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    Hai, I want you to builds a ecommerce website where customer can order item such cooking gas, plumber service, etc anytime, anywhere. It can handle both real-time and schedule delivery services. I want a multi-users system build for android, IOS and Windows intergrade with online banking payment, credit card, e-wallet. I must be the total ownership of these source code. Softcopy of design layout, source code must be own and send to me where I have totally admin rights. System to utilize real time map tracking system such as waze for both customers, admin and sellers, Beside, the user, admin and report function my design in SQL base. Host expected to be in South East Asia,. For example Host in Singapore. Please quote. Thank you Regards

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    ...thinking: Independently analyze problems without making too many incorrect assumptions based on conventional wisdom. ● Ability to balance pragmatism and perfectionism: the ability to make both masterful/quick/dirty hacks and elegant/refined/robust solutions, and the wisdom to choose which is appropriate for a given problem ● Visionary: knowing how to tackle problems for which there aren't established recipes yet. ● Healthy skepticism: tend to not trust their own code until tested it extensively. ● Positive Attitude towards debugging How do we measure your success? ● Number of features built and deployed from our wishlist ● Quality and robustness of your code and amount of test coverage ● Timeframe from unexpected major issue to delivering a solution ● Your attitude, eagernes...

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    Please read en...eBook containing 100 delicious vegan dessert recipes in PDF format. These recipes and images are copyright free. After purchasing, you can use them however you'd like...including blogs, groups, and more. Great for quality content! Not every recipe has a picture, but a lot of them do! There is a sample recipe in the images. All measurements are in standard format, not metric. I am not accepting orders for custom recipes right now. I deliver in both PDF and Word formats. The margins are set to 0. If you want them different you can change the margins using the Word file. I will NOT change them! PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT offer any type of customization except those listed in the gig extra. If you would like to add ingredients, or change the r...

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    We are a wholesale supplier of unique foods, including lines of jams and cooking sauces. We are looking for a skilled and experienced wordpress developer who knows If you are talented, bonuses are possible

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    Online Delivery Mobile app where we delivery purely organic vegetables , fruits , Milk , Groceries, Cooking Oils , Cosmetics , Snacks and Many More .. Only Organic Stuff we deliver

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    i m Chef Manager working for a company that provides Assitant living for Retirement people, i been working here for about 2 years during this time I been provided with an extended and varied range of dishes for these residents and i compile the majority of these recipes in a book that now I want to publish. i need somebody who review the manuscript, correct it, and also blog it i a way that can be appealing and inviting to the public .I need somebody attentive to detail. marketing oriented to present this book. ready for publish it.

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    Hi we are a small but fast growing Youtube Channel (Burgermeister Cooking) and looking for an editor that is able to edit one video a week (approximately 5-10 minutes long, recorded with 2-3 cameras). The potential editor should be using FinalCut which aligns with our workflow. Please submit sample work! Paying per video edited.

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    Enter food recipes data into a website in German

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    My Taelor Services -- 2 19 小时 left

    my website will need to be designed to assist people who are in need with everyday life services such as but not limited to cleaning, cooking, errands, organizing, medication pick ups/ drop offs, grocery store runs etc

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    ...they normally do at work, I just would like to provide a different virtual environment for workplaces, meetings and conferences, things of that nature. So I'm trying to develop one or two, as my prototype to display what my business model will be I'm definitely gonna need several several virtual environments created. We may do a few in exercise with exercise backgrounds, we may do a few with cooking backgrounds. We'll have a few with conference rooms, for meetings, executive meetings, you know, is just based basically depends on what type of need the company has. The first one that I would like to do now is I would like to create a conference room setting for business meetings, but instead of it being animated, and looking kiddish I would like to utilize real est...

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    french transelation 6 小时 left

    Need someone to translate these few lines from Englis...Easy to clean • Three attachments included • 5.5 L stainless steel bowl • Adjustable speed settings and pulse function • 1600 W power • Transparent splash guard with ingredients chute • UK plug with 1 metre power cord • Low energy usage at 220-240 V Air Fryer • Detachable parts for easy cleaning • Rapid air circulation for healthier cooking • 2.2 L cooking capacity • Adjustable temperature control – 80-200°C • 1000 W power • 30 minute timer for convenient cooking • VORTX frying technology • Quicker than regular frying Pizza Maker • 1400 W power • Easy cleaning • PFOA-free non-stick coating • Adjustable temper...

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    Hello. I want a logo design for a chef. her name is (Chef. Dalia) and she has a brand called (My Taste). I want the logo to include her name and the brand. she's an Egyptian chef, famous for her nice and simple recipes, has a tv program. no preferred colors or shapes. show me your creativity.

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    Online recipe app where you can post recipes and share

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    We need a logo design for a new company that will create artisanal spice blends. We are passionate about gourmet cooking and source only the freshest and tastiest ingredients for our spice blends. We call ourselves Foodie Freely because we believe that everyone, including those with food allergies, should be able to enjoy delicious foods and the joy they bring to everyday. Our tagline is "Make Life Delicious". We are looking for a premium look and feel, that signals cooking and eating with wild abandon. Once we have a logo, look and feel, we will look to design labels for our specific spice blends. So far, we have one that we call "Secret Ingredient" Bread dipping and recipe spice blend. We have another that we call "Baking Salt" Cardam...

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    49 个竞标 and mobile. Made in wordpress. Consists of mere templates Template Front: Front page () Template Category recipes () Template Recipes () Here it's important that user can follow the recipes step by step and the user can "Zoome in" at the recipe (See attached screenshot) Template - Contact form Template Upload recipe: Upload recipe - () We must have contact form together. We allow you to upload up to 10 photos and 3 videos. The images must be auto-converted to RGB regardless of size and then maximized to a fixed pixel size. User submits recipe via contact form Recipes are entered into a system where they can be verified and then go from status as Not approved to other status Recipe can be A;

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    The name of the business is Wild Chef. It is a European, outdoor and indoor suitable, portable kitchen and cooking equipment business that sells products to people that enjoy cooking whilst outdoors, camping, on the go, or that simply don't have access to a domestic kitchen. The slogan is: Your Portable Kitchen. Please be creative and brainstorm on the following concepts: gourmet, portability, cooking outdoors, nature and simplicity. Rules: Submit a logo with more than just text. A plain text logo will not be considered. The logo must be completely unique and contemporary it cannot be comparable to any other logo on google images (and other online platforms etc...), copyrighted or trademarked material will not be considered. The logo must be creative, contempora...

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    We’re looking for freelance writers who can contribute 2-3 articles per week on a regular basis. Payment is 3 cents per word, via Paypal. Applicants must be – Native speakers of American English. Based in the US. Familiar with posting in WordPress (classic editor). Bonus points for some experience and/or significant interest in one of these fields – BBQ Cooking Kitchen Appliances Cookware General Cooking Food Storage Writing for us, you will need to follow specific templates that we will provide. This is not SEO-type content. All posts must be well-researched and useful for your reader. Writers will be provided with training in the required writing formats. We expect you to learn quickly and produce posts which require very little editing. You don&rsq...

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    ...they are not made in large quantities. In addition to the shortage of labor that the country is currently experiencing, the outsourcing of products that require a long time to produce is an opportunity that the market offers. At least must include: - Industry overview. - Objectives. - Market analysis. - Timeline - Competitors research. - Business problem statement (lack of employees to perform cooking works) - Marketing plan and sales (step by step). - SWOT Analysis- Financial projections. - Funding request I will need a comprehensive business plan in addition to strategic planning and a detailed action plan, as well as a PowerPoint presentation for business pitching. I expect to receive a lengthy Word document, Excel workbook, and Powerpoint presentation. The task can be done...

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    ...ingredient list with all of my 200+ recipes. I need the software to allow the user to alert me about what ingredients they don't like or are allergic to in their food. I need the software to be able to do the following steps: 1. The user will log into the website and open a master list of ingredients. 2. The user will mark/check any ingredients on the master list that they do NOT want included in their recipe. 3. The software will cross-reference the master ingredient list with 200+ recipes and identify qualified recipies. 4. The software will compile a list with images of all recipes that do NOT contain the identified and checked ingredients from step 1. 5. The final list needs to appear in ascending order and must provide color coded recipes<...

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    GourmetWiki 已经结束 left

    It will be a website to share recipes and food with lot of categories. Also it will have an Forum so the Community is included and linked together. Every member who registers can upload a new recipe and everybody can see it and filter by categories. The recipe owner can handle and edit als his recipes in the profil page. This is just the base there is many more in planing. The design is give by an exampe on the website screenshot what I made from my own website product.. but in coding my experience stops me in the category system.

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    These can be anything you want including: - cooking - auto work - construction - computers - health - marketing - law - sewing - outdoors - wood working - accounting - weight lifting - plumbing - fitness - crypto - nft - vegan or anything else, but they HAVE to be unique videos you record on your webcam, phone, or other camera. We WILL NOT accept videos that are adult related, gambling, drugs, or other controversial topics. Here's the guidelines: - Each video needs to be at least 15+ minutes long. - We prefer if you show your face on camera but you don't have to. - You must talk some throughout the video. - You can record your computer screen while talking, set in front of a camera and talk, or actually show how to do something. A simple and fun job for anyone who...

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    I am actually looking for content writers on technology, news, travel and cooking. Please advise to send me the sample articles so it will be helpful to evaluate. I am starting this as a micro project once if I like the work and get good traffic then will start a small or medium project.

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    Cooking video production 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a professional cooking video production. We need to create 40 small (2-3 minute per video) educational video. For example first video is how we cut carrots in tubes, second video is how we cut carrots in sticks etc... The environment of these video must be professional kitchen or studio.

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    I am looking for a video creator of food videos, showing street food, café food, village food. Showing cooking and even farming. All you need is a good mobile phone to capture the food being made. This job is open to any age, from any region of Turkey. As long as you have internet and a camera to upload your video. No need to edit or do any production - Just film at the source. TO understand the videos I need you can see the videos here:

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    Would like a quality ghost writer to compile an ebook based on simple and wholesome recipes for babies and toddlers of busy parents who struggle to find the time to cook separate meals for their young ones. This book should be aimed at children from 6 months to 4 years old. Meals are to be nutritious with simple ingredients and easy to follow recipes. Book must contain at least 50 recipes, have basic ingredients catering to very young palettes and colorful photo illustrations. Please see uploaded images they are bright and colorful.

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    ...long as you can show me how to use it. Right now I use square to process my payments. These are some of the things I’m looking for: - SEO friendly content - Easier checkout system (customers should have auto fill for their address and should be able to save their information to make repeat purchases easier) - UX friendly way of expressing how it works the process works: order -> delivery -> cooking instructions (customers should understand how the process works very very quickly and easily) - sell the customer on the ease and convenience of my frozen pies - well laid out product page - Package deals (customers should be able to choose 3,6 or 12 pies of their choice at one set price) - Coupon offers should pop up if customers dwell too long on the checkout pa...

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    Need a content creator for writing content cooking contest detail Should have knowledge on festivals 1. Lohri 2. Makarsakranti 3. Bihu 4. Pongal Need work on urgent basis

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    We are planning to start a youtube channel for our 6 years old boy who is interested in cooking. The channel will be in tamil and we need an editor who understand tamil.

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    Kids cook channel 已经结束 left

    Editing a Cooking video and add some sounds and backgrounds

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    Build a 7 page website for a grocery store. Pages include, Home, Products, About us, Blogs, Wholesale/Catering, Shop, Recipes You must be reliable, be able to use your own initiate and have good knowledge of the grocery industry. Help with populating the pages and searching good recipes to locate on the website. Websites similar to one i am looking for incluide: and

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    Build a website 已经结束 left

    7 page website to be built for a grocery store in the UK. Must be experienced and be able to deliver in 2 weeks.. 7 pages include, Home, About us, Blogs, Products, recipes, Wholesale/Catering, Shop. similar websites to the one i am looking for are: and If you are interested and can use your own initiative, please reply.

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    Our company seeks experienced Unity developers to join one of our newest projects, a casual mobile game ( cooking game ). As we already developed many titles in the niche that reached over 15M installs, we need someone serious that wants to take part in this new adventure. Give a leap to your career, come work with us, you will love it! Responsibilities: - implement new game features based on documentation received - implement different tools, SDKs, APIs, etc. - get involved in coding, identification, and resolution of issues - code refactoring Benefits: - paid leave for main holidays - holiday and seasonal bonuses - performance bonuses - 20 paid leave days/year Requirements: - 5+ years working experience with Unity - C#/C++ coding experience - In-depth knowledge of OOP principle...

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    I need a cookie consent script that will show user 1) accept cookies 2) decline cookies 3) change cookie preferences where user can decide essential cookies , tracking cooking, advertising cookies etc. DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE THIS BEFORE PLEASE.

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    Looking for talented designer for kitchen product pouch. consist all the information needed in labelling. product is grind plant base kitchen ingredient and finish product in sautéed. Interested in something new and 3d design with catch people attention and related to cooking and ingredients. PRODUCT LIST 1. GRIND ONION + SAUTEED 2. GRIND GINGER + SAUTEED 3. GRIND GARLIC + SAUTEED 4. GRIND CHILLI + SAUTEED PACKAGING SIZE 1. 300G : 16 X 23CM 2. 100G – 150G : 13 X 16.5 CM 3. 50 G : 10 X 15CM

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    Trophy icon LOGO DESIGNING : PINK HANDI 15 天 left

    Name of the logo: "PINK HANDI". "Need an attractive logo for YOUTUBE CHANNEL/SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A COOKERY CHANNEL. THIS CHANNEL WILL TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO COOK DIFFERENT FOOD DISHES/RECIPES. LOGO HAS TO BE IMPACTFUL. SHOULD NOT BE VERY COMPLEX OR MULTI-ELEMENT. " YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN DESIGNED LOGO, NO NEED TO FOLLOW THE GUIDELINE IF YOU CAN MAKE IT BETTER " SHOW YOUR BEST CREATIVITY. Nature of Business: COOKING SHOW/ COOKERY CLASSES ON YOUTUBE Highly Creative and in 3D and 2D both: Most Imp It should be Original and not copied. Files Needed: png, SVG, jpeg, pdf, and source file. Please comment in the message box for any clarification, I will reply when I ll get time. I will take 7-10 days to finalize the logo and connect for any change or revisio...

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    We have cooking school and we would like to prepare some videos about cooking technics. For example "How we cut carrots sticks".

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    Cookline 已经结束 left

    Cooking recipes from all over the world and teach people how to become an artist in providing delicious meals and dishes. Prepare the best Arabic and international desserts. If you have the skill of cooking upload your work and your recipes videos on the most powerful social network to exchange recipes. the application has beautiful filters to display images with interface in Arabic or English. The application also enables you to keep the nutrients you need to prepare your meals in a menu that lets you remember them. The application was programmed by developers using Java and Swift and I want to continue the work. I want to deal with Arab developers so that it is easy to communicate with them.

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    Shake A Hand... 已经结束 left

    I NEED A GRANT WRITER!!! I am seeking funding for a re-entry program for the recently released who are skilled in the performing arts or even highly educated in religion, law, physical training, cooking etc. Shake A Hand is currently listed as an LLC but I plan on changing it to a non-profit and hope to receive a grant that will help me buy the supplies needed for a computer lab and to renovate a building that is for rent. I am also interested in networking with some kind of housing foundation and looking for donations from the community or businesses within in the form of hygiene, clothing, food and supplies that will help clients with their skills. Below is a lengthy description We find treasures in the most unlikely places... Statistics say that one out of every 20 people wi...

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    Hello! I need a simple website similar to that will generate random receipes. I will need a data base of recipes either scraped from this site or from a different site as well. It would be nice for this site to be responsive as a mobile app too.

    $234 - $1946
    加封 保密协议
    $234 - $1946
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    We have a 14-day meal plan that needs to be formatted with our branding. Needs to be in a document that is printable as well as able to click through links to different sites to access the different recipes.

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    Yum Bug Press Agent 已经结束 left

    About Yum Bug At Yum Bug we make it easy to cook delicious, healthy and sustainable insect meals at home – we currently do this through our easy-to-use cooking kits delivered through your door and our fun recipe videos. We’re on a mission to change perceptions and take edible insect’s mainstream. To do this Yum Bug is building a world-class team of fun-loving, ambitious people, and we’d love you to be one of them! Your role will be to help us gain attention in the press through articles, appearances, and features. Why Insects? Insects are one of the most sustainable proteins in the world, and we believe that they can play a huge role in our fight against climate change. They use minimal resources and provide maximum nutrition; in comparison with beef, i...

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    Scope of Work: - 1 Logo - 20 Animations - 23 - Complex Vectors - 11 - purchase discounted health and wellness products. To make sure that you are building the single most important thing when it comes to fitness and wellness - consistency. Fitmap integrates with leading wearables and trackers and incorporates analytics to make sure that you are on top of your fitness goals at all times. Fitmap’s 30-day challenge includes a nutrition program with customized recipes for your unique dietary preferences and nutritional requirements. Along with a habit-building program and a workout program structured for your fitness level. The challenge is made available as an individual challenge or a group challenge where you can participate with your friends and family and motivate e...

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    I'm creating a web app that allows people to find local cooks. The app is for everyday people who don't want to cook and want to look like and it's core functionality. I will attach a photo. I want to start off building only a small part of the app. It will be the "search for cooks" page and the "cook's profile" page. The core functionality I want to build for now is: 1. Find cooks a. View cooks page i. Know their hourly rate ii. Be able to rate them iii. They can write ‘’about me” iv. They can list their best recipes v. Upload picture I'm open to hourly, but I will need to get an estimate of how many hours you think it will take to complete. Also, I'm looking to hire a team as I need both develo...

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    Project for Barbera K. 已经结束 left

    Hi Barbera K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Our Topic is last thing that you remember cooking, and where you cooked it. need atleast 3 sentence for every Paragraph

    $389 (Avg Bid)
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    Project for Sarah B. 已经结束 left

    Hi Sarah B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Hi do you make sentence for last cooking its possible

    $389 - $389
    $389 - $389
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    App - Content Writing 已经结束 left

    FitMap App - Content Writing: Scope of Work: Editing - 30,000 words purchase discounted health and wellness products. To make sure that you are building the single most important thing when it comes to fitness and wellness - consistency. Fitmap integrates with leading wearables and trackers and incorporates analytics to make sure that you are on top of your fitness goals at all times. Fitmap’s 30-day challenge includes a nutrition program with customized recipes for your unique dietary preferences and nutritional requirements. Along with a habit-building program and a workout program structured for your fitness level. The challenge is made available as an individual challenge or a group challenge where you can participate with your friends and family and motiva...

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    10 个竞标

    I need a logo to be created for my youtube channel. Channel name is Nayana Bhat Channel focus is Cooking videos especially vegetarian Cooking cuisine: Indian Vegetarian food Want logo to be neat, modern and catchy.

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    I am currently designing an inventory system for my business on Google Sheets. At the moment, I have a list of ingredients, a list of when each ingredient is received, and recipes. Each time something is produced, the ingredients are automatically removed from the current stock. At the moment I need to add information on ingredient batches in such a way that, the current batch in use is registered for each ingredient, and whenever the business produces something, the information on current batches of each ingredient are saved

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    We are looking for someone that can manage, create and grow our social media channels. Preferably someone that lives in Miami, this way we can set up local photoshoots. -Create original content for our all our social media channels. -Manage the following channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. -Increase the following and the reach of all of our c... Preferably someone that lives in Miami, this way we can set up local photoshoots. -Create original content for our all our social media channels. -Manage the following channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. -Increase the following and the reach of all of our channels -A culinary background would be very helpful -Picture and video shooting experience. -Create social media video recipes. (Like the fancy recipe ...

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    ONLY FOR PEOPLE FROM THE USA! We're looking for someone from the United States of America who can shoot and edit a video of them cooking some recipe using a Japanese ingredient called natto (fermented soybeans). The recipe must be for a non-Japanese dish, with the addition of natto. The video must be 3-5 minutes long and it should include comments (ingredients, steps...). You can add those comments through a voice narration or adding texts on screen. The deadline to send your video is January 10th, 2022. The salary consists on $200 for the video and $60 to purchase natto and other ingredients, if needed. You can purchase natto through these Amazon links (you can purchase it too in any other places you find): -

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    精选cooking recipes社区文章