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    ...implementation (OAuth, OpenId) - Knowledge of API Economy and monetization concepts and use cases - Experience with API governance processes - Knowledge of cloud-based data stores – Dynamo DB and/or Amazon RDS; experience migrating data from legacy repositories to cloud data architecture - Familiarity with DevOps concepts, tools and continuous delivery pipelines

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    We are a start-up that aims to build a new web-app to improve the day to day productivity of managers and teams that work on both projects and BAU operations

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    ...finally save those values into a dynamo DB within AWS. * You will need experience with the AWS Gateway API * You will need to SETUP the dynamo DB * You will need experience with lambda * You need to tie all of the above so they can communicate with one another (Gateway API to lambda, and from Lambda over to the dynamo DB) Please read and understand

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    ...purpose of this proof-of-concept is simply to (1) record and track any/all Bluetooth devices that come within a certain proximity of my wireless MCU; (2) stream the data up Dynamo DB in AWS; and (3) provide a simple web-based interface, hosted on an EC2 Instance in AWS, that displays a real-time list of the unique Bluetooth devices that are currently

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    Develop a Bidding Process 已经结束 left

    Looking for someone with the following skillset, Java Spring Boot Java Script AWS Dynamo and/or Postgres SQL Maven/grade

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    We require a developer or team with the following knowledge on: 1. AWS Lambda (Backend) 2. Dynamo DB (Backend) 3. Node.js Language (Backend) 4. Vue.js (Frontend) We will provide all design and UI, we only require you to setup database schema, code the API's and integrate the front design as per our UI. We have started on the database Schema and

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    ...permissions is not an issue, it would be ok. But I think it shouldn’t be used to avoid issues. 2. App will be connecting via API to AWS serverless back-end using AppSync/Amplify/Dynamo DB GraphQL API, Cognito authentication, Pinpoint metrics, etc. So API must work efficiently with this database service. 3. Source code MUST be included (including version

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    ...subsidiary and give a name to it to promote it to our current and future clients. The key services of the subsidiary will be as following: • Custom Scrips and Custom Software (Dynamo and C#) • 3D Coordination, Clash Detection, Issue Management, • BIM Support • Photo & Video Visualization and Presentations from BIM Models • 2D to 3D BIM Modeling of any

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    We're a video company in need of an update to our social media integrations. We have integrations to push our files into Facebo...of the integrations need updating and others need to be revived because of new rules on posting. You will need a good understanding of PHP since that's our framework, MYSQL, Dynamo DB, and some front end development skills.

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    ...developer will implement fullstack application. The frontend will be single page application written in angular or vue. The backend will be written as lambda functions in AWS with Dynamo DB. Programming language can be either java, Node.js or Python. Authentication - the prototype will use Cognito. Custom authentifier may be additional task. Complete web

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    Have drafted a requirement for a single page web application and have six developers who are recently trained. Need a technical Lead who is expert in this area to assist in architecture , project work break down tasks , monitor progress , clear roadblocks - primarily manage the project till delivery

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    ...maintainable and that we release features and get user feedback as quickly as possible. If you can also contribute to more of the "backend" work, using app sync, graphql and Dynamo DB, that would be great but isn't essential! We are experienced working as a distributed team - using best in class work management and communications tools to ensure everyone

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    ...displaying data in grid form and using graphics design to show relationship between various entities in circles or squares/rectangles. Data is stored and fetched from say Dynamo Db or Amazon's RDS - Aurora or MySQL. Experience with using well known front-end frameworks such as AngularJS or Vue.js or other frameworks that support impact creating web

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    AWS expert 已经结束 left

    I have a mobile app that allows customers to connect with pharmacies via messenger. I am looking for freelancer experience with AWS, Cloudfront, Dynamo DB, S3. Technology: AWS, messaging systems (nice to have)

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    AWS Lambda Function 已经结束 left

    Lambda function to trigger cloud watch event and move microsoft excel file from source s3 bucket to target s3 bucket when a file is lo...format and also the file have to remove any strings having double quotes when moved to target s3 bucket. I need another lamda function to read target s3 .csv file and load into dynamo db table using lambda function.

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    Hello! We need a expert in Dynamo to help us to do simple modifications.

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    Dynamo Assistance (Revit) 已经结束 left

    I need help with 2 Dynamo problems. I will pay an hourly rate for someone who can work with me over GoToMeeting to complete 2 Dynamo graphs. Knowledge of Python is a major asset. Requirements: - Fluent or close to in English - Able to collaborate with me during regular office hours. I am located in the Central time zone United States - good internet

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    Python Lambda function 已经结束 left

    Build a lambda in python and use dynamo db.

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    I need to convert Dynamo code (python 3) to Revit api (C#)

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    ...of data coming in from a set of IoT gateways deployed across the country. The objective is to 1. Build the server side logic on AWS to ingest this data, process it using a message aggregator (like Kafka), and store it on AWS Dynamo DB. The data itself needs to be subjected to the following: a) Low latency processing of alarm events (this will

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    I have writtern Nodjs code to query/scan from my table but as data is growing that lambda is throwing timeout therefore i need to implement pagination. its just 1 or 2 hour job for experience guy

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    I need someone familiar with the revit api to turn my dynamo scripts into standalone C# code so i can run them as a revit plugin and not through the dynamo player.

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    ...CVEs with the version. Running RDS Postgres, RDS MySQL, RDS Aurora, Cassandra, Redshift, DynamoDB. This task should scan all AWS accounts to get the list of RDS, Redshift and Dynamo databases and the current versions they are running For Cassandra, this will require SSH to the instance to get the version running Once all the databases and their running

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    Arduion IDE with AWS 已经结束 left

    I use the Arduino IDE and I have GPS module connect to ESP8266 and I have a code that prints the data in the serial monitor and I want to send data to AWS an...use the Arduino IDE and I have GPS module connect to ESP8266 and I have a code that prints the data in the serial monitor and I want to send data to AWS and store the data in Dynamo DB database

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    We are looking for Professional and proefficient Dynamo Coperate trainer.

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    Under Coperate Training Plan we required highly trained BIM professional proefficient in Dynamo.

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    ...with expertise in Revit, Dynamo, and programming to write me a script. This will be related to performing automated ceiling takeoffs and counting ceiling tiles. I will explain the project in further detail to my shortlist candidates. A few requirements of this project: - spoke/written English - a good portfolio of Dynamo scripts - ability to communicate

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    ...JavaScript, Unit Testing •​ Worked extensively on Application Development and Logic Design •​Proficient in Restful web services • Working experience on AWS (S3, Cloud search, Dynamo db, Simple Queue Service) • 2.5 Years of Travel Domain experience in flight and hotel (API implementation) with Ezeego ​One Travel and Tour Ltd • 1 Years experience

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    Website Description Website is repository of events and its associated media for a private community. It that all...javascript , css, , html5 , Should have experience in AWS S3 bucket 2) Backend Programming with aws cloud ( lamda serverless application model) . Python, java, javascript Dynamo DB Architectural diagram to be given at later point.

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    ...generate dynamic JSON feeds based on the users' GPS location and userid. I just need pull random items and filters based on Title and Tag field (comma delimited string) from Dynamo DB. I will make the algorithm adjustments later. 2, Create a user profile page to enter "first name", "middle initials", "last name", "company name", "websi...

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    Selling my design 已经结束 left

    I want someone to market my new generator design with newest energy source and without dynamo. The details will be discussed then. Thanks.

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    ...need to convert python rest API project to Spring boot Rest API project. python project is github which lyft/discovery([登录来查看链接]) this project has dynamo DB as backend. For my spring boot rest api i should have mysql db. i have found sample spring boot project similar to this in github ([登录来查看链接])

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    Devops engineer 已经结束 left

    ...software, and networking for a large-scale cluster on Amazon EC2.  • Storage on AWS EBS, S3 and Glacier and automate sync data to Glacier. Databases services on AWS like RDS, Dynamo DB. Elastic Transcoder, Cloud front, Elastic Beanstalk. Migration of 2 instances from one region to another....

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    Hi, We need a dynamo script Which can read the Parameters from MEP Spaces / Zones and write it in the MEP Elements. It should look for all the MEP elements. Best Regards, Abdullah

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    I need somebody to create a Dynamo script which is able to stretch equally a 3D family between 2 predefined curves coming from the model. I need the object to be arrayed along the 2 curves with a step which could be pre-defined and modified at a later stage. I can provide the Mass model which is going to be used as the mould for the modelling exercise

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    I have already a dynamo in simulink I want to put a compressor of air conditioning vehicular

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    ...team using a task manager (Jira) Expertise: Ruby on Rails Frontend Javascript (ember.js, vue.js) Node.js MySQL NoSQL Extensive experience: AWS including ec2, lambda, dynamo, sqs, sns Be prepared to show us sample code from your github account. We will also want to discuss past full stack projects....

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    ...providing a self-service API to the data collected o MQTT o Dynamo DB o S3 o Cognito as IAM solution - WebUI o Clientside JS o Use of JS library to draw data graphs such as pie charts, diagrams etc. (e.g., [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接],…) We are open for suggestions o Node.js as preferred server-side implementation stack, but we would consider other options

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    ...for people of all skill levels. Learn easy coin, card, and advanced stage magic tricks performed by the world’s greatest magicians like David Blaine, Copperfield, Houdini, Dynamo, and Penn & Teller. With practice and dedication, you too can become an elite illusionist either for hobby or as a career. Have you ever watched a magician and wondered, how

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    GIT/GitHub, Subversion, Maven, Ant, Jenkins, Hudson. AWS (EC2, ELB, Dynamo DB, S3, CFT, RDS, IAM), Azure Chef, Ansible Docker, Kubernetes. Nagios, Splunk, App Dynamics. Shell scripting, bash scripting, Python Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, WebLogic NoSQL, MYSQL Linux, Windows,

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    Project for bluediscover 已经结束 left

    Hi bluediscover, this time I have a very easy project about just changing a node-function so that it doesn't add a dynamo row if an attribute already exists. But it's likely I will have more similar tasks soon. Could you make the small change right now? (you don't need to setup anything just change the function a bit..) Best, Sebastian

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    Write an REST based API using API Gateway which takes name, email, password in JSON format from HTTP POST. Calls a LAMBDA function...takes name, email, password in JSON format from HTTP POST. Calls a LAMBDA function which validates the format of that data and stores that in DB of your choice. Preferable Dynamo DB or Redis. This should take 45 minutes.

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    Upgrade a simple website 已经结束 left

    Hi, here is the website: thestartupreads.com. It is a simple reading list basically. I need to add there a simple upvoting system (similar to reddit or... the list sorts out with the most popular on top. The list is made as a simple HTML list, I guess we would need to change that as well, like reading from DB (Amazon S3 or Dynamo is highly preffered)

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    have to work early morning hours 6am to 8am or 9 am max

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    I have used AWS Mobile Hub for my iOS Project Hub Project : kinsouls
Language: Swift. iOS I have custom UI for Signup and Singing so not using AWSAuthUI I was able to successfully setup Signup by following the documentation and am able to see confirm users in the user pool. I am facing issue in DynamoDB Access (Authentication issue) Bellow link is the code is am using for Login [登录来...

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    Web development 已经结束 left

    We need a new website. Looking for a Dynamo to join our team on a fixed term employment contract to design and develop and build it end-to-end. Probably around 6 months. We want full website redesign with sample cart feature. Ideally you would be based at our Head Office in South Auckland

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    AWS Website using Lambda 已经结束 left

    We are lookin...user and get their payment 4. A qrcode of the form fields including the image will be generated and emailed to the customer 5. The qrcode data is also stored in AWS in a DB (Dynamo) 6. The website will have a user sign in to look up their qrcode data and the qrcode 7. We also need a qr code decoder function from an uploaded qr code

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    Technology stack for this project is as follows: Java, Jax-rs, servlets, angular 2, gradle, aws(s3 buckets, Dynamo DB, EC2 instances). It's an existing multi-module project. But need to work on some of the API's in it which are not working. And most of the code is hard coded. So need to do enhancement by avoiding all the hard code and re-writing

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    ...social media app. The app backend is coded with PHP Slim. The front end is coded using ionic. Also, in the backend we are using a MySQL DB and in the front end, we are using a dynamo DB. We need experience in the following: Ionic, AWS, php slim web services, dynamoDB, Android and IOS mobile development and API integration and in-app purchases. Please

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    ...social media app. The app backend is coded with PHP Slim. The front end is coded using ionic. Also, in the backend we are using a MySQL DB and in the front end, we are using a dynamo DB. We need experience in the following: Ionic, AWS, php slim web services, dynamoDB, Android and IOS mobile development and API integration and in-app purchases. Please

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