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    i am looking for someone who can cuztomize or build a flight booking system for web and app, all requirements listed below, please read and understand the requirements before contacting me bid. time to complete : 2 months what i need : a flight booking system with website , admin panel, members area and mobile app for IOS and android for this

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    We are looking to create website in Drupal 8 with a concept similar to ([login to view URL]) with a responsive and fresh design. Overall Features: • Capability to use rich text editor when creating content • Gurmukhi and English Content • Ability to give specific users access to manage their pages and content (Library, School, Karseva etc)

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    Automated WhatsApp Management 已经结束 left

    ...course Phase 3 - To be communicated in due course Brief Scope: From the web interface I select a number of contacts that were imported from a CSV file. From the web interface I should be able select 1000 contacts for example and this should automatically create relevant broadcast lists (not WhatsApp groups) on the Android device. WhatsApp broadcast

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    ...verification (instead of CAPTCHA) when filling up web form (we have twilio account) 2. Create PDF contracts on the fly (we do this manually) with a PDF template via Adobe but would like to create the contract on the fly (we store all data in mysql) 3. Be able to send emails and followups via admin to clients who book us (and keep history of sent email...

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    Mobile Photo App 已经结束 left

    ...Archive folder of previous month won’t be shown in the app. — Dashboard ( with Updates ) – Monthly photos quota | Monthly Photo book snapshot ( PDF only ) . View only PDF — FAQ & contact us — Dynamic backend Management (web) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    BOOK SEARCH Website 已经结束 left

    This is a web app that will allow users to search inside many books using specific keywords. It is basically like this other app that is not ours [login to view URL] but with more interactive features and more user-data collection features: * Our web app will have a books side and

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    Graphic Designer 已经结束 left

    ...Services Department that focuses heavily on marketing and promotional design for book products and the publishing industry. We are searching for an enthusiastic and passionate Designer, we are looking for an individual who can manage multiple projects, ranging from print to web to promotional pieces. As well as, someone with an outgoing personality who will

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    20 竞标 to have my personal ebook online portal. List of menu in my preferences are . 1. About us 2. View Books 3. Transliteration I need the site to be a responsive web, in desktop all four menu should showcase an icon as they are in a grid type view.. whilst in mobile or tab, it has to be burger menu View books page would have a search and

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    One Step Earning 已经结束 left

    I want to create a guide in the form of a PDF of how to begin to earn an income online, with the book itself being an example. The point will be to build up an income domino system and give an in depth look into the programs and tools that will be used. The reader can duplicate by following the instructions contained therein. Transcribing might work

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    Get a Website Built 已经结束 left

    ...Graphics and logo needed to developing this website. USER ACCOUNT OPENING: Account opening by the user, customer will need to open an account with us before they can be able to book for any service in our website. I this feature I need an online integration of automated generated code for every customer that opens an account in our website. The code will

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    ...develop travel portal which allows user to look and book Flights, Hotels, Holiday packages and Bus ticket booking using Arzoo API. Application Features in Online Travel Portal The purpose of the portal is to create the strongest marketing interface for Travel Industry. • Flight Booking: Web based application will be linked to the API of Airline

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    I am seeking a programmer to assist with a web integration. We publish yearbooks and our out side yearbook building software generates final pdf's and pushes them to our ftp. We need to create a final proof flip book from the pdf and create an approval process that is integrate into our systems. We need to control the file management and integrate

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    We essentially would like a web based interface to input configuration data and it outputs pre-formatted XML files for VOIP Phones (Yealink, SNOM, etc). They can then connect to this web server and collect their provisioning files that have been generated and it configures them based on the output XML configuration files this will generate. Initially

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    B2B Hotel Bed Banks 已经结束 left

    The website will be directed to travel agencies, where agents will be able to book hotels. The website should look professional, with a rich graphic design. Every new agent will be able to register his business (form) Reservation platform will only be implemented on website as link w Form: Company name Company Registration number Travel Agent

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    ...certificates, etc. Manage complete staff information with documents & photo id Multiple college fees date/class wise collection with head total via single window Generating day book, ledger reports, profit and loss reports and balance sheet Generate CCE result pattern, marks & grade wise mark sheet, marks comparison graph Student progress reports and

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    ...gonna get these properties one time from my web services. and then we gonna read these properties from global variables. my web services are ready. you can call my web services with "POST" method. with 7 required parameters. i am gonna explain all these. my web services returns you JSON. so we gonna create these 6 pages. Most important thing i...

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    ...Property Management System. Property Management System is a system which is used by Hotels and other guest accommodation related companies handled day to day work, receive, create, view and edit reservations, see productivity reports, handle invoices, etc. Basically this is what receptionists use when you check in hotel. This system will be used by

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    Summary: Automation of a user web process --quickly securing reservation in competitive situation when reservation-inventory becomes available. This job is to create an automated solution to secure a campsite reservation. The reservations are difficult to obtain due to a great number of users competing to grab the same reservations that comes available

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    3 竞标 media creators (musicians, film makers, writers etc) to create an account and upload their mp3, mp4 or pdf works for sale. Users on JevBlo can then find digital works they like, and buy/download/stream them. The users can access the JevBlo marketplace on the web (a cakePHP web application) … or via a mobile app (a native Android Java app that

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    ....Net based Responsive online book portal. This site is initially intended for tamil language [I will provide all the words]. The webpage would have the following menus as of now. 1. About us 2. View Books 3. Create Books 4. Transliteration 5. single page PDF worksheets I need the site to be a responsive web, in desktop all menu should

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    ...(NOT a web-based, please) that allows a user to create an entire book - cover and pages - and create promo materials like bookmarks, mailers, cd covers etc. I have existing software for book covers & promo materials and would like to work from this existing interface if possible, with a page formatting interface added to be able to create multip...

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    I need a freestanding software program (NOT a web-based, please) that allows a user to create an entire book, from cover to page design to marketing materials. I have existing software for book covers and for marketing materials (trial versions through link below), and I would like to keep this interface, if possible. Now I need page interior design

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    Web development 已经结束 left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it. The target system is a web portal. The target users are the employees of a training company that provides training to multiple client companies, and the employees of the client companies that use the training company's services. Training courses are delivered either as part of a change project

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    110 竞标 tamil language [I will provide all the words]. The webpage would have like four menus as of now. 1. About us 2. View Books 3. Create Books 4. Transliteration I need the site to be a responsive web, in desktop all four menu should showcase an icon as they are in a grid type view.. whilst in mobile or tab, it has to be burger menu

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    Training System Website 已经结束 left

    Demo Word Press version for Home page is available, Portage Requirement 1) Operating System • WEB 2) Language • Arabic 3) Subscription • No new registration from the Website • No payment gateway • System Admin can assign subscribers, number of children per subscriber, subscription period • Subscriber can assign children and teacher

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    ...develop travel portal which allows user to look and book Flights, Hotels, Holiday packages and Bus ticket booking using Arzoo API. Application Features in Online Travel Portal The purpose of the portal is to create the strongest marketing interface for Travel Industry. • Flight Booking: Web based application will be linked to the API of Airline

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    We are looking for a long term collaboration, to create our global design for a French startup company. We need a lot of marketing stuff in the next two years (Web design, videos, flyers, company visual identity, newsletter illustrations, small illustrating comic strips, etc.) We work for schools and professional training centers, to collect signatures

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    I have about 1500+ pdf documents with hyperlinks that cross-references each other. On our website built with joomla 3.X, i want to create a directory (folder) to contain these pdf files. What I want to achieve is for registered members to be able to research these PDF files on the website. They should be able to search for desired files among the

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    ...styled portfolio website. The web designer will use my artwork along with their graphic/web design skills to create gallery/museum themed interactive pop art styled website. Users will be able to scroll through website and view past and present projects. Content: I have Artwork, Graphic designs, Online Comic Book (pdf), Sketches, Videos & Music that

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    ...Clean and intuitive UI fully responsive  Custom mobile portal – fully responsive data/image/web parts  Quick registration/login/verification mechanism (including fb/google/LinkedIn API login  Some data parts preview will need user login  Item book marking  Send to friend built-in SMTP procedure-call (only registered users)  Share on social

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    ...Facts of the Table Clock Instruction Book: • Format: DIN A5 • Volume: app. 100 pages • Content: o 150 pictures provided for download on clients web server o text provided in word-Document • Print type: ring binder Scope of required service: • Optimize the layout of the provided templates (word) and create two improved suggestions. •...

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    $2301 - $6902
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    I want online book store, so people can read / download / buy books online. Some Functions we need are given below. Payment section Online PDF reader (so visitors can easily read) I've my own file hosting server, so i'll put all my related files so you just have to create the download button on the web. Template has already been bought from

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    ZARA UK / eBay Dropship Platform Brief: To upload, track and auto order/ ship Zara items for drop shipping on eBay. And to create an invoice book of all orders for accounting software. I have created a wireframe for you to follow if needed, it has instructions as well, link: Link: [login to view URL] Password: drps1 Here is the

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    Costruire Siti Web 已经结束 left pizzeria and I'm looking for someone that would be able to develop a web-site based on some popular CMS. In the first step I need only 3 static pages Wellcome page, Who we are, Where we are and contacts. The menù will be only a link to a pdf. In the second step I would create a dynamic page were publish the full menù that has several sections (...

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    Build a Webapplication 已经结束 left

    Library ebook rental application: Create webapp and android app Functionality: Admin Features (webapp only) Admin Dashboard: book Management - create category, sub category Manage Publisher Ease of use of Admin Panel User Management CMS Management Payment Management with paypal - Monthly rental - Free, 2 books

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    29 竞标 [login to view URL] I want a web app which users can create a facebook photobook with their selected post / photos / timelines post from their facebook and created in PDF Format for printing. Specifications: - Same as my social book app. - User is able to select a time range from their facebook , then selecting

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    ...professional and time saver web developer to work on existing project, and complete our website. please refer to the current progress on [login to view URL] and attached files. Main requirements requested by our client are: - One single control panel to handle the main domain contents and has the ability to create multiple administration accounts

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    I need a pdf lookbook to showcase my company's graphic design urban wear. First and foremost, if you don’t know what a lookbook is then don’t submit for this project. My company is called Mad Yeti Design ([login to view URL]) . We are an alpine and snow sport inspired graphic apparel company and need to grow our brand as a lifestyle image. This is our

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    $1311 \u5e73\u5747\u62a5\u4ef7
    29 竞标 be is customized for allowing teachers to create courses quickly and easily, by uploading video content and also pdf, slides, docs, set up quizzes, and can chat with their students via forum or chat feature. Chat Feature can be 1 on 1 or group, but must be booked by the teacher and the student must book in the time. Email, function also will be implemented

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    $22414 \u5e73\u5747\u62a5\u4ef7
    64 竞标 theme colors. Still, make it look professional and elegant, yet fun. Also on back, put this information: Book us for: -Ice Cream Trucks -Bounce Houses -Party Equipment -Memories The quote for the front is: We create parties that people talk about. The following is the information from my printing company My business card will

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    Ipdad App - BIC 已经结束 left

    Need to get an App developed wher...the Meeting, they will be able to see PDF(s) uploaded via a Web Interface. We will provide the Web Service to Authorize user, give meeting details and PDF. You need to create the App, once the PDF is downloaded, individual user will be able to 1. Make Notes in the PDF. 2. Make Book Marks. 3. Search w...

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    Design me a Product 已经结束 left

    Create a 40 page Paleo for Weight Loss enhanced digital ebook and promotional sales web page, 5 affiliate banners, responsive affiliate web page, 3 articles, 3 affiliate email samples. VIDEOS: Must include (a) Welcome video explaining what is Paleo Diet and how it can be incorporated in weight loss goals, (b) Defining Bad Carbs from Good Carbs

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    ...Library (Bookshelf) Website, iPhone App and Android App. We would like to purchase a ready application instead of creating from the beginning. We don’t have enough time to create new website and applications from the beginning and we are only interested, if the developer / company has something ready. The developer must have to show us the demonstration

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    Createspace is an Amazon service that lets authors create click-to-print books. They must be formatted correctly in order to print correctly, and the createspace website lays out the criteria on its web site. [login to view URL] Your job will be to develop a "Createspace" book from a MSword DOC file (A PDF version is attached to this project. It

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    The project is to create 200 multiple-choice items on different topics in algebra. This is a pilot project to evaluate contractor capability and if successfully completed, may lead to ongoing work of a similar nature on a larger scale. The budget for this project is US$200. Sample questions are available in the book "Elementary Algebra" by Denny

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    Back-office Chef kiko 已经结束 left

    The work consists in developing a back office (BO) for a website that currently has static content. The website is an one page site and is already on the web: [login to view URL] BO platform should be in PhP / MySQL under Bootstrap Framework. Navigation is made according to [login to view URL] - jQuery Table of Contents ([login to view URL]

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    ...permit to see online a pdf file like is a book. Is required to create a database to register users; the user have to be able to have access to an advances search application and a profile page. We'll provide every single graphic element, all the content and the files of the existing website. Is required that the web designer or web developer will use

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