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    the job is to type dictation that I will send you. First recording will be approx. 30 mins but then the whole dissertation will be charged hourly.

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    Project for Shamima B. 已经结束 left

    Hi. I need some help transcribing a plan for my dissertstion, and then the dissertation itself. I'd like to know how long it will take you to type, for example, 30 mins of dictation so I can budget. Thanks.

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    We are looking for a developer for a long term collaboratio...multi-player mode: students can choose their own rocket or other colors of rockets 7) change single/ multi-player mode rocket in all quiz modules (basic, phonics, grammar, dictation) **All necessary pictures (rocket, factory background) will be provided after our designer finishes them.**

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    transcribe dictation 已经结束 left

    i have a short story i'm writing that i want transcribed from my audio file

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    ...Requirements: - Excellent command of the English language native to SEA. - Typing. You must be a speedy and accurate typist. - You must know to use Express Scribe or a similar dictation tool. - Computer literacy; able to communicate with team members - Confidentiality. You must be highly trustworthy and will sign an NDA. - Possess the ability to meet deadlines

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    Wanted: Part-time computer operator to work twice a week, two hours each day. Should know PowerPoint/Excel and be able to take dictation. [Removed by Admin]

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    Medical Transcriptionist 已经结束 left

    SUMMARY OF POSITION The Healthcare Documentation Specialist is responsible for transcribing and/or editing dictation by physicians and other healthcare providers in order to document patient care. A Healthcare Documentation Specialist must consistently produce client-ready documents in accordance with standards set forth in the M*Modal Quality Program

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    I'm looking for someone who can provide transcription of digital audio files onto a given template form. I have 3 files for 2 (not 3) reports which I need back tonight. The dictator has a UK accent. Audios are clear. The audios are mental health and eligibility assessment forms. I am looking for minimum 99% accuracy. Template for the audios will

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    Personal Assistant 已经结束 left

    ...- diary management, - planning and organising meetings, - organising complex travel - taking action points and writing minutes, - preparing papers for meetings, - taking dictation, - planning and organising events, - conducting research, - preparing presentations, - managing and reviewing filing and office systems, - typing documents, - sourcing and

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    Busy executive seeking Atlanta based Virtual Assistant who can: 1) Maintain/update Excel Spreadsheets via periodic voice dictation 2) Take over miscellaneous administrative tasks from my professional responsibilities. Complex Excel spreadsheet skills are not necessary. The primary needs are: 1) Location in the Atlanta, GA area 2) Ability to transcribe

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    build me an android app 已经结束 left

    I need a dictation app that will allow me to record data. It will be data setup like an excel table, but has to be maneuverable through voice. We also need to have the ability to add words. this is going to be a geology app, and we have a different lexicon that wouldn't be recognizable

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    Audio dictation to text. 已经结束 left

    Please take an audio file and transcribe it to a word document. 1hour file. 2hours work.

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    I'm a student. I need talented man who can assist me every day. I'm a computer engineer and need your help. I'll pay monthly. The work you need to do is copy & writing, dictation, translation etc. Hope hearing from you soon.

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    I need a ghostwriter that is able to take dictation, edit, proof read, and get my idea's and concept across clearly and as entertaining as I tell the story on a digital recorder. I have two stories that need to be completed.

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    ...Office Suite Profiency Google Forms Manage Inbox and GSuite Website Build They must have reliable Internet connection and phone and be avaliable to Video Chat and take dictation as and when required I will also require the right person to perhaps travel 2/3 times a year to assist with setting up systems etc We will meet either in Manilla or Kuala

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    Book Editor and layout 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for someone who can help me with the writing of my book. I have written a book via word dictation using my cell phone. I then transferred the doc into word. The book will need grammar, spelling, punctuation, flow, syntax, clarity and more.

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    Customized web report for the user. Integration of the web report with Dragon Medical.

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    Must have strong typing skills - from recording and by direct video/audio chat I need someone who has video chat access a good internet connection and can type Must have excellent word skills and be avaliable in the Australian Time Zone in the hours between 7am to 10 pm

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    I am new to Microsoft Bot Framework and I have an urgent requirement to add speech recognition to a Bot using DirectLine channel connecting to a custo...NET Core applications only and since this is a “Bot Application” So what I need is to resolve one of these issues in order to run Speech Recognition (Microphone Long Dictation mode) in my bot.

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    I need a Virtual Assistant with the following - The Virtual Assistant must be able to Video Conference and take dictation - Using Freelancer, Watsapp or Skype - They must be avaliable to work in Australian time - They must have the following skills - All Office Products including Powerpoint - Adobe Photoshop - They must be able to create Video Animations

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    Stenography 已经结束 left

    Take dictation, transcribing it. Be familiar with shorthand. Writing letters, emails, memos, etc. Do clerical work. Do admin work. Stenography experience is mandatory. Steno

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    We only someone for 1 business day to type out dictation from the Director. Largely legal documents using existing examples/templates and dictation from Director of the company

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    18 竞标 We have 20,000 retailer who are conversing with our 500 Field Salesmen on their mobile phones. I am looking to get an app developed for recording as well as taking dictation notes of incoming calls. Requirement in a nutshell is: 1. App in Android only (No IOS) 2. App wakes up on incoming call (like call recording apps). 3. App listens to the

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    Novel Editing 已经结束 left

    This is my first novel, and I would like someone professional to edit it, not just to check it grammatically, but perhaps to polish the sentences and enhance grammatically, but perhaps to polish the sentences and enhance the text in general. The word count is 86,000 but don't let that scare you. It barely has any grammar or dictation mistakes. I

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    72 竞标 Voice Authentication is enabled. Android SDK is integrated with the programming of Commands are reserved like"start" ,"subject","matter","send","delete". Activate Dictation mode not command to generate event when user speaks these a simple textBox editor. When user speaks, they get typed over here.A pushMail interface to read from ...

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    Transcribe dictation 已经结束 left

    Transcribe a dictation from a spoken audio file to a simple word document. Once agreed, I will email a compressed file to you and we can go form there...

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    I need some help with my business. I need a secretary who will send my emails, adjust my presentations, update accounts spreadsheets, do data entry, and all sorts of data entry, and all sorts of other admin for 2-3hrs per day. Crucially they will be available most days 9.30am-10.15am when I am driving to take instruction and minor dictation.

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    ...find dead space behind the last spoken word(s) and remove them and then playback the audio automatically to review the end of the audio file and stop automatically. If the user doesn't save the file at that point then the vertical bar will sit at the new end to the audio file and allow the user to continue recording. Whenever the user continues the recording

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    Help me write something 已经结束 left

    I need you to write some articles. I am management professor and trustee of Shirdi Sai Temple . I am witing book on spirituality and have content of 10 hours dictation in mp3 on Philips dictaphone. It is required to be typed and taken forth in shape of book. With international research publications to my credit , shall define and design the project

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    Typing Job 已经结束 left

    To do typing in direct dictation

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    I have a project that need transcribing. It is the english language and about an hour and half of dictation. No need to transcibe additional sounds and the uh sounds.

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    Can you play the piano? 已经结束 left

    Hi. :) Thank you for your interest in my project. I am looking for the piano players. You can played by dictation? [ Work Request ] I will choose music and send the sound. You can send me a performance video. That is do not need to Record the face. don't worry! There are so many music. It is, Hundreds to Thousands of requests. We

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    Hi. :) Thank you for your interest in my project. I am looking for the piano players. You can played by dictation? [ Work Request ] I will choose music and send the sound. You can send me a performance video. That is do not need to Record the face. don't worry! There are so many music. It is, Hundreds to Thousands of requests. We

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    Hi, I am looking for native Tibetian freelancers who can translate audio/video to text for us. Please do mention your rate for every minute of dictation. Thanks and regards, AJS

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    transcription 已经结束 left

    Transcribe one hour of dictation. This is Christian sermon material.

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    ...and China of seven or eight hours the UK teaching is in the morning to early afternoon. I use the Pearson Side by Side third edition books (we will provide). I also use dictation and reading exercises. I also tutor some students for the oral and writing part of IELTS. We pay a rate of £13 for a one hour lesson, but more for IELTS students. ...

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    Voice Transcription 已经结束 left

    Hi, I need the following mp3 converted into text. Accurate translation / dictation is important. Matt

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    ...I am building a simple app using ios speech.framework. I want to get text from microphone in real time and if it is not matching to the source text, then it should start dictation again. My developer tried to build it but he always have the following issue. Please bid only after building a simple app in objective-c. [Utility] +[AFAggregator l

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    ...I am building a simple app using ios speech.framework. I want to get text from microphone in real time and if it is not matching to the source text, then it should start dictation again. My developer tried to build it but he always have the following issue. Please bid only after building a simple app in objective-c. [Utility] +[AFAggregator l

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    I need a 2-hour deposition transcribed. Proficient English is a must. I need each question and subsequent answer transcribed into new paragraphs just like a transcript

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    App Development 已经结束 left

    ...SignUp/SignIn (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter) 1. People Follow 2. Chat 3. Video Call & Group Video Call 4. Voice Call & Group Voice Call 5. Video Message 6. Voice Dictation 7. Voice Record 8. Notifications 9. Status 10. Emojis 11. Photos & Videos Upload 12. Color Presets 13. Star Ranking, Like, Comment & Share • Color Presets

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    I need an assistant to type from dictation everyday, on an on-going basis.I am looking at someone who can type between 25 to 50 pages per day, from dictation. The number of pages is variable. I need a willing and enthusiastic assistant. In return, I offer a cheery and encouraging work partnership, with plenty of potential for growth. For a reliable

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    Trophy icon Design of a logo for a new softwareproduct 已经结束 left

    We want a new logo for our innovative dictation software. In the attachment you can see what the software will look like. You can have a look at our "old" home page at: [登录来查看链接] The new homepage in the near future will be: [登录来查看链接] The logo should be about the dimensions (relation of length to height) as the current

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    I need help copyediting the stuff I have already written and then complete writing my book from dictation msgs - I would like to dicate (via whatsapp audio messages) and have someone turn this in to proper chapters and structure my book. The book is a true story of gambling addiction. I can't write it myself due to disabled hands. I can pay $10 an

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    ...features: -templates of signatures - mass forward - invoices- quote - mini crm -email tracking email reader with male and female voice -emails templates - Voice dictation to enter an email as on google drive. THE EXTENSION WILL BE WORKING IN 2 LANGUAGES FRENCH AND ENGLISH I wish to propose several plans for pricing. Can you encrypt me

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    shorthand typist 已经结束 left

    10 x A4 sheets dictation personal matters Dictation and typing

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    wordpress site 已经结束 left

    i have small scale business and the company is based on importing and exporting of Office Equipment such as Printer , Scanners,Laminating Machines and Dictation Machines so i need a best of the best layout design for it. Can you handle that for me ?. so i need you to check out this site but i need something more perfect than this if its possible

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    Hi I am looking to write a book out U.K. child abuse among travelers using audio dictation. A life story involving information on abuse and neglect in the UK heath agencies.

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    Project for DdHardy 已经结束 left

    The formentioned audio dictation of story of abuse in Essex and social services failure

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    Once a week for two hours to take dictation and send back through email

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