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    Web Comic Cartoonist Required 6 天 left

    I am in search of a skilled cartoonist capable of creating engaging visuals for a web comic. The ideal fit for this project is someone who is proficient in producing cartoon artwork in a classic, anime, or caricature style. Scope and Expectations: - The main use of these cartoons will be for a novel. - The number of illustrations needed will be determined based on the depth and flow of the storyline. Required Skills: - Creativity and originality in drawing - Strong understanding of various cartoon styles - Ability to meet deadlines It requires one episode per week. One chapter will cost 25 - 30 euro The ability to storyboard or conceptualize ideas will be a major plus. Freelancers with previous experience in web comic illustration are highly preferred. Please include exa...

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    I'm seeking a skilled animator/digital designer to create a captivating weather widget. The widget should be cartoon-styled and vibran...captivating weather widget. The widget should be cartoon-styled and vibrant, reflecting temperature and humidity conditions. A standout feature I desire is theming that dynamically adjusts to coincide with the time of day. This is an example: Ideal experience and skills include: - Proficiency in animation and widget design - Aesthetic understanding of cartoons and dynamic themes - Ability to translate weather data (temperature, humidity) into visually appealing graphics - Experience in creating time-related dynamic themes for widgets. Looking forward to seeing the creativity come to life with this project!

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    ...need of a talented cartoonist to work on a series of funny and humorous cartoons based on various accounts and memories of my Dad for his 60th birthday. The project will require: - Generating multiple (2-5) unique characters for some, just my dad in most. - Applying a minimalistic design process, emphasizing a simple yet effective layout. - To balance humor, charm and simplicity for each cartoon. Ideal applicants should be experienced in creating cartoons in a 'funny and humorous' style. They should be able to create simplicity in their drawings without sacrificing the essence of the characters and their interactions. It is also important that they can work efficiently as the work involves creating multiple cartoons, some with multiple characters, by mi...

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    I'm seeking a talented illustrator to create a hand-drawn caricature for business purposes. It will be used on business cards, social media (Instagram), and later, on my website. Here's what I need you to include: • Unique representation of me • Some specific tools such as a pipe bender, pipe cutter, flue gas analyser, spanner • Picture of my work van I prefer a simple and minimalist design. The caricature should not be overly detailed, but still capture the spirit of my work. For the successful freelancer, there's a possibility of ongoing work as my business grows and evolves. Ideal skills and experience: • Skilled in hand-drawn caricatures • Able to create minimalist yet expressive imagery • Has experience creating caricatu...

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    I'm in need of a renowned digital artist specializing in realistic illustrations. While the purpose of this illustration project is not completely determined yet and remained open-ended, versatility and adaptability in the work will be highly appreciated. • Must have previous experience in producing realistic digital illustrations • Shows creativity and an ability to adapt styles according to requirements • Strong portfolio showcasing their expertise in creating diverse illustrations • Attention to detail is a must • Timely communication is highly essential If you are a talented digital artist with the ability to convert ideas into attractive realistic illustrations, please submit your bid along with your portfolio.

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    $51 - $154
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    I am seeking a skilled caricature artist who is comfortable creating a realistic illustration of myself decked in business professional attire for my Instagram posts. Here's something important for my project: - The Caricature: It should depict me walking, pulling a bag filled with video equipment. With reading glasses on my head and Apple EarPods in my ears. I want to convey a sense of being on the move, hence the walking pose. Ideal skills include experience in creating detailed, realistic caricatures, preferably with a portfolio of work to show. It's crucial that the artist can effectively translate photo references into striking illustrative portraits, capturing emotion and personality, not just physical likeness. Time management skills and timely communicat...

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    I'm seeking an animator with a flair for delivering a touch of comedy through 3D animation. This project will involve the creation of a comical, one-minute video that we will use to announce our pregnancy and reveal the gender of our twins . Key deliverables will involve: - The Deve...going to provide a core outline for the script, but count on your scripting abilities to develop it further. Your creativity will play a vital role in shaping the dialogue and comedic narrative for this animated adventure. To be an ideal fit for this job, you should have a strong background in comedic writing and 3D animation. Previous experience in producing short, animated, comedy sketches or cartoons will be distinctly advantageous. Ability to work collaboratively and incorporate feedback is ...

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    I need to hire someone to design a lion cartoon mascot for my roofing company. I will enclose an image that is close to what I want. I want the lion in same pose, almost pouncing. He needs to be looking at you, NOT HAVE ALOT OF DETAIL as we are embroidering this on clothing. Too much detail messes that up. He needs to look app...cartoon mascot for my roofing company. I will enclose an image that is close to what I want. I want the lion in same pose, almost pouncing. He needs to be looking at you, NOT HAVE ALOT OF DETAIL as we are embroidering this on clothing. Too much detail messes that up. He needs to look approachable but strong and confident. I do like the smirk on his face. Do not send images with mean or muscle cartoons. DO NOT need words with it. 2-4 different shades/ tones a...

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    I am looking for a skilled cartoonist, proficient in traditional hand-drawn cartooning. The focus of the project will be comedy and humor. I have specific characters designed already that will need to be incorporated into the cartoons. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in traditional hand-drawn cartooning - Proven skills in creating effective, humorous illustrations - Ability to depict various characters in engaging and funny situations - Experience with incorporating pre-designed characters into fresh scenarios This role is perfect for someone with a knack for humor, a solid grounding in traditional cartooning techniques, and the capability to bring pre-established characters to life.

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    ...fruit shop. It involves creating an enticing visual appeal to enable the products sell themselves. The main features of the project include: - Designing images for 5 categories of products: regular raw Dryfruits, nuts, seeds, chocolate coated nuts, gourmet products & related product. - Incorporating a minimalistic white background which aids in product focus and clarity. - Using photorealistic,caricature or illustrated images for product labels to add a touch of realism to the pictures and pages. The ideal candidate would have a strong portfolio in product photography, particularly in food and/or e-commerce. Experience in graphic design is also beneficial, as the use of photorealistic images would require a keen eye for detail and design. The entirety of the project consi...

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    I am in need of a creative and talented logo designer to develop a unique cartoon-based logo for my company, Spun Puppy 3D. To succeed in this project, you should: - Be experienced in creating comical caricature/cartoon logos. - Have the ability to translate a provided photograph into a cooking background. - Have a flair for incorporating business names into the design in a creative and balanced manner. However, suggestions on placement like whether it should be within, beside, or underneath the cartoon character, are highly welcomed. Deliverables: - A comical and distinctive caricature/cartoon logo based on the provided photo, properly incorporating the name 'Spun Puppy' or "Spun Puppy 3D". I'm really excited to see different creative interpretat...

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    I am in need of a talented caricature artist with a flair for traditional style drawings to provide entertainment for my upcoming anniversary celebration. - Number of Guests: We're expecting attendance from 50 to 100 guests, and they will need to be periodically engaged throughout the event. - Style Preference: The artist would need to create captivating, traditional-style caricatures. - Skills and Experience: The perfect candidate should have experience working at social events and have a good understanding of time management. Demonstrated expertise in traditional caricature drawing is a must. Not only will you be showcasing your talent, but also, your art will serve as unforgettable mementoes for our guests. Therefore, your ability to capture a person's likene...

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled caricature artist proficient in creating traditional style caricatures. This would be for an event called Donkey Derby Days in Cripple Creek, CO. We are the longest running non profit event in the entire state of Colorado. We can have upwards of 20K people a day at the event. We want to add this unique entertainment aspect to our kid's zone area. Artists who have previously worked in event settings will be given priority. The vendor will purchase a vendor space, 12x12, $300 for the entire weekend, and will keep all of their profits. You can click on the link below to find out about our organization and the festival. Key Details: - Style: Traditional Caricature - Purpose: Event entertainment - Quantity: More than 20 caricatures

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    I'm seeking an experienced animator who excels at 2D digital animation. You will be creating a series of cartoons that humorously engage with the audience. Your task will include: - Designing characters and storyboards - Creating 2D digital animation - Including comedic timing and plotlines An integral part of the project will be incorporating voice-overs. I'm looking for someone who can incorporate multiple character voices into the cartoon. Skills and experience needed for this project: - Proficiency in 2D digital animation software - Strong understanding and implementation of comedic elements - Experience managing multiple character voices within a single project - Capacity to generate engaging, captivating content Experience with comedy genre is a plus. Looking ...

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    Hi Cartoons & Comics :), I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a talented artist to create a caricature from a given photo. Here are the key details: - The style should emphasize exaggerated features. - Please give prominence to the subject's facial expression and clothing. - The end-product will be used as a gift for someone special. Ideal candidates have experience in exaggeration-style caricatures and a keen eye for detail.

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    I'm on the hunt for a talented cartoonist skilled in creating enchanting caricature art for a children's birthday celebration. The audience’s age group is between 6 and 10 years old, making it essential that the artwork captivates this young and vibrant crowd. **What I'm Looking For:** - Expertise in cartoon caricatures with a whimsical, child-friendly twist. - Ability to infuse humor and fantasy into art that appeals to 20 kids aged 6-11years. - Creativity in incorporating birthday themes into each caricature, making every piece special and personalized. **Project Scope:** - The cartoons will primarily be used to create take-home memorabilia for the children attending the birthday party. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record o...

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    This project will focus on creating a print ad resembling the political newspaper op...pieces. Main Theme: - The artwork will focus on the topic of social justice, conveyed through an intriguing, thought-provoking visual narrative. Special Symbols or Visuals: - Work should incorporate an illustration that consists of 4 large characters suppressing small, stereotypically-dressed beggars. Ideal Skills: The perfect candidate for this project will have experience in illustration, caricature creation, and a solid understanding of vintage typography. Experience or knowledge of early 20th-century political artwork will be a significant advantage. A knack for conveying powerful messages through visuals and a passion for social justice also ranks high on the list of preferred skills and e...

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    1. Overview: We are seeking a skilled cartoonist who excels in recreating existing avatar styles. The selected candidate will be responsible for creating new avatars of our team members based on real photographs while seamlessly matching the existing avatar style. 2. Job Description: Recreate Existing Avatar Style: The cartoonist must demonstrate proficiency in replicating the current avatar style used by our team. Create New Avatars: Using real photographs provided by us, the cartoonist will generate avatars for each team member. Style Consistency: The new avatars must seamlessly match the style of the existing avatars to maintain uniformity. Reference: 1. existing avatars to match 2. Group avatars 3. new team members that require an avatar cartoon

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    I'm in need of a skilled caricature artist who can create 1-5 cartoon-style caricatures for personal use. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in cartoon-style caricature art - Ability to create engaging, playful designs - Strong portfolio demonstrating relevant skills The work will require creativity and a strong attention to detail to bring individual personality traits to life in a playful, cartoon style. Please include examples of your previous cartoon caricature work in your proposal.

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    Cartoon Caricature Logo Design 21 小时 left

    I'm in urgent need of a talented designer to create a compelling, cartoonish logo that effectively embodies the essence of our brand. This logo should be vivid, memorable, and capable of making a powerful impression at first glance. **Core Requirement...g., Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop). - Experience working on tight deadlines without compromising quality. - Excellent communication skills to ensure that the envisioned design is aligned with our goals. - Creativity and originality, with a knack for creating engaging and distinctive character logos. I'm looking for someone who can capture the playful and vibrant essence of our brand through a caricature logo that stands out in a crowded marketplace. Your work will play a key role in shaping our brand identity and connectin...

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    ...the realm of digital entertainment and am seeking a skilled freelancer to bring my vision to life. With a focus on captivating storytelling, I need a digital cartoon that engages audiences on a whole new level. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Digital Creation**: Your expertise in digital art and animation is key. I need high-quality, engaging cartoons created digitally. - **Entertainment Focus**: Aimed at entertaining a diverse audience, the cartoons should be engaging, humorous, or intriguing. - **Multilingual Voice-over**: There's a twist – I need voice-over work in a specific language (other than English). Please mention your capabilities in this area. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - **Digital Art & Animation**: Proficiency in digital d...

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    I am in search of skillful artists, capable of illustrating high-quality hand and digital sketches. The specific subject matter for these sketches isn't delineated, so your ability to adapt and create various illustrations, from portraits to landscapes and cartoons, is highly desirable. In your application: - Highlight your experience in sketching, providing examples, if possible. Although I prefer freelancers with an intermediate level of experience in sketching, passion, creativity, and adaptability are the qualities that matter most to me. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in hand and digital sketching - Versatility in sketching different subject matters - Intermediate level experience in sketching/artistry - Excellent creativity and imagination capabilities - Stro...

    $117 - $196 / hr
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    $117 - $196 / hr
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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer to create a realistic and colorful caricature for personal use. This piece should capture not just the physical resemblance but also the personality and essence of the subject in a vibrant and detailed manner. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in realistic drawing and caricature design - Strong portfolio with vibrant, color works - Ability to capture likeness and personality traits - Excellent color theory knowledge and application skills - Good communication for understanding specific requirements ### Requirements: - Develop a realistic caricature based on provided photos - Utilize a rich, colorful palette to bring the caricature to life - Detailed attention to capturing the unique features and essence of th...

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    I'm in need of a skilled 3D animator. I need monthly cartoon animations, targeting a young audience. The key details are as follows: - Style: 3D animation. Your portfolio should show evidence of excellent 3D animation skills. - Duration: Each animation should be around 10 minutes long. - Audience: These cartoons are intended for children. Please ensure your style caters to this age group. A keen understanding of children's humor and themes is essential. Experience in creating relatable characters and engaging storylines is also highly desired. I'm offering a salary of $5,000/month. Let's bring smiles to young faces together! Ideal skills: - Proficient in 3D animation - Experience with children’s content - Storytelling creativity - Attention to timelin...

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    Sports caricature Please note: This is a set price job. Not hourly. The first person I awarded the job wanted more money. The second person I chose said she is bidding per hour even though this ad is a set price. But guess what? You set the price. If I agree to it do not change the deal. Give me what I signed up for. It's your price not mine. I need an action shot of a trampolinist. I prefer a view from above with the trampoline showing down below far away on the ground. To help visualize what I want, I provided images of Greg Roe and also an example of a picture taken from above of a kid jumping on a trampoline the way I want the caricature of Greg Roe. He has a unique charismatic face and hair style and likes to wear a Hawaiian style shirt or shirt with palm trees an...

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    Trophy icon Moonwalk Radio: Hosts Caricature 已经结束 left

    ...with Dawn and Daze," our upcoming radio show and podcast, to life with a captivating caricature of its two hosts. This illustration will play a crucial role in our branding and promotional materials, so it's essential for us to get it just right. Here's what we're envisioning: STYLE: - The caricature should have a cartoonish aesthetic, embodying a fun and approachable vibe that mirrors our show's personality. BACKGROUND SETTING: - The backdrop for this caricature should be a radio studio, capturing the essence of our production environment. This setting should subtly complement the main subjects without overshadowing them. SPECIFIC ELEMENTS: - To anchor the theme of our radio show, we want the caricature to feature microphones. The...

    $626 (Avg Bid)
    39 项参赛作品 life with a captivating caricature of its two hosts. Caricatures should be of the hosts in the attached photos. Hosts should also be standing back to back. This illustration will play a crucial role in our branding and promotional materials, so it's essential for us to get it just right. Here's what we're envisioning: STYLE: - The caricature should have a cartoonish aesthetic, embodying a fun and approachable vibe that mirrors our show's personality. BACKGROUND SETTING: - The backdrop for this caricature should be a radio studio, capturing the essence of our production environment. This setting should subtly complement the main subjects without overshadowing them. SPECIFIC ELEMENTS: - To anchor the theme of our radio show, we wan...

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    I'm aiming for a charmingly vintage and whimsical look for my wedding. The posters should: - Reflect a vintage theme, infusing old-world charm and sophistication. - Center around a uniquely fun image. Instead of traditional designs, I want a cartoon of our dog holding a hot dog, in the sp...want a cartoon of our dog holding a hot dog, in the spirit of old-school brand "Wrigley's Hot Pups". - Adhere to my chosen color scheme of Terracotta and Champagne. I envision these colors playing off each other beautifully and enhancing the vintage feel. Ideal freelancers will have experience in illustration and a knack for vintage design. Knowledge in creating appealing and lovable canine cartoons is a must. Let your creativity flow, as long as it stays aligned with the u...

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    I am seeking a talented digital artist to turn my illustrative characters into entertaining 3D story videos. These cartoons should: - Serve entertainment purposes, oozing creativity and joy that effectively engage the viewers. - Possess a cartoonish look while still showcasing impressive aesthetic standards. Photorealistic or stylistic animations are not what I'm after. - Each have a running time of more than 3 minutes, ensuring there's ample time to tell the story effectively. My ideal candidate should have a solid knack for storytelling with a flair for whimsical and charming animation. Besides technical skills, I appreciate a good understanding of pacing, character development and visual humour. If you can weave compelling stories that captivate both young and old, I ...

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    Cartoon Animator Needed 已经结束 left

    ...creating engaging, expressive characters that can captivate our audience. Below are the specifics of what I'm looking for: **Core Requirements:** - Expertise in designing cartoon-style characters. - Ability to create characters that can fit into a dynamic animation environment. - Skill in designing characters with multiple poses, ready for animation. - Strong portfolio showcasing previous work in cartoons or similar projects. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 2D animation software (flash and cs6). - Strong understanding of character anatomy and movement. - Creativity in character design, with an ability to produce original and appealing characters. - Experience in working with animators and understanding of animation pipelines is a plus. The characters will be t...

    $759 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm on the lookout for a talented artist to bring a unique cartoon concept to life in 15 - 20 small, vibrant 5x7 paintings using acrylic mediums. The vision for this piece is something that not only captures the lively essence of cartoons but also showcases the artist's creativity and skill in a compact format. I have a subscription box for tween girls and was wanting to include a painting that is inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland. I was looking for something simple like a girl that resembles Alice looking at her reflection in a small body of water with maybe some flowers surrounding her. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in acrylic painting techniques. - Experience in creating cartoon or illustrative art. - An understanding of color theory to create...

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    I am looking for a skilled designer to bring life to my engagement party invitation with a fresh, contemporary edge with rich colours. REQUIREMENTS: - A creative mind for modern design aesthetics. - Familiar with vibrant color schemes. - Able to blend floral and geometric elements seamlessly. - Caricature design or animated design of bride and groom IDEAL CANDIDATE: - Has a portfolio featuring modern invitation designs. - Proficient in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator). - Good communicator for understanding and implementing feedback. DELIVERABLES: - Original engagement invitation design(card & video with QR code for location). - High-resolution files suitable for print and digital use. - Source files for future editing. TIMELINE: 1-2 days Please include your...

    $243 (Avg Bid)
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    ...foster creativity and collaboration among our medium-sized team of 11-50 employees. To achieve this, I am searching for a talented caricature artist in or near Burbank, CA, who can come in and capture the essence of our sales team in more than 10 vibrant caricatures. These pieces will be prominently displayed, adding a personal and light-hearted touch to our working environment. **What I Need from You:** - The ability to create over 10 engaging and humorous caricatures. - Capability to work onsite in Burbank, CA. - A portfolio showcasing previous caricature work. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Exceptional drawing and illustration skills. - Experience in caricature or live event drawing. - Strong understanding of character and personality through art. - Profess...

    $156 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Cartoons & Comics :), I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

    $469 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm searching for a creative and talented lyrist who can write an engaging song for a 3D animated cartoon targeted at toddlers. This individual will need to have: - Proven experience in writing lyrics for children's content, preferably for animated cartoons. - Proficiency in the Hindi language. - Understanding the mindset and interests of a toddler audience. - Ability to capture the attention and imagination of young viewers through catchy, educational and fun songs. It's crucial for the freelancer's application to include samples from their past work, particularly in creating songs for a comparable target audience and animation style. This will allow me to assess if their work aligns with the mood, tone, and style I am envisioning for this project.

    $555 (Avg Bid)
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    ...**Style Requirements:** - Bright, colorful, and distinctly in a cartoonish style. The emphasis is on fun, lively representations rather than precise realism or abstract interpretations. - **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in digital illustration software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Procreate). - A portfolio demonstrating strong skills in cartoon-style art. - Experience in caricature drawing with a keen eye for capturing likenesses in a humorous yet recognizable way. - Ability to work from photos to create engaging and playful imagery. - Excellent communication to ensure the caricatures meet client expectations. This project requires a freelancer who can inject personality and humor into their work, creating memorable and enjoyable caricatures. Whether for...

    $125 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Requirements: - Proficiency in elegant, sketch, or watercolour caricature styles. - Ability to produce artworks in 5 mins of less per guest / couple - Previous experience in high-quality, personalized artwork, ideally for events or weddings. - Ability to work with client-provided guest photos to create caricatures. - Timeliness and adherence to deadlines, ensuring all artworks are completed in time for the wedding. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio showcasing expertise in sketch or watercolour techniques. - Experience in creating caricatures as gifts or memorabilia, with an eye for detail that captures the essence of each subject. - Excellent communication skills to discuss and incorporate personal touches for each caricature. - Creativity to bring a sense o...

    $1643 (Avg Bid)
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    ...educating a broad audience, from children to adults, and I'm seeking a talented cartoonist specialized in modern cartoons. This project's goal is to balance entertainment with informative content, making learning both enjoyable and memorable. **Key Requirements:** - Proficiency in creating modern-style cartoons. - Ability to convey educational content through engaging visuals. - Experience in creating content for a diverse age range, ensuring relatability and understanding across different stages of comprehension. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong portfolio showcasing modern cartoon styles. - Previous experience or demonstrable ability in creating educational or instructional cartoons. - Creativity in presenting complex ideas in an easy-to-unders...

    $735 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking a talented artist to create cartoon-style caricatures from photos. - You will be creating caricatures of individuals, with one character per caricature. - These caricatures should be colored and lively, capturing the essence of the subject in a playful and exaggerated cartoon style. - An established portfolio in caricature art, particularly in cartoon-style caricatures is necessary for this project. - I value attention to details, creativity, and timely delivery. - An understanding of how to translate individual features into an engaging caricature, while retaining the likeness to the subject is essential. Let's bring these photos to life in a colorful and exaggerated cartoon style!

    $289 (Avg Bid)
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    I am on the hunt for a skilled creative who can craft engaging and unique 30-second caricature video clips for personal use. These videos will be cartoon-style and should have a fun, light-hearted vibe ideal for sharing on social media or amongst friends and family. Your experience in caricature artwork and video editing will be crucial to bring my vision to life. I'm expecting high-quality cartoon-style animations that can capture personality and humor effectively. Amusing sound effects are a plus. Let's create something fun and memorable together! Ideal skills include: - Cartoon-style video creation - Caricature art design - Experience in short, impactful videos - Out-of-the-box creativity - Proficiency in video editing software - Familiarity with adding s...

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    Funny Sign Designs Needed 已经结束 left

    ...this first round I'm looking for 100 sign images. In terms of humor, I'm a big fan of wordplay and puns, so I'd love for my sign images to reflect that. Surprise me, impress me, make me laugh out loud with your quirkiness. Get creative and let your imagination run wild. The images should be in a cartoon-like style or bold exciting fonts. I find the brightness, exaggeration, and simplicity of cartoons to be overwhelmingly engaging. Ideal candidate would be someone with: - Excellent humor and pun understanding - Proficient in creating cartoon graphics - Strong portfolio showcasing their previous work in a related field - Failure is not an option attitude when it comes to creating humorous content Looking forward to witnessing your creativity in action! Final...

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    I am seeking a skilled caricature artist who can create a portrait of a couple with emphasis on 3D effects or a hand done style. The key attributes includes: - Medium: The caricature can be either Digital, Hand-Drawn or a 3D Model. You can pick one or combine these styles as you see fit. - Focus: The caricature should focus on Facial Expressions, Body Proportions, and Clothing and Accessories. These details must be drawn vividly. Ideal bidder should have solid experience in creating caricatures with a keen eye for details. A background in 3D design or illustration will be a plus.

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    Logo design for business 已经结束 left

    *Caricature Style business logo* Business name is Two Tyred Towing This is a motorcycle towing business. This is done via a Jeep Grand Cherokee, towing a motorcycle trailer. I have included photos of this below. It doesn’t have to include these, but any design MUST BE CARICATURE STYLE

    $454 (Avg Bid)
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    ...talented artist to create a realistic caricature for personal use, capturing likeness and personality from provided photographs. This piece should blend lifelike proportions with subtle caricature aspects to create a flattering, yet distinctly exaggerated portrayal. **Requirements and Skills:** - Proficiency in realistic art styles, with a portfolio showcasing caricature work. - Ability to work from photos to achieve a high level of resemblance. - Strong communication skills to understand and incorporate any specific requests or details. **Ideal Experience:** - Previous experience in creating realistic caricatures for clients. - Comfortable receiving and acting on feedback to ensure the final piece meets my expectations. **Project Details:** - The caricature...

    $131 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm searching for an experienced and creative illustrator who can create 33 unique, cartoon-style images for a set of playing cards with a camping theme. The illustrations will be the heart of each card, therefore I'm looking for someone with: - Expertise in creating engaging, funny, high-quality, eye-catching, and playful cartoons. - Experience working with printing industries, preferably in the playing cards market. Needless to say, a reliable commitment to deadlines and great communication would be ideal. Although we won't be meeting in person, your ability to translate my vision into engaging illustrations is key. If you can masterfully inject some humour into your work, even better! Please, include examples of previous similar work in your proposal. Looking...

    $2347 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in quest for a gifted t-shirt designer who has a keen eye for modern, trending and unique designs, revolving around Anime and Cartoons contexts. The chosen freelancer will be crafting minimalist designs, inviting a synergy of both text and imagery. Design Requirements: - Unique, eye-catching designs - Minimalist aesthetic approach - Incorporate mix of text and image - Focused on trending, Anime and cartoon themes Ideal Skills And Experiences: - T-shirt design portfolio - Specific experience in Anime/Cartoon designs - Ability to blend text and visualization - Understanding of minimalistic aesthetic I'm excited to see your creative, innovative mock-ups and keen to build a positive and enduring work relationship.

    $196 (Avg Bid)
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    ...version, spreading across six slides, and incorporates four specific functionalities. Here are the details: **Core Requirements:** - The invitation must encapsulate an elegant theme with clean, refined visuals that reflect our style. - It should be interactive, consisting of a video format for dynamic engagement and a PDF version for easy printing and sharing. - The invitation will feature a caricature of us, capturing our essence in a sophisticated yet fun manner. - The design must embed functionalities for guests such as RSVP tracking, maps and directions to the venue, and photo sharing capabilities. **Skills and Experience Needed:** - Proficiency in graphic design and video editing with a portfolio showcasing elegant and sophisticated designs. - Experience in creating intera...

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    ...create a captivating 2D animation that highlights the unique value and user experience of our website. **Key Requirements:** - **Duration:** The final video should be between 1 and 3 minutes, precisely capturing the essence of the user's journey with our service. - **Animation Style:** Your expertise in 2D animation will be crucial. The video should be animated with eye-catching sketches or cartoons that appeal to our audience. - **Script Implementation:** I have prepared a script that outlines the entire user journey. Your ability to translate this script into a coherent and engaging animated story will be key. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Proven track record** with 2D animation projects. - **Strong portfolio** showcasing previous animations, specifically ...

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    I'm looking to commission a project involving 22 detailed yet, playful caricature images of each hockey team member and coach. These will be used for end-of-year gifts. - Every caricature should feature specifics like hockey equipment, team jerseys, and team logos. - Each caricature should also have player numbers shown, either on the jersey or presented separately. - While I'm not seeking extreme realism, I do appreciate a medium level of detail in the caricatures. - To make our team spirit pop, I'd like the caricatures to be depicted in vivid and bright colors. Ideal freelancers for this project are those adept in character design, have a good sense of color harmony, and have some knowledge about hockey.

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