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    I have an old classic ASP online shop that I need help converting to PHP. I've started the conversion but don't have time to learn more PHP and finish the project. There is one primary page "[login to view URL]" that handles displaying the various products. There is also a search engine page to be converted. The [login to view URL] file might have to be adjusted

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    HI I'm looking for someone to convert a simple HTML site into an ASP-based site using an Open Source CMS The CMS needs to be Open Source and be able to work on a Windows ASP Server. It's a simple site that was coded in HTML/CSS and has about 15-18 pages of basic content. Just creating 2-3 templates – home pa...

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    We are doing a web site in ASP Classic / HTML and have always use NlsCalendar Professional for our popup calendar form input for date fields. We are doing this site in utf-8 - Responsive design and the control is not behaving with the utf-8 and is not set up for responsive. Does anyone know of a simple calendar popup control that will work in Responsive

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    ...looking for someone to convert a simple HTML site into an ASP-based site using an Open Source CMS such as: - Orchard CMS - Umbraco - N2 CMS The above CMS options are not mandatory, so feel free to suggest another one. The CMS needs to be Open Source and be able to work on a Windows ASP Server. It's a simple site that's...

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    ...know nothing about ASP sites but I have what appears to be a simple one that needs to be converted to wordpress. I know this is simple for someone who knows what they are doing. I know wordpress well - just don't have time to manually recreate the site. You don't even have to "convert" it if you don't want so long as the site...

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    We have an ASP-driven product site, 40-60 pages, page design is based on 3-4 simple templates, minimal JS scripting, mainly for navigation, plus standard integration of e-Junkie shopping basket which refers to their site and should work without changes on any page. We have a proof-of-concept project of "converting" CSS, page templates

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    Convert an existing payment page demo site written in ASP.NET C# to PHP 5 The project consists of two parts: 1. ASP NET 2 Demo web site -> PHP 5 Site source code is given to new clients to demonstate how to call our hosted payment page 2. ASP NET 2 Helper assembly -> PHP equivalent DLL/COM? Used by our clients to created the html t...

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    Have a simple SQL database on a windows server that is accessed and queried via asp pages on website. Has backend admin area and front end web display. Office personnel input new client info into the database for later reference. Want to move to Linux server, convert database to php and asp pages to html or anything that works. Must retain the same

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    Using an ASP 3.0 and Microsoft SQL Server/Access Content Management System called Quicker Site with a free demo and trial system located at [login to view URL], convert 5 DHTML websites, to be identified below, which are located here: [login to view URL] into Quicker

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    ...operates a very simple web based classroom environment whereby students are required to read 10 chapters of information and are required to take a test/quiz at the end of each chapter and a final test/quiz after the last chapter. All of the student information is currently sitting in a mySQL database and the website currently utilizes ASP, VBscript, javascript

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    Convert Joomla plugin to stand alone application-but ASP coders please still read!! I have a simple referencing application-students put in book details etc and obtain a correctly formatted reference which they can paste into a list of references. Zipped file gives the URL The reference application was adapted from a series of very simple beginner-level

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    Ok there will be a lot of details here but its a fairly simple project I just want to avoid any confusion. You can build it in either ASP, ASP.NET or PHP I have both servers available. I would prefer PHP or ASP rather than .NET. Also this may result in a long time work because I always have projects like that and this one will probably needs a lot

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    19 竞标 converted from ASP to HTML. There is a total of 45-50 pages. The design is very simple. Some video files, 2 flash banners, a "contact us" form, and newsletter subscription area. Please use the PMB if you are interested and want the URL to view the site as it exists in ASP. You absolutely MUST have experience in ASP. I need ...

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    BLOG page design & coding $150 BLOG page design & coding (See attached word doc for model) To apply: 1) you must have history and feedbacks on this site or similar and be able to provide references of work as well as individuals we can talk to regarding your work. 2) Support your reply with a detailed proposal which demonstrates you have read

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    9 竞标** * * * **Difficulty:** Easy (Basic HTML). I have a new casino portal that contains static pages ??" html + shtml only. (No php, asp or and other server/browser side languages). For SEO purposes, I need to convert the site's html from table-based design to CSS based. ## Deliverables **Site Structure Description** * * * 1. Ther...

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    We just need to integrate a very simple content and news management system to a site already in development. The design and markup/html is already done. All we really need is for a PHP/MySQL programmer to duplicate a system we had already made in ASP/MS-Access (took about 24 hours total). The main features are below: Content/variables to be managed:

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