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    I need to create a fully functional plastic prototype from a sketch, very simple device.

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    Product design- Prototype 已经结束 left

    We want to create a new and innovative lunchbox design for manufacturing. We want a freelancer that has the eye for design, and are able to create and also understand product materials, eco friendly and cost effective in production. We will discuss our idea with the ones we choose.

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    ...for further use (eg: for KiCad); 2- prototype PCB produced in small testing series (about 10pcs: lesser or more, according to optimal prices): - suggestions are welcome: if You know a very good producer You already have worked with; - of course, these costs will be separatedly covered by me, independently from Your help on Freelancer; 3- delivered (short

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    DIVERSUS Prototype Hourly 已经结束 left

    We are building a prototype for a new kind of communication infrastructure. We have developed a new usability paradigm. The project is open source (GPL 3). We are looking for a skilled Framer designer (now Framer X), who nows well how to work with code components.

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    DIVERSUS Prototype 已经结束 left

    We are building a prototype for a new kind of communication infrastructure. We have developed a new usability paradigm. The project is open source (GPL 3). We are looking for a skilled Framer designer (now Framer X), who nows well how to work with code components.

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    Hello, I want a prototype app with full UI designing and transitions, you need to include interaction overlays etc. I'll share the UX/wireframe with you. Thanks

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    Unity Game Prototype 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for someone to develop a prototype of a mobile game with online features (leaderboards...) References to your previous game projects is a plus

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    This task requires you to develop a prototype website application with database backend based on a given scenario which I will provide you. If you are interested I will provide full details of the task.

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    I need to design a prototype for app, its ongoing project, looking for long term work. Show your previous work. I will prefer Indian only. Must be skilled in Adobe XD design.

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    Virtual Prototype (Flat sketch) for 1 Hoodie and 1 T-shirt design needed to send to manufacturer for production. Further details of design provided to awarded freelancer! CLOTHING DESIGN EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL! If you have only designed logos, this job is not for you :)

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    This is a new hobby project that I will develop on my own. For this project, I want an experienced UX designer to build a prototype with UX methodologies and modern design. I would like to have an interactive mockup with the whole mobile app flow and I don't have a deadline. If the whole app flow is too much for this budget, then I would like the mockup

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    Hello, I want UI design of an app in unity for a prototype, you need to include interaction overlays etc. please share your unity UI work images, if you have worked on unity before. I'll share the UX/wireframe with you. Thanks

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    My name is Jeff, I have Cad files and looking for someone to produce a prototype for me from file

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    I am looking to build a prototype for a treadmill I am designing. I need a CAD design doing of my drawing.

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    But I want in this site there is an easy tool for the average user to insert the design of his and another instrument to enter the required size in numbers such as the length of the arm and shoulder width, chest width and so on ... and also a tool to display the design for sale on the site.

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    Hello, I need a mobile app designer to design a prototype for a project which should consist of 5-6 pages, food ordering app. I have mockups and I need someone creative to take them and create a prototype design which can help me testing the idea.

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    Over view a set of data (4) a. Name b. Barcode num c. Service date d. Service cost acquired by scanned barcode (20) using smart phone has to be processed (4*20 = 80 values). ( barcodes and data will be provided) Tasks [登录来查看链接] operating modes has to be exist a&b 2. the barcodes scanned in mode a has to sum up a data ( s. cost). Inventory 1 3. the barcodes scanned in mode b has to keep up a ...

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    website prototype 已经结束 left

    Make a Prototype of a Complete Website of 15 pages.

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    Senior Python Developer 已经结束 left

    ...subject Python The candidate should be ready to work on contract at Hyderabad / bangalore location Your ultimate goal is to create high-quality projects/products that meet customer needs. Responsibilities • Help design and implement functional requirements • Build efficient back-end features in Python • Integrate front-end components into applications • Manage

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    We need a website like [登录来查看链接] with some additional features that we want. We need that website in 20 days. We need ditto website like [登录来查看链接] with purchase systems. Also we need AdSense ads integration in the website. Also we need a admin pannel. And 16 new features that we want.

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    I have a project for building a web based education system for different roles (admin, tutors and students) performing functions. I need to design prototype for each role (Around 3-4 screens per role)

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    Turn-Based Game Prototype 已经结束 left

    Hello! I’m currently working on a turn-based game and for a month i’m stuck with core functionalty of the game. Basically what i want is a solid and modular state machine. I’ve already covered some base elements like tile, grid, pathfinding, characters and own event managers which is posting notifications globally. But i’m having trouble with binding state machines and eve...

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    mobile app prototype 已经结束 left

    The prototype requires approximately 12 types of page (multiple copies of some may be necessary). Page functionality includes user registration and login. User activities are timed and their activity scores are displayed. Details specs are available on request by qualified applicants.

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    Invention prototype 已经结束 left

    (Store delivery machine) General Overview - We throw the customer products in the machine, the machine should scan the barcode to make sure that all the products belong to the same customer, then package it and staple the receipt outside - the process must be quickly to justify the machine - the machine should recognize the store barcode from the original product barcode - The machine is abl...

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    I have a PCB Design with schematics, BOM, Gerber and Centroids of all the components. It is a very small PCB, 4 layers, double sided with dimensions 35mmx9.5mm and 1.6mm thickness. Only 40 components on the board I am looking for you to do PCB Fabrication and Assembly for 3 UNITS of the board for prototyping. I need it done within 7 DAYS OR LESS, I will pay for sourcing components, shipping and o...

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    PCB design and prototype 已经结束 left

    PCB board contains piezo sensor speaker and 36 rgb led

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    Build my app prototype 已经结束 left

    I am building a mobile habit tracking app. I have a basic prototype already designed in FluidUI which includes 9 pages with a general theme and colour already installed. The pages and, content, look/feel and placing of all pages are not fixed and can be switched around so a lot of creative expression is encouraged. I have tested and gotten feedback

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    Requires understanding of manufacturing of material and adhesive for skin ( face) as well as beauty solution creation.

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    I need a proof of concept prototype for iPhone. I have the design already, just need it built in React Native

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    Front End Prototype 已经结束 left

    Develop prototype front end of e-commerce web based application (<10 screens)

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    web developer. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, pure PHP, javascript to build small website and the requirements for the website are attached.

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    I need to create a very responsive, flat-themed web UI/UX single-page app of mainly forms, tables, interactive charts,...and Node.js, etc from mockups provided. The most important part of this job are the quality of the UI/UX, semantic code/markup, app security, and responsive communications. Your portfolio of body of work using Angular will be great.

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    I am looking for someone to create a prototype of a specific type of greeting card. It is a normal sized card (5.5 inches x 8.5 inches - A9 envelope). However, this prototype has the capacity to insert a card with text into a “sleeve-like border” where the body text of a typical greeting card is positioned. I have a detailed specification I can provide

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    develop a prototype of a software application with a database component. You will need to produce and provide 2 files: (1) documentation explaining the purpose and characteristics of your application; and (2) your prototype as a MS Access file (.accdb), that should include the database component, forms (user interfaces), reports and queries.

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    Build me a app prototype 已经结束 left

    Build a prototype online travel app prototype that can run across multiple platforms. The app will perform functions similar to that of Expedia or A beautiful interface and easy to use. The purpose would be for booking flights and hotel in the area. Thanks

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    We are in the learning and development industry and developing a managed service marketplace. ...identified minimal digital functionality and have wireframes. We need a quote within 72 hours to meet a grant deadline. We can facilitate any information you need. I do have a prototype I can send to you once in conversation. Am nervous about uploading it.

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    ...neighborhood We recently raised a pre seed round from a VC but it's contingent on us gettinf the MVP out And I build the REST API in Laravel, and we might go to firebase now not sure. I had the screens designed took over a month and then I tried to build them since I am a dev but I realized my frontend skills are not up to par for a VC invested app in order

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    I need the following drawings made for a Security Camera Prototype: 2. Color Illustration Design Drawings ( 4 Drawings) I will supply the technical details, some pictures for references. I placed an example picture of a design drawing I need done, but with my camera design.

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    I am looking to get a clickable prototype created for my fintech start-up idea.

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    Its an Artificial Intelligence based start-up. I would like to have a video as prototype (Something like this: [登录来查看链接]) for my application and also a website which i can use to publish my prototype and get visitor response.

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    Its an AI based start-up. I would like to have a video as prototype for my application and also a website which i can use to publish my prototype and get visitor response.

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    Its an AI based start-up. I would like to have a video as prototype for my application and also a website which i can use to publish my prototype and get visitor response.

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    Convert *.jpg to *.ai/*.xd I need prototype built with Adobe XD (or Illustrator) identic a website, is very simple design. I send the link of the website by private

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    Looking for a React Native developer that has already worked with apps that uses audio. Specifically with audio editor, with features like clipping and cutting off parts of the audio and sharing audio through messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack and so on. The app to be develop is very simple: the user will put a URL of a audio, clip some parts of this and has the ability to share those ...

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    Looking for an experienced designer to create a UI prototype using Marvel App or similar. Applications will only be considered if you have included links specifically to interactive prototypes you have created. If not, the application will not be considered.

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    Create a digital currency prototype using aws managed blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric 1.2 framework (or ethereum framework) This will be a small prototype/proof of concept for a larger project.

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    ...Java/Sprint Boot based prototype to read json expression of images and store them on the server and in some cloud storage the prototype needs to take the image, shrink it to icon size and store both original and icon sized images on the server/cloud the prototype should have request/response done using json expressions if prototype can handle reading

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    I need a working prototype to be created from 3 hand drawn wireframes. The prototype needs to be made out of high fidelity user interfaces. You can decide the style of the different elements yourself.

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    Requirement : 1- Demonstrate as Record video session for the whole process. 2- Install Docker for both ( Windows and Linux ) as local machine. 3- I...Cloud services providers ( AWS and Azure ) 6- How to move from local machine to Cloud Service provide. 7- Provide Document guideline with following detail steps. Present your answer for proposal.

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