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    I need google maps setup 已经结束 left

    I need a google maps expert and google citations. it will be in bulk for my clients, i pay 20 for maps listing and 20 for google citations

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    I have a big website with 800k + posts but websites loads in like 10 sec+ i want to optimize database in such way that it will load in 5 seconds or faster I use wordpress This is my server details: Server Details: Windows server 2012 Manufacturer Dell Dell PowerEdge R220 Processor Xeon E3 1x Intel® Xeon® E3 1230 v3 Architecture 4 cores 8 threads @3.3 Ghz cache L3 8MB, x64, ...

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    SO right now i have a big database +800k posts and all have categories what i wanna do is install on the server multiple websites that will have same database : website1: categorys1...and 2.. but i want all websites have own themese.. so to get from this database the posts but they remain with same themes

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    Hi AqueeIP, I'm not totally sure what I'm looking for a this point. I have a team working on a pretty complex data-driven website. They have submitted wireframes which we have modified several times. I think they are on the right track mechanically but I am concerned about the aesthetics and general customer appeal. I didn't put anything in the "budget" areas below bec...

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    Google custom search API 已经结束 left

    Please see attached mock up. We are after a simple page that let's you search for things using the google custom search api (this will allow us to control which sites from google's backend). It's pretty simple, the page will: 1. Allow you to enter a search term, 2. send it to google's api 3. return the results formatted nicely. We already have a professionally built UI...

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    Database project 已经结束 left

    I need someone who can work on UFT(Unified Functional Testing) and there are queries to run and few comparison scenarios. Person needs to be fluent in VBScripting and should be able to finish all the scenarios.

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    Develop a Database 已经结束 left

    We require a database to be developed: A customer / wholesale / production base relational database that will have many features including: • Enter data once in each field and it copies to all different fields a different layout locations/pages as needed • Drop down options within fields so different option are available, eg: fabric selection, colour selection etc etc o More drop do...

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    PSD to Wordpress Project 已经结束 left

    have a psd that needs to be converted to a responsive wordpress site Features include : homepage slider, search, blog, 15-20 static cms driven pages

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    $166 - $1104
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    I have a script to send Event data about Outbound links to my Analytics account. It tracks all outbound links, including the videos watched on the site, since these are stored on an external url. I want to exclude all outbound links from the reporting that end with "mp4" See the current code below. <script type="text/javascript"> function _gaLt(event){ v...

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    We need a php application to scrape web data as follows: Step 1: Connect to [登录来查看链接] and select latest week and Doc Type A. See screenshot - Step 1. Step 2: Select and open each patent number. See screenshot - Step 2 Step 3: Collect data as described in Step 3 (only application from UK, Ireland Wales and Scotland), and store in mysql table. When complete, application must output to std...

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    Our project includes the following: 1. Creation of a user database using Amazon Web Services Beijing. 2. Creation of a simple user dashboard that will allow users to access specific third party software (language learning software and elementary/middle school/high school online classes) which they have paid to have access to. 3. Formulation of a universal login using said AWS, which will allo...

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    Hello, We would like for someone to scrape Google and Yellow Pages for "wheel repair NJ", "alloy wheel repair nj", "rim repair NJ". We only want records in the state of New Jersey, USA. We want name of business, phone number, address, city, state, zip code, and website if any

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    See the attached spec for complete project description. Please read the entire pdf before bidding. MS SQL - IIS - ASP - AJAX

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    Database url edits 已经结束 left

    On my registration form need to send an email that auto-sent to them with a link to the Registration form. When they click the link it includes an ID with 36 characters. For example : ...../?id=12dfkjhskfdhkshfkshkjfhsk45

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    Looking for a decent template that tracks history of a sites seo and updates weekly so that users / new users etc can be tracked and pulls info from adwords and analytic s showing in a spread sheet that i can use as a template for other sites.

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    Hi Dimitri - I am looking for something similar to this: I just want smooth animation on panto - is it possible to provide the code?

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    I have location data of 1000 stores in MYSQL. Re-create this map, using my data. Straight forward. [登录来查看链接] Please show similar work. Answer: 2-1=

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    Hi, I need Database of Australian Schools in an excel spreadsheet. Database should be fresh and accurate. Need urgent. Thank You!

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    I recently created a project that includes a list of 800,000 longitude and latitude locations. I'd like to send you the 2 columns in a spreadsheet and have you connect to the Google Places API to return: 1) The location type (business, residence, landmark, park - whatever is available) 2) If it is non-residential, the location name and address 3) If there are sub-categorization for busin...

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    Hi! Project is as follows: I need a script/class that will do the same function as searching when in Google drive. Example: you have a few excel documents in Google drive (yours and shared with you) and you want to search for a given string in their contents. This doesn't mean download and parsing the whole files, rather using Google's API for the search process. Authentication is re...

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    Check our app : -[登录来查看链接] And check this app : - [登录来查看链接] Our app is way better than this one but this one comes on No. 2 when we search FM Radio. We want to have our app above the Malhotra(FM Radio India)

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    I have a Website I need a adsences approved/active account. Account should be approved using above web site and from any IP locate to Pakistan.

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    want to boost my stats, want cheap traffic 1$ for 10k

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    School Review Website, built in database. Simple and Easy

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    Need banner ads with the following sizes. 250x250 300x250 728x90 160x600

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    I need a geocoder plugin for Magento to send an address to the google yahoo bing map api, and retrieve the County name of that location. You must have already built plugins related to the Magento order checkout and sales report process. Please describe your achievement with magento plugin and map api's

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    need someone that care about twiters ,facebook ads campaign and PPC with adwords... I need also that person to work on SEO and PAGERANK, as per google guideline

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    Im looking for service of boosting statistics of google analytics and Alexa. I would like to buy about 50k of unique visits per day for next 2 weeks. I have a clue of that the traffic might be not real.

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    Hi We need a website being developed, which will have users sign up to an SEO service, the user will then have a user dashboard which will basically contain their google analytics account in one screen, then a few standard dashboard type extras i.e messages, ability for us to upload invoices to their account etc. The main aspects of functionality are: - Sign up form, these contain field...

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    All work required through Teamviewer only. I have one Antivirus apk with source code. This app is 30 days Trial and for registration it need key. Key is chargeable to USD 2.5. We want that if user want to Activate and pay to google then they get the key automatically. 1. In-app purchase required subscription for yearly USD 2.5 2. Crash Report 3. App Statistics I have approved google play dev...

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    Increase my PAGERANK ON GOOGLE - Bring traffic to my site - OPTIMIZE MY SEO

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    Hi, I'm looking for an experienced scraper to scrape MILLIONS of pages from google. I have multiple scrape tasks that need to be completed and I'm looking for one person to outsource these tasks to. I'm looking for someone who can scrape at the requested rate of at least 1 million unique (duplicate free) URLs per day. If your scraping speed is anything lower than 1 million ...

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    Removing duplicates

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    Need a database of dentists across India in excel format with fields like - name, email, mobile number, city for each entry. bds, mds both should be included

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    I have purchased google apps for business for a company, to use their mails there, instead of webmail. I tried using the migration tool from GA, and it's the worst and slower thing in the world. Also copying mails adding both accounts (cpanel and GA) to outlook/thunderbird, is slow, because it uses my own connection. Need someone who knows how to make imapsync. to transfer a few GB&#...

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    Google Maps APi 已经结束 left

    using the google maps api i wish to create a route planner and cost calculator the parameters are Location 1 is a fixed post code and hidden from the form the client would see location 2 is the clients start location which the client would enter on a form location 3 is the clients finish location which the client will enter on a form so on the mileage side the distance between location 1 ...

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    Need a database of dentists across India in excel format with fields like - name, email, mobile number, city for each entry. bds, mds both should be included

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    I'm looking for someone who can develop a website that allows students to check their plagiarism percentage for a fee. And they can also access a database of lecture/study materials. Very similar to [登录来查看链接] (for lecture/study material) , [登录来查看链接](for grammar and plagiarism checker) and [登录来查看链接] (for mainly plagiarism) The website has to be responsive and colourful, make it a good atmos...

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    l have a site that will be built for either the later part of this month to the early part of next month, the site will be for travel. l will be in touch with you when l am ready for you to start this project. Why am l starting this job now if i'm not ready? Well when l am ready l don't want to have to wait 7 days to pick the best person for this job l like to be always one step ahead. ...

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    I need to create a new website for a database that will feed the API data to our app.

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    We have approx 40 word documents with text that we require to be entered into our database. Each document has approx 80 separate tables with the information required needing to be separated into different fields in the database. The text can be copied and pasted. The text required is personal information that needs to be treated with the utmost security and a non-disclosure agreement wi...

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    Hi there, We are interested in creating an online SAAS program which enables us to distribute 'passes' to apple passbook and google wallet. This is essentially the same as [登录来查看链接] and we would require the same functionality aswell as the same analyitics and billing system. Passes would need to be able to work with GPS and ibeacon targeting to push notifications to the us...

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    Hello Please read carefully QUALITY (I do insist on this point as we will not pay any freelancer that posts on pages that has no rankings and no visitors.) IF YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT QUALITY MEANS, please submit your proposal! i would like to do some seo for my site on monthly basis i detailed report for the first 3 months is required every 10 days Social Bookmarking Link: 50 per month F...

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    Before you place a bid, please read my terms carefully. Let's make it simple. I have a Google News Approved website which needs writer To start with, I'll need 15 high quality news articles about technology (250-350 words) Having written for such a website in past would be a plus point. You can be a permanent part of the team and considered for incentives and pay hike within...

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    All work required through Teamviewer only. I have one Antivirus apk with source code. This app is 30 days Trial and for registration it need key. Key is chargeable to USD 2.5. We want that if user want to Activate and pay to google then they get the key automatically. key we have in .xls format. key is also uploaded already in mysql and it is online web-based. 1. In-app purchase required subsc...

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    I want a php script that will upload pdf data to mysql database.

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    Gurus, I need help creating a script to automatically DUPLICATE a website (database, folders). I'm dealing with Joomla 3 websites, with mySQL databases. With my hosting, I have CPanel ... dedicated hosting, with full root access. So, SSH is possible and running mySQL queries is likely possible. This is a very interesting project. Please only apply if you are 100% confident that you&r...

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    Create a webpage featuring an HTML5 audio player. Audio player allows users to play, shuffle, scroll next, scroll previous songs. Songs are stored in SQL database. Create an admin form to allow me to add new songs to the database. The webpage should be cross browser enabled, but specifically designed for mobile devices. Attached are images, test files and a screen shot. I am CSS and HTML capa...

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    I need a good and professional website form validator, i have some forms that i need validated well and these include , registration forms email based forms, email attachment forms,. I need all forms to be validated with jquery so you must understand the use of jquery and java script. i want you to use this validation type see [登录来查看链接] I have created a captcha separately and you will at...

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    I need another set of 1000 subs in my page. Thank you.

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