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    ElasticSearch UI -- 3 已经结束 left

    This web site should be developed in Java, MySQL, JavaScript(Angular). 需要建一个ElasticSearch数据Screener 网站/网页。这个网站分用户端(user interface)和网站管理员端 (admin interface)。 在用户端用户可以输入/选搜索的数据域名(data set name), 任意搜索组合(screener/search criteria), 按“FIND”按钮, 搜索结果以列表的形式显示出来。 在网站管理员端, 管理员可以create (data set name + ElasticSearch URL). 管理员可以查看和修改,所有的(data set name + ElasticSearch URL) 数据记录, 也可以删除单个的数据记录 用...

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    Connecting to a VPN I need only to connect from tableau to Elasticsearch

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    $78 - $235
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    We have a list of tags, in an elastic index. Example: Nike, United States of America, Christmas, Trump. Tags could have more than 1 word. Then, we will receive some text (a sentence or paragraph), and we need to detect some tags in that text. Match is case insensitive, and tags could appear with some mistakes. The script should response with the tags detected and a score between 0 and 1 (1 = perfe...

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    We have an existing web application that is currently under development. We are pushing hard to get a key few features out asap and need someone who can start immediately and help us push out features. This job is for one feature, if we work well we have a pipeline of work you can get involved in going forwards. Feature: We are building a messaging platform (similar to LiveChat Inc, Intercom etc...

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    I have 1 million txt logs files, I need a site with a search engine to search those documents. Elasticsearch or Lucene or Solr.

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    aws elasticsearch with lambda 1 天 left

    configure elasticsearch with lambda in node.js to update, add, delete in search using JSON/API calls. For more details please message me.

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    Hi, Please apply only if you do have excellent skills in Django with Docker, elasticsearch, clelery, and rabbitmq. Thanks, Raj D.

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    Hi, Please apply only if you do have excellent skills in Django with Docker, elasticsearch, clelery, and rabbitmq. Thanks, Raj D.

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    Hi, Please apply only if you do have excellent skills in Django with Docker, elasticsearch, clelery, and rabbitmq. Thanks, Raj D.

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    I currently having a website and we're having some serious database issues because we need to return so much data from MySQL, we have no way around this so I believe the best thing would be to index it with a service like ElasticSearch.

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    Somos una empresa argentina desarrollando una app intensiva en video (simil Netflix) para un nicho específico. Contamos con un equipo de trabajo propio de 4 personas que actualmente está desarrollando la app en React Native y parte del backend en AWS con Amplify. Buscamos a una persona con experiencia comprobable en el desarrollo de backends serverless basados en Amazon AWS que sea...

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    Rest API with NodeJS 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a NodeJS developer that will be responsible for develop a new API for our frontend developed in AngularJS. For this project will be necessary knowledge with: - Databases: Elasticsearch, MongoDB and Redis. - Websocket for our real time dashboard. - GrahpQL (if required) - Swagger documentation for our clients. - Auth - Multi-language support - Role based Users - GIT

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    Please read the job description carefully before bid. I am tired of bot bidders. I need help with elasticsearch query. I need someone who is experienced in elasticsearch aggregations and query dsl. please put at least of one aggregation type at the beginning of your proposal to let me know that you read it. Otherwise, your bid will be ignored and will be reported as spam. Anyone who is a real expe...

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    Please read the job description carefully before bid. I am tired of bot bidders. I need help with elasticsearch query. I need someone who is experienced in elasticsearch aggregations and query dsl. please put at least of one aggregation type at the beginning of your proposal to let me know that you read it. Otherwise, your bid will be ignored and will be reported as spam. Anyone who is a real expe...

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    We are looking for a skilled Elasticsearch freelancer to help us improve search accuracy and performance of our B2B E-Commerce website. Invenotry data from a DB2 database is synced to Elasticsearch using a Python script. Technology Stack: Frontend: React.JS Backend: Java, Spring Framework Search Engine: Elasticsearch (data synced from DB2 via Python script) Database: DB2, MySQL

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    I have 4 active server on digitalocean droplets. Server 1: Nginx and php-fpm (Laravel-Backend) Server 2: nginx (vue.js-front end) Server 3: All databases Server 4: Elasticsearch-Redis Website is down if i don't reset the front-end server in every 15 min. There are some errors in the log. I need the configurations checked and my website is okay? Please only expert people on ubuntu and nginx a...

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    Hi, I'm looking experienced devops and linux administrator which have experiences in building HA platforms. I need an server infrastructure for PHP project. I will give you access for servers. You will confiugure all required services, like: elasticsearch cluster, nodejs server, nginx reverse proxy. Additionally, working backup procedure for es, and common place with integrated logs. For now...

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    ELK specialist 已经结束 left

    Need an ELK specialist who can : Design and implement ELK (ElasticSearch and Kibana) stack solutions in Azure with containerisation a possibility Create Dashboards to show solution performance and status Provide Elastic Search tuning/optimizing based on dashboard data needs Develop integration with Jira to allow creation of internal support calls Develop automated alerts and notifications to ...

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    Having issues with current project. For some reason can't get ElasticSearch to work correct. Possible code issue.

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    I currently have a script that parses the iTunes API and puts the data into ElasticSearch and Cassandra databases. It crawls the RSS feeds twice per day. It checks iTunes for new Podcasts every day as well. Here is an example of an RSS feed that it parses. [登录来查看链接] So there are Podcasts which are like audio shows. And then each Podcast has multiple [登录来查看链接] other words each Podcast has one RSS...

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    Symfony 4 Developer 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a Symfony developer that will be responsible for develop a new API. API Features: - Swagger documentation - JWT Auth - Multi-language - Role based - Impersonate user - Ad Manager API - GIT If you have experience with Redis and ElasticSearch database will be a big differential. We are looking for a person who can develop all our new platform and who can always contribute in the...

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can push my spark-submit jobs to elastic and view in kibana to get the status of our job using spark-scala.

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    Sustainability startup looking for a passionate environmentalist and PHP developer who is based in SYDNEY, Australia. Hoping to build a long term relationship leading to large strategic projects. Meteorite is a B2B full-service smart utilities management company, we deploy IoT hardware that collects consumption data, that data is fed back into our application. We offer an online portal to coll...

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    I am looking for someone that knows how to properly setup AWS and also someone that can start today.

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    This is an existing realestate website. There are 5 active servers (droplets) on digitalocean.com. They are ubunutu 16.04 What i exactly need is figuring out all the droplets, How the servers are interacting each other. How can we make a repository from all 5 servers (there is no gitlap right now). The droplets: 1. Laravel Backend, 2. Vue.Js Frontend 3. All databases 4. Elasticsearch-Redis 5. Cr...

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    Digital Business Lounge LTD cauta colaborator - developer backendd - PHP, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Roundbout. Contact la careers at [登录来查看链接] Digital Business Lounge LTD cauta colaborator - developer Flutter pentru dezvoltatea undei aplicatii de mobil. Contract initial fix cu oportunitatea de prelungire nedeterminata a contractului pentru persoana potrivita. Contact la careers at [登...

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    Hi, need a Django developer who has a good knowledge of Elasticsearch. I'm trying to have django-elasticsearch-dsl support for I18N. I'm using [登录来查看链接] to have I18N content on my website and i want to be able to use elastichearch to make search request on each language. [登录来查看链接]

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    I need you to fix an issue on aws for me. I have an project that uses aws rekognition to send data to api. Right now i think i didnt set up elasticsearch ok. Is not sending data To indeces mapping

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    We are looking for an experienced full stack developer to help kickstart our AI-driven job platform. The project is based on MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Node.js and Python Microservices. It is running on Kubernetes and Google Compute Services. Your primary focus will be the component-based development of business-facing and user-facing web applications and their integration with microservices. You...

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    I have a project divided en 2 fases, the first one is to create a connection connector between tableau and Elasticsearch, and the second one is create a dashboard, but first, I need the one.

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    Elasticsearch queries 已经结束 left

    We are in need of a series of elasticsearch queries based given mapping Attach is a document with all the queries (they are in Spanish but with their English translation for your understanding) The buget assigned for this project is 150 // 200USD

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    Bug fixes to a web server 已经结束 left

    I need some changes and bug fixes to an existing website. The architecture is Xampp laravel, php, python, MySQL and elasticsearch

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    We are running a very important project. currently there is a team working and we are looking for a DevOps Engineer with proven knowledge and experience deploying Microservices apps on Kubernetes environment. the following technologies are we are using. Your role will be the assist the team to finalize the Core environment building in order to deploy the services and test them. Your specific task...

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    Hi, need a good Django developer who has a good knowledge of Elasticsearch. It's a long term project Please only individual developers only

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    We need to install ElasticSearch + Kibana + Beats in our server. We need a solution that consumes the least amount of resources (Memory, CPU, and hard drive) in our server. The configuration should be stable and secure and not expose our server to the public. The work has to be done using remote control software like Teamviewer or anydesk.

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    Hello, My need is having Elasticsearch installed onto a linux server with hosting that I own. May you support me via team_viewer doing this ? PS: JAVA is required for running Elasticsearch. Thanks, Fabio

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    We need a developer with experience in: PHP Javascript Linux MySQL to work on a SaaS platform. Any experience with ElasticSearch is preferred, but not essential. Minimum of 20 hours a month to start with, likely to increase over time.

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    E-commerce site 已经结束 left

    We need a new design for our wooCommerce based e-commerce site. We want you to design build a woocommerce theme based on the wireframes attached to this project. This is the MVP release and more work will be assigned to you if the collaboration is good. The theme should be built using as few wocoomerce/wp plugins as possible as page speed is crucial. The base installation of the site is runnin...

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    Ottawa DevOps Engineer 已经结束 left

    Hello, we are looking for "Local" only that has some of these skills to work on 2 YEARS project to automate network functions. you must have working knowledge on some of these requirements, as for the rest we can train you once hired. • Experience with Software Defined Networking (SDN) • Experience with virtualization tools and orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes) &bull...

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    Elasticsearch ELK 已经结束 left

    I am looking to setup elastic search to serve to my apps. I am using MYSQL and aws. I am looking to maintain free tier or very close to free tier status

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    Tunning de la plataforma OpenShift e instalación de clsuter Liferay con ElasticSearch y Postgress en entorno PRO e INT. En Barcelona. Solo persona en España local. No persona desde fuera de España.

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    Datenbankentwicklung 已经结束 left

    I need you to develop a database, either in postgresql or as a graph database in Neo4Js. The database should contain users, various different item types, relationships between users + items, rudimentary social networking capabilities (user relationships, likes, comments etc.), as well as integration with elasticsearch for indexing and better searchability of existing data. Ziel ist es eine Daten...

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    I need to modify mapping parameters in elasticsearch and Build a Kibana Dashboard base on index results. I can provide my source code

    $391 (Avg Bid)
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    Design and Develop various dashboards and an ad hoc reporting tool using Kibana and Elastic Search

    $4575 (Avg Bid)
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    Build/design various dashboards as well as flexible Ad hoc reporting tool using Kibana and ElasticSearch

    $119 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Elastic optimization 已经结束 left

    We are having issues with our elasticsearch database Looking for an expert to optimize it

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    I managed a team of application developers around the world. We have been increasing our usage of GitLab for both project management and source control. I would like to take this to the next level and deploy an internally managed instance of Gitlab Enterprise (I would opt for cloud offering but the pricing is more advantageous for self-hosted). One of the key objectives I want to be able to acc...

    $274 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a full stack web developer for full time work (30-40h / week). There is no end time to this job, it could last for years. We are a small startup that creates an adult related project. It is still in development and therefore with no explicit media. We usually hire from Upwork, but recent changes made it so bad, we needed to find a new platform to hire staff. General Requirem...

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    We need to migrate our current loggin system from a cloud logging service (Logentries) to our on premise ELK instance. ELK is already set-up but we need to analyse the project, build the Elasticsearch index structure and move the data.

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    I have a simple React project. It displays the chart by JSON data. I want to import JSON data to Elasticsearch instance and display the chart from the elastic search. Requirements: 1. Import sample data into an ElasticSearch instance (sample-data) Retrieve the data from 2. ElasticSearch and display it within the Line Chart 3. Allow the user to retrieve additional data by clicking on a button(it ...

    $1126 (Avg Bid)
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