14,765 assembly 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 HKD

    给PCB,PCB assembly的公司设计logo

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    The current OTG provides option of setting temperature using and allows to set temperature and modes using a dial. The basic idea is to tinker around with it and plug in our own custom-built circuit and a few more components. The idea is to run this OTG at a predictable & reliable temperature/time and control via-mobile using bluetooth conn...executed. 5. The circuit reads in the temperature and time and runs the heater till the temperature is achieved and holds on to it. PID will be useful here for efficient functioning. 6. Use Arduino / raspberry to build the circuit for testing but there must be no problem of loose connections. 7. I can help out with the code part, general engineering part, sensor manufacturing but need help with assembly, circuit connections and tinkeri...

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    GAP System Fill Schedule 6 天 left

    using excel tool that we currently have- we would like to use it to create a GAP schedule in between the stations of the assembly line

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    I have a set of designs - sketches, line drawings and in some cases renderings. Need to assembly portfolio with uniform style. Ideal for someone good with photoshop / Illustrator skills. Need final work files in original format + portfolio assembled in powerpoint.

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    Project requires both hardware and software development. The GMTI is a small 4 channel spectrometer based on NIR LED light sources and PD detectors. The LED and PD cell assembly will be supplied. System is required to be USB powered and run on Windows software. Software features such as , channel calibration, record test data, real time graphic display , save to file and report.

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    VR Fire training 4 天 left

    Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality training application built with Unity and C# to simulate a fire drill. It should include a theatre or lecture hall, and when the fire starts due to electricity, the person should see some notes telling him what to do, such as turning on the fire alarm and then following a path out of the building to the assembly point the person should be able to turn on the fire alarm and to then hear a buzzer sound and we can also add more avatars as people to make it feel more real. The system should provide an analysis report detailing how quickly the person dealt with the situation and what the person did not do correctly. a simple documentation about the application is needed at the end to explain the main features like coding in C#. the application should be si...

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    I am looking for an expert in Arduino board with assembly language using Arduino mega 2560

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    Need to build a CNC. Most of the items will be bought out and we need the models to check assembly

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    ...combined number of proteins, starches:( rice, breads, etc...), drinks etc.. according to the portions we have set. Ideal there should be three sheets: - Housespread calculation sheet - Lunchboxes calculation sheet ( need to come up with random distribution formula) - Combined dashboard (a better version of the gameplan that is built by hand) reports it will yield: - Kitchen prep list - Combined assembly table - Individual order driver-checklist This is specifically for the restaurant industry so prior industry knowledge will be helpful. The links below are for the calculator we currently use and the report/gameplan we build manually. examples of the gameplan we make manually: https://docs

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    PLEASE READ THE PROJECT BRIEF CAREFULLY Looking for an experienced designer who has ever worked in the Expo Mega booth designs. The pro...dimensions. The project needs the further works such as drawing each components in which you will have to cross reference to the existing parts, assemble the components module by module of each section of the booth, calculate the sustaining weight and supporting force accordingly to the component specification, finalize the design with all the components (parts) in its B.O.M. Show the process of the assembly of each module then how to put together all the module to become one MEGA BOOTH. Must be able to understand chinese and search for the standard parts. Researching to find the supplier of the parts to create the booth design is part of...

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    We need to apply some changes mainly making the plastic thicker in some areas. As shown below, the wall thickness of the indicated red areas are very thin, which has a high risk of deformation, crack and damage during 3D printing process. We need to increase the partial wall thickness to get a better print effect (possibly up to 1.5 mm). ...making the plastic thicker in some areas. As shown below, the wall thickness of the indicated red areas are very thin, which has a high risk of deformation, crack and damage during 3D printing process. We need to increase the partial wall thickness to get a better print effect (possibly up to 1.5 mm). The air quality top and bottom parts must match. Attached also a rendering of the complete assembly. The models are available in solidwork...

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    need help with mips and logic works now

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    ...Initially, a survey form is created after a complete research of the assembly/parliamentary area and rigorous discussions with the client. In general there are questions related to the following: • Trends: Questions to collect the information about the current political trends or situations of political leader and party in the assembly/parliamentary. • Issues: Research based to collect the major issues which affect the people face daily. These could be issues related to medical facilities, local infrastructure, basic needs, employment, etc. • Party Workers: Research to collect the numbers of party workers in the assigned assembly/parliamentary. • Caste equations: Research to collect the caste statistics in the assigned assembly/parliamen...

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    Assembly MIPS Program 1 天 left

    Code is required only to write in Notepad++ then set to .asm file or .s file then run it using QtSpim. Do not convert code. Write it naturally.

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    Need an expert in LC 3 assembly language programming

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    1) Choose one Tool to merge assemblies (must be most popular library) . sample : ILRepack 2) Remove unused references , only let required references. 2) Process must done in msbuild when compiling project. (I am making this process with azure devops ) 3) this new dll (1) must be consumed from another project as a reference. 4) any change I make to main project must be replicated to referenc...this process with azure devops ) 3) this new dll (1) must be consumed from another project as a reference. 4) any change I make to main project must be replicated to referenced projects or must be updated automatically. 5) create nuget package private .nupkg I have a lot of assemblies and I received a project with a lot of references to another assemblies, make process like in a nuget package 1 ass...

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    Design a home to requirements with assembly plans and cut plans, Bill of Materials quantities required. Please see attached file of example.. Further details upon contact. - Job Could suit NEW FREELANCER with correct design skills

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    I will give you a 3D file of an assembly, I need you to do the dynamic simulation on Autodesk Inventor Find the power and torque required, speed is important of the motor and send me data and video.

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    when trying to install a role (directAccess) I get error 1734 the array bounds are invalid. I need help from a Windows server expert to fix it, please. Fixed pay for fixed server. If it takes you 5 minutes, I'll pay for 2 hours.

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    "Furniture" Product Assembly Video 16 小时 left

    We will be shooting a furniture assembly video and are looking for two subjects (1 female & 1 male) to do the actual assembly. The furniture you will be assembling is a modular partition wall, and the video will be featured across our various online channels, but primarily on our website and in our post-purchase emails.

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    computer processors 13 小时 left

    1) Produce an implementation, in HDL, of the described Feistel encryption scheme in the document. 2) Write a program in HACK assembly, without using symbols, that implements the described Feistel encryption system. The initial key, K0, will be stored in RAM[1], and the 16-bit plaintext will be stored in RAM[2]. please note the program should be able to run on the listed tool

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    Assembly Programming Expert 7 小时 left

    Assembly Programming Expert Required

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    Petra puzzled lego 6 小时 left

    To build Petra treasure as parts assembly

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    I need help with hosting a .Net 5 (.Net core) and React app to windows server. For now it's giving this error in local IIS Error: An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest () was not found: package: '', version: '3.1.7' path: 'lib/netcoreapp3.1/'

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    9 个竞标 improvement recommendations based on different experiments for the best and most cost-effective solutions to the program during the design phase. •仿真工程师将分析系统吞吐量瓶颈,并根据不同的实验提出设计改进建议,以便在设计阶段为项目提供最佳和最具成本效益的解决方案。 • Develop discrete event simulation models for various parts of various assembly lines. •为各种装配线的各个零件开发离散事件仿真模型。 • Work with manufacturing engineering and production teams to identify production constraints. •与制造工程和生产团队合作,确定生产约束。 • Utilize discrete event simulation software to plan and optimize assembly lines and processes prior to execution. •在执行之前,利用离散事件模拟软件规划和优化装配线和流程。 • Optimize plant layout by analysing throughput capabilities, bottlenecks, and buffer sizing, and material routing. •通过分析吞吐量能力、瓶颈、缓冲区大小和材料路线,优化工厂...

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    Adapt Opensource code to custom board/config.

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    Using AnyLogic software for Supply Chain & Logistic to model basic warehouse operations for material handling analysis and optimization. The intended operations model similar to distribution center (discrete event) which involve three (3) main processes; 1) Unloading, 2) Assembly 3) Loading. The expected result shall determine time taken for each process based on multiple scenarios (variable parameter) and to identify possible bottleneck/limitation on each scenario/process/parameter. Objective of Simulation: 1) To analyse total time taken (min, max, average) for each process; 2) To capture waiting time for material on queue (each pallet at temporary storage area) between unloading to loading process (min, max, average); 3) To adjust the parameter (i.e. no. of truck, no. of ...

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    Looking to have a Pilates Reformer designed Will need the following information along with the drawing tools list materials list Architectural drawings step-by-step assembly drawings with instructions Contact details for all equipment suppliers & Individual drawing files for any pieces that would require laser cutting

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    Hello, there is a logical wireframe-diagram ready for you to check for small manufacturing-assembly business. You need to check it, think about it from UX side and then complete UI in a most SIMPLE design possible without any unnecessary effects (shadows, transitions etc). It must be done in Figma. If it could be interactive, that would be amazing. Or at least arrows should point.

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    Extra hours for organising file types due to the complexity of the project. Sub-assemblies within sub-assemblies within the assembly.

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    I have predefined drawing in solidworks amd i want to modify the dimension of the drawing and creat flat parts to cut them by laser machine The product is hollow metal frames and who ever done a job like that can send me offer and more detailes attached a solidworks file for some assembly and a pdf for the varialbles download them to see what i need

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    Hello, I saw in your profile that you're experienced in assembly and C++. I'd like to know how much would you charge to have these functions converted to C++ code? List of function names that I need converted to C++: Here you can find the function bodies: I look forward to hearing from you.

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    knee scooter assembly 已经结束 left

    Bought the scooter where you rest an injured keg on cushion and push scooter around with other leg. Sp this project is to help total assembly of my knee scooter.

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    MCOS design 已经结束 left

    An equipment which is available in physical form, needs to be designed in part & then assembly. Each part of equipment need to be measured and then plotted at Pro-E

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    Heat pump 已经结束 left

    We have P&IDs for CO2 water to water heat pumps. Our designer is sick with cancer and we need someone to do the assembly drawings.

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    Assembly language -- 2 已经结束 left

    Write an assembly language program that reads move review information from a text file and reports the overall scores for each movie as well as identifying the movie with the highest total score. There are four movie reviewers numbered from 1 to 4. They are submitting reviews for five movies, identified by the letters from “A” through “E”. Reviews are reported by using the letter identifying the movie, the review rating, which is a number from 0 to 100, and the reviewer’s identifying number. For example, to report that movie B was rated a score of 87 by reviewer 3, there will be a line in the text file that looks like this: B,87,3 The fields within each record are separated from each other by a comma. Your program must store the movie review scores in...

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    Subframe redesign Control arms and fatigue strength FEA Upright design + FEA Push rod- bell crank design and assembly Wheel travel simulation and geometry validation

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    Trophy icon Evolution of Society - ARTWORK 2 小时 left

    ...* Think farmers. Starting to see the mechanization of processes (machines). Left side of the image should show the hunter-gathers finding plants and learning to cultivate them. In the middle of the scene, you would see farms and people plowing the land. On the right side, you see the introduction of tractors and machines on the farm. ### Society 3.0 *industrial age.* Think of printing press, assembly lines with machines, and bigger machines for everything. Mass production. Industry 1.0+2.0 start ### Society 4.0 *information age - the one we are living in now.* We've started connecting to each other over the internet. But information is unevenly distributed. Technology is secondary to everything. Automation with robots. Emergence of Artificial Intelligence. Industry 3.0 st...

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    加保 加封
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    Code converter. 已经结束 left

    A code converter is a software that is used to convert codes (data) from one programming language to another. There are many different types of code converters but the most popular ones are for converting from a high-level programming language like JavaScript or Python to a low-level language like C or Assembly. The code converter can be used for various purposes such as converting a binary file into ascii text or decimal into hexadecimal or hexadecimal to binary file. Alright the job here is simply convertion of some ascii text into binary file, more information will be sent to you as we proceed further with the project. Interested candidates should kindly contact our company administrative team member via telegram @DebraMcCann. For further information on the project and payment de...

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    C to assembly conversion using grcc 32-bit (intel)

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    Looking for an email list of companies related to Large Part Machining, Large Format Machining, Large Milling, Large Turning, Large Lathe, Large Diameter Turning, Large Footprint Machining, Pin assembly suppliers from the USA. Send me a sample of your works Thanks

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    We have ESP32 Based Gateway and it is ready for Production. we are looking for someone who can support us during fabrication and assembly process. if minor changes needed in PCB during manufacturing process than you have to take care of it. we will provide you all PCB related documents. if you have any query than please feel free to contact me.

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    This project involves a complete CAD assembly/drawing/design. - For an idea of the design, see attached images - Involves an assembly consisting from a few parts, like the base (front/back), covers, hand molds etc - Needs to be done in Inventor - Need to take into account which ready parts will be intergrated (PCB, displays, switches, release mechanism etc) - Needs to be suited for complete 3D printing (both in plastic and in metal)

    $1960 - $5879
    加封 保密协议
    $1960 - $5879
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    Computer Processor 已经结束 left

    Produce an implementation, in HDL, of the described Feistel encryption scheme in the document. Write a program in HACK assembly, without using symbols, that implements the described Feistel encryption system.

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    I need optical adapter which will fit on the back of the lens to transmit / relay the image on the image sensor without loss of sharpness, quality or light. The adapter needs possible compilation of optics but the diameter must be 14 mm including the casing. Currently, the lens needs to travel very close to the sensor for it to be in focus, giving only aprox 50 mm distance focus... Getting it flat face to face would definitely give more focal range. The restriction is that the barrel is slightly too thick to getting so close / face to face to camera sensors below APS-H. Ideally, would like to use the lens with APS-C, CMOS and MFT sensors. *** Important *** I'm looking for someone who can take on the whole project from design, compiling lens elements to finished p...

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    take existing drawings. draw a 4 metre long section of concrete . ignore the pipe. in a new part file draw the steel reinforcement. join concrete and steel in an assembly file. do a trial analysis fto see what point load can be applied for a vehicle driving on the concrete. no drawings, i will supply concrete strength details to add as a new library entry

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    Water Pump assembly 已经结束 left

    Have a 3D PDF file of machine assembly that I want to recover as individual components. Can you help ? Thks Des (Brisbane)

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    Project is to engineer, design, and provide all manufacturing and assembly files and component part numbers from 2 manufacturers for a 4.37 kHz signal generator with 10 Watt RF amplifier, and omnidirectional wire antenna +/- 140cm in length. 12VDC power supply source. 100% duty cycle. Extremely compact design required using one or more interconnected 30mm diameter PCBs.

    $235 - $1960
    $235 - $1960
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    ...and others do not claim them due to the misunderstanding that R&D is dominated by scientists in white lab coats rather than mechanics in oily overalls. Hence, very few have realised that they can claim a generous tax deduction or even prompt payment from HMRC. Automotive projects that may be eligible for R&D tax relief include: • Alternative fuels and enhanced fuel formulas. • Manufacturing and assembly methodologies and techniques to scale up engineering prototypes to enable full-scale production. • Engines for cars that are lighter and more powerful without sacrificing safety, dependability, or performance. • The use of artificial intelligence and human-machine interactions in car manufacturing. • Developing race cars with CFD techniques, such a...

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    Crear Funciones que hagan lo siguiente 1) Functon ProcessXML input parameter folder where there are xml files 2) Functon ProcessXML input parameter file(s) xml. 3) Function ProcessXML input parameter mailbox (smtp,. User, pw) In 3 options, if there are any zip files , decompress and find xml files. Output of 3 Functions are : { Xml Full (full content xml), Date, (extract from xml) DocumentNumber (extract from xml) , Proveedor (extract from xml) , CUFE (extract from xml) } Create Function that receives output of ProcessXML and save to database. Crear Function that sends to an API and returns status. Crear Function that query status of process. Create table with entity framework .net 4.72. c#

    $1246 (Avg Bid)
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