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    I need some graphic design. I need someone to redraw the image attached perfectly! Please do not bid on this if you cannot replicate the image. It needs to be mocked up on the white boat that you see attached so I can show the customer what it will look like on his boat. I will attach measurements of the boat and the design HAS TO BE READY TO PRINT

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    I need a website designer 已经结束 left

    I need a simple website for my boat tour business. Estimated number of pages is 4. I will be adding a booking software provider myself after the site is done. I have already selected Squarespace as my provider.

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    I need a Simple logo for branding a specific work project. The project logo will read: Navigate 2020. If possible, incorporate a boating/marine theme such as boat, anchor, compass, etc. Base RGB Color #0061aa This will be used on internal documents in a minimal way, but to highlight that the document/presentation is a part of the project. Nothing

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    Design me a t-shirt 已经结束 left

    ...sportfishing business. I have some pictures of my boat and also examples of the design style I like. I will need the t-shirt to incorporate a portion of my logo. I have pdf, png and/or gif files of the logo. I will attach two documents and one link. The first attachment is an actual photograph of my boat. This is the photo I would like "copied" in

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    ...Unzag Designs, I have a new project for you. Thank you for your previous work 1) Please draw my two characters in a fishing boat in a large lake. 2) The boat should be near the banks of the lake as the wolverine stands in the boat while holding a fishing rod in the water. 3) The wolverine should wear a fishing life vest while the girl should wear a different

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    ...want help to design a Website for our Boat Rental Service, it just one Boat. To find data and content, please check the dummy wix site [登录来查看链接] I expect better than this, that's why I'm here Just use the Wix for the Data, not as a guideline, you can use any pictures you wish to present your Mockup -Website should be of

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    ...must be created in Adobe Illustrator that are easily exportable into Adobe After Effect or Adobe Animation CC. We would like your help translating the reference photos of the boat exteriors / interiors, docks and weather conditions into vector artwork inspired by style of Kurgesagt: In A Nutshell series ([登录来查看链接])

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    I m boat people. I escaped from VIetnam. I want to put something together like a small book of my life for my kids. Can you help me with that? I’m FELINDA

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    ...Greeting card may require: Hari raya, Dragon Boat Festival, Merdeka Day, Mid Autumn festival & Malaysia Day. Do not prefer cartoon-like design unless it happens to look suitable. Requirements: 1. Able to provide at least 2 draft for management to choose (no extra charges). 2. Allow minor changes of the design if necessary (no extra charges). Prefer a

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    Logo Design 已经结束 left

    It is a boating business. It involves wakeboard, waterskiing and tubing. I would like the logo to have one of those three in it. As well as, a boat, water, or palm tree.

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    Trophy icon Gold Miner Logo 已经结束 left

    ...An Eagle place in middle top. It will be sitting on a coin showing its back but looking over its shoulder. 2. Bucket Line classic mining boat. This is a very mechanical tool that i want to highlight its elegant design. 3. Rushing Sluice box looks like a slide of rushing water and its where the gold is caught. I want to exagerate and highlight the a retro

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    ...costings for some edits to a premium wordpress theme ([登录来查看链接]) 1. We want to integrate autotrader API (good deal badge) to the website on each car single post - providing it's a good deal - API information can be found here: [登录来查看链接]

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    ...[登录来查看链接] 4. Fishing Rod Hook keeper [登录来查看链接] 5. Graphite particles inside the fishing rod 6. Car / Boat / Ocean graghics 7. CrocClip to attach to rods [登录来查看链接] These elements will then be combined together to produce videos over simple backgrounds

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    Ramp City USA 已经结束 left

    Our Ecommerce site is called Ramp City USA We specialize in Truck Ramps, Pet Ramps, Motorcycle ramps and Handicap ramps, boat ramps...........WE CARRY EVERYTHING & ANYTHING relating to ramps. Our logo DESIGN should incorporate the words of our company name & the logo itself. The focus should be on "Ramps" not USA. FYI - It does not have to be Red

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    We are a small husband and wife business who are d...Vegetable/plant based dye - no chemicals used at all 4. Shipping method by boat (not air freight) 5. Packaging is biodegradable (no plastic used) Please see images as an example. Doesnt need to have words included to describe, so for example the shipping by boat method could be a picture of a boat.

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    EZ Boat Rental 已经结束 left

    I Want my application like turo auto!!

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    We have a need to develop a site which is ...VRBO, Homeaway, and Flipkey bookings -page for Boat rental and surf/fishing package additions for booking -Ease of updates to media and content without developer assistance (easy to operate) This can be a fluid and flexible endeavor and we would like someone who has experience with this industry and design

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    Rock the Harbor 2019 已经结束 left

    We need a new logo for this year's event. We would like a variation of the attached, maybe different people in the boat..... a bit of a different Maine fishing boat..... Just curious what this would cost. thank you Tammy

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    ...need managing. 1. What equipment is on board, in which location including whether it is serviceable. Date of last service can also be included. 2. What equipment is of the boat and for what reason As a dashboard I would like the following functions Dashboard 1 Any out of date stock with quantities an d locations Any at risk stock within 1 month

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    Graphic designer 已经结束 left

    I’d like to create a fishing T-shirt for my boat. The name of the boat is “So So Nice”. The T-shirt would need a design on the left chest, sleeves, and back. Attached are some ideas and fonts I like.

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    Trophy icon Create 100 unique google map markers 已经结束 left

    ...electric car + tractor trailer truck (semi/rig) + high rise apartment + Townhouse + land + park + playground + hospital + school + fish & chips + trailer truck, sail boat + power boat - 26 letters - 10 numbers (0-9) - 5 generic markers (Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Yellow) The icons in the attached zip file are color coded by category. Your submissions

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    I need a modern logo for a sailing boat. The Name ist "Twenty Seven". Feel free to be creative ;)

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    I want to build Floating home...floating platform to be presented to the coast guard, in order to present it as a boat and not as a house. I am looking for a Structural Engineer because there would be tasks as compensating the structure where the windows and doors will be. I am looking for an architect to design the interior and exterior of the house.

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    Boat name: Glory Days Can anyone come up with something creative and contemporary for a boat name decal design? Text and a simple graphic in a creative layout. Graphic ideas: The name is a song title (music-related graphic?) but also thinking it can be some sort of sun pattern graphic. Or something else is fine too. If text font is creative/unique

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    I have a Shopify Website. We sell Car Batteries. Each Battery is compatible with a range of different vehicles. I have a spreadsheet with what battery goes with which car. I want to create a custom product search on my home page based on the following criteria/selections. Category ie Car, Boat, Bike, Jet Ski Model ie Ford, Holden, SeaDoo Make ie Falcon

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    We need french backlinks 已经结束 left

    We are searching for a good sites or blogs to place backlinks to my boat rental web. Only french links.

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    Trophy icon Drawing - Boat Layout Diagram 已经结束 left

    ...someone create a drawing of a boat layout. The final piece will then be used as a reference to our guests, so they can better see the design of the boat. I have attached an example (File name - Boat Layout - Mahayana) to show an example of what I'm after. The attachment (File - Boat Layout - pencil drawing) is the design I need to be drawn....

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    ...picture, monitor has stock trading (see picture) [登录来查看链接] 3. a whale about to eat him, could be on a surf board or on a boat or just swimming 4. arrested, being taken away by the SEC 5. buddy buddy with satoshi nakamoto (see picture) please use this face for Satoshi [登录来查看链接]

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    Required a 30 feet long and 9 feet width center console boat drawing with all details...including spaces, pilot and passenger seats dimensions height....etc. Side view, elevation view, and inside view. Plus a 3D modelling and rendering for the project.

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    Build a Boat frame 已经结束 left

    I have a schematic I will send you it is a frame for a small yacht, I have hand drawn the schematics I will send you a copy of the schematic, I would prefer a local person

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    ...Croatian Islands/Boat Tours/Private Boat Tours. Exclusive Luxury Trendsetting Topics.. English must be impeccable, SEO blog, quality writing aiming for highly educated readers with interest in Croatia boat tours, island restaurants, gastro, etc.. Point is to promote Dubrovnik Boat tours and get more traffic and interest to our website : exploredubrovnik

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    ...Croatian Islands/Boat Tours/Private Boat Tours. Exclusive Luxury Trendsetting Topics.. English must be impeccable, SEO blog, quality writing aiming for highly educated readers with interest in Croatia boat tours, island restaurants, gastro, etc.. Point is to promote Dubrovnik Boat tours and get more traffic and interest to our website : exploredubrovnik

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    ...Here's the following topic then: "Week 41 (1st – 7th April) The best fishing boat excursions in Mexico" A little suggestion about this one, I don't know how much you can write about fishing before it too becomes a little boring ... you may want to expand the topic to boat trips in general. For instance there's a "swim with the whale sharks&quo...

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    RC Remote controlled boat 已经结束 left

    We are looking for robotoc engineers to scale up readymade Remote control (RC) system for higher capacity operations. The RC system will be used for cars/boats

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    Trophy icon Create a T-shirt design 已经结束 left

    Hi, For our sailing camps, we need a T-shirt design for kids between 7-17. It must be something that they will wear after the camps too, something cool. Not a boring tagline. Something COOL / FUN Not that important but these are the boards we use: [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接]

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    Trophy icon Boat Name “5050” 已经结束 left

    I need a logo designed for my Boat. The boat name is “5050”. I want the font to look similar to the James Bond logo 007. Picture are also welcome but primarily after an awesome font which is bold and tough.

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    Boat Name “5050” 已经结束 left

    I need a logo designed for my Boat. The boat name is “5050”. I want the font to look similar to the James Bond logo 007. Picture are also welcome but primarily after an awesome font which is bold and tough.

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    ...that is 450 words long that needs translating from Spanish to English. Please only apply if English is your first language/mother tongue. I would prefer someone with yacht/boat or technical transport translation experience, as the text has some yacht specific terminology, of which I have included a sample below: Eslora: 26,26 m / 92 pies Manga: 6

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    The logo is 2 parts ... first the name, "Belmont Lake" and second...second a symbol that works with the name that can be used on its own. For example a dragonfly in a circle. Images that can be used are dragonfly, water, sun. I don't want a boat, paddles, chairs, etc. This logo will be used on merchandise (therefore should be bold) and on websites.

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    Travel & Tourism 已经结束 left

    SEO for the website, i need to rank higher: Travel and Tourism (Hotel bookings, flight tickets, Boat Cruise booking, holiday package, car rentals)

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    We are a start up boat builder creating green cruising sailboats (catamarans) from recycled materials. We seek a professional logo that can be used to describe our brand, printed easily on clothing and letterhead, can be used on all web/email communication, and captures our mission and values (mission statement attached). Mission Statement here: https://docs

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    ...RESPONDING! I am an independent listing representative for a yacht and rv brokerage. I am looking for someone to build me a website that is attractive that I can import listing via xml feeds and display them on my own website. I have purchased a few WordPress Themes for Automotive Dealerships and Realestate Companies but none of them are easily modified

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    3D Modeling Expert 已经结束 left

    ...those sculptures. List of sculptures/features:- 1- Whale water feature 2- Moving octopus (4 opposite sided legs would be able to move) 3- Boat bench (half of a boat with seating inside) 4- Propeller wind chimes (Boat propellers on poles) 5- Canoo seesaw (3dmodel is done just need technical drawing) These sculptures/features will then be produced and

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    34 个竞标 of jet boat. It is a recreational version of a Shotover style boat aimed at the high end of the trailer boat market. We currently have no market presence and are looking to build a website and social media platform to promote our product. A similar look and feel to the [登录来查看链接] but created on a Wix website More specifically

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    AXA Army T Shirt Design 已经结束 left

    ...with the music symbols inside that you see inside of the 6 below and the music notes will be in turquoise also. The last A would be in orange with the A design that you see in the shape of the boat sailing. I want only the water part of the A to be in turquoise if that is possible. As for the ARMY I want it to be as the image shows below only difference

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    ...commercial crab fishing boat. The boat will be used in Unreal Engine. The crab boat will be the first in the fleet and we'll be needing several more boats made. Requirements: Crab fishing boat scaled for Unreal. Vertex count under 60k prefered. Texture size of 2048 prefered. Crane, bait station, sorting table and pot launcher on deck of boat. No bones ...

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    Boat and ski numbers 已经结束 left

    Hello can you design me a full operating website like this one? [登录来查看链接]

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    I just chatted with you'all regarding the single page website for boat offers.

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    Trophy icon I need a logo designer 已经结束 left

    New Carwash business, i have a name and basic requirements. Logo design must include both name and location as below - Larry's Car & Boat Wash KINGSTON SE images for ideas only, design must incorporate an image of our crayfish (it doesn't have big claws) Larry is the nickname for our local LARGE icon (rock lobster)

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    I am building 3x13 meter long house boat that has terrace (3x5,5m) and (3x7,5) cabin. I need some artistic pictures that illustrate what they could look like both inside and outside. Cabin should include WC, shower, small kitchen, two single beds or double bed, small dining area.

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