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    Convert c++ projects to Delphi projects

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    I am keen to bring additional functionality to my existing Delphi 10.4 Sydney application. To achieve this, I need a professional with significant experience in both C++ and Delphi. Your role will involve: - Meticulously handling C++ DLL functions that facilitate data processing. - Integrating these C++ DLL data processing functions into the Delphi application seamlessly. Ideal Skills: - Demonstrated expertise in C++ and Delphi 10.4 Sydney is mandatory. - Prior experience with DLL functions handling is a must. - Hands-on experience with data processing tasks is desirable. This project requires meticulous handling, deep technical knowledge and precision coding due to its complexity. If you perfectly fit into these requirements, feel free to bid and we can em...

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    Delphi Expert Needed -- 2 已经结束 left

    I'm in need of an experienced Delphi expert. I need code in Delphi that takes a file path of .7z file. I will share the more details on chat. Please apply if you have expertise on Delphi Programming Language. Thanks!

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    Delphi Expert Needed 已经结束 left

    I'm in need of an experienced Delphi expert. I need code in Delphi that takes a file path of .7z file. I will share the more details on chat. Please apply if you have expertise on Delphi Programming Language. Thanks!

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    As discussed, I need code in Delphi that takes a file path of .7z file as input, and outputs a TStringList containing all the names of files within the 7z archive without using any DLL files or third party code. If the 7z file is password protected, then it shall return empty result.

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    I am in need of a Delphi API Wrapper for the Emma marketing platform, similar to the existing open-source ones at , specifically to function like this one This wrapper should have the capacity to: - Support for Events, Fields, Groups, Mailings, Members, Response, Searches, Triggers, and Webhooks on the Emma marketing platform. I need the source code to be compatible with Delphi 2010 and the project to be completed within a month. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Strong experience with Delphi - Prior knowledge of API integration and development

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    Need to build and integrate an Azure IA Image Recognition system for an financial Software built in Delphi, the objective is to be able to enter to an function in the software where we can upload a photo of an invoice, and through Azure extract the data from it and provide it for the user local database. The software were looking to work on is Local, it isnt conected to the could. Its downloaded, and if the user delets the software and data, all of it is deleted. Looking for Offers.

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    I am in need of a skilled Delphi programmer to develop a console program that can run seamlessly on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Here's what I am looking for: - The program should be able to execute both system-related and application-related commands. It's essential for the program to perform tasks like launching applications, managing system processes, and facilitating various system operations. Ideal Skills: - Strong expertise in Delphi programming - Solid comprehension of Windows and Linux OS - Prior experience in console program development - Familiarity with system and application-related command execution The focus is to create a toolkit that assists in managing system and application commands, so a keen understanding of these areas is impor...

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    加精 加急

    I'm working on a project that involves implementing a T-pattern Detection algorithm using generic lists within Delphi's Parall...that may arise during the parallel programming process. The T-pattern Detection algorithm: - The algorithm is expected to be of intermediate complexity, involving dynamic pattern identification rather than just predefined patterns. - It's crucial to ensure the parallelism does not cause incorrect results or data corruption. Ideal freelancers for this job should have: - Deep understanding of Delphi, particularly in parallel programming and generic lists. - Prior experience in implementing complex algorithms, preferably pattern detection. - Skilled in debugging and resolving issues related to parallel programming, such as race conditions o...

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    Delphi expert (HTTPRIO) 已经结束 left

    I'm in search of a seasoned Delphi developer with a profound understanding of HTTP protocol implementation. Your primary task will be integrating HTTP protocol seamlessly into our Delphi application. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing HTTP protocol to enable seamless communication - Ensuring the integration is robust and secure Requirements: - Advanced level experience in network programming - Prior work experience with Delphi, particularly in HTTP protocol implementation If you are interested, please provide a summary of your experience along with any relevant work samples or projects you've worked on in the past. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    ...need a Delphi XE3 interface to access functions and methods via Preferably O.P.I. (Open Payment Initiative) or a .NET DLL. This DLL is used to communicate with a Payment Terminal. A test application in Delphi that shows and allows test with Interface. A Frame Application in Delphi is already available. Key Requirements: - O.P.I. with Delphi XE3 - The interface must be compatible with Delphi XE3 - The interface should allow accessing all functions and methods present in the DLL - The test application should effectively call all functions in the DLL - It should be able to display results from the DLL - It should be able to pass parameters to the DLL functions - It should be able to receive and decode callback status from the DLL Ideal Skills and Expe...

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    No additional components should be used. StringGrid should have 4 columns and combobox should be in the 3rd column. The content of the combobox should be determined according to the value in the 1st column. Note: The values ​​in the rows in the 1st column are different. Based on these values, the combobox content in the 3rd column appears differently. StringGrid content is loaded with MySQL. But you don't need to do this. Loading data in the OnCreate event is sufficient. Uncertain number of rows.

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    I urgently require assistance from a proficient Delphi developer to help troubleshoot an error experienced during my Delphi 7 Rest API integration. Key Aspects: - Identify the cause of the error and implement a durable fix. - Must deliver a prompt and efficient resolution due to the urgency. - Solid experience with Delphi 7 Rest API integration is crucial. I'll appreciate an Immediate commencement of the project. Feel free to bid if you can deliver under these tight timelines. Budget is $30.

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    I've inherited a legacy system programmed in Delphi, likely Delphi 2007, but recompiled using Delphi XE2. The system currently utilises a checksum routine for data integrity verification. However, there is a requirement to disable this and recompile the system. Unfortunately, I don't have any project documentation or specifications besides the source code. Some key details: - You will need to comment out a checksum routine in the Delphi source code. I understand that the routine is used for data integrity verification. - I don't have any documentation or specifications for the legacy system, so it will likely require a fair degree of expertise in Delphi to understand the system and locate the checksum routine. - I can provide the exact loc...

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    Necesito el desarrollo de conversión del archivo de factura CFDI de México XML 4.0 a PDF, usando delphi y FastReports.

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    ...area and the similar images below it, arranged horizontally. It should be possible to change the parameters for similarity and other options in the application and the data should then be saved as default values. The program should use a neural network for the task in order to find cropped and edited variants. The programming language is not specified, but the compiler must be freely available (Delphi, XCode is available on our side) and the source code of the application must be handed over to us. We would prefer an Apple Mac application, but Windows devices are also available. I added an example of similar images which have to be identified. Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of image processing and comparison algorithms. - Experience in developing similar tools or appl...

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    I have a DLL written in Delphi 10.2 that is utilizing Indy components for making HTTP calls. Unfortunately, the DLL crashes during runtime specifically when making HTTP calls. I get the following error: "The ordinal 3873 could not be located in the dynamic link library D:Shahafutils'. D:Shahafutils is the folder where i put the files of openssl and i inform the dll about this folder by using the using the IdOpenSSLSetLibPath function . I also developed an exe program that the same code and it works fine, so i guess that the problem is the DLL. Key Tasks: - Investigate the current implementation and identify the root cause behind the crashing issue during the HTTP calls. - Implement necessary fixes to ensure the DLL no longer crashes during this process. Idea...

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    I am in need of an experienced Delphi programmer with expertise in Delphi 10 and Indy for a short, immediate project. I wrote a dll in delphi that make http calls. I get an EIdOSSLCouldNotLoadSSLLibrary exception. I guessed it is because it does not find the files and so i put them in a some folder and used the IdOpenSSLSetLibPath () function to inform INDY the location of these files but it is still does not work. I assume it is because there are more files that i need (maybe and ) but i don't find them. I'm looking for a professional with the following qualifications: - Proficient in Delphi 10 and Indy - Able to work on an immediate basis

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    I need a C# dotnet DLL that can be used by Delphi, or actually in C++ Builder (Delphi w. C++ language). The The task is to developa a demonstration of this in Visual Studio 2022 and imported into C++ Builder (preferrably) or Delphi i a solutino that does nothing useful beyond this. Further some discussion on limitations etc. with this approach in the chat.

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    I'm in need of a skilled Delphi developer, well-versed with Delphi 5, to work on an existing software project. The goal is to both fix bugs and enhance the software with new features, ultimately improving its performance. Key Responsibilities: - Identify and address issues causing certain features not to work - Implement necessary bug fixes - Integrate new features in a seamless manner - Optimize the code for improved performance familiar with firebird database and report builder. Ideal skills and Experience: - Strong background in Delphi development, specifically with Delphi 5 - Proven track record of fixing bugs and enhancing existing software - Understanding of software optimization techniques - Ability to work effectively both independently and as...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Delphi developer who can quickly generate a program that can dive into the registry of a Windows machine and extract the names of all programs listed in the "Add/Remove Programs" section. Key Requirements: - The code should be written in Delphi. - It should effectively scan the registry. - Extracted program names should be displayed in a listbox. This is a simple task, but it's important that the code is efficient and free from bugs.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to create a Web Assembly prototype, , using a small Delphi application that primarily showcases an interactive user interface. The aim is to target the prototype for web browsers. Key Requirements: - Creation of a Web Assembly prototype utilizing a Delphi application. - Focus on showcasing a simple interactive user interface The Prototype: - The user interface for the prototype is envisioned to be simple, consisting of basic elements. - The primary focus should be on the seamless integration of the Delphi application's functionality into a web browser environment.

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    Compile a delphi project 已经结束 left

    I have a delphi project that i need compile. The project need some complements that I have but i dont know how to install them. I need that you make me a video in your pc installing the complements and compiling the project for I can do the same in my pc. Thanks you !

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    For immediate work I need a Delphi programmer who can develop a simple Delphi program that executes an HTTP CALL command according to an existing javascript/HTML program. The solution needs to be in Delphi 10 and without the use of ready-made libraries (unless the programmer can install something free)

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    Our company develops both desktop and web applications tailored for analysing insurance premiums. These have been developed in Delphi over the past 25 years. We are seeking to establish a long term relationship with an experienced Delphi programmer with exposure to Microsoft SQL databases. application experience is also desirable. Our software packages require continued upgrading and enhancement and given the specialist nature of our software we are seeking to establish a long term relationship. The primary requirements include understanding our business process and system design, determining and articulating technical solutions, and implementing the design into build and install stages. Australian based is preferred, our principal office is based in Sydney NSW. ...

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    I have a C# project that I need translate to Delphi. The code is not too extensive but use SQLite. I will send the project source code if you send me a good proposal with you experience in c# and delphi. Please not send automatic proposals. thanks you!

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    I'm looking to hire someone to create two custom Rad Studio / Delphi VCL (or FMX) flow panel components for use with-in Rad Studio IDE. At a glance the custom panel will offer the following requirements and behaviours • Compatibility for Rad Studio/Delphi XE 10.4 and later • Can be based on any standard VCL (or FMX) component that might suit • Must be visually appealing, happy to offer some freedom in this regard (however, simple is best) • Support for Rad Studio Styles would be preferred but not required. • Sourcecode will be provided with delivery Please find the high-level requirements along with some example screenshots finally, I’m open to alternative ideas and changes to this requirements if it can meet my imp...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Delphi developer to create a Windows Explorer context menu application. Here are the specifics: - Main Functionality: The program should enable users to select and manipulate files easily from the context menu, primarily focusing on file selection and type filtering. Desired files should be filtered by their type, such as "*.pas", without a dialog box. - File Manipulation: Once files are selected, users should be able to copy them to their preferred destination. - Delphi Version: The entire application should be developed in Delphi 10 or newer versions. Please make sure that the application programming is compatible with these Delphi versions. I will also need the source code in Delphi provided along with ...

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    I am in need of a skilled Delphi FireMonkey developer to create a multi-platform business application for me. We have a mature (30 years serving 3 countries) Delphi B2B app in VCL. Key Project Requirements: - Development of a user-friendly data entry form - Design and implementation of data visualization components - Creation of a robust report generation system - Compatibility across Windows, macOS, and iOS platforms Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Delphi FireMonkey development - Previous experience in developing business applications - Strong understanding of user interface design and data visualization - Ability to create cross-platform applications - Familiarity with report generation systems - Good communication skills for potential future collab...

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    I have a need for a meticulous researcher who can work effectively with IDA Pro. The goal is to retrieve lost source code originally written in Delphi XE. An adept understanding of both IDA Pro and Delphi is crucial for this task. Key Skills & Experience: - Proficiency with IDA Pro - Extensive knowledge of c++ programming language - Proven experience in software reverse engineering Your primary focus will be to detect, analyze, and retrieve the lost code. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills are of immense importance for this project. I am looking forward to proposals/responses describing your relevant experience and plan of action for this task.

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    Busco un Profesor que pueda guiarme en la creación de apps para móvil Android e IOS, necesariamente con Delphi 11 con FIreMonkey, manejo de cámara y geolocalizacion, puede ser asesoría por hora y por anydesk

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    I'm seeking a proficient Delphi instructor to help me navigate building mobile apps for both Android and IOS using FireMonkey. A strong understanding of MySQL databases is also essential. I'm more interested in thoroughly understanding the process. We'll be working at a moderate pace, making sure all concepts are well-addressed before moving on. In terms of technical experience, the freelancer should have: - Profound knowledge in Delphi, - Experience in building Android and IOS apps using FireMonkey, - Comprehensive understanding of MySQL databases, - Excellent teaching and communication skills. Although I skipped the question on primary features, it would be an added advantage if you could enlighten me on user authentication, database integration, and in-a...

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    I need an experienced Delphi developer to focus on two key aspects of my existing SQL Server ERP program. Data Querying and Retrieval: - Real-time data updates need to be made available. This will require a good understanding of SQL Server data structures and workflows. User Interface Enhancements: - The current interface needs an overhaul, specifically with the aim of streamlining workflows. This could involve redesigning certain screens, repositioning buttons and options, or reducing the number of clicks needed for tasks. Skills: - Excellent understanding and experience of Delphi programming. - Strong SQL Server knowledge. - Previous work on ERP programs is preferred. - Ability to understand and improve software workflows. - Experience with UI design, focusing on usabi...

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    Configurar el entorno de delphi para trabajar con FireMonkey con base de datos MySQL en la nube

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    linhas de um componente cxGrid em um aplicativo desktop tenham cores de fundo personalizadas com base em valores especificados em uma coluna do dataset associado ao cxGrid e no componente nativo DBCCtrGrid

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    Python Emailer 已经结束 left

    I have a folder that contains scanned images of invoices and delivery documents. They are named by the document number. i.e 000001.pdf. I want a python or delphi program that will check the folder for a document. When you find one. you will process it as follows. 1. found document to process. 2. open text file. Probably CSV format. Lookup document number and get email address from 2nd Field. 3. Create email with predefined subject and content (html) 4. send message to a specific ip address and port. 5. on sucess. Move file to done folder. 6. on fail. If failure is Missing record for email address. Move to “missing email folder” if any other error move to failed folder. Add to reason for failure. 7. process next file. (add short sleep to not overload mail server ...

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    I am currently working with Delphi 11.3 and have integrated the FGX Native library into my project. While compiling any Android project, I receive a "Success" message during both the compile and build phases. However, when I attempt to run the project, I encounter a failure with the following error message: "[Exec Error] (113): The command "gradlew app:build" exited with code 1." I've attempted some troubleshooting myself with no success. Key Project Goals: - Diagnose specific errors with Delphi 11.3 & FGX Native Library - Fix these issues to ensure smooth functioning of my Android build. The ideal candidate should have: - Expertise in Delphi 11.3 and FGX Native Library - Proficiency in Android build environment - Proven tr...

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    Plugin para procesar encuestas con preguntas abiertas en Wordpress y transformarlas en alternativas que luego se presentan como preguntas de opciones. (metodología DELPHI)

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    Sprache : Delphi Anforderungen: Über die Ebay-API sollen alle verkauften Artikel mit Kunden und Portodaten ausgelesen werden (einfach alle Informationen, die Ebay bereitstellt - also auch, ob die Artikel bereits bezahlt sind) und diese Daten in eine MySQL-Datenbank geschrieben werden. Dabei würde sich eine Kopftabelle mit den Kundendaten etc. und eine Detailtabelle mit den ersteigerten Artikeln anbieten. Gewünscht ist auch eine separate Tabelle mit den extrahierten Kundendaten, um Redundanzen zu verhindern. In der Kopftabelle kann dann auf die Kundendaten referenziert werden. Wichtig ist, dass die Lieferadresse über die API angefordert wird. Diese kann sich von der Kundenadresse unterscheiden. Die gewonnenen Daten sollen im Programm angezeigt werden - eine sin...

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    I am seeking a skilled engineer with expertise in Delphi and Firebase storage integration. In particular, I require a specialized Delphi procedure to upload and download files. Key details: - Procedure to upload/download files including images (JPEG, PNG, GIF) and documents (PDF, DOC, XLS) to FireBase Storage / using Delphi TMS WebCore.. - Real-time progress tracking Previous exposure or familiarity with TMS WebCore . The freelancer should be able to think critically and solve problems independently, and consistently deliver error-free code.

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    SENDING WHATSUPP 已经结束 left

    I need a well-experienced Delphi developer who can create a button within my application. The functionality of this button will be to send what'supp' to a selected supplier from the suppliers table and a memo database field that will be populated from those suppliers. Key Aspects: - The coding should be clean and well-documented so that it can be integrated easily into my larger application. - The feature should allow the user to manually select the supplier from the table. - The information to be sent to the selected supplier will include a PDF file and a text message. Ideal candidate: - Proficiency in Delphi Programming using REST API - A good understanding of database structures - Past experience in creating similar features Please only bid if you can meet th...

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    I need a Delphi 2010 automation object developed to generate financial reports. Key tasks will include: - Creating an automation object in Delphi 2010 - Setting up the object to structure and present financial data effectively Freelancers bidding on this project should have extensive experience in Delphi 2010, as well as a solid understanding of financial data and how it can be represented in report format. Familiarity with automation object development is a must.

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    Delphi Developer Needed 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for a Delphi developer who can help on my project. I will share the details over chat. Thanks!

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    I'm in need of a proficient developer with extensive experience in PHP, Laravel, Delphi, and C#. Your role will entail the development of a comprehensive Restic Backups management solution. Key elements of the system to be developed include: - Backup scheduling and automation - Thorough monitoring and logging - Solid user authentication and access control The final product will be deployed on a Linux platform and endpoints running on windows and linux machines, so proficiency in Linux and windows-based development is vital. Interested candidates must provide examples of previous similar projects completed. Proficiency in Restic and its associated toolset is a major advantage.

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    Delphi dersi için bir bitirme ödevine ihtiyacım var. Söz konusu bu ödev, orta düzeyde bir kütüphane otomasyon uygulaması olmalı ve SQL veritabanı ile bağlantılı olmalı. Özellikler: - Kütüphanemizdeki kitapları arama yeteneği - Kitapları ödünç alma ve iade etme işlevi - Üye yönetimi. Üyelerin isim, soyisim, telefon numarası ve e-posta adresi bilgilerini kaydetmeye ve yönetmeye ihtiyacımız var. İdeal bir freelancer, Delphi ve SQL veritabanı konularında deneyime sahip olmalıdır. Ayrıca kütüphane işlemlerini anlamak ve implemente etmek için iyi bir bilgi birikimine sahip olmalıdır.

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    Am o aplicatie scrisa in Delphi 11 si doresc sa integrez e-factura in aplicatie prin API-ul celor de la ANAF. Practic vreau sa am un buton in aplicatie pe care cand il apesi trimite toate facturile la ANAF (fara dubluri daca sunt deja incarcate), si un alt buton pentru preluarea facturilor

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    As an expert in Borland Delphi 2.0, you'll: - Conduct a deep dive into the executable part of a Borland Delphi 2.0 [Overlay] exe file. Looking to find the password of this .exe file

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