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    Trophy icon T-Shirt Design - Its Plane to See 已经结束 left

    Looking for a design for a t-shirt and have the idea but lack the creativity. Here is where you come in. :) Here is the idea I have... ~ Slogan it’s plane to see that you are special, you just can't see it yet. Don't let your dreams fly right past you. ~ Design I have an idea of the slogan somewhere with the word plane replaced with an

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    ...user can create a product (t-shirt, hoodie, etc.) by uploading a design. The products appear in his Shopify store and customers can buy them. Every time a customer purchases products created with the app, the products are automatically being ordered with this API: [登录来查看链接] The retail prices of the t-shirts will

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    Trophy icon Create design as vector in AI 已经结束 left hand drawn sketch to create this design for a t-shirt. The design will be printed on the back of the garment. You will need to zoom in close to read the sketch but i am looking for someone who can create a very close design to this. The ink for the artwork should be all black Use the tan t-shirt in the mock-up to create...

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    T-Shirts designers 已经结束 left

    we are looking for few graphic design...graphic designers to help with various t shirts designs. T shirt should have unique copyright free design and text. we have all rights for the delivered work. we need all the design files such as png, PSD, AI vector. please don' t bid unless you can create very creative clean artworks. pay: 1-2$ per...

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    Hello I am looking for a freelancer to create a small collection of T-shirt . I am looking for a person with work experience in this specific field. From sketches to technical drawing. Required simple design with creative touch so basic.

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    T-Shirt for My Band 已经结束 left

    I need a graphic designer that can create a t-shirt design for a Gothic Symphonic Band.

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    ...journey with me to create an amazing conscious clothing brand to spread the message of Love and Light to the world. What am I looking for? - Authentic and conscious approach to work - Aesthetic understanding - Fluent English - Previous graphic design work to show I have attached an example. A vegan t-shirt with a quality design. Veganism is great

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    Create a print image 已经结束 left

    I need a graphic designer to create a simple logo for a t-shirt design.

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for a T-shirt brand 已经结束 left

    ...ILLUSTRATION ON FAIL** I want a logo for my t-shirt brand "Ottercone". (NOT OTTER CONE) The logo should be in 3 versions ( the name of the brand + image/ just the image/ just the brand name). An image of an OTTER is REQUIRED with the text. The style of drawing im looking for will be in attachments. The design should be yours and original. I dont want

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    looking for a graphic designer in order to create a t shirt design for 2 designs that I have already created, current designs are pretty basic need a bit more detail done from the graphic designer for the final product.

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    Hello, I have sketched a t-shirt design and need some assistance making it look nice. I will be placing this design on the back of a t-shirt. I would like this graphic to have cartoon/hand drawn characteristics and not contain stock images/fonts. -Please draw the text in all capital block letters. -Please make the "L" in "Remodeli...

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    Trophy icon Creative T-Shirt Design 已经结束 left

    Hello there! I'm looking to create a t-shirt to commemorate the birth of my son and that will be geared towards mothers. I have a couple of ideas, but I want it to say "There's no hood like motherhood". I want to see the design with a creative text AND a pic of and African American mother and baby. I want it to be super dope, because my son is super

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    i need a unique design to sell on a t-shirt (will give details in private) i need a good creative designer

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    Trophy icon 10 Volleyball-Inspired T Shirt Designs 已经结束 left

    We need to create a line of Volleyball-lifestyle t shirt designs. Each design must includes a back, and a front of t-shirt design. The back should be the main design, and the front should be a smaller design that is related to the design on the back.

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for tour company. 已经结束 left

    ...outline of the state of Florida and/or a set of coordinates for Florida. Maybe incorporate the tagline? Nothing too busy, as the logo should embroider well and look good on a t-shirt. I want three variations of the logo, as follows; (1) symbol logo only (2) The word EXPLORIDA with the symbol incorporated (3) Duplicate of logo 2 with the added words

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 已经结束 left

    Hello Freelancers! I am in need of logo containing the phrase "Don't Rub It In". This logo will be used as a T-Shirt print for a Fragrance (Cologne/perfume) review company named "STREET SCENTS." The phrase"Don't Rub It In" refers to a catch-phrase used by the highly acclaimed fragrance reviewer on his youtube channel. The catch-phr...

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    Trophy icon Create T-Shirt Design 已经结束 left

    Hello, I need to have a t-shirt graphic created with a 1970's theme (Wooze Example attached). My client is looking for a three-color circle that appears to be spiraling. Over this this circle, she would like the word "Wooze" to be written in a 70's type font (70s Example 1 attached), but in the form of a knockout....if that is not clear, the letters

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    Trophy icon Create A T-Shirt Design 已经结束 left

    Looking for someone to create a t shirt design for a Bo staff weapon class I am doing. looking for an illustration type design with the words "Safeguard Martial Arts" and "The Flow System" incorporated into them. Illustration of a cartoon style ninja with a staff is what I am leaning towards, but I'm open to other ideas. Attached ...

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    I'm looking for Desginer to create a mobile app logo with app icon as well all related design for marketing and office use mobile app logo app icon for both android and iOS business cards letter head social media accounts. ( facebook page, tweeter and instagram ) cabs Shirts T-shirt stickers for shop windows stickers for cars desktop small popup

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    Trophy icon Design a T-Shirt 已经结束 left and take these designs as basis for our tshirts as everybody is doing. In the attachment you will find a very nice tshirt from another brand. Please create a new print for this T shirt with the following changes: - look should not be ethno like the original - flowers should not have the same position and same size. It could also be different

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    ...mechanical engineer and working as a project manager. So my skills are calculating and managing some stuff. Maybe this is the reason for my bad design work. A good chance for you, to be my merch by Amazon t-shirt designer. My goal is to find a designer longterm. Together we need to tier up in merch by Amazon. So at the beginning we start slowly and grow

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    Create a t shirt design 已经结束 left

    need a t shirt design with a simple graphic and words

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    create superhero design to print on t-shirt.

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    3D T-Shirt Model Designer 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a 3D model designer to design a 3D model of a t-shirt on a manikin in .blend or .gitf format. We have an .obj file with the manakin and t-shirt already. The successful designer needs to adapt the 3D model of the t-shirt to look like the provided image. Create a mesh on the 3D model as follows: ``` +-- `jersey` ...

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    Trophy icon Create "Yo Bro" T-Shirt Design 已经结束 left

    Hello, My company creates t-shirts for men and sells them on a website that caters to men only. I am looking for a design that says "Yo Bro" to be the main design for the brand. I have attached the company logo for inspiration. Please do not include stock images in your submission and make everything completely original. I would like the lettering

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    Trophy icon Re-design an image 已经结束 left

    Look at the image of the hand on the person and the image on the t-shirt. I want you to create a NEW unisex image that looks better and more creative than this one. DO NOT create this image. Repeat, do not create an image that looks like this one. Make a NEW one more creative than this. Does not need the flag in the background. Try different

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    Trophy icon Create Design for T-Shirt 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a t-shirt design to include the two logos attached. Would like an American flag theme or include an American flag. Open to anything that looks good, very open minded. We will be printing in 2 color and I've attached the two color codes, but it'll be going on a white shirt so you have 3 colors to work with red, white, and blue. Color

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    I need to create a T-shirt for the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to the new club (Juventus) is a shirt that will be sold to Juventis fans, the best design will be chosen. The color of the shirt is black, and basically it must be developed on black and white (the social colors of juventus)

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    29 项参赛作品 shows, etc.). I will be printing the caricature you create on a 6 foot by 6 foot vinyl and will cut out the faces so people can stand behind it and take pictures (so their faces appear to be on the bodies.) I need a fit man and woman lifting weights with a black short sleeve t shirt with the attached logo (see attached example Ashley Mackey)

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    Trophy icon Design a T-Shirt 已经结束 left

    Design a T-Shirt. That involves my logo but not the exact same copy My logo may be changed into different looks (see example 5) The Design needs to be fresh and catchy. here is some idea's: It may contain stream/youtube/gaming stamps but nothing that has copyright claims on them. Create some sort of family of my logo like a brother/sister/fathe

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    Trophy icon Childrens TShirt Design 已经结束 left

    ...require a creative and talented Graphic Designer to create a unique T-Shirt artwork suitable for a boy age 0 - 5 years old or 5-12 years old. Don't use clipart, free vectors or any free media which requires attribution of any kind. These designs will be rejected. Requirements: A unique and appealing design featuring an automotive theme in some way. You

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    Trophy icon t-shirt designs 已经结束 left

    ...MESSAGE IN ITS ENTIRETY, as I am looking for the right artist to fulfill this and possibly create a long-term working relationship for future jobs. IF my description doesn't resonate or inspire you, PLEASE DO NOT BID or respond. I'm looking for original t-shirt designs (for commercial use), using motivational quotes from the attached list. My brand's

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    Create a T-Shirt Design 已经结束 left

    Hallo, ich benötige jemanden der für mich ein T-Shirt Desgin abändert. Alles weitere möchte ich im Chat klären.

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    ...then you can use Rudraksh Seed and Trishul for your design. you can mix logo create with hindi-english words (as like first word are hindi or designing.. etc.) or otherwise only english words with unique design. you can try abstract design for that also, but you need to create understandable design. Try to use Attractive Font style. i need logo

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    ...then you can use Rudraksh Seed and Trishul for your design. you can mix logo create with hindi-english words (as like first word are hindi or designing.. etc.) or otherwise only english words with unique design. you can try abstract design for that also, but you need to create understandable design. Try to use Attractive Font style. i need logo

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    Good day I am looking for designs for my fitness brand for a male and female t shirt to exercise in. In the proposals I want the following : 3 x Colour variations 3 x different tee shirt shapes 3 x different logo / graphic layouts So in total 3 male and 3 female designs that will have different colour, shape and graphic/logo designs.

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    i want to create ORIGINAL VINTAGE INSPIRED travel posters circa.. 1930-1960.. i will provide the theme and different elements that should be included... Files must be vectored and print quality as art will be used for t-shirt design

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    Trophy icon T-Shirt Design 已经结束 left to create a designs for a variety of products and the potential for future work. In this contest I would like you to create a t-shirt design with a cartootnised or digitalised image of LeBron wearing his new Los Angeles Lakers gear similar to the image provided. I would also like the word "LA BRON" incorporated in the design. The best ...

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    T-shirt Design 已经结束 left

    I am launching a new apparel brand and am looking for someone to create 2-4 designs for an athletic t-shirt. I would like to work with someone that is very passionate about the outdoors, so that they can hopefully envision what I am trying to describe. I need one design of someone who just completed a climb to the Summit of a mountain. (Tag Line:

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo - tshirt brand 已经结束 left

    ...who will help design my brand logo for my t-shirt designs. The name is Uncle Culture or UC. The brand is inspired by New York street wear more specifically pop culture focusing on the NBA, UFC, famous rappers, boxing, MMA personalities, etc. Below are a few images in which my t-shirts will be based on. Looking for someone to create a brand logo

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    We drew a design on paper that we want someone to create a real version of to use on t-shirts and stickers

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    Trophy icon clothing design 已经结束 left

    ...of items can be T-shirt, Hoodies, polo's coffee mugs, jewelry.....etc. Anything you think parents would buy to show support for their sons/daughters sports team. Best if items can be purchased for any sport. I will buy any create design in the contest. I will pay $30 for the best entry but will purchase up to 10 entry. If your design is good, I will

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    I need a talented designer to help me create a design for a t-shirt. The design I want is a Drake (rapper) design. It must have style and I need the image to of high scale and high quality (because I will print the design on t-shirts). Here are some examples of what I am talking about (styling of the image): [登录来查看链接] Maybe you can

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    Trophy icon Simple/Minimalist T-shirt design 已经结束 left

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to create a super sleek, modern, minimalist t-shirt design. The design should have the colors black and/or white. Okay to incorporate the color gold as well. I prefer san-s serif fonts, that are thinner. The design should highlight the roman numerals for the numbers 3 and 16. The numerals could also have a colon

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    Create Me T Shirt Designs 已经结束 left

    I am after somebody who can create me T-Shirt designs. I will provide the type of thing that i would like, and then i would like you to do a full new design and then provide me this on 4 different items. Please only do this if you can design to a high standard. I have 10 different designs to do to start with.

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    Trophy icon t-shirt graphic design 已经结束 left

    I have a couple of jpeg file logos/images I'd like to splice together, to create new vector and jpeg files for a t-shirt design. This t-shirt will likely be the first of many small-run projects for my kickboxing club! In the attached files you will see 3x t-shirt mock-ups we would like to emulate... 1. Swap out the 'Fairtex&#...

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    Trophy icon Texas company T-Shirt Design 已经结束 left Texas t-shirt company for Texas women. We promote shirts that make a feminine yet edgy statement and evoke pride in our home state. We are looking for one t-shirt ready design of superior quality and matching the style and feel of our company. Knowledge of Texas culture is a plus! There is a potential for future work if this design fits ...

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    T-Shirt Graphic Design 已经结束 left

    ...sells t-shirts and is in need of a designer who can create multiple sketch designs of motorcycles, motorcycle parts and include text within design so these designs can be used for printing on T-Shirts. Initial design would be for 2016 Yamaha R6. Design will go on Black or White T-shirt. Need to have .ai or vector image of design to ...

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