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    5,000 cartography maps 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 HKD
    build me a heroku website 已经结束 left

    ,build a flask online clinic。  albumy,set up a online second opinion clinic 。 on heroku server with flask and postgresql。 with Python flask,REACT and Ajax experience ,if with HIS experience, execllent。 to integrate with Google Maps API。 time:2019/07/30。

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    抓取google maps 上的marker,并导出数据到excel

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    我们已经有了Web应用建立在PHP / mysql. baidu地图API的集成是以下任务要求:-在地图上显示客户的位置创建/画路线的旅行从一个给定的地址到另一个地图上填充地图从DB地址创建类型在下拉菜单(引导选择)与该API的数据(搜索路名,端口名称,机场名称相关的图标)

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    I'm currently facing issues with the CORS policy in my Flutter web project. My project incorporates Google Maps API for which I'm being blocked by the browser, primarily Google Chrome. The issue at hand : - Blocked by Browser In an attempt to rectify this issue, I have already implemented the use of a CORS plugin, however, the issue persists. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Problem-solving skills for CORS related issues - A robust knowledge of Google Maps API - Familiarity with Flutter web development - Proficient in debugging and optimisation on Google Chrome specifically I believe your expertise will be instrumental in navigating and resolving these challenges.

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    ...creating engaging, interactive maps that can visualize spatial data and analyze spatial patterns on a global scale. This would involve dealing effectively with diverse data sets and potentially large volumes of data. - Strong background in PostgreSQL and PostGIS, with proven experience in writing advanced spatial queries. - Experience in web map development, with a portfolio of previous projects involving visual data exploration and user interaction. - Fluency in Python programming, and familiarity with libraries such as pandas, geopandas, and GDAL for data manipulation and analysis. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Demonstrated ability to handle global spatial datasets and produce meaningful insights through web maps. - Prior experience in designing interactive map...

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    I need a professional who can create a highly-interactive map visualization overlay on Google map. The project entails displaying 2500 different customer addresses, with the emphasis on addresses rath...displaying 2500 different customer addresses, with the emphasis on addresses rather than roads, landmarks, or terrain. Here are the specifications: - The addresses should be displayed as markers. - The overlay should focus on usability and high-quality visualization. Ideal skills include experience with Google Maps API, knowledge in geocoding, experience in creating visualizations. Must understand how to create map overlays and markers effectively. Proficiency in JavaScript (or preferred Google Maps development language) is necessary. Prior work with similar projects will be...

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    I need someone experienced to code a scraper in Python. Please, read to the end before bidding. Specifications: 1. It must scrape data from Google Maps, including email. Therefore, the spider must visit the website and search for the email. 2. It must be coded in Python + scrapy (or another option if it offers better performance). 3. It must use a proxy service to avoid being blocked. 4. It must have a web interface that allows importing search terms, configure proxies and starting tasks. 5. Data will be saved in a MySQL table. 6. All available data must be collected: Name, address, zip, city, longitude and latitude, phone, services, description, URL, email, etc. 7. Maximum delivery: 3 days. Please do not bid if you are not an experienced coder in Python and scraper programming.

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    My project aims to enhance the overall digital visibility of my website, with a focus on improving traffic, search engine rankings and specifically, our local SEO performance via Google Maps. My website currently has an average SEO and Google Maps SEO status and primarily features product listings. Requirements include: - Increased website traffic - Improved search engine rankings - Boosted local business visibility on Google Maps Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in SEO strategies and Google Maps SEO - Experience with increasing web traffic, particularly for sites featuring product listings. - Understanding the local business landscape for building relevant SEO strategies.

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    ...communicate complex data in a simplified, visually appealing manner for a diverse audience. - Experience in creating presentations with a strong emphasis on data visualization, particularly heat maps, is essential. - Proficiency in 3D modeling and PowerPoint, with the ability to integrate data seamlessly into a dynamic, color-coded map. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in data analysis and visualization. - Expertise in 3D graphics and PowerPoint animation techniques. - Ability to work with various data types and translate them into comprehensive visuals. - Experience in cartography or geographic information systems (GIS) is a plus. The ultimate objective is to create a presentation that not only conveys the required information effectively but also en...

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    ...application using C# and .NET directly in the browser. 2. **Blazor Mobile Bindings:** - For building cross-platform mobile applications using Blazor. 3. **State Management:** - **Blazor State Management Libraries:** Choose a suitable library for managing state in Blazor. 4. **Mobile Maps Integration:** - **Azure Maps SDK for Web:** Integration of maps for displaying trails and waypoints in the web application. - **Azure Maps SDK for Android/iOS (optional):** Native SDKs for integrating maps into the mobile application. ### Backend Development: 1. **Framework:** - **ASP.NET Core:** A cross-platform, high-performance framework for building modern, cloud-based, and internet-connected applications. 2. **Database:** - **Azure Cosmos ...

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    Burger Restaurant website 6 天 left

    ...from the comfort of their homes. **Key Features:** - **Online Ordering System:** A user-friendly interface that allows customers to browse our menu, select items, and place orders with ease. - **Menu with Prices:** Clear, up-to-date listing of all our burgers and sides, including vibrant photos and current prices. - **Location and Contact Information:** An intuitive page with our address, Google Maps integration for directions, and contact details for enquiries or feedback. - **About Page:** A section that tells the story of our burger joint, our values, and what makes us stand apart. - **Allergen Information:** Detailed information on common allergens present in our dishes to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all our customers. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven tra...

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    I'm on the hunt for a graphic designer with a knack for creating colorful, vibrant designs. Related experience in producing festival layouts or maps is particularly desired for this assignment. • Task: Your main task will be to produce a visually engaging festival layout/map. • Design Style: The design should be colorful and vibrant, meant to evoke fun and excitement for the festival attendees. • Desired Skills: Proven experience in graphic design is necessary, with specific expertise in utilizing dynamic colors and crafting clear, helpful layouts greatly preferred. Potential freelancers should showcase relevant previous work in their proposals. We're eager to see your imaginative approach to this task. Be a part of shaping a memorable festival experie...

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    ...seeking an experienced freelancer to create two Google My Business (GMB) accounts and integrate four Google Maps locations for each business. The primary aim of this project is to ensure that my businesses' information is accurate and easily accessible online. Include all photos found on google doc links attached Here are the details **Key Requirements:** 'Budget is under 50 dollars - **GMB Account Creation:** Set up two Google My Business accounts from scratch, ensuring all company details are accurately entered. - **Google Maps Integration:** For each GMB account, add four specific Google Maps locations. These will need to be precisely positioned to ensure easy findability. - **Content Upload:**

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    Mobile App Development 5 天 left

    As the client, I'm looking for a competent developer to build an Android and iOS mobile app having a specific design which I'll provide. This app needs to include some crucial features such as: - User login and registration. - In-app purchases. - A NFC tags reader. - Animations. - A setup for map markers based on NFC tags in maps - Maps routing based on setup markers - ... It's required that the developed app is integrated with some external services - specifics for this will be provided as we continue the project. Ideal candidates for this job should have robust experience in mobile app development particularly involving NFC technology and other listed features, and a proven record of integrating applications with external services.

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    ...revolutionizes the way users explore destinations. Here's what I envision: - **Core Features:** - **Interactive Maps:** Seamless, user-friendly maps that provide real-time navigation and exploration tools. - **Offline Access:** Essential for travelers, the app must offer comprehensive access to maps, guides, and tips without requiring an internet connection. - **Trip Planner:** A personalized interface allowing users to plan their trips, bookmark places of interest, and create daily itineraries. - **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Flutter and Dart, with a portfolio showcasing previous app development projects, particularly in Android platforms. - Experience integrating maps and geolocation services in mobile applications. - ...

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    ...Real-time weather forecasting tailored to specific trails or regions. - SOS Feature: Quick access to send location-based SOS alerts in case of emergencies. **Additional Features:** - GPS Navigation: Interactive GPS navigation to guide users through trails, alert user when he get out of trail - Distance Tracking: Tools for users to track their hiking distance and time. - Offline Maps: Capability for users to download maps for offline use, ensuring availability in remote areas. - In the end of track, app must ask user to review trail **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in Android app development with a portfolio of similar projects. - Strong expertise in GPS and mapping technologies. - Background in integrating weather-related APIs. - Knowledge in impleme...

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    ...transactional experience for the end user. - **Job Status Screen**: A dedicated Admin user screen providing real-time updates, tracking order progress, and showcasing production milestones. This transparency is crucial for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficient in WooCommerce & WordPress customization - Experience integrating interactive maps, particularly KML, within an e-commerce setting - Expertise in adding custom fields and designing user interfaces - Capability to implement real-time data updates and tracking features - An eye for UX/UI design to ensure an engaging and easy navigation process for the users I believe with the right skills and dedication, we can make the digital print selection and delivery in w...

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    I'm seeking a skilled geospatial analyst to create comprehensive GIS maps of the entire Knightsbridge area. My goal is to have detailed maps incorporating various critical and environmental aspects to aid in urban planning and public awareness projects. **Requirements:** - **Building Outlines**: Include all buildings in clear detail to help in understanding the urban layout. - **Streets and Roads**: Map all streets and roads to facilitate navigation and planning. - **Air Quality Analysis**: Perform detailed air quality analysis across Knightsbridge. This should highlight areas of concern and potential sources of pollution. - **Flood Risk Modeling**: Develop flood risk models to identify vulnerable areas. This information is crucial for emergency planning and infrastruc...

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    ...archaeological subsurface layers. This tool will not only leverage cutting-edge AI technology for in-depth layer analysis but also offer a user-friendly mobile platform accessible from both iOS and Android devices. Our existing software is capable of performing basic and limited layer calculations by integrating with Google Maps. However, the functionality of this software is dependent on Google Maps and the Surfer program. Therefore, it can be stated that without Google Maps and without using the Surfer program, the software becomes non-functional. We aim to design and develop a new software focused on Artificial Intelligence-supported layer parsing to the best possible extent. We wish for this software to be equipped with its own advanced functionalities without...

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    30 个竞标 should also be incorporated, adding a personalized touch to the artwork. 2. **Style and Theme:** - The style of the watercolor map should be romantic and elegant, matching the overall theme of the wedding. - Attention to detail, with a soft and inviting color palette, is essential. 3. **Requirements and Skills:** - Proficiency in watercolor painting and experience in creating custom maps or similar decorative pieces. - Ability to interpret descriptions of the venues and landmarks into visually appealing, artistically rendered elements. - A good communicator, open to feedback and revisions to ensure the final piece meets our vision. This unique piece will not only be a beautiful addition to our wedding decor but will also serve as a cherished keepsake to reme...

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    I'm looking for an expert to enhance my Google Maps presence with 25 authentic reviews from users around the globe. Diversifying the geographic origin of the feedback will solidify our brand's global appeal and trustworthiness. Here’s a quick rundown of what I need: - **Objective:** Secure 25 genuine, insightful reviews on our Google Maps listing. - **Global Perspective:** Reviews should come from an international audience, reflecting a wide range of user experiences and viewpoints. - **Quality Over Quantity:** While the target is 40 reviews, each must offer valuable feedback and contribute positively to our overall online reputation. **Ideal Candidate:** - Proven experience in digital marketing, with a focus on reputation management. - Demonstrated ability ...

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    ...completion. This position requires proficiency in creating high-quality mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, integrating with specialized REST APIs, leveraging Google Maps functionality, managing location APIs, implementing push notification systems, and integrating payment gateways. Experience in publishing and maintaining apps on the Apple Store and Google Play is highly sought after. Responsibilities: Develop and maintain robust mobile applications using Flutter, Dart, and FlutterFlow. Interface with our business-specific REST API for seamless integration and functionality. Utilize the Google Maps API for location-based services and accurate mapping features. Implement and manage location APIs for precise location tracking and geofencing functionali...

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    My project requires implementing Google Maps v3 with to create a tracking system for a collection of GPS coordinates. The end goal is to create a segment graph, clearly identifiable with multiple colors. - Real-Time Tracking: The system should have the ability to support live tracking. As such, experience in real-time data integration with Google Maps is essential. - GPS Coordinates: The tracking will be for GPS coordinates. Proficiency in handling and processing such data is mandatory. It's important for the freelancer to have substantial experience with Vue.js and Google Maps API integration, specifically with version 3 of the Google Maps API. Knowledge in GPS data handling and real-time systems is desired. Familiarity with color-coded segment graph...

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    I'm in need of someone to instruct me on how to create a sponsored ad on Google Maps, so as to boost visibility for my service-based business within my city. I've witnessed a competitor thriving and I want to incorporate this strategy into my marketing plan. Your responsibilities will include: - Teaching me step by step how to develop an effective ad campaign. - Helping me understand how to target ads specifically to my city. - Advising me on the best practices to optimise visibility without precedence in the ranking. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive experience with Google Maps advertising. - Strong communication and teaching skills. - A proven record of creating successful ad campaigns.

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    I'm seeking a talented Fortnite Creative Designer to bring a medium-sized, futuristic themed map to life. This project will require a creative mindset, an eye for detail, and a passion for Fortnite game mechanics. **Pr...showcasing previous Fortnite or similar projects. **What I Offer:** - Clear communication and vision for the project. - Feedback to refine the map. - A commitment to collaborate closely to ensure the project's success. Freelancers interested in this project should have a strong background in Fortnite Creative mode, with a portfolio that demonstrates their ability to design engaging, interactive maps. Proficiency in innovative obstacle creation and knowledge of futuristic design elements are crucial. I look forward to working together to create a unique ...

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    ... - Calculate shipping cost on a per mile rate. - Utilize my business address as the starting point for all distance calculations. - I only ship to UK, shipping for anyone within 30 miles is free. - **Requirements:** - Proficient in PHP and WordPress plugin development. - Experience with WooCommerce and understanding of its shipping methods. - Capability to integrate Google Maps API or an equivalent for accurate distance calculation. - Ensure the plugin is user-friendly on the admin side, allowing for easy adjustment of the per-mile rate as needed. This plugin needs to be both reliable and efficient, ensuring that customers are charged a fair and accurate shipping price based on the actual distance their order needs to travel. Accuracy in calculation and...

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    ...a freelancer with expertise in Python in Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, Selenium packages and APIs such as Google Maps, Telegram Key Requirements: - Mastery over Python language - Proven experience in Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, and Selenium frameworks - Familiarity with Google Maps APIs - Ability to implement desired functionalities on a variety of websites - A proactive approach towards problem-solving When applying, please provide examples of your past work. Showcase your Python skills and tell me about the projects you have completed. Highlight instances where you have used Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, or Selenium packages, if any. Additionally, revealing your familiarization with Google Maps APIs could strengthen your application. pls don't apply if you don't have...

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    ...festivals, and more. This will cater to a diverse audience, including general users, venue owners, event promoters, and artists, providing a seamless experience across both mobile and desktop interfaces. Key Features: Personalized event discovery with advanced filtering options. Integrated ticketing system with exclusive deals and VIP membership options. Detailed venue profiles with interactive maps and user reviews. Robust social networking features, including user profiles, posts, group chats, and a comprehensive messaging system for direct communication between all users. Specialized dashboards for venue owners/promoters and artists/DJs. Role-specific backend access for content moderation, customer support, and platform management. Technical Requirements: Responsive design...

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    $11734 - $23468
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    I am in immediate need of a qualified Flutter developer who can seamlessly integrate APIs into my Flutter application. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this project, ideally someone who can start work immediately. Requirements: - Advanced experience with Flutter - Strong background in integrating APIs Responsibilities: - Integration of Google Maps API, Firebase API, and Stripe API into the existing Flutter application. Application process: - Send me a brief summary of your past Flutter projects and experiences. Include a detailed proposal showcasing how you plan to execute the project. Please note: The design or wireframe for the Flutter application is already created. No assistance is required on that front.

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    23 个竞标 our Out of Home Photographer in Perth. This job will require you to travel along Stirling Highway and Railway Road, and capture clear photos or videos of Out-of-Home advertisements. Coverage: Billboards from the following media companies but not limited to: JcDecaux APN Comprehensive map and location guide of billboards Expected number of photos: 50 Coverage map link: Requirements: Mobile phone with high quality camera or a high quality camera. Laptop and a Google account for delivery/submitting photos taken. Provide requested details through Google form. Capture Date: Any date from Feb 19-23, 2024 Exclusions: Photos deemed not to meet requirements will be excluded from the estimated quota. No blurry

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    $154 - $1280
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    ...Security Requirements Detail the security features necessary to protect sensitive information and ensure safe transactions. 3.9 Software Quality Attributes Address the system's requirements for reliability, availability, scalability, maintainability, and portability. 4. External Interface Requirements User Interfaces: Detail the user interface requirements, including screen layouts and navigation maps. Hardware Interfaces: Specify the hardware requirements necessary to support the software. Software Interfaces: List other software with which the system will interface, including database systems and third-party services. Communication Protocols and Interfaces: Describe the protocols and network interfaces the system will use. 5. Other Non-functional Requirements 5.1 Performan...

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    ...professional to set up three Google Business Pages for an unidentified trio of businesses. Despite my uncertainty about their current registration status with Google, I am certain that I need someone who commands authority in this field. Key roles: - Verify the registration status of the three businesses with Google, and if necessary, correctly register them. - Add crucial business information and maps locations on all three pages. - Enable a feature that allows customers to leave reviews on all three pages. Ideal attributes: - Proficient in Google Business Page creation and management - Detail-oriented, ensuring that every piece of necessary information is accurately captured - Experience in registering businesses on Google, particularly if they are not yet registered - Expe...

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    Google Maps API Rescue 3 天 left

    I'm seeking a proficient Google Cloud Console expert to rectify problems with the Google Maps API on my WordPress-based food ordering site. Specifically, the auto-locate feature and the area-defining circle have both ceased to function correctly. For a successful collaboration, I anticipate the freelancer to have the following skills and experience: - Profound knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps API integration - Strong background in WordPress development, especially in modifying and fixing plugins or custom functionalities related to location services - Experience in JavaScript and PHP for implementing and correcting API-related features - Ability to troubleshoot and provide effective solutions for auto location detection and dynamic circle drawing b...

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    Horror Game 3 天 left

    I would like to develop 2 fully working maps of a small to medium size for a Horror game. One would be a college/school Campus and the other would be a street/small town. I require7 characters and one killer (I already have one character.) which makes the game 8 players and one killer. Unreal Engine preference

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    The Task is simple, I want a person who order on my gig on fiver. You have to find the gig on Fiverr and chat with me there. Make sure to find me there. The Gig Title is: I will scrape 5000 google maps email and phone for lead generation Keywords: google maps, web scraping, real estate leads, b2b lead, lead generation

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    I'm looking for an individual adept at creating ER Diagrams using Lucidchart. The diagram should accurately represent 'Users' and their roles within a system. Key Responsibilities: - Create an ER Diagram that accurately maps relationships - Include specific attributes for the 'Users' entity such as their full name, email, password, address, contact number, and order history. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency with Lucidchart - Strong understanding of ER Diagrams and their purpose - The ability to depict complex sets of data and relationships in a simple, digestible way. Looking forward to your proposals. Your past works or relevant experiences in this domain will prove to be beneficial.

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    I'm looking to hire a skilled web developer to build a website similar to with unique functionalities. The website should incorporate map integration and include a system for user reviews and ratings. Key Functionalities: - **User and ratings. Key Functionalities: - **User Reviews and Ratings:** Also, a system for users to review and rate the 'Quality of Service' is a must. This helps to measure the satisfaction level of our users and continuously improve our service. Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate for this job should have skills and experience in web development, with particular expertise in integrating maps onto websites. Furthermore, experience in developing user review and rating systems is requisite. PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax, CS...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to help me analyze and visualize various data types using Power BI. My project involves working with bank, financial, and customer data to create informative visuals that can drive decision-making. The goal is to represent this data through charts, graphs, dashboards, and maps and report it. **Requirements:** - Create visually appealing and insightful charts, graphs, and maps. - Develop comprehensive dashboards that provide a deep dive into our banking, financial, and customer data. - The data's current state is unclear, so assistance in preparation and structuring for analysis might be necessary. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Power BI, including data modeling, DAX, and report development. - Experience in ...

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    ...using Google Maps. This system is primarily designed for enhancing security and surveillance capabilities within specified geographical areas. The functionality must include the ability to create geo-fenced areas and define custom geo-routes for monitoring and management purposes. Additionally, the system needs to support real-time alerts for both entry and exit events within these geo-fenced areas. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in Google Maps API for creating and managing geo-fences and geo-routes. - Ability to implement real-time alerting mechanisms for entry/exit events. - Experience in developing secure applications for surveillance purposes. - Strong understanding of location-based services and their implications on privacy and security. 1. KML, MGRS, UTM,DTED ...

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    Woocommerce 2 天 left

    I urgently need a WooCommerce or a comparable platform expert and the primary objective of this project is to seamlessly integrate e-commerce functionality into an existing website using WooCommerce or a comparable platform. This enhancement aims to empower customers to explore our catalog of about 85 items, select their preferred items, input their South African addr...This enhancement aims to empower customers to explore our catalog of about 85 items, select their preferred items, input their South African address and contact details, and receive a comprehensive PDF quote. The quote generation process will factor in delivery costs based on the proximity of the customer's address to the nearest factory (2 locations in South Africa), determined through the Google Maps API dista...

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    122 个竞标 for motorcycle riders by ensuring timely use of side signals. - Utilize the precision of GPS-based navigation systems for real-time turn detection. **Key Features:** - Integration with Google Maps for navigation. - Automatic side light activation for right turns within a 100-meter range. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in GPS technology and its application in real-time vehicle systems. - Experience in developing automotive electronics, particularly for motorcycles. - Strong background in programming microcontrollers that are compatible with GPS modules. - Knowledge of Google Maps API for seamless map integration. - An understanding of the unique dynamics and safety requirements of motorcycles. The perfect candidate will share a passion for improvin...

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    1 个竞标 retrieval, authentication error, or connection timeout. I'm keeping an open mind and looking for an extremely qualified professional who can quickly diagnose and fix this problem. This project requires an in-deep knowledge of API integration, troubleshooting, and ideally, some experience with Flutter development. The specific APIs used in my app are not disclosed, possibly including Google Maps API, Firebase API, Facebook API or others. When submitting your proposal, please include the following: - Your past work especially related to API integration and how it's relevant to my project. - Your specific experience and how many years you've been working in this field. - A detailed description of how you plan to tackle my situation, including your diagnostic ...

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    ...engage our college alumni, including messages from notable graduates and reunion information. **User Interaction:** - The app will require user login or registration to provide a personalized and secure experience. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in iOS and Android app development - Experience in integrating payment gateways for in-app purchases - Skilled in creating interactive maps and schedules - Knowledge of implementing push notifications for real-time updates - Ability to incorporate a secure login/registration system - Past work on apps for events or festivals is a plus This app is not just a project; it's a gateway to making our college festival a memorable and hassle-free experience. I am looking for a passionate and skilled developer or team who ...

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    Quick Flutter Page Creation 2 天 left

    I'm in urgent need of a Flutter developer to introduce a new page into my existing mobile application. This page's main goal is to display information to the end-user. However, specifics about the type of information (text, images, videos, interactive maps) were not determined. Here's what I'm looking for in a freelance partner: - **Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Flutter and Dart programming. - Strong understanding of UI/UX principles, especially for information display. - Experience with asynchronous programming and state management in Flutter. - Capable of working with varied data types and formats. - **Responsibilities:** - Collaborate to finalize the type of information to be displayed. - Design and implement a new page within the app....

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    I'm currently seeking a skilled freelancer with a strong background in game modding, especially experienced with FiveM, to assist in optimizing add-on maps and MLOs for my project. The primary goal is to enhance these add-ons to ensure they run smoothly, which includes reducing their file size significantly and boosting performance to minimize or eliminate citybug issues. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in handling large files (500MB+), focusing on reducing their size while maintaining or improving quality and performance. - Experience in removing unnecessary objects from maps and MLOs to streamline performance. - Capability to work with FiveM modding tools and understanding of the platform's limitations and possibilities. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong bac...

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    Google Map My Services 2 天 left

    ...looking to have my two service-oriented businesses prominently listed on Google Maps. As a new venture into online visibility, neither of my businesses currently has a Google My Business account, making this task essential for establishing our digital footprint. To best serve our future customers, the listings need to clearly convey our business hours and contact information. Here's what I need: - Creation of Google My Business accounts for each service provider business. - Accurate listing of both businesses on Google Maps including: - Business hours for each day of the week. - Comprehensive contact information (phone number, email, and physical address where applicable). - Advice on optimizing our Google Maps presence and interactions with potential cl...

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    I am in the process of developing a cutting-edge navigation gadget tailored specifically for delivery agents navigating the city on two-wheelers. My primary goal is to enhance their daily operations by integrating comprehensive maps, calls, music, and in-phone navigation functionalities into a single device, thereby improving their safety and overall user experience. Key Features Required: - **Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity:** For seamless integration with smartphones and other devices. - **Music Streaming Capability:** To provide entertainment and reduce monotony during long rides. - **Voice-guided Navigation:** Ensuring that the user can focus on the road without having to look at the device. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Experience in **User Experience (UX) Design:** To creat...

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    Tengo un cierto avanze respecto al front end lo estoy realizando con reactjs y la idea es realizar tanto el front como el back con la pila MERN, ya tiene algunas características de PWA, me falta implementar la parte de notificaciones push, realizar una geolocalizacion ya sea con el api de Google maps o con otro framework ya sea leaflet para los lugares turísticos, ya tengo las imágenes insertadas en la parte del front son imágenes 360 y utilize la librería de panellumjs para insertarlos, también ya puede insertar algunos modelos 3d, pero quisiera insertarlos desde el backend es lo que me falta, ya el back lo quiciera realizar con nodejs, mongodb y expresas, en sí utilizar la pila MERN Stack

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    12 个竞标 route creation, route dispersion, and route tracking. Primarily, the application is expected to function seamlessly, integrating with Google Maps services, enabling users to form and disperse routes effectively, and diligently keep a track of these formed routes. The application should be mobile-friendly and to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, our platform will stand out by integrating a special feature, enabling customers to rate the Quality of Service. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in web application development, both front- and back-end. - Strong experience in GPS-based application development. - Knowledge of Google Maps API integration. - Experience in developing mobile-friendly, cross-platform applications. - Understanding of UX to create a...

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