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    气象指数由一个IoT通过sim卡传到cloud,需要一位专业人士链接数据到到网站 I need a great programmer to know how to connect with cloud with my IOT, store the data sent by IOT in the cloud and visualize via a web site. I already have a website in Chinese, and I need to have the same website in English or French but IP should be located in France and the data alss stored in French cloud

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    我的网站需要一位对Spring Cloud 非常熟练掌握的人员帮助解决分布式事务问题

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    Produce a English version for a chinese website, which is developed by chinese developer and provides cloud based screenshot service. 我们开发了一个截图工具网站。这个网站包括网站本身,一个APP,以及一个chrome浏览器的扩展插件。 我们面向的用户群主要是海外的互联网从业人员(如产品经理/设计师等),因此,我们急需一个熟悉了解海外互联网,经常使用海外尤其是美国互联网产品/社交媒体,同时精通中文的网站文案写作及营销人员,来为我们进行网站的文案写作(大约10个页面)。并且我们希望后续也能够把社会化媒体的营销推广,广告的投放,甚至于SEO的相关工作一并交付。 这个工作大致可分为两部分,一部分是网站初期的整体文案写作工作。这个大概需要在3~5天内完成。 这个工作完成后,我们会再探讨后续的长期的营销推广工作的合作方式。

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    食品盒存储管理 (IOS & Android) 1. 首次安装及打开APPS会要求用户注册或登入. 1.1. 用我司CRM API 2. APPS布局 2.1. APPS上面有主TOOLBAR(Home icon, Apps na...用户把该区块拖拉到左面的种类方块存入该种类. (该种类已存数量加1) 2.4.8. 单按种类方块可显示该种类存入名称, 日期及过期日等明细 2.4.9. 点明细可修改/删除, 或加入Buying Task 2.5. Chart 2.5.1. BarChart及PieChart图显示已存食物种类分布 (可选按年, 月, 全期) 2.6. Buying Task (购买任务) 2.6.1. 从2.4.9.加入 2.6.2. 显示要购买东西清单(名称及checkbox), 例如在超市可按清单购买, 按该行checkbox, 像checklist. 2.7. Setting 2.7.1. EDIT MY DATA (用我司CRM API) 2.7.2. ABOUT US (打开我司网页) 2.7.3. VOTE (FB/Twitter) 2.7.4. SYNC TO CLOUD (用我司MySql API)

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    食品盒存储管理 (IOS & Android) 1. 首次安装及打开APPS会要求用户注册或登入. 1.1. 用我司CRM API 2. APPS布局 2.1. APPS上面有主TOOLBAR(Home icon, Apps na...用户把该区块拖拉到左面的种类方块存入该种类. (该种类已存数量加1) 2.4.8. 单按种类方块可显示该种类存入名称, 日期及过期日等明细 2.4.9. 点明细可修改/删除, 或加入Buying Task 2.5. Chart 2.5.1. BarChart及PieChart图显示已存食物种类分布 (可选按年, 月, 全期) 2.6. Buying Task (购买任务) 2.6.1. 从2.4.9.加入 2.6.2. 显示要购买东西清单(名称及checkbox), 例如在超市可按清单购买, 按该行checkbox, 像checklist. 2.7. Setting 2.7.1. EDIT MY DATA (用我司CRM API) 2.7.2. ABOUT US (打开我司网页) 2.7.3. VOTE (FB/Twitter) 2.7.4. SYNC TO CLOUD (用我司MySql API)

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    Hi I will share the details with the shortlisted candidates. Thanks

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    An expert is required to make a project on a Simple RPC-based Distributed Computing Platform

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    Executive Assistant - follows up on the implementation of the work team's tasks - organizes and schedules work and meetings - is responsible for operating the system, permissions and powers - follows up on the implementation of subprojects He is proficient in working with cloud teams and is proficient in how remote science teams work He is proficient in working on Google Workspace + Google Cloud + proficient in working on project management programs

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    We need help finalising a WP-Elementor site. The following remains outstanding for the website to take live. We have created a visual of the final website design in a Canva wireframe. We've also put all the website copy in a Word doc in a format that follows that design, so it's easily pastable to its corresponding section. All of this is saved in a cloud drive we'll invite you to once we proceed with the project. The current website front end is 80% done, and the backend requires a bit more work. Here is what is needed to finalise it: 1. Finalising the website front end – a. Home page: i. Banner & first section text needs to be justified and side margins possibly made thinner ii. Images insider slider boxes need to resize...

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    ...10K/10Q in question. Essentially, equivalent abilities to Claude in that you can upload a PDF and ask questions. For context, I am certainly okay if GPT-3.5 is used as the backend. In short, a successful developer for this project will be able to: - Build a website with strong UI/UX on a specific domain - Bulk download all 10,000 10Ks/10Qs and advise on the optimal storage of those (on the cloud or otherwise) - Use GPT-3.5 API or other similar AI backend to create a chatbot specific to the 10Ks/10Qs that a user can interact with...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a cloud based file management system. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing secure and user-friendly platforms. Requirements: - File storage and sharing: The system should allow users to upload, store, and share files easily. - Document collaboration: Users should be able to collaborate on documents in real-time. - Data backup and recovery: The system should have a reliable backup and recovery mechanism to ensure data can be restored if necessary. Number of users: - More than 200: The system should be able to handle a large number of users simultaneously. Security requirements: - Advanced encryption with two-factor authentication: The system should have robust security measures in place, including advanced e...

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    We're launching a tech start-up specializing in web development, cloud solutions, data engineering, and AI. We need in-depth market research to understand our competitive landscape and target market. The research should identify and analyze key competitors, assessing their services, pricing models, and market positioning. It should also evaluate market demand, identifying trends and potential gaps in service offerings. A crucial component is to define our target customer personas, understanding their specific needs, preferences, and pain points, which will guide our service offerings and pricing strategy. The findings should be meticulously summarized in a well-organized spreadsheet, providing insights that will drive our business strategy.

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    I really just need a copy of the content, not the entire site. Most of the content is stored on the cloud and I do not know how to get it Please reach out for further details

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    ...Bootstrap y afines) * Lenguajes de programación (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP) * Base de datos para consultas bajo SQL * Framework y Librería (React con NEXT & con ) * Testing con JavaScript * Nociones de integración web con APIs * Conocimiento de sistemas de gestión de contenidos (CMS) como WordPress * Conocimientos de UX / UI * Gestión de servidores web (Linux) * Cloud AWS * Chat GPT * COPILOT X ¿QUÉ HARÍAS DIARIAMENTE CON NOSOTROS? 1. Desarrollar la interfaz y arquitectura del sitio web. 2. Diseñar interfaces de usuario y otras funcionalidades front-end. 3. Desarrollar aplicaciones back-end. 4. Responsable de crear servidores y base de datos para su correcta operatividad. 5. Garantiza la funcio...

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    Need a logo for a dessert bar+takeaway Name of the shop is CLOUD 99 They need a logo that looks modern, vibrant but yet simple and effective. Use your own initative for the colours and make this look wow. ONLY BESPOKE DESIGNS - no templates. NO PHOTOSHOPPERS PLEASE ONLY ILLUSTRATOR AND COREL DRAW ENTRANTS. Surprise us and make this look wow!

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    ...there, We are currently looking for an experienced full-stack developer to finalize the development of our web application, an online journal. Your primary responsibility will be to complete the remaining tasks outlined in the provided list of missing features. Additional changes can be incorporated as the process progresses. The platforms we’re using: Hosting - Google Cloud Run Domain Registrar - Namecheap, Google Cloud Database - MongoDB File storage - Wasabi Subscriptions: Paddle. Are you familiar with this service? If so, please indicate that in your submission. It would greatly enhance your submission if you could choose one feature ( Activity Wall, Memory box etc.) from the list attached and create a concise test mock-up to showcase your approach to inte...

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    Deployment of a Mock server 6 天 left

    Using a Swagger provided, deploy a Mock server with Mockoon / Docker / Kubernetes on Google Cloud. Expected deliverables: * Code / Documentation for building the project with Jenkins and creating the Docker image. * Charter to be added for the CD part and to start the image created with kubernetes.

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    google sheet add on 6 天 left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Google Sheet add-on with the following requirements: Functionality: - Install Add on on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) - Show us how to update next updates on same platform. - Custom formulas and calculations Purpose: - The add-on will be used for data file generation. Timeline: - The add-on needs to be completed within a month Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Google Apps Script and Google Sheets API - Experience in developing Google Sheet add-ons - Strong understanding of data analysis and project management - Ability to create custom formulas and calculations If you have the necessary skills and experience, please apply with examples of your previous work.

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    I am in need of a web-based application and Desktop Application designed and built for managing multiple powerplants under one roof, and with more detailed functions and features. I already have the APIs created so it will just be a matter of connecting them with the front-end and backend you will design and create. Budget: 2500 USD I would like to have this whole system completed within 3 months of time. I have the detailed Statement of work created and will share it with successful candidate to quote. I need to see demo maybe recorded videos of any complex web based systems and desktop applications you have built previously. APPLY ONLY WITH ONE RECORDED VIDEO OF ANY COMPLEX WEB APP OR DESKTOP APP YOU BUILT. APPLICATION WITHOUT DEMO VIDEOS WILL BE REJECTED IMMEDIATELY!!!

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    ...experienced in ROS and Point Cloud to assist me with an object detection project. The specific purpose of this project is for autonomous vehicle navigation. I am looking for a moderate level of precision for the object detection. The system will need to detect moving objects. I have the ROS2 installed and working with my LiDAR and can publish point cloud. from RViz Viewer I can subscribe and view the visualized data. I need to add preprocess file that subscribe to the point cloud and do filtering or clustering to detect the objects then publish again as proceed data also logging the detected objects and send it as JSON data or any easier foramt for further use. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficiency in ROS and Point Cloud...

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    ...experienced designer who can create an engaging and eye-catching Facebook ad poster for our Cloud-Based Point of Sale (POS) Software. The poster should instantly communicate to viewers that it represents a POS solution, and it should stand out in the crowded social media landscape to attract maximum attention. Objective: To design a compelling and recognizable Facebook ad poster representing our Cloud-Based POS Software. Dimension Ratio: The poster must have a 1:1 (square) ratio. Visual Elements: Utilize visuals that clearly signify point-of-sale software, such as cash registers, barcodes, shopping, or retail environments. Content Elements: The ad should succinctly convey the key benefits and features of our cloud-based POS software, engaging users and prompting t...

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    Hello, we are looking for a developer to build a custom platform to get access to the softwares that we sell on our marketplace and then build a cloud based web app to access these softwares with a proxy, so the softwares will be able to be used by multiple customers at the same time. We have examples of existing softwares that are exactly the same that we want so you can have a look at it and see it if needed as long as it functions as it should. We only accept experts and developers extremely skilled that know what they are doing, this project is simple because we already have examples of exactly what we want to build but it doesn't mean it should be easy. We need to get this project done as soon as possible, so feel free to reach out if you are an expert or extremely skill...

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    fix corrupt visio file 5 天 left

    I am looking for someone to help me with an urgent task. I have a Visio 2019 file stored in the cloud that is corrupt and I need it to be fixed. I'm not sure if I have a backup of the file, so it may require extra work to restore it. It is important that the experience is with the Visio 2019 software in order to properly diagnose the file and find a solution. I look forward to hearing from the right person to assist me with this challenging issue.

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    Project Tit...Kubernetes setup for production I am looking for a skilled professional to set up Kubernetes for production in my own data center within a week. I am open to recommendations for the specific version of Kubernetes to use. Requirements: - Experience with Kubernetes setup and configuration - Knowledge of deploying Kubernetes in a data center environment - Familiarity with various cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure - Ability to recommend the best version of Kubernetes based on project requirements - Efficient and able to complete the project within a week If you have the necessary skills and experience in Kubernetes setup and configuration, please submit your proposal with relevant past projects and your recommended approach ...

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    I have a folder containing subfolders with .jpeg images. iCloud folder. They are all corrupted, can not be moved or viewed. I did create a list of the files from the folder using a cmd commando, so I know what category the images are in. The images are available in the cloud and the phone however, so I downloaded them and placed them into a folder. .HEIC-format. Now, how do I recreate the subcategory structure, creating the folders and place each of the non-corrupted files into the different categories? I can ofcourse manually create each subcategory, then search for the name(s) in X folder and move into the correct folders acording to the .txt file. This takes a very long time however. Can this be automated in a smart way using some software or script?

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    ...Atlas MongoDB Cloud for my Angular 16 web project. - Environment Angular 16 already set and website is running. - Configuring Atlas MongoDB Cloud with Form input website for new users. Form input and db include : "_id": { "$oid": "645f86017644329adeaa03bc" }, "Country": "", "FirstName": "", "LastName": "", "MobilePhone": "", "BirthdayDate": "", "Email": "", "date created":"" } already start for config and For now have this issue: "app-wishlist-page:1 Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass ac...

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    On a NestJS project, it has to be implemented a proper dockerize in order to be deployed into to cloud. ToDo list: In the nestjs project, must be implemented 3 environments: development, stage, and production. Each environment has its own configurations. The approach of configurations is based on config json files and not on .env The project will contain 2 major branches on Git Hub. main branch and stage branch. when each of those branches are updated, it must be deployed to each cloud server. stage branch => stage server, main branch => production server The cloud server is the "Hetzner cloud "(the server already exists) with the docker. Dockerize the NestJs Server and Postgresql DB.

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    Terraform jenkins 5 天 left

    Project Title: Terraform Jenkins I...who can help me integrate Terraform with Jenkins on Azure. I already have a detailed set of requirements for the project. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in Terraform and Jenkins integration - Proficiency in working with Azure cloud platform - Ability to understand and implement detailed requirements for the project Expertise in Azure and Terraform. Good work experience in CI/CD Need to be capable of design and develop the cloud infrastructure scripts using terraform and light speed Experience in Application and services migration to cloud. Experience with Terraform deployments using Azure DevOps 6+ years of experience in development or an equivalent combination of education and work experience Knowledge of a...

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    Work on Firebase Cloud 5 天 left

    Firebase Cloud API's Migration - I am looking for someone to assist me with migrating my existing Firebase project to the cloud API's. - The specific feature that I need assistance with is the migration of the APIs: From Legacy HTTP to HTTPv1, Server Keys and SafetyNet Attestation API to Play Integrity API. - It is ideal for the freelancer to have experience with Firebase Cloud and API migration. - The project should be completed within a timeline of 1-2 weeks.

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    I am looking for a skilled writer to help me create a white paper on software architecture trends about "Reduce the latency in E-health systems based on the Internet of Things and cloud computing using efficient edge caching mechanisms" . The purpose of this white paper is to present research findings on current software architecture trends. Specific Requirements: - The white paper should focus on a particular software architecture trend, as I have a specific trend in mind. - The level of detail should be detailed but understandable to non-experts, so the writer should have the ability to explain technical concepts in a clear and concise manner. - The ideal writer should have knowledge and experience in software architecture and be able to conduct thorough resear...

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    Looking for Pular Guinea transcribers. They will listen to the audio and transcribe the the Pular langauge. The project involves audio transcription on the LOFT portal, a cloud-based transcription service utilizing machine learning for accurate transcription of various audio and video formats. LOFT, short for "Language-Optimized Framework for Transcription," operates on Google Cloud Platform and offers guidelines and training materials via YouTube playlists. LOFT involves two parts , 1. Segmentation or Time slicing 2. Transcription on segments. First Transcriber needs to segment the file by following loft guidelines and then transcribe on the segments. However, If a Transcriber is not aware of segmentation or finds it difficult to understand how to work...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to assist me with configuring Atlas MongoDB Cloud for my Angular 16 web project. The specific tasks that I need assistance with include: - Environment Angular 16 already set. - Configuring Atlas MongoDB Cloud with Form website Form website include : "_id": { "$oid": "645f86017644329adeaa03bc" }, "Country": "", "FirstName": "", "LastName": "", "MobilePhone": "", "BirthdayDate": "", "Email": "", "date created":"" } already start for config and For now have this issue: "app-wishlist-page:1 Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' has been blocked by ...

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    I am looking for a skilled tech writer in Portuguese (Brazil) to create medium-length tutorials on various tech topics. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing tech tutorials from scratch, with the ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. Requirements: - Java - Microservices - Cloud native - Fluent in Portuguese (Brazil) with excellent writing skills - Strong understanding of technology and the ability to research and explain technical concepts - Proven experience in writing tech tutorials, preferably in the medium length range (1000-2000 words) - Ability to write engaging and informative content that is suitable for beginners and intermediate level readers Skills and Experience: - Fluent in Portuguese (Brazil) - Strong writing and communica...

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    Tech writer 5 天 left

    Tech Writer Needed for Software Development Project Skills and Experience Required: - Strong background in software development - JAVA - Microsercices - Message Driven - Cloud Native - Excellent writing skills with the ability to explain technical concepts in a clear and concise manner - Familiarity with the software development process and industry terminology - Experience in writing both deep technical explanations and general overviews - Ability to conduct thorough research and gather information from reliable sources Project Details: We are looking for a skilled tech writer to create content for our software development project. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of software development and the ability to explain complex technical concepts in a clear and conc...

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    To Create/Modify 30 images 5 天 left

    Looking for someone who can create and modify 30 images with Animation related to OCI-AWS-Azure cloud that need to be listed in the website. Budget is 200 USD -

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    55 个竞标 various SaaS services to a hub to present, update, and transfer data. About you: - Individual independent developer working alone by yourself (yeah this is important, so no managers or agencies) - Expert in Vue, Node, and TypeScript - In a time zone from GMT to GMT+5 Test project description: - Connect to a SaaS via API using Node and TypeScript - Download some test data and store it in the cloud SQL database Supabase - Present the data in the most simple way as a table using Vue - This is a test, so no need to create a login with Vue or anything like that --- IMPORTANT!!! --- To be considered as a candidate, you must answer the following questions. Your bid will be ignored if not all are answered properly. - Are you an individual developer working alone (and not a manager)...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me create portfolio website. Steps to follow: Should have an understanding on this tech stack Java, Spring Boot Docker, Kubernetes Spring Cloud, Quarkus, RabbitMQ and Kafka, Angular JS Research on Hot Data Science technologies. Qualified professionals needed as I would have done this myself if i know whats trending in data science. Then out of all these, and ill send my resume as well, you create me a portfolio. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in navigating and using the Udemy platform - Should Have a Bachelor's or Masters Degree in Computer science in the field of Data Science - Efficient and detail-oriented to ensure timely acquisition of certificates

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    I am in need of an expert for a website design project like azure. The website will be built for cloud hosting, and will include a shopping cart and checkout capabilities. I would like the design of the website to be sleek and modern. Additionally, I'm looking for it to have advanced e-commerce functionality. To make this happen, I prefer it to be built using the Shopify platform. Whoever I work with must be experienced in website design, e-commerce platforms, and cloud hosting technology. As a result, I'm looking for someone who is able to build this with the highest quality design, functionalities and security.

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    ...should have experience in the following areas: Skills and Experience: - Experience in 4g gateways for IOT and IIOT projects - Strong knowledge of Modbusand Rs485, integration - Familiarity with cloud-based platforms for online monitoring Specific Requirements: - Integrate online monitoring with a cloud-based platform - multiple devices within the network If you have the necessary skills and experience in IOT, IIOT, industry 4.0, and online monitoring, please submit your proposal. 1) We will give you available list of gateway and router you have to select best one 2) We will give you list of cloud services you have to choose best one for us 3) you have to intrigate hardware and software 4) Six month Support required to observetion and training We require perso...

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    EDI Developer 4 天 left

    ...integrations • Demonstrated ability to build enterprise-level software • Demonstrated experience with Cloud development • Front-end experience in JavaScript, React.js • Experiences in web frontend technologies, including HTML/XML/SCSS/JSON • Experience with automated testing including unit and integration tests • Experience with SQL databases • Good verbal and written communication skills • Experience in system design, data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving. • Working knowledge of REST service patterns and other client/server interaction models • Experience with ticket/release management tools, e.g., Jira • Experience with Git and GitLab Bonus Points If You Have: • AWS or other cloud certifications &bu...

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    ...Through Mobile Subscription Plan and payment (using payment gateway) H. When Subscription expires then Dashboard will show only previous data , not current and afterward from subscription expiry date, until he gets renewal on his subscription. I. Admin Panel. J. Real-time monitoring and alerts for security purposes 2) Backup - Admin panel should have setting to set the local path and cloud path (optional), backup mode (auto and manual both) 3) Update - application update though internet should be applicable when we release for a particular customer or for public 4) Web application will have section on which we will publish our further applications demos and there should be likes and wish list concept. Please have a look detail requirement from attachment. I am open to...

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    I am looking for an Android app developer to create a companion app for OneDrive Excel. The app should have the following features: - File syncing: The app should be able to sync Excel offline, allowing users to access and edit their Excel files even without an internet connection. - Data storage: The primary function of the Excel files on OneDrive is data storage, so the app should prioritize seamless integration with OneDrive for storing and retrieving files. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in Android app development - Experience with integrating cloud storage services, specifically OneDrive - Familiarity with Excel file handling and editing capabilities - Strong understanding of data synchronization and offline functionality in mobile apps - Pict...

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    ...intermediaries between the sensors and the Mother Server, as well as data transmission bridges to a cloud API. Key Stages of the Project: Presence Notification: Develop a mechanism for the Mother Server to be notified about the presence of sensors. Connection Assessment: Implement logic for the Mother Server to determine whether a connection to the sensors is required. Initial Connection: Design the Android app to connect to sensors via Bluetooth for preliminary communication, as instructed by the Mother Server. Data Retrieval: Enable the app to send instructions to sensors for retrieving hex-encoded data. Data Transmission: Develop functionality for the app to transmit the retrieved data to a specified cloud API. Implement logic in the Mother Server to instruct the...

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    We need some help setting up SSL on Google Cloud. We can set up the DNS based on the feedback we get. We want to - a. create a K8S cluster on Google Cloud using Auto Pilot b. Create a volume c. create a pod running jfrog/artifactory-jcr - we need to get to the login screen for jfrog and don't need it to be configured. We need the setting up of an ingress and installing an SSL certificate documented. We have a domain and SSL certificate we want to use. We should be able to https to jfrog login screen. We will then follow the documentation to ensure we can create the SSL.

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    AUDIO UPLOADS TO PODCAST -- 2 4 天 left

    ...Simple UPLOADS. SOME TAGGING MAYBE REQUIRED WHEN UPLOADING. BUT NOTHING MORE Ideal skills and experience: - Experience with podcast platforms and uploading audio files. - Familiarity with MP3 format and its specifications. - Attention to detail to ensure accurate and timely uploads. - Good communication skills to provide updates on the progress of the uploads. Podcast: - Only Uploads Required from Cloud drives to our various Podcast Channels - Some info has to be inserted from descriptions attached with audio - Very Easy and Simple Cost: - Our Maximum budget for this is between $70 - $100 - DO NOT BID HIGHER THEN THIS AS IT WOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED - WE WOULD ACCEPT THE PRICE YOU BID FOR - NOTHING MORE - DO NOT BID IF YOU UNHAPPY WITH WORK TASK AND COSTING - DO NOT NEGOTIATE PRIC...

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    whatsapp marketing We are looking for an experienced freelance developer with expertise in Node.js and React.js to lead the development of a WhatsApp Cloud API system that enables our customers to broadcast WhatsApp messages. This project requires a skilled developer who can seamlessly integrate WhatsApp APIs, design a user-friendly web interface, and ensure the system's performance and security. Responsibilities: API Integration: Integrate WhatsApp APIs into our cloud-based system, allowing for messaging functionality. User-Friendly Interface: Design and develop a user-friendly web interface using React.js, enabling customers to compose and send WhatsApp broadcasts. Contact Management: Implement a contact management system to facilitate customer contact list uploads...

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    Need AWS cloud expert to help us migrate all our existing AWS resources to a new AWS account. AWS account has very few resources like RDS 10 odd EC2 instances 10 S3 buckets Few lambda functions All these should be moved to a new account gracefully with minimal downtime. It is a time sensitive project - to be completed within 2 days.

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    ...Astronomer for Airflow, ADLS Gen2, Kubernetes, and databases. • Hands-on experience with Terraform or other Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools for automating infrastructure provisioning and management. • Proficiency in programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, or Python. • In-depth understanding of software architecture principles, microservices, and RESTful APIs. • Familiarity with cloud economics and cost management strategies in Azure. • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, with the ability to identify and resolve complex technical issues. • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders. • Proactive mindset with the ability to drive initia...

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    I am looking for a developer who has experience with PHP OAuth 2 implementation for Google Cloud Platform. Specific functionality needed: - Authentication using PHP OAuth 2 Existing architecture: - Yes, I have an existing architecture that needs to be integrated with this implementation Timeline: - The project needs to be completed within 1-2 weeks Ideal skills and experience: - Strong knowledge of PHP and OAuth 2 - Experience with Google Cloud Platform - Familiarity with integrating OAuth 2 into existing architectures. I need to make API calls to google Vertex AI solution but the API call needs a OAuth2 access token for authentication. I need help implementing a solution that can get a OAuth2 access token. My ideal solution would be with low dependency like this...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me. I have a code service platform ready, I would like to transform it into Saas and natively integrate some external systems. Long-term project. -transform into saas -change the front-end, make it more modern and with ui/ux -integrate channels like whatsapp cloud api -make continuous improvements to codes

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