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    EzXp Podcast Logo 已经结束 left

    Looking for a fresh, updated logo that really captures us and that we can start to put on merch. Nothing too chaotic or populated, something simple.

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    Project for Samuel F. 已经结束 left

    Hi Samuel I was browsing for Freelancers for another project, saw your rates a...guess sound file of some kind, apologies, I am a bit better with product and package design. Ideally this will lead to a chat discussion, I am in Asia and heading into a chaotic season of travel so I might be slow in response. Thank you for your consideration.

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    Illustrator wanted 已经结束 left

    ...illustrations, regardless of whether the crowdfunding succeeds. This amount includes the rights for unlimited use of images. Description characters: Deez is cheeky, adventurous and chaotic. Daisy is reliable, organized and sweet. The image on the right is a guide. Get creative with it and surprise us. So don’t exactly copy the image on the right. And then? If

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    ...however an underground deadly battle wages between humanity and the newly released Reaper Droids who will stop at nothing to abduct priority humans. Humanity lives now in a chaotic world surrounded with futuristic high-technology slowly breaking down while tensions between humans and the last spark of Artificial life flickers in the darkness. A lowly

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    Trophy icon Create a band logo 已经结束 left

    ...called 'Birdhouse', and we're seeking a new logo! Our music is a mixture of indie, rock, punk and pop. Our music is quite catchy, and our overall feel is fun, sometimes chaotic, youthful and free. We want our logo to represent these traits. We want it to be unique, eye-catching, yet not too crazy or out there. We like the idea of perhaps including

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    ...called 'Birdhouse', and we're seeking a new logo! Our music is a mixture of indie, rock, punk and pop. Our music is quite catchy, and our overall feel is fun, sometimes chaotic, youthful and free. We want our logo to represent these traits. We want it to be unique, eye-catching, yet not too crazy or out there. It doesn't have to include a birdhouse

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    Core Graphics iOS View Proof of Concept 已经结束 left

    ...display a cloud of dots and labels (see mockup in attachment). It should expand with 60 fps animation from the middle of the screen outwards (like a big bang effect) to any chaotic random position in which there must be at least 44pt margin separation from each other. I should be able to "connect the dots" by dragging my finger over the screen tracing

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    Peergate flyer1 已经结束 left

    ...slight variations, in the tall format, 1/3 of A4 or the US equivalent format. The idea is to catch attention with a question like: "Messy Inbox?" or "Hectic Inbox?" or "Chaotic Inbox?" or "Email overload?" and then "Peergate organizes it." or even "Peergate turns it into a prioritized To-do list." Then there should be a se...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 已经结束 left

    ...We do several things: we help companies manage change through our consulting services, we do management development and show managers how to lead in a constantly changing chaotic environment, we teach managers how to coach their people for behavior change, and we help businesses to "optimize" their sales function. We are looking a logo that captures

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    Trophy icon Create an Animation 已经结束 left

    I need some cover art (caricature) for a single. The concept is a public transportation chaotic bus ride (fiat ducato 16 seater bus- file attached) with a registration plate that reads "King Noir" i front and back of vehicle (as attached). Bus needs to be overflowing with passengers (like TTDV image attached), legs sticking out etc. DO NOT REPLICATE

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    Netlogo Programming 已经结束 left

    Explore social networks of random/chaotic agents

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    Data input 已经结束 left

    we have a dutch e-commerce website and we want to have more input regarding 200 best-selling articles. Data is spread across files, internet, but this data is quite chaotic, so we need someone who wants to input this data in the site in order to make products more attracting.

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    ...youth-oriented outdoor game, "Glow Battle." In our game, people of all ages and types fight each other using glowing foam batons (what we call “Weapons of Light”). It can be chaotic but it always fun, safe and exciting. It looks a little like Star Wars light saber fighting but with more people playing. In practice, it’s similar to nerf. Technical spec...

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can create a logo and UX ...a logo Mobile first: mandatory Bootstrap: mandatory Styling preferences: Very startup-ish Minimalistic, very readable, lots of spacing. Not cosy or busy or chaotic. Base-color: white Looking for somewhat who gets what I described and who is a born UX designer.

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for my business 已经结束 left

    I'm a sole proprietor business owner of a small production and fine art glass blowing studio, Chaotic Joy Glassworks. The company gets its name from my passion driven life persuing glass while raising two children and managing a house hold with a hardworking husband. I have one part time assistant, year round who I trade time with, in order to work

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    ...company discovery, user-generated reviews, and industry research - all 100% focused on marketing and advertising technology. We're working overtime to make sense of the often chaotic MadTech landscape - we believe in educating buyers and connecting sellers through market intelligence, rich industry content, and valuable research tools. Our team of MadTech

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    With a simple statement, Decline Of Day, it perpetuates thoughts beyond just day turning to night. With modern times more turbulent and chaotic, could this be the Decline of Day in the apocalyptic sense. We produce drum and bass music in Los Angeles, Ca, and are looking to have a logo created to captivate the listeners eye, and help visually recognize

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    Trophy icon 3D Design for photo wallpaper and murals 已经结束 left

    ...colors). It can appeal to a typical Apple user who values design. It must not resemble other 3D pictures from photo wallpapers or pictures. It should be high-quality, not chaotic and stylish. It is an attempt to find a great new design, which stands out from previous 3D pictures for photo wallpapers. Technical specifications: Aspect ratio: 3:2 It

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    Trophy icon Need Logo Design - Clean, Modern Look 已经结束 left

    I am looking to...interaction - dialog - one leads to many - bridge/connection - cross pollination (bees) - organic growth - funnel - exponential growth - flock - herd (led by one person) - chaotic particles that form solid form - seeds - leverage Would like to see some concepts that involve bees and hive + modern communication and tech

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    vhdl coding 已经结束 left

    write VHDL codes to generate the following chaotic system (1)henon map 2d (2) lorenz system 3d you will need to using fixed point representation in your vhdl codes.

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