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    Take a list of 100 companies, surf to their website, find the contact info for 3-4 people, enter data into online CRM, send intro email. Historical data indicates that this can be completed in a single day.

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    ...locator" page, make the map clickable and create a database with a backend admin page to maintain the store list. There should be a database import tool so we can upload the customer list by csv file. 3) Make the "Contact Us" form work - email enquiries plus save them in the database. As always deadline is tight, please don't bid unless you can s...

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    ...with them, so long as they provide a unique email address. The site allows people to add any number of DVD's to their "booked" list. This booked list can be sorted by the user into any order they want at any time. After providing the site with other necessary details, such as credit card details, contact phone number and postal address, Users wil...

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    ...nonpayment. If you do, I will leave you a 1 and a negative feedback. I want someone that is looking for a long term relationship. Someone I can depend and trust. Here is a list of what is my plan for the flow of things on the site... Home page... needs to be more inviting (you can be creative here) Favorites ... go to database and looks at where

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    ASI 已经结束 left

    Have address list for 1000 businesses. Need person locate business URL, email, phone/fax, contact info and provide data in Excel or DBF format.

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    69979 extractor 已经结束 left extracted.... UrlLists - loaded lists Must be capable of accepting large files lists, ie. point to the file list and grab lines as needed, as apposed to loading the entire list in memory. lists of usernames or a dictionary list to run against the site...etc.... UrlLists - program generated Must be able to create fixed variables ie. the main

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    THE VISION: to create a web based raffle system where a user can purchase raffle ticket/s through paypal, with the user entering name, address, email and contact number before the paypal payment is processed. The raffle system should ensure duplicate tickets cannot be issued and the raffle can be viewed 'live' on the net with a countdown timer to

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    ...message(s) to those devices (like an email CC). The 3rd feature is for the software to keep a log of all processes the device has undertaken, i.e. how many successful messages were sent that day. We would like to have a number of pre-defined messages and images as well as the ability to add messages/images to this list. We would also like the program

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    spam eliminator 已经结束 left

    ...white list and black list. By importing form his contact list of outlook express etc 5)as the email comes into the customers email client, the "from address" is checked against the data base on our server. If the from address is not in the clients white list, then a challange message is sent to the emailer for verification of the...

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    3 个竞标 Adress Book 已经结束 left

    Create a VB.NET application that stores and displays a list of contacts (e.g. an address book) as follows: · The data for each contact should contain the following fields: o First Name o Last Name o Street Address o City o State o Zip o Telephone Number o Email address · For each contact, only the Last Name is a mandatory field. All other fields

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    Email listings. 已经结束 left

    Hello, I need someone to compile a list of contact email addresses form a site, I will give the site in PM, You need to contact the company or website and get their contact email. ************This is not for spaming****************** Thanks.... Budget: $30

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    70342 Hot or Not script 已经结束 left very similar to hot or not, this can be either a pre made script or can be from scratch. PLEASE be familiar with hot or not and its features BEFORE you post. Here are a list of features. ON THE FRONT END OF SITE Rating system from 1-10 Double match system Search field, either by screenname- state, city, city and state, age, keywords, or all Members

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    ...header modification (WYSIWYG), Footer mod., Weekly mailing list capability, Setting up Payment for Auction Fees & Job Fees via paypal, adjustable rates for all. and Multi-Tier Payment Scale depending on Rating + number of transactions. Should also have monitoring on Reverse Auction for email address, phone numbers, etc... Closing the account of a user

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    | **I have clients requesting an online email engine where they can login, upload their optin lists and send out their newsletters. They require stats/scalability and the right price. - Should be written in LAMP (linux/apache/MySql/PHP) - Should be scalable (send up to 4-500.000/mails/hour) - Should be reselleble, with individual users that

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    List Scraping 已经结束 left

    We need a programmer (Perl?) to help build the size of our direct mail/email list by scraping the sites below to _**get all of the contact information on each member**_. [[登录来查看链接]][1] (This will need to be done by entering state and hitting submit=>primary business broker directory) <[登录来查看链接]

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    $781 - $3906
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    Users have to register and login to use the service. A welcome/activation email should be sent out. Password reminder is also required. Info needed for registreation: Name, Email and City Fields for adding new contacts: Name, Lastname, 3 address fields, 2 phone numbers, 1 email and 1 'other info' field. When user is logged in he should be able to add

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    1 个竞标 but have the same perform a function Customer profile 1. Set up your business information Business name and address, business web address. 2. Set up Contact Information Contact name, email address and phone number 3. Select shipping and payment options Customers options when they order products. 4. Upload your Logo Logo will be displayed on shopping

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    ...updates Ranking if possible - see end Email bounce count auto or manual- admin editable Private message other users, message box will appear if they have any on login Logout Admin Side: Add/Edit/Update/Delete users Email program to email members with username suffix for email eg.. [name] will show users name in email on sending Send private messages

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    Hello. We are looking for quotes for a web hosting reporting script. It would work in this manner: A form for data entry. Fields would be Server, Domain, Email, Contact, Next Due, Plan, Period (in months), Amount, Method, and Comments. This feeds in to a mysql database, and another page allows us to create extensive reports. Such as: - Recurring

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    Web based calendar system 已经结束 left

    ...form. The calendar will be displayed on the website and will list events that are inputted. (there can be multiple events per day) A form will feed the calendar with the following information: Date Time Where Contact Price Details Link Site *** Attachment Tell a friend about this event (email) *** Site will have a drop down menu that the site admin will

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    70765 convert PSDs to PHP 已经结束 left

    ...need someone to convert them to PHP. Below are the details of each page. 1. Home Page - Submit to mailing list section, login w/ username and password 2. Events Page - Upcoming Events section and Archived Events section 3. Guest List (must be logged in to RSVP) - Functionality update database to see if user will attend event 4. Gallery - Functionality

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    70949 dating site needed 已经结束 left

    ...or both. Only 1 login required to manage profiles in both areas.( for women, who have free subscription) 2Anonymous mail ? each users email remains confidential unless provide by email or instant message contact. 3Instant Messaging (either control by a popup window or with a permanent chat box which is displayed on the members screen when they are

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    Utility for Outlook 2003 已经结束 left

    ...the user to send an email request to some or all of his contacts that has emails. The toolbar is shown on outlook main window, Email window and Contact window The email sent by the utility is an HTML email with picture attachment and some other details. It also has a self-generated code in the email (so any reply to this email would be detected ...

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    ...the site to allow users to pay for their purchases through an online payments system but, for now, the site only has to go as far as taking orders and sending them to me by email. I have designed a basic version of the database and this includes sample data for use in developing the site. Additional tables in the database will be required to hold information

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    Simple e-commerce site 已经结束 left re-designed and moved to a different server. The site is currently a dynamically created sales letter page with a subsequent order, download, thank you, affiliate and contact page. The products being marketed are a series of ebooks delivered as pdf files. On the new web server, the site will need to be web pages with some “smart?? functionality

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    5 个竞标 able to: 1) Enter their email address (user name) and password on a login page and gain access to the protected area's pages. 2) change their own passwords online if they wish 3) request for their password to be emailed to them by filling in their email address on the login page. A) If that email address is already registered then

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    ...Excel spreadsheet in a very clear format (i.e. name, email, addess, state, etc). I belong to a volunteer group where members want to contact the people on this mailing list based on where they live. In other words, if a mailing list member (MLM) lives in Florida, one of our Fl. members would contact him. Here is the format: ID Designator LAST_NAME FIRST_NAME

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    ...large customer list (90k+) that are on my weekly promotional list. I need to have a linux program written to send out personalized emails to those people. The program must be able to connect to a mysql database that houses all the email addresses. You will have to retreive names, emails, status(ie still opted in) and send a personalized email to each address

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    Java Video Chat(Repost) 已经结束 left

    ...communication only, it doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles that most of the chat clients have, this is, we don't need emoticons, email checking, control states (out for lunch, away), etc., only a logon to the server, a list of users connected and the transmision of the text, video and audio client to client, with of course the syncronization checking

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    ...Example: search all contacts for the word Dr.- it then would need to list all clients that have that word. I would need to email from the database a single contact or email ALL contacts. I need to insert tags like %name% in the email so it will be replaced with their name when you email them! Contacts need to be sorted into groups and printed if nec...

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    ...sellers will be able to list their homes and buyers will be able to search the site for listings. I have a functioning real estate module that does all of the searching and listing of properties. There are a couple levels of users and user administration that needs to be added. Here is what is needed. Before a seller can list a property, they have to

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    ...Item View large image, large description, price from is shown. then then finishes will be shown then Add to cart button shopping trolley this page will display a list of items the visitor has added to the trolly Each line will display item name, quantity and total price, a remove from trolley image Delivery line if order less than 800 GBP

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    Realestate 已经结束 left design should be clean (Grey©s, Whites, Burnt Orange, Black) and functional. Key functional components I am looking for are: Home Page: Join/Remove Mailing list Function, Member Login + forgot your password, Horizontal nav bar at top of page (Something to fit in with the corporate logo - can be FLASH) Logo to top left of page, banner

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    ...for a dynamic small website. Sample of these website are attached in the rar file. These are flash templates that will read one big xml file ([登录来查看链接]) and another one, the list of thumbnails and images from ([登录来查看链接]) each node in this xml is 3 things: file name, width, height. Both the content for the website and the images will be managed by the client

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    CFMX and XML Small Site 已经结束 left

    ...for a dynamic small website. Sample of these website are attached in the rar file. These are flash templates that will read one big xml file ([登录来查看链接]) and another one, the list of thumbnails and images from ([登录来查看链接]) each node in this xml is 3 things: file name, width, height. Both the content for the website and the images will be managed by the client

    $781 - $3906
    $781 - $3906
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    ...fixture list available to members or anyone else who wants to view it. 2. To publish the result of each match after it has been played. 3. To allow members to make themselves available for the games that they wish to play in. 4. To allow match managers to select a team from the available members. 5. To provide members’ contact details (email & telephone

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    71833 For PHP Coders 已经结束 left

    ...Form - so people can send a request join members of the club (form with fields: email address, Firstname Lastname, Address lines 1-3, zipcode, telephone, cellphone, 'referred by' email) with minimum required fields being email and Firstname. 2. Event Calendar page with a list of details of past/upcoming events, each with a headline and body text (1-5 lines

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    72016 Gatsby 已经结束 left

    ...compliment the logo. I need a database to collect any email names from a form, should a user decide to join the mailing list. The pictures of the restaurant will be provided by a photographer in digital format. Pages will include ·Home Page with Picture of building Pictures of all rooms Directions Page Contact Info page Catering Information with different

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    Bid Website 已经结束 left

    ...Rank Account Set-up Enter: Domain Name Category (drop down list) Minimum bid Number of bids accepted (limited number or all) Automatic or manual acceptance of winning bids Bid Close date Month-to-Month or Annual Page rank URL (Allow for multiple Domains per account entered) Edit Profile Contact Info First Name Last Name Title Company Name Street Address

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    ...dynamic, rich, sophisticated experience on the front end, and the back end should contain all the technical sophistication of a [登录来查看链接], complete w/IM functions, chat, buddy list, who's online, advanced search features, etc... All the goodies. It should run at the highest standard of speed and efficiency (we would like someone to consult as to their

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    15 个竞标

    ...a PHP and MySQL system for members profiles. A member can add their information, as pre-set by me and add up to 12 images as standard. Their email will be hidden, but there will be a form for users to contact them. The member will be given a username and password to be able to edit their info or change images. All images will be a thumbnail on the profile

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    Dating Web Site Database. 已经结束 left

    We are looking for web designers and database programmers for a dating website. Please email me a list of sites that you have done that involve data basing. We will contact you if we feel you’re the one.

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    Indian Call Center List: 已经结束 left

    I need a list of call centers in India. I will need the contact name, email address, and phone number. We are looking for call centers that can handle working during USA business hours, contract out by caller (hire one caller at a time), and handle live transfers. I would like as many names and numbers as possible (200 would be ideal), however when

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    ...owner to contact all of the members but I do not have the time to go through and copy and paste each of their email addresses. I have tried a few different email extractors but none have worked because the email addresses come up on a pop up window with no URL> So if you are interested in this job you can see if you will be able to get the email addresses

    $742 - $781
    $742 - $781
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    -REBRANDABLE. -GOOD, REGULAR CONTACT VIA MSN. -ALL CODING IN ASP with well commented code. Max Budget: $199 Small buffer allowance $25 Overall Interface Stores up to 100 clients in a database, and once logged into this interface, the clients can then view a page (see gif for layout and menu navigation) from there they have options to change their personal

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    Database Design 已经结束 left

    ...for a client. We only want reponses if you have done this work before and can email with example work + plus a price for the below brief. Brief (Options Outline): All the database requires audit ability and ability to link word and excel docs to customers. Some contact management would be good for all the sales people but most use Outlook at present

    $1563 - $2344
    $1563 - $2344
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    ...text file must be named [登录来查看链接] (e.g. right now it'd be 040331-0510 as it is currently 5.10am on 31st March). - The file should then be emailed to a single agreed email account using sendmail which is installed on the server. (Please quote separately for this feature). We understand that if the login procedure, URL parsing or HTML formatting

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    ...Linux based lead management application that will sync with my preferred email client Ximian Evolution and utilize an existing database program. This app will automatically create prewritten HTML emails (with the capability to merge prospect record variables into the subject and email body such as {first_name}, {last_name}, {date_today} etc), as well as

    $23438 (Avg Bid)
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    ASP Web Site Link Manager 已经结束 left

    ... 4. Description (max 150 chars) 5. Name (person submitting) 6. Email (person submitting) 2. Data from form goes into Access database including current date / time 3. Form generates email to person submitting with the following 1. Name and email of contact with questions or problems 2. Reciprical link data ??" Site Name / URL

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    My Goal: I know this can be done, I just need the right coder All you need to do is Retrieve all contact items (their Name, email address & Mobile Number) found in each Personal folder including contacts in personal distribution lists.. Dist-lists can be anywhere in any folder ..dist-lists can be nested... If you are familiar

    $633 (Avg Bid)
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