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    ...accelerometer. Using the results from part (b) above to estimate the required frequency range and frequency resolution of the measurement as well as the dynamic range of the data: specify • A suitable resolution for the A/D converter, • A suitable sampling frequency for the measurement, • The number of samples that should be recorded for each spectrum

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    I need expert in matlab to do analysis. Details will be shared with winning bidder. Thanks

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    I am using a panel data set for the manufacturing industries (firm-level data) for about 20 years, which includes 4 inputs (Capital, labour, energy and materials) and 1 output (sales revenue). I am going to use a stochastic frontier analysis (Translog input distance function approach) to calculate the elasticity of substitution (between factors of production)

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    I have some customer subscription data for a SaaS platform and I would like to do a cohort analysis to understand CLV and subscription length

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    Conduct analysis on existing data report

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    Facebook Data Analysis 已经结束 left

    1. I need my Facebook page/ad data analyzed & data broken down and interpreted by an expert. 2. I want to know my ideal market demographics ( who & where,etc ). 3. How well my ads do compared to other similar pages. There are years of ad data. 4. Explain all the important details in a report.

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    3D chassis part make in CATIA want to analysis in ansys software

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    competitor analysis ,comparison of marketing communications , media and message

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    financial analysis 已经结束 left

    Analysis company report for Personal need

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    I just need someone to help me understand a question

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    I need some help with finding some leads.

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    A company that works with local business data now wants to take the next step. The goal for expansion is to: 1. Be able to cater global business data, not just local as they've done before 2. Automate systems and processes to streamline the customer experience along with the data delivery (order delivery) in order to achieve leverage. In short, I

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    TensorFlow is a python library for training and deploying Machine Learning models. This task that learns from the user its likes and dislikes and eventually starts figuring out what kind of news articles the user may like. We have already news headlines from multiple sources on multiple topics. For example, CNN, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, etc. on topics such as Business, Entertainment, Science, Health...

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    I need a financial analysis of the commission reserve report.

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    I NEED PROPER EXPLANATION AND CALCULATIONS OF THIS KIND OF WORK on Cost–Volume–Profit Analysis deadline 5hrs or less

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    i need a data analysis and visualization tool to be built with interactive dashboard. please contact for requirements. language and framework is your choice.

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    I am a business litigation attorney and I have a client who sells auto warranties. He gets paid an “advanced” commission when the sale closes. But the finance company holds back a portion of the commission as a “reserve” in the event that the customer cancels the contract early and the commission is not fully “earned.” The finance company has submitted a “...

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    -We are looking for a freelancer that is able to undergo a market...we a searching for should be a dynamic person that speaks bahasa perfectly and has full availability as project is urgent. -This project should focus on a Target Customer Analysis. The brief related to the project is attached. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. (Removed by Admin)

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    Dear Bidders, I am looking for a resource who is comfortable with deep learning, especially with BiLSTM on Text reviews dataset . It is a sentimental analysis project. I already have dataset and code. I shall provide you with that. However, the requirement of the project is to add optimisation algorithm to BiLSTM .For BiLSTM, you can use the same

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    To define the performance assessment of pressurized stairs in a high rise buildings. This staircase is pressurized from three floors only. The CFD analysis need to show the Pressure and temperature gradient at all level. The result to show and demonstrate the pressure and temperature are distributed simultaneous and uniform across all staircase doors

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    On main I should be able to add all my desired ASINs. The result on main page should show below details for each ASINs added 1. Total rating, 2. number of reviews, 3. number of sellers selling the product Feature 1 : Keyword rank tracker I should be able to select the desired ASINs added in main page and should be able to add all the related keywords to track. When I click on ASIN o...

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    I am a professional researcher investigating language use in bilingual families. I have recently conducted a questionnaire study with about 500 responses. The questionnaire asks around 15 questions relating to demographic information of the participants, and 5 questions relating to language use in these families (i.e. language used with children, language used with partner, language children speak...

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    The objective is to do numerical analysis using Ansys. There is tube and tubesheet joint in heat exchangers. Presure is applied to the tube which is inserted inside the tubesheet. Tubesheet is a circular disk with holes for tubes to get it inserted. Need to find deformation, interface pressure, etc. Need to replicate the results obtained in one literature

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    Need analyst who has very good knowledge about stock market technical and fundamental analysis. Need to prepare tutorials related to stock market trading.

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    I have a data analysis task that i need completed quickly

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    actually the project is based on comparing the mimo-ofdm codes using different parameters like signal to noise ratio,bit error rate. etc types of quality of services in various fading environments with the help of awgn,stbc,rayleigh ratian channels

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    Chimney Analysis 已经结束 left

    need a engineer for analysing the chimney with single tuned mass damper and multiple tuned mass damper subjected to seismic loading..

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    I am looking for someone, who can do deep analysis my website and generate the high traffic on my website. My website is - [登录来查看链接] Please have a look.

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    We are looking for java based text analysis and recognition models. You could use any NLP tools with in java environment for example openNLP

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    This is an entry project which involves data being processed and stored into the company records.

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    1. Hashtag search I want to extract a hashtag from the past post for every Instagrammer, and do a search function based on that hashtag 2. Get gender ratio and age group for Instagram's followers I want to extract the information of the follower for each instagram and get the gender ratio and age group I look for expert. explain api, way simply.

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    PCAP file analysis 已经结束 left

    I need the 3 PCAP files analysing and then the template completing along with a 250 word explanation for each PCAP file.

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    For an analysis and reporting work, SAP BW tables and modelling is required

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    I need a R Programming Language, Statistical Analysis expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancer.

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    Web search analysis 已经结束 left

    Web research and web search results analysis by several browsers. Have to read all materials supplied on time and follow all instructions carefully. Need specific tool for this work. Please, follow instructions in the file attached. Please, bid on this job only after you made a screenshot. We are not able to consider any applications without

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    Analysis of e-commerce data, comparing products, comparing websites like Flipkart, Amazon...etc. 1)more products purchased 2) the best site 3)season wise products sale 4) has to take multiple sites and analyse which season has more sale in which site. these are the examples of the query

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    I need to determine the relationship between a group of 28 products (in other words, need to determine the cross-price elasticity). I have the prices and quantities sold for each product every month for 1 year.

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    I have conversational data in Hinglish and I need them to be labled with correct sentitment attached to the sentence and emotions if any is associated with the sentence

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    i need to make Data analysis to an Access database for production planning, the existing Database include orders where each order have different products and the each products consists of different parts(different products may or may not share the same part). there are two warehouse each has some stock of the parts WH2 is the closest to the assembly

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    Data analysis project 已经结束 left

    Hello, need help on the data analysis project

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    Exploratory data analysis 已经结束 left

    Hello guys, I have data on five sites. It has comment contribution count, event participation count, membership count, article post count and number of member. The data has maximum two years. In order to visualize these data from various points of view, please do exploratory data analysis on each website by using jupyter notebook with python. 1. Look

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    ...trainer to help me train for the day to day entry level Biostatistician tasks. I am looking for an experienced Biostatistician who has worked in the industry for at least 4-5 years. The prospective trainer should be proficient in the following- - Collaborates with program staff on the implementation and analysis of statistical aspects of research protocols

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    Hello, i need someone to do Analysis and Design project

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    create python code for sentiment analysis of arabic text. find good and recent datasets and build a sentiment analyzer to classify the texts ; the idea is using an evolutionary algorithm for text features selection, I will provide the concerned algorithm

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    poem analysis 已经结束 left

    Need someone's help to analyze a poem

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    Help us analyse the data to pick diamonds

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    website design and layout analysis for my website [登录来查看链接]

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    Design Tender analysis 已经结束 left

    A medical Organization wants to design a Tender Analysis in Excel or Access App. contains i.e. (Price, Manufacturing dates, Brand ...etc.) This database will make a directly sorting from High to the lowest prices with graphics and charts.

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    Brand analysis 已经结束 left

    I need you to write a report for article

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