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    Superhero Comic Book 已经结束 left

    I have a script for a three page comic book named "Defenders of the Worlds Nation: Rise of Captain Eagle". It's possibly the start of a larger story. The three pages are part of the main heroes origin story. Included is the script so people can read it and know what it is I want.

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    Comic illustration for Instagram banner and roll up to be done for upcoming event of beauty salon and party at the beach club

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    Comic Book series.. charecters have already been created but need illustrator/Artist to complete book #3 has approx 25 pages and needs cover. Artist must be good with drawing african american charecters.

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    Brand comics 已经结束 left

    Looking for story and short comic video artist, Pay per project

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    Comic web page (one page) 已经结束 left

    I need help laying out a comic website. The comics consist of images (with text bubble sin the images) as well as optional textual description of each image. I need a nice, cool looking layout of the comic page. It should also be print-friendly. I'll provide a few chapters and images so that you can see what it looks like.

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    Script for a short film of 30 minutes. About 2 couple who go out for dinner and about their interaction. Needs a little bit of comic angle too.

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    Illustrations 已经结束 left

    Hello, I'm looking for someone with an open mind to create a short comic of the DC character Zatanna receiving punishment from Lobo.  No nudity.

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    Logo Design 已经结束 left

    Looking to design a logo for a client, we manufacture Magic Mirrors and the client has brought one and wants a logo. The company name is: Podds Mirror Magic with a comic style mirror ( please see our website for ideas) [login to view URL]

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    To translate the Chinese comic books into Indonesian. [login to view URL] translation should stick to the plots and spirits of the original texts and conform to the style and expression of authentic English comic books; 2. Pure love for comic books and movies, familiar with the comic culture worldwide; [login to view URL] applied translators should accept to do a free t...

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    I will pay 300$ for every 80 picks for my graphic novel for a youtube comic. Please let me know if you are up to it. If I like it I will return definitely continue to work out. I want professional pictures. Please e-mail if you are interested

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    I need translate game texts to Chinese, possible with comic/joke meaning. I have about 1200 words to work on (xlsx and txt files).

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    comic book in manga style 已经结束 left

    i need 22 pages comic book in manga artstyle based on japanese story

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    ...working on a children's book project about the experience of going to the doctor. We hope that this book will be distributed in pediatric offices and/or hospitals to gauge its success. We are looking for a children's book illustrator who is proficient in various design/illustrating programs. Our current sketches reflect a comic book style, which we&...

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    Rumors By Reynaldo Reyes 已经结束 left

    ...supernatural. Letter: My book Rumors is copyrighted by the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. and I would like the illustrator to illustrate a 32 page comic book of my book Rumors. I would like the illustrator to send me examples of their artwork to see which illustrator I like. I would like for a 32 page comic book to be very cheap and affordab...

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    Comic book writers needed 已经结束 left

    Hello I am looking for some comic book writers for a comic book series. It is the standard comic 22-24 page panel, black and white. The genre is superhero genre, but the complete story is original. We are looking for writers who will work with the creator of the comic and build. Ideally writers who will write multiple 20 issues.

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    Design project 已经结束 left

    My topic is syphilis prevention and I’m wanting a poster in a Marvle comic book design.

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    ...Everyone should fall in love if he see the cat at the first time. She should be very sweet (and full-grown at the same time. The at should not be absolut realistic more like a comic. See some att. samples. The samples are only a direction. We looking not for copy, we loocking for a unique character. OVER ALL: # Cat # Male # Very sweet and full-grown #

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    Cartoonist 已经结束 left

    CARTOONIST - Comic Strip - paid weekly

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    I need translate in-game text to Japanese, possible with comic/joke meaning. I have about 1200 words to work on (xlsx and txt files). Here is document with all text: [login to view URL]

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    Cartoon/ Comic 已经结束 left

    I have a one panel comic strip that I release twice per month. I need an artist who is available continuously. If we have a good working relationship, you'll have consistent work forever. The artist will need to be able to draw the two primary characters almost exactly as they appear currently. The two characters are environmentally conscious hipsters

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    Comic strip for Instagram 已经结束 left

    We need a comic illustrator to make a series of comic strips that create a small story. These comic strips will be released on Instagram every week, for 6 weeks, which means we will need 6 individual comic strips of 2-3 pictures. We need this comic illustrator to be able to create characters that match descriptions and examples, which requires imagination

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    Need someone to help create a comic book character

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    would like a marvel comics art style comic book drawn up this is sort of a weird project and will give more details later but I would like to post on my website :)

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    WEEKLY COMIC STRIP 已经结束 left


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    Comic book project 已经结束 left

    Looking for an artist to create a comic book, medieval genre. Dragons, knights, mages that sort of thing. In the davinci drawing style would be nice

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    i need an animator 已经结束 left

    web comic series for hip hop artist

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    Hi We need an experienced graphic designer to create impressive, and eye catching posters for a music artist If...posters for a music artist If the first poster goes well we will be happy to continue and have you create more posters for us. We want someone experienced in cartoon and comic design and require all posters to be in tis cartoon format.

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    Cartoonist needed 已经结束 left

    Cartoonist needed for weekly comic strip

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    40 竞标 my iphone game. I already have he source code with ads from chart boost and the game has been up for a year. I want the added character to have a ninja theme but popular comic or celebrity characters. You will also have to be able O is upload the app to itunes connect for me. Heres link to my app [login to view URL]

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    Hi Sublime Studio, This project is another horizontal Hipster 734 comic. Hipster 734 and the redhead are in a grocery store. They are in front of a shelf of organic foods. They're in the organic foods section maybe? Not the produce section. I'd like the shelves to be filled with non refrigerated items. Like boxes of organic cereal, pasta, potato

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    Fun Comic Strip 已经结束 left

    Ongoing - Weekly Comic strip - Weekly pay - Very small budget

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    Project for Peggy T. -- 2 已经结束 left

    ...prominent to the eye please? I’d like the viewer to clearly see that he’s balding 2. Please could his thought bubble be more like a comic thought bubble cloud, rather than a circle? For example, like something from a Dilbert comic (example enclosed) 3. I feel sheepish to ask this- but would you mind changing the colour of the bystanders to a different colour

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    COMIC STRIP -- 2 已经结束 left

    Need artist/illustrator - Ongoing project - seeking student or someone who doesnt mjnd very small budget

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    Make a script where people upload a picture of their own car. Script convert it automatically into cartoon car

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    ...----- Hi, I need a comic artist to join my comic project. I’ll write scenario, I also had character model. - All you need to do is transform them to comic style. - Therefore, I need a creative artist that can transform story into comic magically - I would prefer who love kungfu as well. I’ve attached a sample of my comic style. - Each c...

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    I’m looking for various Marvel style illustrations. I’ll create the character and suggest a composition. Just need the sketch or line drawing. If drawn on paper, I would like the original artwork as well. This can not ever be in your portfolio and I need the copyright and ownership of the illustration.

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    ...REQUIREMENT Hi, I need a comic artist to join my comic project. I’ll write scenario, I also had character model. - All you need to do is transform them to comic style. - Therefore, I need a creative artist that can transform story into comic magically - I would prefer who love kungfu as well. I’ve attached a sample of my comic style. - Each chap...

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    Comic book writer 已经结束 left

    I need a good comic book writer.

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    I am creating a campaign and i need an artist for a weekly comic strip. The fellow will have the script and draw it. Character descriptions will be provided. And they replicate artistically. I would need to see a sketch of a character of my choosing before awarding. Please only apply if you can pull this off. And state your budget for it during chats

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    animation short 已经结束 left

    We were looking to make a short cartoon to our comic book for marketing reasons we would like for the animation short to be 5 to 10 minutes long

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    T-Shirt Design 已经结束 left

    I would like to design 5 different t-shirts related to pinball and some fun stuff. You can use any comic and unique way to make cool designs.

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    $78 平均报价
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    I have created a comic strip style with text and illustrations. It's a work in progress and I would like to get some feedback and changes if necessary. Thank you

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    comic book series 已经结束 left

    im trying to create a comic book series and i need and artist to help bring my character to life and to help design there outfits and backgrounds

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    Trophy icon make a creative facebook cover photo 已经结束 left

    ...creative is only going to be on the center 312 px and it would have banners above and below that have texts in them (refer to sketch). The content is going to be just like a comic book, where there are three sections seperated by some kind of arrow to show that this is the next step (also refer to sketch). The first step, it would be a veterinarian inspecting

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    Last year, I decided to write and design an online autobiographical comic strip, in a similar vein as Harvey Pekar's 'American Splendour'. The idea was to create a series of very mundane, drab but true to life comic strips that we based on moments in my life. They could be funny, they could be sad - but more often they were to be just moments from life

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    Design project 已经结束 left

    A Spider-Man comic (40 pages). Which is equivalent to one issue of marvel or dc comic

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    We are a Indie Comic Company Starr Skills Comics @ [login to view URL] that are looking to do our first dynamic feature film. So we need a true representation of what that would look like (no white board or office presentation videos please). So we're looking for a team of Animators or one really good animator to create a Dynamic Movie Trailer

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