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    ... --- I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a SIEM and SOAR platform for my cyber security needs. The platform should have the following features: - Log management and analysis capabilities - Efficient threat detection and response mechanisms - Automation and orchestration functionalities While I do not have a specific platform in mind, I am open to recommendations from the freelancer. As for the budget, I am looking for a solution that falls within the range of less than $3,000. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing SIEM and SOAR platforms - Proficiency in log management and analysis - Knowledge of cyber security threats and response mechanisms - develop the platform using amy programming language If you have the neces...

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    We will be recruiting a recruitment specialist for our Malaysian branch to recruit local technical personnel. Job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the administrative management of the company; plan and implement company employee recruitment; to screen, shortlist, and interview candidates to identify the best fit for the position; 3. Establish and maintain employee records and the signing, modification, renewal, and termination of labor contracts; 4. Assist the team in other HR related tasks. Job requirements: 1. More than three years of recruitment related work experience in the internet industry is preferred; 2. Familiar with the operation and application of commonly used office software; 3. Having certain communication and expression skills, Mandarin proficiency is

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    最近在建一个外卖送餐的网站,需要接入Xunhupay的(微信和支付宝)支付模块。 网站使用的是foodomaa的整站代码: 需要的技能有: Software Version: PHP 7.x Software Framework: Laravel File Types Included: JavaScript JSJavaScript JSON HTML CSS PHP SQL Layered PNG 如果您感兴趣,可以写信给我,价格好商量。 另外网站还有其它的一些改版工作要做,我们可以具体讨论一下能不能一并做。 等您回复哦……

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    1. Can import 500 ip proxy addresses at the same time 2. Can upload picture folder 3. You can upload text files 4. Each different ip address corresponds to a different facebo...corresponds to a different facebook registration entry 5. Each ip address can be replaced or deleted at any time 6. After successful registration, the avatar will be randomly selected from the picture folder, and the name will be randomly selected from the text file 7. Automatically apply through friends, and the time interval for applying through friends can be set by yourself 8. Integrated management of all account messages and comments 9. Real-time update statistics of the number of all friends, like, share, and comment 10. You can clear all accounts and all information with one key, and then start again, ...

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    货物管理,人员管理。货物管理分库存和包装。人员管理分每天的工作时间和采摘量 Managing the employee working time, and takes they have done in one day. The inventory management, in stock number, and package number.

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    Adjust the configuration of Amazon s3 backup function, we have a server on Amazon, created s3 for storing database and web page backup, changed the server's key a few days ago, the function of storing backup is abnormal, do not know how to deal with it, it should be changed The relationship of the key, will not be adjusted, the function of the previous s3 backup is helped by others. Now there is a problem with the backup function. The s3 bucket is used to back up the website and database to the bucket every 1 minute. Now it is not backed up. 1, the server inside, the backup password I have modified, but still can not be backed up, but also restarted the scheduled task, the server apache also restarted, still useless 2. There is a backup script file in the attachment .sh 3, bef...

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    We have completed the graphic design and graphic materials, to speed up the project that want additional resource to help us to code for HTML 5 pages. - Adaptive HTML for mobile devices - Multi- environment support(Iphone 6 - 8, Iphone X and android phones) - Expected 2.5 weeks to complete entire page development, 0.5 weeks for testing and fixing - Basic test from developer before releasing every build to us. Final acceptance test will done by us - NDA is needed before start sharing project infomation 目前我们正在开发一个餐厅订单后台处理的平台,需要另外一名freelance来加速HTML5的开发进程。 - 目前我们已经完成了页面额设计和PS素材的制作,开发人员可以直接使用。 - 自适应网页制作,尤其是针对不同的移动设备(Iphone 6 - 8, Iphone X and android phones) - 希望在两周半的时候完成页面的开发(希望每两两天提交代码,以便早点检查和反馈),大概3-5天做验收测试和问题修复 - 希望开发人员会做基本的自测,确保发给我们验收的内容有一定的质量。当然我们也很希望开发者可用提出一些专业的建议和意见 - 需要和我们签订保密协议,在项目开始...

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    1、要求能够清晰、直观地体现“金融”、“服务”、“孵化中心”的行业特点。 2、由于公司面对的客户都是国际性的大型金融机构,设计风格要求国际化、富高科技和时代感。 3、可参考公司主要发起人的VI信息: 香港志鸿科技控股(Excel Technology International Holdings Limited)松山湖创业投资管理公司(Lake Venture Capital Management Inc) 4、设计师要对设计构思进行详细说明。 5、此静态logo适合做动态的logo片头。 6、LOGO基础应用设计应注明标准字,标准色使用规范,并能提供多种配色方案参考选择。 7、需提供AI,CDR,PSD等格式原文件,应为矢量图。 四、设计产权: 1、所设计的作品应为原创,并保证此前未以任何形式、在任何领域公开发表,未侵犯他人的著作权;如有侵犯他人著作权,由设计者承担所有法律责任。 2、设计方案或任何用于创作参选作品素材,均不得侵犯第三方的任何著作权、商标权、专有权利或其他权利,不得触犯相关法律法规。 3、作品一经采用,所有权、修改权和使用权均归征集方所有,创作者不得再在其他任何地方使用该作品;中标作品的著作权和使用权归征集方所有。征集单位享有对方案进行再修改、展示、出版及其它形式的宣传等权益。未经授权,任何单位和个人不得将本次征集的中标方案进行宣传、出版、展览等,不得向第三方转让,否则征集单位有追究法律责任的权利; 4、一旦竞标成功, 竞标人须先把中标作品的设计底稿、电子文档(提供的图片和图形必须达到实际应用的分辨率),交至我方,经我方确认后才能交割佣金;

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    management 已经结束 left


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    Project for sufyanali961 已经结束 left

    sufyanali961,您好,我看了您的个人资料,想与您进行项目合作。我们可以通过聊天对话进一步讨论细节。Pinterest management

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    Hotel customers using a membership card management system , a need to develop alternatives to achieve full functionality. Features include : And existing interfaces hotel room sales management system ( call each webservice form , with the other engineers do ) ; Membership card classification management , distribution , auditing , enable, payment and other packaging ; Corresponding financial statements , business reports ; Query function ; ( Detailed function menu , see Annex photo ) Claim: We had a similar successful projects ; Autonomously communicate with customers , to explore the details of the demand ; Hotels need to travel to the customer site commissioning and implementation of the ( secondary cities in Sichuan Province ) ; Familiar with busin...

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    I want to find a xrumer / Scropbox SEO software management experts: 1. Proficiency xrumer / Scropbox SEO software, collect and organize resources and released 2. can independently develop Xrumer MOD, collect resources backlinks, backlinks release. 3. Skilled google SEO, site keywords planning, 4. Software Management Time: per month

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    我们公司由风险投资VC资本支持, 我们专注于发展/本土化高端品牌,正在打造成中国最大的休闲娱乐公司。我们正跟海內外的行业佼佼者合作, 开展不同的项目, 包括:马术中心、老爷车俱乐部 等。在上海的旗舰项目, 将成全国最顶尖的马术中心和家庭俱乐部, 老爷车俱乐部。 Magic is a venture backed company, specializing in developing/localising worldwide entertainment & leisure brands. We are on track to become the largest multi-brands, location-based leisure & entertainment management company in China. Projects include: family club, equine centre, classic car club, art museum, theme park, etc." logo用来代表上海迈奇公司旗下Arion高端英式家庭俱乐部,马术俱乐部,老爷车会所等,希望设计有品味,有质感。 Our logo will represent our "Arion" high end UK style family club, equine club and classic car club, looking for creative, elegant and quality designs. 我们需要3个logo, Arion 为主要的公司Logo, 然后Arion 马术俱乐部, Arion 老爷车俱乐部。 We are looking for 3 logos, Ar...

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    Looking for someone to create and manage a wechat group. Scope includes coming up with attention grabbing ideas to drive "Likes", writing/refreshing content, uploading content (words, gif, videos, images) manage Q&A etc for a year

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    ...customer registration, email validation b. customer to invite other customers, and get referral discount. (Invite another customer, both get a coupon) c. online appointment, appointment will be send to manager's email for approval, manager can approve from the email link d. therapist management function, can easily add/delete employee, and arrange employee on duty. e. service management function for cashier, payment calculation for employee and cashier. f. coupon management, coupon will have expire date. g. interface for manager to publish some information on the side new feed bar. h. support google map. 网页设计要求 1. 设计大方简洁,适合按摩店特色,支持手机浏览以及预约,可以支持多个按摩店(不同名字),不同主页 2. 语言支持:英文 3. 需要有适合手机浏览的页面 4. 需要有...

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'channel management- starbucks'

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'Strategic Management Paper'

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    forex metatrader project 已经结束 left

    Development language : php Reference website : Specific requirements: 1 , web design and production: First , the product details page , commodity list page , order submission pages, etc. , to the overall style of the atmosphere on the grade. 2, the functional modules: Reception function: product management systems, search systems, shopping cart functionality , payment systems , order management systems ...... Background function: membership management system ; news, information , advertising systems ; Page Views Statistics ; Links ; station information retrieval system ...... 3 , website maintenance : Service providers need to provide ongoing maintenance support and training site back-office functions 4, can make a separate payment systems can also c...

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    聘请Online Marketing 网络销售人员 Promote & Sell Löwe QMS-5500RF Queue Management System 排队按号码系统 Salary: Direct Commission( USD 30.00 ~ USD 50.00 per sale ) & Target Bonus Contact: Charles Lai 016 711 5203 WhatsApp: 016 711 5203 Product:

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    关于customer relationship management的 lolayty progamme. 有特定的4个问题(问题联系后提供,价格详谈),3000字的小论文。

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    ...installation projects, deliveries) - **Accountant:** Handle all accounting tasks #### Core Features and Functionalities - **Financial Management:** Track financial transactions, manage budgets, generate financial reports - **Inventory Control:** Monitor stock levels, manage inventory, generate inventory reports - **Customer Relationship Management (CRM):** Manage customer interactions, track leads, follow-ups - **Project Management:** Manage projects, assign tasks, track project progress - **Tender Applications:** Manage tender quotations, price requests, supplier selection - **Operational Control:** Oversee day-to-day operations, manage workflows - **Sales Management:** Track sales performance, manage commission for non-employees - **Supplier Ratings:** Eva...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned SAP FICO Consultant for a three-month onsite contract in Hochiminh city, Vietnam. The Senior SAP FICO Consultant will provide expert-level support, configuration, and implementation of the SAP Financial and Controlling (SAP FICO) module. This role is responsible for leading the planning and execution of SAP FICO projects while guiding and mentoring more junior team members. Key Responsibilities: • Lead teams and deliver SAP FICO implementations, upgrades, and enhancements projects on time and within budget • Determine functional requirements through solution design, data modeling and configuration • Configure the core FICO modules including G/L, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, Banking, etc. • Troubleshoo...

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    ...IN Docker). ### Detailed Requirements #### 1. Infrastructure Provisioning - **Terraform Modules**: - Create reusable Terraform modules for different infrastructure components. - Modules should include Kubernetes cluster setup, VPC configuration, load balancers, DNS management, gateways, authentication mechanisms, and a private Docker container registry. - **State Management**: - Use Terraform remote state storage (e.g., DigitalOcean Spaces, AWS S3) to manage the state files securely. #### 2. Kubernetes Cluster - **Cluster Configuration**: - Provision a DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster with at least 3 nodes. - Enable autoscaling for the node pool. - **Networking**: - Configure a private VPC for the cluster. - Set up Kubernetes net...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Odoo professional to assist with the setup of our purchase invoice, sales invoice, shipment, and inventory management. Key Requirements: - Creation of structured purchase invoices, including item description and quantity, pricing and discounts, and taxes and fees. - Setup of sales invoices, ensuring that all essential elements are included. - Implementation of a system for managing shipments. - Integration of an inventory update procedure. Ideal Candidate: - Prior experience with Odoo is essential. - Proven track record of establishing efficient and accurate invoice systems. - Familiarity with inventory management and shipment processes. - Ability to communicate effectively and promptly primarily through instant messaging. Please include ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Odoo developer to create a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module for my Odoo 17 setup. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and integrate an Odoo 17 CRM module that aligns with my business needs and goals. - Ensure the module is user-friendly, efficient, and scalable for any future growth. - Provide any necessary training or support for the module post-development. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Odoo development, particularly in creating CRM modules. - Strong understanding of CRM best practices and how to align them with Odoo's capabilities. - Excellent communication and customer service skills to ensure the module meets my business requirements. Please bid with your relevant experience and approach to thi...

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    I'm currently experiencing a theme layout issue in my WooCommerce website. Specifically, there are misaligned elements on the product page which need to be adjusted. The ideal freelancer should have: - Extensive experience and excellent skills in managing and configuring WooCommerce websites - The ability to assess and fix theme management issues - Detailed understanding of CSS and other styling aspects to ensure the proper alignment of elements on a webpage The task needs to be completed within 2 hours. Please apply if you can deliver proper and accurate results within the specified timeframe.

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    I'm looking for an experienced Amazon dropshipping expert who can help me with product sourcing and management. - Your primary responsibility will be to find the best products to sell on Amazon. - You should be able to analyze market trends and identify high-demand products. - I expect you to manage all aspects of the product sourcing process, ensuring high quality and timely delivery. - An understanding of Amazon's marketplace dynamics is crucial. Sourcing of approximately 10 products. - Management to include the following: 1- Help to get approval for the product 2- Listing on Amazon 3- Customer service 4- Every day updating according to the supplier 5- Fixing all kinds of issues if we face 6- Profit calculation

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    ...Project Objective: Create a comprehensive web app for a subscription-based laundry pickup and delivery service using 2. Key Components: a. Web App: - Purpose: Handle entire customer journey from sign-up to order management - Features: * Customer registration and account management * Subscription plan selection and management * Order placement, tracking, and history * Scheduling for pickups and deliveries * Stripe integration for payments * Customer dashboard for subscription and order management * Notifications system for order updates b. Admin Dashboard: - Purpose: Manage customers, subscriptions, and orders - Features: * View and update customer information * Track subscription ...

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    I'm looking to develop academic materials for three diverse academic programmes - Law, Business, and Computing. I need to have a complete set of study materials, assignments, and tutor notes crafted for each of these programmes. Requirements: - Study Materials: - The study materials should be well-structured, detailed, and focused on providing an ...timely delivery is vital. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven track record in developing academic content and resources. - Strong understanding of Law, Business, and Computing. - Ability to create engaging, in-depth content. - Experience in creating challenging and thought-provoking assignments. - Proven capability in developing comprehensive tutor notes. - Excellent time management and ability to meet st...

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    Budget is 120$ not more because i have already laravel website!!! - Fix some issues on backend input fields edit buttons - upgrade to newest laravel - frontend needs shopping feature, product details galery with slider, variable non variable product - contact and - clients - show all clients, manage client, disable client, delete client etc, show order history - coupon system -> manage remove edit coupons with % and static discount options inc limit option usage limit of coupons. - payment settings: , , paypal payment methods needs work. - vat setup, add multiple vats and select by product add with type vat i want use. - invoice management, show paid invoices, manual invoice create and send the client email, attach sales person from membbers in side the backend

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    ...functionalities. - Update: The site must be updated to work seamlessly with the latest PHP version. - Custom PHP Extensions: The site relies on custom PHP extensions, so these must be diligently updated as well. The key functionalities that need to be maintained post-migration are: - User Login/Registration: The user system is crucial to our website, so it must remain operational. - Content Management System (CMS): The CMS is heavily used for updating content regularly, hence it's essential that it continues to function without any issues. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficient in PHP/MySQL: Extensive experience in working with these technologies is a must. - Migration Expertise: A proven track record of successfully migrating websites is essential. - Custom PHP Extensions:...

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    I'm in need of an Odoo17 Accounting Trainer who can provide a hands-on training session on the accounting, Expense management, Purchase management, Project modules. Focus: general and analytic accounting. Training will be held in our testing environment already set up and running through remotes sessions. Before each session a list of specific queries/topics will be sent in order to prepare the meeting. There will be 2-4 trainings per week each during 1hr Payment up to 55 eur per hour depending on communication and technical skills The participants have an intermediate level of proficiency with Odoo's accounting module PLEASE NOTE: (MUST NOT) No payment in advance: we need a 1 hour trial to asses trainer No consulting package in hours after first session we will p...

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    ...Funnels: You will be responsible for creating and configuring funnels within Go High Level. An in-depth understanding of how to set up and optimize funnels for the best results is crucial. - Email Campaign Creation: Crafting email campaigns that are engaging, compelling, and optimized for conversions. You should have a solid understanding of email marketing best practices. - Client Communication Management: Efficiently manage client communication within the platform. Your communication skills and ability to engage with our audience will be vital for this role. The primary goal of this project is to create a snapshot within Go High Level. I need someone who can not only set up the necessary funnels and email campaigns but also have a clear understanding of how to create a snaps...

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    ...eager to take on new challenges, I would love to hear from you! Key Responsibilities: Manage and develop eCommerce stores, including product listings, inventory management, and customer service. Assist with programming projects, including coding, debugging, and testing. Design, develop, and maintain websites, ensuring they are user-friendly and up-to-date. Conduct research and provide insights on various topics as needed. Handle administrative tasks such as email management, scheduling, and data entry. Collaborate with me to brainstorm and implement new ideas and strategies. Qualifications: Proven experience in eCommerce management, programming, and web development. Strong technical skills, including proficiency in various programming languages and web developmen...

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    ...code against the database and display the appropriate deals. Retailers login with all licenses Deal in products • approval Process: Implement an admin panel where you can review and approve or reject registrations based on submitted documents. • Authentication: Use secure login methods, including username/password combinations and two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. • Account Management: Allow users to manage their account details, update documents, and reset passwords securely. • Provide a dashboard where retailers can track their orders and receive updates on delivery status. • App: For fast and real-time updates, a mobile app can send push notifications to retailers, ensuring they get instant alerts about their deliveries. • 24/7 S...

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    I'm searching for a dedicated mechanical or chemical engineer, or even better if both disciplines are covered, to collaborate with my Solid Waste Management (SWM) project in Senegal. Key Responsibilities: - Designing progressive and efficient SWM systems - Leading in-depth analysis of the current SWM system - Implementing innovative and effective SWM practices Relevant Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Environmental Engineering - Comprehensive knowledge in Waste Management - Mastery of Chemical Processes This challenging and rewarding role requires a keen eye for detail, exceptional problem-solving skills, and a passion for contributing to environmental sustainability. Looking forward to receiving your bids.

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    I'm seeking a skilled Web Developer to create an informational website designed to appeal to the general public. The site should...allowing visitors to reach out for information, questions, and suggestions. - Subscription Service: This feature should allow visitors to sign up for routine updates or newsletters. - Discussion Forums: A platform for users to interact, discuss, and share thoughts. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design with emphasis on interface and user experience. - Expertise in database management, specifically for subscription and discussion forum services. - Demonstrated ability to create intuitive, user-friendly designs. - Experience delivering similar projects successfully. - Strong communication skills, with a commitment to understan...

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    I need a skilled professional to redraw a 100 square meter PDF file into Revit format. The primary purpose is to create a building design from this sketch. The ideal candidate should...from this sketch. The ideal candidate should be able to work quickly and efficiently, as I require the file immediately. Key requirements for this project: - Expertise in Revit: You should be proficient in using Revit software and have experience with building design projects. - Attention to Detail: The accuracy of the 100 square meter area is crucial for this project to be successful. - Time Management: The project is on a tight deadline, so you should be able to work efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the work. Please note that I do not have the original CAD files or blueprints for the...

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    I'm looking for a professional to install a visitor tracking tool on our website. Data collection should be at an high level, including specific visitors and their lasting pages. Key Requirements: - Installation of a Visitor Tracking Tool: You have the te...demographics and session duration. - Experience: Your application should highlight your experience in installing such tools. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in website analytics tools - Experience in visitor tracking and data analysis - Strong understanding of user behavior on websites - Proven track record in installing and configuring tracking tools - Excellent communication and project management skills to keep us informed and deliver results on time. Please include details of your relevant experience in...

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    I'm in need of ...of a professional Android app developer to create a bill maker app called QuickBill. Key Requirements: - The app should be compatible with Android operating system. Main Features: - Expense Management: This feature should allow users to track their expenses efficiently. It's the most critical part of the app. Your Application: - I expect you to include detailed project proposals in your application. This should showcase your understanding of the project and how you plan to execute it. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Android app development - Experience in creating bill maker or expense management apps is a plus - Strong understanding of UI/UX design for mobile applications Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'm looking f...

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    ...WooCommerce-based e-commerce website. Your main focus will be implementing a seamless payment gateway and a robust sales forecasting feature for inventory management. Key Project Details: - E-commerce Platform: The site will be built on WooCommerce, so prior experience with this platform is crucial. - Payment Gateway: Stripe will be the primary payment gateway, so proficiency in integrating this specific service is necessary. - Inventory Management: I need a sales forecasting feature to be implemented, so an understanding of this aspect of inventory management is important. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient with WooCommerce, Stripe, and inventory management systems - Prior experience in developing e-commerce sites, especially on WooCommerce - Knowl...

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    145 个竞标 for contractors. The system will essentially used predominantly by a call centre to log/track and contact contractors on behalf of estate agents or landlords. Think but with a more call centre front of house. Key Features: - Property Management: A comprehensive property management module that will help us keep track of all our properties, their tenants, and associated contractors. - Maintenance Tracking: A feature that will allow us to log and track maintenance requests, ensuring timely resolution. - Call Out Management: A system to manage and assign call-outs to relevant contractors, with automated alerts and reminders. - SMS/Email Support: This feature is crucial for our operations, as it allows us to efficiently communicate with all involved pa...

    $25038 (Avg Bid)
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    ...responsibilities will include: - Amazon Seller Account Management: Proficiency in handling Amazon FBA inventory and driving sales. - WordPress Expertise: Enhancing the functionality and appeal of our website to attract and retain customers. - Social Media Wizardry: Skilful management of Facebook ads, Instagram, and Google Ads. - Professional Social Media Pages: Creating and maintaining a top-notch Facebook and Instagram presence. - Content Creation: Developing engaging Instagram posts, reels, and ads. - Budget Management: Adherence to a budget of $500 - $1000 for the project. Ideal candidates should have a proven track record of success in similar projects, demonstrating a deep understanding of digital marketing, e-commerce, and social media management. A s...

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    IBD360 Mobile app upgrade (48h) 1. Convert project to use Typescript(tsx) instead of traditional javascript(js) * helps catch errors early and makes the code more robust and maintainable. 2. Prettier configuration 3. Eslint config * consistent code style and catch potential issues early. 4. Absolute path configuration 5. Build on the latest code 15 6. Release to both app stores

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    RESPONSIBILITIES: - Editing of Promotional & Coaching Video for about 20+ hours of Videos as Phase 1 - Produci...Editing - Editing Pictures & Videos for internal and external purposes. - Available to work a few hours for Meetings during EST hours QUALIFICATIONS: - Must have a Minimum of 5 years Experience in Video Editing of which Min 2 years must be in the US market - Must be a Creative thinker outside the box - Knowledge of the Format & Type of Videos Most Popular in the US Market - Good time-management skills - Great interpersonal and communication skills - Expertise with Cutting Edge video editing tools & best practices - Good Knowledge & understanding of motion graphics - High-Quality Video Production - Excellent Visual Design - Excellent Kn...

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    Looking for someone to do the following things and be a social media manager: - Research for articles on Endodotics and post those on social media pages after doctors approval - Create and post at least two posts a week on all ...a social media manager: - Research for articles on Endodotics and post those on social media pages after doctors approval - Create and post at least two posts a week on all social media pages - Create a generic video once or twice a month and post on all social media pages and YouTube - Someone with graphic designing skill, video editing skills and have excellent knowledge about social media management This is an ongoing work and will make payment on a monthly basis. SEO: Do search Engine optimization for our website and bring the ranking up to page 1 i...

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