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    任职要求: 擅长编写电子音乐,擅长编写EDM(Electronic Dance Music)的优先。如不会电音,至少会1种DAW软件(digital audio workstation ),例如:FL STUDIO, Cubase5,Logic Pro, 薪资待遇:见面详谈 上班时间:自由 工作地点:武汉市关山大道创业街

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    $16 - $63 / hr
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     Payment cycle:- Monthly  WORKLOAD :-6000 forms per agent per month  POST DATED CHEQUE WILL PROVIDED AS SECURITY  PAY OUT CYCLE: MONTHLY (13,20,000 INR FIX FOR 11 MONTHS)

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    I have developed a routine in vb.net web forms that collects some parameters in the page and creates via the gpt API a series of calls receiving the answers and processing them, returning them to the asp.net page. The routine provides that based on the first response received, further calls are automatically made to GPT, which then builds a dynamic recursive call to the API. I am looking for an experienced developer to enable me to perform these two operations: - using GPT's active conversation be able to make calls subsequent to the first while maintaining the same conversation, and not as if each call were single. So it must know the response json well to use the same conversation in subsequent calls - currently the routine is launched and only publishes the result in a liter...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can recreate a form in Excel. The form needs to be fillable and printable. I need to be able to change if required Requirements: - Proficiency in Excel is required - Familiarity with creating fillable forms in Excel - Ability to replicate the layout and design of a provided sample or template - Experience working with forms that have several fields and/or sections The project involves recreating a moderately complex form with several fields and/or sections. The freelancer should be able to replicate the layout and design of a provided sample or template. Attention to detail and accuracy are important for this project.

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    ...use such as [] and []). The platform will serve as a social network focused on sports, allowing users to connect, share content, and engage with others in the sports community. **Project Phases:** **1. Main Page Development (Backend and Frontend):** - Implement the main page layout with essential elements such as sign-in and sign-up buttons/forms, footer, header, about, contact us, privacy, and terms sections. - Ensure a user-friendly interface and responsive design. **2. Profile Pages Creation:** - Develop profile pages based on specific information provided for each of the four different profiles. Users will choose their profile type during the signup process. - Customize profile fields according to user preferences. **3. Basic

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    ...install a landing page website for promoting my digital product. The main purpose of the website is to attract potential customers and for them to sign-up for the waiting list. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in web development and design - Experience in creating and installing landing pages - Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Ability to customize and integrate survey collection forms into the landing page - Familiarity with responsive design to ensure the website is optimized for different devices The landing page should adhere to the specific design that I have in mind. I will provide the necessary design files and guidelines to the selected freelancer. Key Features of the Landing Page: - Clear and compelling call-to-action to encourage visitors to take ...

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    ...provide information about the tasks that have been completed. I have a specific design in mind for the form, but I'm open to suggestions from the freelancer. It is important that the form includes dates and deadlines, as well as other key elements. I need the form to be both interactive and static, so it can be used in a variety of ways. The freelancer should have extensive experience creating forms, and be able to provide a high-quality end product. Thanks in advance for considering this project....

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    This form is for a custom clothing design company to get and manage clothing measurements for dance teams. ...follows: - Input main customer info and contact info - Add/Remove students as needed - Each student has their own measurement information - Submit What I would like additionally, which can be completed in stages is as follows: - I would like customers to be able to create an account and login to their profile - I would like them to be able to add/duplicate/edit/remove teams. - I would like the forms to be able to save progress Those are the main parts - additionally if possible, I would like the information to be able to be exported to a formatted excel spreadsheet or maybe a PDF. Attached a sample excel spreadsheet. We don't need any front-end design, just back-end ...

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    ...experience in tkinter to create a tkinter project focused on data entry forms. Specifically, I want the project to include: - A user-friendly interface with well-designed data entry forms - The ability to input and store data in a structured format - Validation and error handling for user inputs The client has a design layout or wireframe for the project, so the developer will need to work with the provided design to create the desired interface. The timeframe for completing this project is one to two weeks, so the developer should be able to work efficiently and meet deadlines. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Python and tkinter - Experience in creating GUI applications and data entry forms - Strong attention to detail and ab...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can convert my Word document into a writable PDF. The project requirements are as follows: Design and Layout: - A simple and cl...freelancer who can convert my Word document into a writable PDF. The project requirements are as follows: Design and Layout: - A simple and clean design is sufficient for the PDF. Number of Pages: - The Word document has less than 10 pages. Additional Features: - I need additional features in the PDF such as fillable forms, clickable links, and bookmarking. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in converting Word documents to PDF. - Experience in designing and creating fillable forms, clickable links, and bookmarking in PDFs. - Attention to detail to ensure accurate conversion and functionality of the add...

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    ...Data Entry and Virtual Assistant (7 hours/day) Once you are hired, we hope that you can work with us for many years to come, 7 hours/ day. If you are from Bangladesh or Pakistan, please do not bid. Because you will need to use app, we find that does not with any IPs from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Using VPN does not solve the issue either. Tasks: - Data entry into online forms. More detailed description, you will help us prepare shipping labels using or FedEx shipping manager and save the shipping label as PDF files and return them to us by email. We will use Gmail as our work email. So make sure you can access to Gmail. You needs to be an extremally careful person to avoid any error. You don't multi-task, such as prepare our labels and answer phone call or

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me prepare all the features of the Erpnext program to support healthcare. The specific features I require for this project include: - Patient management: The program should have the capability to manage patient information, including personal details, medical history, and appointments. - Electronic medical records: It is essential for the program to have a system to store and manage electronic medical records securely. - Inventory management: The program should include features to manage medical supplies and equipment inventory efficiently. -The website is designed so that the customer has the ability to book an appointment online with payment options - Linking with text messages as well as WhatsApp messages - Each patient has a fil...

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    ...page for our closers to send to clients ready to sign up. Utilize "Offers" within GHL to complete this task. Very simple design. Adjust offer as needed & test checkout page for functionality. - New GHL Automations: connect and test the client portal automations - sign up > phase 1 course > phase 2 course > phase 3 course > phase 4 course - GHL Forms: adjustments for client onboarding forms to correctly add to GHL contacts. Ensure all client forms end up in the correct contact without creating duplicate contacts. - GHL workflow: set up pipeline (already developed) in GHL & add automations that will move the client to the next phase in the pipeline when appropriate - Existing GHL Automations Testing: test the already existing emai...

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    ...shlould be all the color of switzerland like the tittles etc. So red and white... Functionalities: - One specific functionality that I require is the inclusion of contact forms on the landing page. This will allow potential leads to easily provide their information. - Seo optimezed - mobile optimized as well Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in building landing pages that are effective in collecting leads. - Proficiency in web design and the ability to incorporate specific design preferences into the landing page. - Knowledge of contact form integration and the ability to seamlessly include contact forms on the landing page. Overall, I am open to suggestions and am looking for a freelancer who can create a visually appealing and functional landi...

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    ...candidate must have experience in Wordpress, Formidable Forms and PHP. Features needed for the website management system include: - User management: The system should allow me to manage user accounts, including creating new accounts, editing user information, and managing user permissions. In terms of technology stack, I prefer PHP as the main programming language. As for website integration, the system should be able to integrate with my one existing website seamlessly. This means that users should be able to log in and access the website management features directly from the existing website. Overall, I am looking for a reliable and experienced freelancer who can develop a user-friendly website management system using Formidable Forms. Wordpress and PHP and integra...

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    We have entries on backend via formidable forms that need to be presented back to the front end. As in about8/9 main cateogries and 40 odd sub. We need to get it in a way that simple to view it like (it is in csv download) but nicer to view on a website url from our webiste. Must complete project within 20 hours. See video of whwat we looking at:

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in filing my United States tax returns for my LLC. You have to be licensed in the United States, and I want to create a relationship going forward..... Requirements: - Experience in filing tax returns for LLCs - Familiarity with the different forms (Form 1065, Form 1120, Form 1040) - Ability to gather necessary financial documents and records - Knowledge of any special circumstances or tax credits that may apply Skills: - Strong understanding of United States tax laws and regulations - Attention to detail and accuracy in preparing tax returns - Excellent organizational skills to assist in gathering and organizing financial documents Please provide your experience and qualifications in filing tax returns for LLCs, as well as any kn...

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    ...who can update an existing PCB board with a RENESAS chip. The specific changes needed for the PCB board include replacing components and adding new functions and dimensions. The original PCB is made in EAGLE. We want the new board to be in Altium Designer. Skills and Experience: - Experience in PCB design and layout in Altium Designer - Proficiency in working with RENESAS chips - Knowledge of electronic components and circuitry Requirements: - Ability to work with existing schematic and layout files for the PCB board - Familiarity with RENESAS chips and their compatibility with the project - Attention to detail to ensure accurate placement and connections of new components If you have the necessary skills and experience, and are able to work with the provided schematic and la...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to assist with the maintenance of my Umbraco project. The specific aspects that require maintenance include front-end and back-end development tasks. These tasks involve updating pricing and contact information, as well as creating a new page for my website. What we have: - Working Umbraco Site with Umbraco Forms License - Version: 8.18.1 What updates we want to make: - Updating pricing page component for Umbraco - Create page where user can be able to request demo (basically a form). - Update styling for a form: with floating label Note: HTML will not be provided because we are planning to utilized existing styles and design. The timeline for the maintenance tasks is immediate, with a deadline of within a week. I am looking for a freelancer who ca...

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    ...**User Reviews and Ratings:** - Allow users to leave reviews and ratings for franchises they have experience with. - Display an average rating and allow users to sort and filter franchises based on ratings. 6. **Franchisee Resources:** - Provide resources and guides for potential franchisees, including articles, FAQs, and step-by-step guides on how to start a franchise. 7. **Contact Forms:** - Franchise seekers should be able to easily contact franchisors for more information or to express their interest. - Provide a standardized contact form for this purpose. 8. **News and Updates:** - Include a section for news and updates related to the franchise industry. 9. **User Dashboard:** - Registered users should have a personalized dashboard where they can sav...

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    Following fixes to be done for a wordpress website. Developed using Elementor and forms are built using WP Form. Following fixes are to be done. -Display WP form fields back after submitting the form. It is hiding form fields and display only confirmation message currently. -Make square edge to rounded edge for button and text field in WP form. -Adjust spacing between field and inline error message in WP form for validation errors. -Increase text field height in WP form. -Custom colour for T&C and privacy policy footer links. It shows in default blue colour. This needs to be fixed in call with screenshare. Looks like an hour or two for the fixes.

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    Power Automate Approval Forms using company outlook listing to select approvers. 3 Forms to be created, or do 1 form such that I can create the other 2.

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    Invoice maker 6 天 left

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a custom invoice maker for me. Here are the details of the project: ...template that I want the invoices to follow. The freelancer should be able to customize the design and layout according to my requirements. Number of invoices: 1-10 - I need a system that can generate 1 to 10 invoices easily and efficiently. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in web development and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience in creating dynamic forms and generating PDF documents. - Knowledge of database management and data storage for storing invoice information. - Attention to detail to ensure accurate and error-free invoice generation. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to provide data entry services in an online form format. Specifically, I am in need of someone to do a small amount of data entry, less than 100 entries, for me. Having experience in typing, copy-pasting, data conversion, spreadsheets, online forms, and databases would be helpful for this project. I need someone who takes accuracy and detail-orientation seriously, with a commitment to providing efficient, reliable, and quality service. If this is something that interests you, please reach out and let's discuss further. Thank you for your time.

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    Data entry 6 天 left

    Hello, I am looking for someone to provide data entry services in an online form format. Specifically, I am in need of someone to do a small amount of data entry, less than 100 entries, for me. Having experience in typing, copy-pasting, data conversion, spreadsheets, online forms, and databases would be helpful for this project. I need someone who takes accuracy and detail-orientation seriously, with a commitment to providing efficient, reliable, and quality service. If this is something that interests you, please reach out and let's discuss further. Thank you for your time.

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    ...become evident that the emphasis should shift towards mobile phone number-based interactions for all user requirements. Technical Details and Requirements: 1. Implement Mobile Phone OTP-based Registration: • Task: Enable users to register using their mobile phone numbers and verify their identity through OTP in addition to existing Email registration. • Technical Approach: Develop registration forms and logic to capture and verify mobile phone numbers. Implement OTP (One-Time Password) notification and verification for account creation. • Database Management: Store and manage user account information, including phone numbers, hashed passwords, and other relevant data. 2. Enable Mobile Phone OTP-based Login: • Objective: Provide users with the option to l...

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    ...strategy, content marketing, thought leadership, public relations, media management, social media, digital and design solutions. We are seeking an experienced HR/Finance manager, working with the Managing Director, with responsibility for: Human resource • Supports recruitment, writing job descriptions, managing advertising, screening applicants • Supports annual, other staff reviews, managing forms, scheduling review meetings Finance • Supports finance, including payroll, invoicing, analysis and reporting • Manages office, partner and other contracts • Keeps partner agreements and pricing up to date • Keeps management informed by reviewing and analyzing special reports; summarizing information; identifying trends. Government • Supports governm...

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    Website update on Wordpress 6 天 left

    ...a web developer to update my Wordpress website. Our old website theme got outdated and now gives a fatal error. We have the backup files and the DB files but we would like to get a new easier to manage theme. We have a few Gravity forms that are integrated with Job adder and mail chimp. So we would like to use Gravity forms for signup forms and we pull jobs data from Job adder so we would like a page on the website which pulls the job postings from the job Adder. All in all a Wordpress theme that's easy to manage and integrates well with Jobadder and Gravity forms. The update includes design changes as well as general improvements to its functionality. I am open to your suggestions to add new features; however, I would like the updates to be completed wi...

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    VB.NET Minimalist interface 6 天 left

    I am looking for a VB.NET developer to create a minimalist interface for my project. The interface should have a minimalistic design with no additional features. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in VB.NET - Knowledge of UI design principles - Ability to create a minimalist and clean interface Scheme: - I am open to suggestions for the color scheme. - Simple...Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in VB.NET - Knowledge of UI design principles - Ability to create a minimalist and clean interface Scheme: - I am open to suggestions for the color scheme. - Simple animations when clicking or transitioning would be nice Responsiveness: - The interface does not need to be responsive to different screen sizes. Please see attached files for the sample forms that need ...

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    加精 加封 保密协议

    I am looking for a skilled website designer to help me create an online educational website. I am open to your creativity in terms of design and layout. However, I would like to include interactive forms on the website to engage with my users. Experience with creating interactive forms is ideal for this project.

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    Build a Website 5 天 left

    ...Square supported e-commerce such as WooCommerce or WP EasyCart. Website to be similar to The key functionalities that I want my website to have include: - 5 pages including: Home page; Menu; Catering; Order; About Us by using our brand guidelines / colour - Footer links to include page to Privacy Policy; links to social media (facebook and instagram) - Forms: Enquiry forms for catering; Enquiry forms for general contact us - Online Payment: I want customers to be able to make payments directly on the website that is compatible with Square. Other than building a website, developer would need to: - assist with putting our domain live with our web host. Plus create backup. If you have experience in WordPress

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    ...Wix's platform and can ensure that the new page aligns with the overall design and functionality of our site Responsibilities: Upload a new web page to our existing Wix website. Ensure that the design and layout of the new page match the overall theme of the site. Integrate any necessary multimedia elements, such as images, videos, or animations, as required. Implement any interactive features or forms needed for the page. Optimize the page for both desktop and mobile responsiveness. Test the page thoroughly to ensure proper functionality and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Collaborate with our team to gather necessary content and ensure it is integrated correctly. Requirements: Proven experience in Wix website development and design. Strong understanding of web desi...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me organize my products on my Shopify website. The purpose of this project is to improve website navigation and make it easier for customers to find products. The products that need to be organized include a variety of items, such as clothing items, electronic devices, and home goods. There are more than 100 products that need to be organized into 10 simple collections. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Familiarity with Shopify and its collection features - Strong attention to detail and organizational skills - Experience in e-commerce and website navigation optimization Please provide examples of similar projects you have completed in the past.

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    Django platform project 5 天 left

    ...will not be recognized as complete. Proper code structure, annotations, and validation of the provided documentation are paramount for the project's success. Note: We already possess a functional mockup of the platform and an initial database schema. In addition to integrating the components, developers should create template pages for the project. This includes primary pages such as dashboards, forms, data tables, and timelines, and secondary pages using the existing theme components. We also have an existing Django project with the theme deployed, serving as a starting point. Reference for the theme can be found at: Documentation: Demo: Components to be integrated

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    Hello, I am looking for a freelancer to build a website for me. The website will be used as a blog, and I would like it to be built using WordPress. I am looking for a fully customizable platform so I also need contact forms to communicate with my visitors. I understand that there may be additional features that the freelancer can add, so please let me know if you think of any. Thank you for your time. Example :-

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    ...looking for a WordPress developer with experience in Elementor Pro to help with ongoing website updates and building. The ideal candidate should have expertise in the following areas: - E-commerce functionality: The ability to set up and integrate e-commerce features into the website, such as product listings, shopping carts, and payment gateways. - Contact forms and lead generation: Experience in creating and customizing contact forms to capture leads and inquiries from website visitors. - Blogging and content management: Proficiency in setting up and managing a blog section on the website, including creating and organizing content. This project involves both modifying an existing website and creating new pages. The developer should be able to work with the client'...

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    Hello, I am looking for a freelancer to help with a project that involves electronic and programming development. Specifically, I am looking for someone to help with full system development. I am open to suggestions regarding the specific platform and technology that may work best for this specific project, we think of Nano Pi to communicate with Thermal camera (rs232), we need to make communication and show the pixels on the LCD screen + be able to access that pixels from Nano PI externally via ModBus RS485 (PLC), PCB can be alternatively developed from beggining using for instance STM32 microcontroller. The turnaround time for this project is 1-3 months. Therefore, I am in need of a freelancer who can work efficiently and within the given parameters to ensure that the project is c...

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    I am looking for artwork to be used in the creation of a jigsaw puzzle. The theme of the artwork should be specific, while the style should be artistic. The jigsaw puzzle will be of medium size, with...a unique and visually appealing design that best reflects the theme I have in mind. The design must be useable at a wide range of sizes, in order to fit each piece of the jigsaw puzzle perfectly. Moreover, the final design must be of extremely high quality, since it will be used not only for the jigsaw puzzle, but also as a mural or poster. The artist must be able to deliver the artwork in an electronic format, so that I can specify the exact colors and contrast needed in the jigsaw puzzle. I am also open to the artist's creative input and suggestions on how to best approach th...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a company website using Bubble. The main purpose of the website is to collect detailed informati...is modern and minimalist. As for functionality requirements, I am open to suggestions. I want the website to be user-friendly and efficient in managing leads. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Bubble development - Strong understanding of UI/UX design principles - Ability to create a clean and modern website design - Experience in implementing contact forms and lead management systems If you have any suggestions or ideas to enhance the functionality and user experience of the website, I am open to discussing them. Please provide examples of your previous work and any relevant experience in your...

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    I'm looking for a Japanese-English translator to accompany me to a cosmetic surgery clinic in Tokyo in the morning on Wednesday November 22, 2023 for a simple eyelid stitching procedure. I do not speak any Japanese and will need assistance communicating with the doctors and filling out any forms. The total consultation and procedure time should be less than one hour in total. I will pay for your transit time as well since the duration is short. The clinic is Otsuka Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Ginza.

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    I am in need of a freelancer to create a recessed computer desk with anti-theft equipment. The desk should be made of wood and have dimensions ranging from 40-60 inches wide. The specific anti-theft feature I am considering is an electronic security system. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in woodworking and furniture design - Knowledge of electronic security systems and integration - Ability to create a sleek and functional design that incorporates the anti-theft equipment - Attention to detail to ensure the desk is sturdy and secure.

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    Music video 5 天 left

    I am looking for a talented individual who can create a music video for an electronic genre. I have an exact concept of what I am looking for, including performance footage. Ideally, I'd like for the video to feature energetic visuals that match the beat and mood of the track. The artist is open to suggestions if you have innovative ideas to incorporate into the project. This would be a great opportunity for a creative person to showcase their work, so please do not hesitate to submit a proposal!

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    Landing Page 5 天 left

    I am looking for an experienced web designer to create a landing page for both B2B and B2C customers with the primary goal of generating leads. I have specific design elements in mind that I would like to be included in the page, so creativity and input from the designer is essential. The page must be visually pleasing, engaging, and easy to navigate. It should include forms for visitors to complete, as well as clear and concise call-to-actions. It should include 3 pages product page, check-out page and thankyou page. I look forward to working with a designer who can make this project a success.

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    développement 5 天 left

    ...digitalization project: As part of the implementation of the 2023 action plan, focused on the digitalization and modernization of the professions carried out within the Brand and Communication Department with all media, the Monitoring and Press Relations Department intends to carry out a digital platform available as a mobile application, dedicated to all media (written press, audiovisual press, electronic site and magazine). Also, through this digital platform, an online space will be dedicated to online management and coordination, in terms of PR, with the communication officers of the (58) wilayas. This digital space will be structured around two axes: - Press relation : ✓ Strengthen relationships, as well as organize, the content of the Monitoring and Press Relations Dep...

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    Amazon listing 5 天 left

    I am in need of someone who can create an Amazon listing for an electronic product I have. It is important to me that the primary selling point of my product is its price, so a big part of the listing needs to focus on that aspect. As part of the listing, I will also need product photography and infographics. The person I hire must be knowledgeable with Amazon listings and should have prior experience working with electronic products. I am looking for someone who is reliable, organized, and pays attention to details. If you think you have what it takes, do not hesitate and apply for this job. I look forward to seeing your bids.

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    ...Demographic: Adults Skills and Experience: - Strong communication skills and ability to write professional emails - Familiarity with electronic products and the ability to understand and discuss their features - Attention to detail and ability to accurately record and organize feedback - Ability to analyze feedback and identify patterns or trends - Proficiency in using email platforms and managing multiple email threads - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines - Previous experience in collecting and analyzing feedback is a plus Job Description: - As an online assistant, your main responsibility will be to collect feedback from adults on electronic products. - You will be provided with a list of products and corresponding email templates for collecting feedba...

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