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    Client needs a joomla jobsite, he has an example site [登录来查看链接] and also the list of components j3/cb/sobipro/chronoform/osmembership we have a tight budget suitable for joomla coder with a designer friend. Joomla template, sobipro template,cb profile template and payment template. The joomla template is about 3 pages,the sobipro template is

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    Just need the email fields from a form to display correctly at receivers end when an enquiry is made on website.

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    ...field. Right now, the form sends the submitted information as usual using the email template set up in Chronoforms. I need to have a second email template send when the site visitor selects a certain option from the select box then he/she will be sent a different email template. So for example, if the select box has 3 options ("A", "B" and ...

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    Chronoform compile, using existing code to get from Sobipro and community builder

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    Chronoform 6 with Sobipro / J3 - fix - for dev with experience 30 minutes

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    Chronoforms 6 , Experience with Chronoforms 6 / sobipro only please upgrade build, just copy in events, 95% done, copy from old site the code ...Experience with Chronoforms 6 / sobipro only please upgrade build, just copy in events, 95% done, copy from old site the code to work with sobipro Only js / sobipro / chronoform 6 apply , thank you

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    Chronoform 6 with Sobipro / J3 - fix - for dev with experience 30 minutes

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    Need code copied over into new form , it's an informal jobsite, upgrade, j3, sobipro and the chronoform was not created right, missing some actions, code to be included from live site, should be straight job 30mins for dev with experience.

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    Fix Joomla Page Speed & Chronoform 5 2

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    Fix Joomla Page Speed & ChronoForm 5

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    Joomla Form Fix 已经结束 left

    I need my form module chronoform fixed and have recaptcha added to both forms in a joomla site. URL [登录来查看链接]

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    hello i need a joomla expert to help me connect chronofom with virtuemart under joomla , I want the information bill will be shown on virtuemart after user register on form

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    hello i want some body to help me make users registred to virtuemart trough chronoform

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    ...implementare nel sistema CMS Joomla + Virtuemart , 2 form di registrazione. Uno per utenti base ed uno per professionisti. Il primo form deve avere Nome, Cognome, User name, eMail, Password, Telefono, Check Privacy, Check Newsletter come dati obbligatori. Deve avere anche Codice Fiscale, Indirizzo, Comune, CAP, Provincia come dati NON obbligatorio. Il

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    I have a custom form that was designed in ChronoForms extension on my Joomla 3.6 website. The form features image dropdowns and a couple dynamic fields. The ChronoForms extension was updated and now the forms are not displaying correctly. You can see the form here: [登录来查看链接] I tried to use the custom code to do what I wanted on the form but something is broken in the code or styling somewhere. ...

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    ...should buy his access to the program and loggin before starting writen a book 2- login will give an access to a membership area, where the user will see all his book (use chronoform connectivity) 3- user will but access to this membership (I think monthly, quater, an year access) this can change. That's why access should be manage in another form 4-

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    I need a discount coupon code added into my registration form. It is a joomla website and I am using ChronoEngine's Chronoforms for...form creation. I need the user to be able to enter a coupon code to be validated and then have the amount field discounted properly based on the code entered. Joomla and Chronoform experience required. Thank you.

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    Freelancer must know chronofroms and php. set up chronoform using tabs and each form on the tab should be able to save to database. it should work with joomla registration.

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    I have created a form in joomla using chronoform, need someone to configure it to save to database and also send email and also loadposition in a single page

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    ...not for you. We will give you access and give quick deliverables, such as - fix the empty space on top, increase font sizes, use better font such as calibri light, add chronoform module and create form with form submit. Must have also worked on the newer joomla versions, and should be able to adapt existing modules for current client. Speaking

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    Joomla fixes 已经结束 left

    1. We need HTML Banner. Which is not working. Also banners are not viewed properly on large screen. 2. Logo has aboutus page link. I have made a page and moves to left. 6. Form is incomplete and not yet tested. 7. Added new menu - Buy now, After clicking on buy now, main menu moves down [登录来查看链接] Responsive work 9. Chronoform working

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    Creare un Template Joomla 已经结束 left

    Cerco collaboratore esperto di joomla per lo sviluppo di un prototipo. Richieste conoscenze chronoform/fabrik o similari.

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    ...payments from our payment gateway. Both forms work fine independently. The problem is that data from second form is not stored. I would like to get users register using chronoform (firstform) and have the user data auto populated to html form (second form) so I may have all the information stored in the database before passing the data to second form

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    ChronoForm Replacement 已经结束 left

    Hi, I own a marketing and website administration business and are looking for a new developer to take over my clients websites. I have an immediate issue with the forms on [登录来查看链接] and need them replaced/fixed to get rid of the ongoing errors with them. Let me know if you can help. Thanks

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    We are a start-up online travel agency based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain focused in promoting adventure activities amongst tourists. Our fr...Joomla) and have been unable to do it because of lack of application experience. You can check the following URL: [登录来查看链接]

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    1. Made a form displaying list of item id, item image and description out of data from 2 tables. Table #1 contains the item description while Table #2 contains the image path. There will be a checkbox on each row. 2. Upon submit, some form data (hidden) is firstly saved to a header file where mysql auto increment assigns a unique id. Then, the newly assigned id is obtained and saved to another ...

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    Chronoform - calculation 已经结束 left

    Hiya Tolya, I need to have some calculation functionality added to Chronoforms, to add up the fields and then be added to outgoing email. Can you do this?

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    // bid only if you can handle the project; lowest bid wins I want you to develop a chronoform ([登录来查看链接]) action for a Nigerian payment gateway : paywith quickteller ([登录来查看链接]). Your action must support sending data to the payment gateway and verifying the payment status. Note: You can only test via localhost See necessary

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    We allready have a 7 multipages form made with chronoform, we have a major issue with browser back button, which when heated, creates a new record in the DB table instead of cancelling and replacing the previous one. Please fill free ton contact us, if you can handle it

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    Chronoform - Options 已经结束 left

    I have the chronoform created and just need to have 2 options that you can select between both take you on different route.

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    I installed chronoform on one site and created a form but when you hit Submit the message is not sent by email Also remove chronoform name and add confirmation message after Hit Submit $20

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    joomla chronoforms 已经结束 left

    Make a chronoform and integrate it and style it into my joomla website. The example attached form I need you to integrate it into my joomla website. Also will need some help to work out a simple pricing algorithm for the booking form but this is optional.

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    hi guys, need someone super urgent to create a form in joomla using chronoform. Needs to be completed asap.

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    - To set up 5 form pages build in Chronoform with cascading options on Joomla Template.

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    - To set up 5 form pages build in Chronoform with cascading options on Joomla Template.

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    I have a chrono booking for in a joomla site and it it is not picking up the extra fields and submitting them in the form

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    I have a Joomla 1.5 website that has two forms that are created using Chronoforms. I simply need the name and email address field to be sent to a MailChimp distribution list for both of these forms. This should only happen on one of the forms if a tick box is ticked. More information in the attached document.

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    ...backsystem with forms using chronoforms. We are now redesigning the site, and we are moving it to wordpress. We would like te transfer the backsystem to wordspress using Chronoform, or make a whole new system. Please contact me for more information. I need to hire a freelancer today, so PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE NOT READ MY DESCRIPTION AND DONT

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    Chronoform Customization 已经结束 left

    I would like to do some customizationin Chornoforms, like a calculation and save in the database and some vieving.

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    Fix or replace chronoform 已经结束 left

    Our chrono form contact page is not working. We are not receiving emil to our company email, and upon selecting subject for email, the page crashes. We need a fix asap. [登录来查看链接]

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    ...certificate like name and an ascending certificate number there is no tolerance for incorrect certificate issue where the numbers are concerned the cert. will then need to be email to either user or us dependent on whether they have for a digital or tangible option it needs to be made secure and a customer database inclusive of there share no. included

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    Chronoform tweaking 已经结束 left

    Hi, I have an almost compete Chronoform-based multi page order form and I am stuck on two functions. It should be easy enough to get it working for someone like you. Essentially I need: - Files uploaded in multiple order widgets on Page 1 to be transmitted all the way to Page 3 when the email to admin is being sent. - I have a 4 radio buttons that

    $391 - $391
    $391 - $391
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    Fix from error 已经结束 left

    ...issue with a Joomla built website - [登录来查看链接] If you go to 'availability' or 'contact' and try to submit a form it throws a 'Deprecated' error. On the backend (Chronoform Plugin) it has a similar error. This site has been operational for a couple of years and this error is only recent. Is this something you're able to fix? If so, what cost

    $242 - $242
    $242 - $242
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    Joomla Table Filter 已经结束 left

    ALready have a upload system to a table of results, now need to have Chronoform filter to show the list on filter results.

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    I have a joomla 3.0 site. The chronoform components was working great, but now the form wont send out the data once submit is clicked. Our forms are simple text fields. this is the form [登录来查看链接] the other form is very similar and is also not sending the data I am sure its a very fast

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    I have created a Joomla Chronoform and need some customisation to the form to get the upload facility to look like according to the design. At the moment the upload file button is overlapping the website border and I can't seem to adjust it. If it's possible I would like to have a normal button when pressed causes a file-upload to appear. I also need

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    9 个竞标 needs captcha because current Phil-a-form component is suddenly being spammed. Options are: add captcha to current component, or develop new form with newly-installed Chronoform which appears to have a built-in captcha. I'm not sure how effective either will be. My goal is to block the spam. Please provide estimate so I can obtain client approval

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    Hi, I have a website that needs to be upgraded from joomla 1.5 to 2.5. I need everything to be exactly the same on the front en...needs to be upgraded from joomla 1.5 to 2.5. I need everything to be exactly the same on the front end. Components that I know are there: - Virtuemart - swMenufree - Chronoform - JCE Editor - Phoca Gallery Thanks

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    Hi This is a simple task. We have a chronoform V4 form that registers a user in joomla. We also wnat that user is registered in virtuemart 2 at the same time. Urgent.

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    ...have a css section in my template that only shows properly in chrome need it to display in other browsers; [登录来查看链接] see in chrom then I.E 2nd job, I have a chronoform that needs a dynamic CC Field added. That's it, quick fix and then we can start further work - site speed-up, new css/html and graphics, content, and new site later.

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