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    Requires a database that helps users in our company to organise different packaging specifications for each of our products. Since different customers require different packaging format of the same products, we need to be able to pick from existing packaging format or create new format for each customer. Requires the following functions. 1) Product overview (list all the items, and related different packaging specifications) 2) Functions that allow users to alter and add new packaging format for each item. 3) Functions that allow users to pick different products (and its respective forma) and output the selection to Excel or PDF 4) An import and export function that allows us to import all the existing packaging data into the database.

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    SQL注入/代码审计/数据库权限/渗透测试技术 接渗透单子高手,联系电子邮箱:aqcp#(#改成@)语言要求:中文 熟练掌握各种内网渗透测试工具与相关知识,精通常见安全攻防技术:sql注入、xss、文件上传、文件包含、命令执行等漏洞 熟悉linux、unix、Windows、oracle、J2EE等各种环境下WEB的安全配置与安全检查及WEB漏洞防范; 熟悉各种脚本语言(asp,php,jsp,java,net、perl、python等)具备独立挖掘web安全漏洞与入侵手段 具备一定的网络安全知识,对网络安全结构、系统漏洞、入侵检测、病毒防护等有深入理论基础和实践经验; 熟悉渗透测试黑客攻防的步骤、方法、流程、熟练掌握各种渗透测试攻防工具有实际渗透经验者优先; 求大虾接单,脱裤,要求,电话,手机,姓名,邮箱,其他的一概不要。每笔单1000美金起步,根据站的难度而定价格,具体可以详谈,寻找长期合作. 态度认真、中介勿扰,请技术实力说话。

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    Looking for a Company or team to compile (put data into specific format in excel or access or Sql, depending how big file is) and Standardize and Validate the USA addresses then geocode (getting an accurate Lat/Lon from the address). This would be a monthly project of approximately 500 databases a month with anywhere from 200 records to 1,000,000 records or more per database.

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    ...priority. Duties This person will be responsible for: - Quality assurance of service calls - Dispatch the technicians to the job site - Allocating resources - Following up completion confirmation with customers and seeking customer feedback - Maintaining customer facing dashboards - Invoicing - Ad hoc Admin tasks - Data Entry - Reporting and business analysis Requirements Bachelor Degree in administration or engineering • 1+ years of work experience in a similar role • Proficient with Microsoft Office • Excellent problem-solving abilities • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written • Outstanding people skills • Strong data entry skills and attention to details • Exceptional analytical thinking, problem-solving, and organiza...

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    World Golf Rankings Database 6 天 left

    Looking to hire a database designer to create web database and then a long-term relationship to manage and maintain data/app. You will use public data from OWGR dot com: players, events, etc. Our computations and algorithm for awarding player points and rankings fields and players will differ slightly but the functionality from user perspective will be similar.

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    Possibility for the visitor to register on a webpage, register with name, company and phone. They need to be able to leave the place again from another form. A list of guests in the house needs to be available from a administration site, password protected. Ideal would be to scan a qr code to go to visitor registration form.

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    As discussed in previous project

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    We want a stable database and simple CRM Must be expandable so we can add extra fields. Have good sorting functions so we can search by fields. Fields for Phone number, 4 name fields, street and number, town, province, 4 date fields and 3 pre defined list fields. There should also be 2 comment fields that are non sortable and attached to the record. The interface should be pleasant App will be available to multiple users on a server with each user having access protected by individual password/username

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    We are currently hiring writers who have intermediate to expert knowledge in the following fields: - Ghost writing - creative director - Data processing - Solar Storage - Data entry - Portable Power Station - RV & Outdoor Camping - Off-Grid Living

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    Hello, I am looking for a specialist in security vulnerabilities for simple and infrequently visited websites. This person will have to list the most dangerous security vulnerabilities and give each time at least one solution to patch the vulnerabilitie. In security vulnerabilities for simple and infrequently visited websites. This person will have to list the most dangerous security vulnerabilities and give each time at least one solution to patch the vulnerabilitie. In particular, you will need: * test the site in SQL injections, * attempt to upload files to the server * attempt to make (minor) changes to the site * and try to access our administration interface (the link will not be given and so it's OK if you can't) The URK of the site will be given in priv...

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    Education Course Website with Database Looking for a developer of an Educational Website where students can subscribe to either of two packages It should have a search bar where someone can ask a question or upload a document with a question, then there is a database- quite large with content in pdf for tertiary school subjects It should have Signup/login where one can create an account, then Payment integration i.e mobile money, paypal/visa credit card to enable payments. Without paying for a package no content can be displayed. It's idea is to help them use the search to find the content they need, which is fetched from the database upon them paying for one of the 2 packages. Good look and feel needed, and fast access to the content on the database n...

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    Database Developer needed 6 天 left

    visualization of existing database is required.

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    We need an Accurate and detail conscious individual with a genuine interest in the development of skills in accounts and administration.. All details of what's needed will be sent to you for you to work and the payment per page that should be work on will be explained to you

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    Customer Service Manager 6 天 left
    已验证 assortment selection and identify assortment gaps - Ensuring good customer service by addressing and ensuring the timely resolution of customer issues or comments - Providing analysis and reporting on metrics such as weekly/monthly sales by department, new product sell-through and offering code performance Key Requirements: - You have a minimum of 2 years experience in Marketing, Business Administration or a related field. - You have prior experience in a similar role. Experience in digital marketing is a plus. - You possess a solid understanding of e-commerce frameworks. - You have a self-starter mentality with the ability to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced working environment. - You have a high level of attention to detail including a proven ability to manage m...

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    ...required. We need from you:- 1) to build database from excel file and set up an backend admin panel to upload new content and connect to front end to push and/or pull from the database. 2) In the database (mysql) we have pdf, word and excel files and a photos (already optimised) and 3 video (already optimised). We need a search function building thats allows the user to enter up to 6 words within a form page and when the search button is pressed it will list the selected documents with all the search words in. The list will then allow the user to select the document and open in a new brower window. Please note the search funtcion will need to look through all the documents pdf, word and excel documents on the system. 3) Build admin site administration pan...

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    Virtual Administration Assistant for Financial of orphanage and ware houses renovation

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    A web-based map using .net6 core MVC to visualize the sensors already exists. So, To increase information density, you may want to think about what else you want to visualize. A preview of the current and historical sensor. You could embed some plots in the map or design some glyphs. Further, as this is a web-based prototype and not some static map, you may want to think about interactivity a bit more. What can the user adjust in your solution interactively? adding interactive filters based on sensor type or a time slider for the historical sensor data. about interactively comparing data from multiple selected sensors Bottom line: Think where your solution is better or at least as good as existing previous work. Check with the domain users what are their needs in terms of the sensor data...

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    Hi, We need help related to System Administration course. Please bid if you have past experience similar to it and have relevant educational background. Thanks.

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    I am wanting to create a project on a server that will scrape selected sites . It will then create a database and update me by sending me notifications via multiple platforms . The scraping from database will need to be filtered into multiple categories . There will also be the need to create automation if chosen as also comparing data to other sites . I will need updates as needed . We will also need someone that can troubleshoot any problems as we go and continue to add features as we go for additional payment as this will be a long term job for you beyond the original ..everything will be down through here only . communication will be key . If you are hard to contact then I will not be interested in working with you . Thanks .

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    Identity Access Management (IAM) is one of the three highest growth technologies in IT industry. The global identity access management system market can expect an astounding 16% CAGR to reach a valuation of USD 24 billion during the forecast period (2018-2022). This domain has two main streams: Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and Access Management (AM). About ILANTUS ILANTUS () is one of the global leaders in IAM. ILANTUS is at the most exciting phase of its 18-year-old history. ILANTUS offers IAM solution as a SaaS service - it is known as Compact Identity . "Compact Identity" is a Converged Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solution which is Cloud-native, to provide Identity-centric cyber-security framework to secure users’ identity and their ...

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    redesign and improve mysql database for an ERP

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    NOSQL DATABASE 6 天 left

    PROBLEM: Find or conceptualize a hypothetical scenario where a non-relational database is the best solution 1. the scenario (industry, firm, information requirements, data requirements) 2. a discussion describing the form that the NoSQL DB should take (including choosing a specific DB). You should consider other options in your discussion. 3. a discussion of why your non-relational solution would work best – a key grading point is justifying your choice (business issues such as cost may also contribute to your decision in addition to technical requirements). Describe the specific characteristics of your scenario that suggests your noSQL solution is the best choice. Describing why it can be utilized is important but insufficient; convince me that it should be the solution &ndas...

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    Create tables, insert values into the tables, create views and run SQL queries in MySQL Workbench. I already have the relational schema, ER digram. I will need you to run a few queries and view that give results.

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    Create tables, insert values into the tables, create views and run SQL queries in MySQL Workbench.

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    I need to automatize excel spreadsheets formulas for business administration follow up and P&L

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    Insert record in database using PHP and MySQL on button click. Have a textbox for name and a button for saving in database Table details ID int name varchar(100)

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    We are looking for the expert web scraper , data miner to collaborate with us on a client project. Client requires a database of all Electrical Hardware SKUs being sold in the Indian Market. Excel Format will be attached for reference of Data points to be collected. Data will need to be sourced from individual Brand's Websites and official catalogues. A few data sources will be provided for reference. Target is 50k SKUs. Deadline is 15th December.

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    Need help with database not working. also need some changes done once running. all fields must be able to edit, and searched.

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    Please ONLY for people with ADVANCED knowledge in WordPress. DO NOT waste my time The web page had always worked perfectly with a set of plugins that I have the same on several pages and they work perfectly. For a while it started to get slow but only in the administration part. Facing the user, it works normally, but when it comes to managing it, it is extremely slow. The first error that started giving is as if the wordpress cron had problems in the updraftplus it shows this error: Warning: WordPress has a number (40) of scheduled tasks which are overdue. Unless this is a development site, this probably means that the scheduler in your WordPress install is not working. Read this page for a guide to possible causes and how to fix it. And when you clear cache and preload cache...

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    Hi there, I am looking for a develop who must have experience working with C#, Excel spreadsheet and importing various types of spreadsheets into a database. I will share more details through chat.

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    Want to create Backend data for the Magento website. Please contact if you good knowledge of excel.

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    Make an android app for loans? I am a microcredit lender. I want an app to input transactions of the loans, like principal, interest, fees, and payments as a category choice. I want the database in the cloud. I need a button to send sms reminder on the loan page addressed to the borrower to pay their loan, referencing the loan number that was generated in the app. I want the borrower to be able to make an account just see their balances and transactions with no way to add entries. There should be a chat function to be able to chat to the lender about the loan. Interest on every loan is different, I set it when the loan is made, and can change it later. Have a notes table to link to individual loan. Make notes visible on loan page. Only lender can make notes. When the borrower...

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    Database developer needed urgently

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    Database validation testing with typescript/ integration testing with data service & typescript

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    Oracle database 5 天 left

    looking for oracle database support for migration, we have application running oracle 9i as backend, front end forms 6i and reports 6i we need to upgrade to new or mid version of oracle Db and forms as well so that we have Zatca Compliance. Our Db character set is US7ASCII

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    I have a quiz in database, so i need database developer to dolve the quiz and I have to a train a model in ml with pyspark

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    We are a private Canadian fintech company entering the information and commerce website security service providers. Using security vulnerabilities we require you to exploit and penetrate the database of a Canadian ecommerce site. Experience in doing so is expected. This will be used to upsell our Firewall software.

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    I have attached 2 Database long theory questions in a word document. It is based on the Star schema and crow feet diagram. I need it done, with all questions answered in detail and explanation. Budget is $50 please answer should be in details and diagram.

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    Application development, testing, load testing, deployment, administration

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    I do have a web UI implemented and deployed in a server, implemented using codeigniter. The UI is static and I now I want it to be connected to real data from a local mySQL database. Work to do: - Implement the webservices that extract the data from the existing mySQL database. - Integrate the UI to the implemented webservices Note: The webservices are simple as they do not need any calculations, they just read the data from the database and expose it as is.

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    I would need help in connecting database and building simple ML model

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    Opérations - Administration - Répondre aux demandes d’informations et aux appels de réservations des clients d’une manière rapide et efficace - Accompagner les clients dans le processus de réservation avant et après l’animation et s’assurer de leur entière satisfaction avec un excellent service à la clientèle - Gestion des commandes et communications des détails de l'événement et logistiques - Récupération et classement des informations des animations - Gestion des groupes de clavardage des équipes d'animation - Entrez les factures dans Quickbooks Détails : - Temps-partiel (10-15 heures par semaine). Besoin peut s’élever &agr...

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    19 个竞标 Estonian Resident, who is an Experienced Consultant and Business Analyst/Writer who regularly deals with Startups and is an expert in Developing Fundraising Documents as well as Advisory and Investor Solicitation, to join me in the Company as a Member of the Top Management and a Shareholder (we'll discuss equity separately). Proficiency in 'Spoken English' is a must and a PG in Business Administration would be a plus. Rules of engagement in terms of remuneration will be simple- we'll start with revenue sharing (you'll only have to give up 15% of total revenue earned through projects completed by you, the rest of 85% would belong to you as your income). With time, as the Firm grows, we'll add more Partners, services in the portfolio, and remune...

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    Hi, I'm looking for the simplest and cheapest possible solution for a fully functional betting website with administration. Offers via pm, please. Thank you.

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    Mushroom database with filtering. Please see attached images, because app used as an example must be paid for in order to install. Database used in mobile app must be compatible for use in website planned in the future. Idea is to have unique database for both mobile app and a website.

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    develop a web portal or web app to manage an organization. on this portal organization can onboard there self and manage CMS. in this application they can manage all stuffs under this application like academic, learning and communication, administration etc. what i want? 1) On board there self from registration process. 2) They get user id and password. 3) Now They log-in and manage there CMS. Now only complete module one onboarding and login system. To understand more see the attachment. For more details you can communicate with me.

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    18 个竞标 databases, REIS, ESRI, GIS and other external websites to develop financial models and market study reports. Maintain detailed competitor analysis spreadsheets to assess ways to enhance performance of potential projects. Experience Minimum Bachelor's degree in GIS, Geography, Cartography, Planning, Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, Accounting, Real Estate, Urban Planning, Business Administration or related field or equivalent previous work experience. Demonstrated proficiency with ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop software suite PC Proficient, extensive experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, Planner, Projects, etc.). Prior experience in commercial land acquisitions and real estate development analysis is p...

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    Dear all, I am in the market for an expert Quantity Surveyor to write reports, letters and carry out general Contract Administration type task. Examples are: • Construction Contract Law • Cost Planning and Control • Pre Contract Administration • Post Contract Administration I welcome further dialogue.

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    ...channels. For this reason, I decided to create a new DTT streaming platform called TDTSreams, where this time, the channels I choose will be broadcast from Samsung TV Plus, Pluto TV, RTVE Play, Atresplayer, Mitele, YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and all streaming platforms around the world (such as BBC IPlayer, RTP Play, etc), using a VPN and/or Proxy integrated into my project (in the administration panel of the site, I will be able to search for streams, either from YouTube, BBC IPlayer, RTVE Play, etc, and add it), but instead of using the official links, the HLS and MPEG-DASH links will be used using the following links: HLS: [STREAM_ID_IN_UUID]/ (quality from 144p to 8K: [STREAM_ID_IN_UUID]/[QUALITY_ID_IN_UUID]/manifest

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