also install towbars, alarms, car trackers, parking sensors etc. Looking for a collage of old and new stereo, speakers etc And text 50 Years Old 1973 -2023

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    Photo Editor (Remote) 已经结束 left

    ...editorial team. Editing and artfully positioning photographs to accompany texts. Submitting photographic designs for approval in a timely manner. Obtaining feedback from editorial teams and making relevant changes, when required. Keeping track of industry trends and advancements in the field of photographic editing. Photo Editor Requirements: Bachelors or associate degree in photography, visual arts, or similar. 2-3 years of experience in photo editing, or similar. A complete portfolio of work-related examples. Advanced proficiency in photograph editing software, such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign. Exceptional creative abilities as reflected in appealing photographic content. Ability to collaborate on projects and integrate editorial feedback. Extensive experience in co...

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    The domain name is: I need a custom theme design and need the following features: - Customization & plugins ...reporting - WooCommerce - Elementor - Google Analytics - SEO - Speed Optimization - Other / None Have a website concept all written down in a design spec doc. Have a domain (actually a few) and good hosting already set up. Have the paid divi theme but willing to use another if someone tells us there is something better than divi for our project. Our project is being done to benefit the arts community and to assist the instrument builders is BC Canada and ultimately Canada wide. We are planning a book based on a subset of the artisans in our website. Much of the detailed work and maintenance of our site will ultimately have to be done by paid volunteers...

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    seeking grant writer 已经结束 left

    nonprofit org 501c3, work w/people w/disabilities also. Talent management in the arts, TV, Film, etc. need assistance. No budget. Hope to get a grant.

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    Shopify Developer 已经结束 left

    There is a shopify store that sells Arts and Posters. 1. I want to make new "Iive-preview" page like this () - so the user can upload their own image, - and then the users will be available to see how the poster is shown in several sizes. Since also is shopify store, I guess they will use any plugin. maybe, you can find/use a plugin, it will be better option for us. 2. I want to make the gallery section like on this () ... and there are more ongoing update requirements. Please submit your proposal with the correct estimated budget after checking above examples carefully. also, I will refer your proposal if it starts with 'gallerypanda'. Thanks

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    ...más interacción. Si tienes experiencia en contestar DM y comentarios es un plus. Envía tu portafolio o enlace para que pueda ver tu trabajo. Cualquier duda que tengas solo házmelo saber, ¡Buen día! __________________ I need the creation of monthly content for 15 post in spanish (single post, carousel or reel) for a bakery specialized in wedding cakes. I am looking for a person who designs the arts, writes in a fun way and schedule the content. The photos and videos of the cakes are sent directly to us by the client, but I need help editing them in a way that they are attractive to the account community and create more interaction. If you have experience in answering DM and coments it's a plus. Please send your portfolio or link s...

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    ...Marketplace • 8. Handshake • 9. Newegg • 10. Nextdoor • 11. Poshmark • 12. Redbubble • 13. Ruby Lane • 14. Swappa and more • This is a ongoing job for 6 months. Need the best of the best, company that knows how to target a specific audience using the right ad words, on mobile platform, google ads, Bing, yahoo, and utilize free ad platforms, social media accounts management, some of our products are Arts & Entertainment (57) • Betting Systems (87) • Business / Investing (87) • Computers / Internet (20) • Cooking, Food & Wine (31) • E-Business & E-Marketing (192) • Education (22) • Employment & Jobs (22) • Games (8) • Green Products (45) • Health & Fitness (735) • Home...

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    Mobile application 已经结束 left

    ...educational content for students of all ages. The application will be designed to help students learn new concepts, reinforce existing ones, and track their progress. Target Audience: The target audience for this educational app will be students of all ages(graduate and above).The app will provide educational content in various subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts. Features: The mobile application will have the following features: Interactive learning modules - The app will provide interactive modules that will help students learn new concepts in a fun and engaging way. Practice quizzes - The app will have a feature that will allow students to practice what they have learned through quizzes and tests. Progress tracking - The app will track...

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    Trophy icon Utah Surgical Arts Skull 1 天 left

    Looking for a skull with words Utah Surgical arts next to it. Over all small subtle simple, professional

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    For optimal performance, the UPS requires an input power of 12V DC and an output power of 12V DC. It is capable of supporting a 2-3 amp load without delay or interruptions when the main power source is switched off or on. Additionally, while operating on the main power supply, the UPS should simultaneously provide power to the load and charge the lithium-ion batteries. The circuit board must include a battery management system (BMS) to protect the 3S lithium-ion battery pack, including short circuit protection. Performance, reliability, and durability are important

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    $15 max please. I would like it to be made in less than a week.[Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    I am looking for someone that knows CDP4J really good. This is about a page that is not loaded correctly when using ("https...."); But if I load another page it loads perfectly. If I load another page then manually press ctrl + T (new tab) and then enter the address it is loading. When I press reloaded the page fails to load again thou. Does anyone have good knowledge in CDP4J to assist? I do not want anyone that have not worked with CDP4J earlier.

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    Trophy icon PixelStix Smart Plaque Infographic 已经结束 left

    PixelStix is a technology platform built for the mural arts movement. We would like to create a one-page infographic that focuses on our Smart Plaque technology which you can read more about here. 1. Diagram drawings of our smart plaques should be the focus of the infographic 2. various info blocks in the infographic should describe various physical features of our smart plaques,e.g. (QR code, equipped with NFC technology) 3. various info blocks in the infographic should describe how the smart plaque then fuels features in the PixelStix platform,e.g. (the lat/lon coordinates of each plaque allows our app users to locate plaques geographically, interacting / scanning a plaque provides interactive content to mural gallery visitors, all plaque

    $785 (Avg Bid)
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    Am a Commercial International business personnel who is into Ancient artifact business.... I Buy and resell different type on art works such as paintings, antiques and old art crafts, to commercial office space, hotel renovations, multi-family..... I'm looking for someone who can be trusted and reliable to work very well and with good understanding. This position is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them ,my only fear is that I may come at you impromptu sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings. As my Personal Assistant, your activities amongst other things will include; Running personal/financial errands, supervisions and monitoring. Scheduling programs, while I'm away. Making...

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    Hi Freelancer designers! We need JUST LOGO with the following requirements: - Company name: Bali Stone Design (this is just for reference, to put it on logo or not - up to you). - Company's profile: a stone carving workshop / shop / studio where they make & sell traditional artisanal stone crafts. - Logo must transmit the spirit of Balinese culture and art (please make sure you are acquainted with the island of Bali and its culture). Attached you can find some examples of the products made & sold there.

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    I need 4 Articles every day each one is 1,000 Words. Article Example: 1. 2. 3. 4. The article should be like this type of topic and 100% Plag Free. All the articles should be well-researched and have good SEO Keywords. The budget is $10 Per Article. Newbies are highly welcomed.

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    About me: my name is Enzo Hideki Yoshida, I'm a developer, graphic arts designer, entrepreneur and paid traffic manager. I'm not exactly sure what type of logo would go with my personal brand, but I wanted one that had a unique symbol, and not just a writing of my name

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    I need you to prepare dataset for movie crew user-based collaborative filtering Machine Learning project . At least 600 lines of data with movie 24 crafts crew .

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    protein feeder timer 已经结束 left

    12v dc power supply and output. Need a pcb that alternates polarity to output with each 12 v dc signal it receives. Must be capable of 15 amp load

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    Create Shopify Store 已经结束 left

    I just register on Shopify I’m just fumbling thru the navigation on Shopify I picked a theme and changed it slightly I want it to be clean and easy to go onto each section Like I have these sections I want 1. Tshirts 2. Business printing 3. Promo products 4. Signs/lawn signs and banners, 5. Graduation signs 6. Sticker shop 6. Arts and crafts

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    Trophy icon Redesign a Logo 已经结束 left

    We have attached two logo. Reconstruct the metal logo in the image( ) with a new logo (). The new image should look like the (LeM) type. We need an artwork for making a Metal logo. So place your arts accordingly.

    $110 (Avg Bid)
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    Dance of the dreams 已经结束 left

    The poetry is image become words, painting is poetry become image. Mixed tecniques in this serie of pieces of arts

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    ...parking slot. We have reviewed various WP responsive templates as per below, please feel free to recommend a Wordpress Template that suits our project and is still supported by the template developers. We think that a hotel / B&B type website template would be best to customise for this website. The website pages we will need for this project will be the following: Home Page - Images / Text and Videos of the Business & Business Contact Mobile Number Compound Page - This page will contain images and details of the HGV truck yard Warehousing Page - Each of the 3 Warehouses need to be: clickable and users need to be able to view images of each warehouse, with

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    104 个竞标 clothes and accessories called Garden Girl. The brand owner closed the business in 2019, and I have decided to relaunch a similar range under the brand LICKITY SPLIT. The range will be women’s overalls, garden gloves, garden tool belts, hats etc. LICKITY SPLIT is a fun idiom for fast and quick. Our target market is women 45+ that have a passion for gardening, but are also interested in crafts, cooking and creative hobbies. Our brand will initially focus on garden products, but eventually we will move into the other product categories I previously listed (crafting, cooking etc). I would like to develop an appealing logo suitable for our product categories, and appealing to our target market. This logo will be used on product, packaging, websites, and all forms o...

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    We need Shopify expert 已经结束 left

    Our requirements 1) On page seo 2) Off page seo 3) Remove Less then Sign from Home page top section 4) Core web vitals - AMP Version and All other device.

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