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    ...about 600 million rows in our database, we need to quickly import/explode/export. Now we have a script kiddie panel. We need a skilled guy, who can import in mysql/myiisam, quickly about 20-30 mil rows per import, then put them into categories and we need to have a function to export them into an txt. A panel where we can see all categories and can create

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    ...200–300 Artikel (mit diversen Attributen), Fotos sind zum großen Teil vorhanden - Mehrsprachigkeit – auf jeden Fall deutsch, englisch - Warenwirtschaftssystem: Der Import und Export sollte darüber laufen können. Also automatisches abgleichen der Produkte etc. - Virtuelle Lager/ Lagerorte: die Fakturierung sollte mit Zugriff auf verschiedene Lager funktioniere...

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    Basically I'm looking for someone to code a game to be played in the "command prompt" window. Its a very simple, basic game where the player will be having a dialogue with the program and depending on what the player answers (ex. saying yes or no to a question) results in different dialogue replies from the program. The dialogue should be in and about

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    ...celebrate diversity by bringing all they have in between them - to create a new meaningful whole. Nusantara embodies the uniting of diverse thought to create new ideas - unity through respect. Here is the potential opening text for the website landing page: " Welcome to your best life! Step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, and

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    Game developer 已经结束 left

    I need an Android / iphone game develoepr who has game development experience .

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    ...com/ which is used to buy and sell a currency in a game. I have a domain and logo is on it's way. The website would contain a home page like the 2 webpages I showed you above and a buy page of the 2 game currencies and a general sell page where people can put in their amount they are selling of what game type and they get redirected to a livechat. FAQ

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    ...that you will need to: 1) Retrieve all assinged saved searches on website 2) Click the checkboxes on each contact's entry (each person's contact information) 3) Export the documents to a Microsoft Excel document (this is done through the website) 4) Be in communication with me about any questions, concerns, etc. Thank you for your interest

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    We are looking for a Game Designer to create GDD documentation for two slot games. With these GDD we should be able to transfer them from machine, to HTML5 (browser and mobile app). We will provide you with further information after your inquiry. NOTE: We are inviting ONLY those candidates who have experience in developing Casino slot games

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    I need a logo designed. Logo for my company in distribution, export and import food stuff the company name is saafat alwadea and the name in Arabic is سعفة الودية the meaning of the name is the palm tree when it is ready to be separated from the mother to plante it it’s called alwadea and saafat is the palm

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    The game shall be 3D I want to make a canine / lion mmorpg game, in a way based on Lion King. I want a online chatbox (the game should be online.) Canine 3d player model and the same for the lion. I want different maps that people can run through and explore. I want people to be able to equip items and be able to hunt for items. I want people to be

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    We have old AR projects build in Unity 4.6 which are not running on the iPhone X. We need the projects to work on iPhoneX and one way to do this. We belive the only way to do this is to migrate the project to the newest version of Unity. Also currently Vuforia is used, but if you can replace it with ARKit and ARCore, it will be perfect. There is a very

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    Export products from large woocommerce site - approximately 1000 products Import to drupai Existing site has product information in custom tabs (i.e description, specifications, video) Budget $75

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    game mobile unity and html5 up to store

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    hi i want to develope android game like flappy bird or other tapping games.

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    Sudoku board in Android 已经结束 left

    I need a sudoku board in android. I don't need the whole game, only the construction of the board, and the buttons to fill it. I will supply a valid sudoku. The board should have annotations, and two ways to fill it: numbers based and cells based. It should be done in the most simple way. If done correctly, I may contact you again to help me finish

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    Applying a corporate identity from drawing, to a PDF document. Including text boxes. Made for example in Adobe InDesign.

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    ...for an ambitious designer who is familiar with 3D modelling as well as Unreal Engine or Unity. Basic objective: The creation and animation of a character based on an already created drawing. This is a knight. This should then be used in Unreal Engine and/or Unity. - Create your art assets (Skeletal Meshes) and animations, using a 3rd party digital

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    i have an android app, build with unity, need to make 3-4 small changes in the app. it will be a small task for a experienced developer and need to be done today. only bid if you can deliver task today, in next couple of hours.

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    c# code for stabilizing compass value make it accurate to 0.5 degree and this code will be in unity3d for android

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    From PDF to Word by Retyping job needed to be done as soon as possible. Info in chat, serious freelancers only.

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    i want buy freeconverter i have facing issue with payment mode from india so need help any third person who can pay for us and i pay him instant

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    Card game mobile app 已经结束 left

    GAME ON! is a fun, engaging and exciting card game for the whole family. GAME ON! is a card game designed for 2-7 players; ages 7 and above. Every player starts with eight cards each. After direction and whom to start is chosen; player takes the top card, places this on the table and exclaims: “GAME ON!” Need a mobile app where people can play the

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    I am looking for Unity 3D Game Developer for Android and IOS. Kindly submit proposal along with portfolio. Thanks.

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    I lost my admin password. I need you to use ftp to export old posts with images and link, user etc.. in 2 different wordpress site and import to new single wordpress with multiple site. The link should be SEO optiomize in new wordpress Everything is in godaddy wordpress manage so you may not have full access to core but only sftp ..

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    I am looking to work with someone to develop a game that can be downloaded onto an apple or android phone. It could be an existing game that you've already developed but the key is that users must be able complete the game in under 10 minutes (round 1), then make some changes and re-run the game and be able to complete it in significantly less time

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    I need someone to write text from pdf (9 pages) to a google doc.

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    I need my Odoo CRM to be able to import my Excel file. All the excel column will be label at the CRM pipeline.

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    Create editable PDF 已经结束 left

    Turn my PDF into editable PDF [登录来查看链接]

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    I need to rendered two 3d Game scenes (A cardgame/board game). One is a fight scene with a garden environment, two characters (the one character I made, I can ask you to make it based on an existing character model I have while the other you can still base from it but make it a little taller and have a different face, skin tone.) I wish to have some

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    Game Characters Wanted I am developing a first person survival game set in hell and I will need help making a lot of the characters, because it is too much work for one guy. Here are my specifications for the characters I would like making. Please let me know a quote for each one, so that I can decide whether to go through with it. • Each character

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    Looking for a simple endless-run, hyper-casual, 2D Game. First App with be for the Android and Published to GooglePlay Store. Second App with be iOS (Swift) if you have experience in both please provide quote for each. Android only is fine. Looking for a 2D Designer/Developer (do not want to hire 2 people, you are expected to do the design and development)

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    No need to export in apk. Just need to run smoothly in emulator. More details please follow the graph.

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    logo design 已经结束 left

    Staring a new Trading Company For General Merchandise (import & export of various products)and reselling

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    will give more details about the game later it is a very simple dice game with 2 players and should be done in C++

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    It is a role play video game, three—kingdom themed game. We need the native and professional voice artist to join in Pls send me ur demos if you are interested in :) [removed by freelancer.com admin]

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    web game developer 已经结束 left

    I need a website for games like word search puzzles.

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    ...average of each metrics performance comparison etc.) Each account executives should have their own login credentials where they can only view data associated to their clients and export them as necessary. Please see attached for an example of excel file that would be uploaded. I would also like to have the option where I am able to add/upload additional

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    Make a Game in c++ 已经结束 left

    ...need to create a very simple text based game using OOP, pointers and dynamic memory allocation. I will give you an example of how the game will be at the end. Player - Each player will have a deck containing 40 cards - The first round each player will take 5 cards from its own deck - In the first round of the game, the player won't be to attack but only

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    We need a PDF / JPEG wholesale price list made for our products. 1 Overall Version but with 3 different pricing levels * Distributor Pricing version * Retailer Pricing version * Internet Sellers version Only the pricing changes between the three versions. About 8 different product categories. Thanks

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    ...happening better. Meta tags, URL structure, pageload time, [登录来查看链接], site map XML - anything and everything that is not purely content considerations but rather technical is fair game for this audit. I would like this analysis to be written form with a quick summary explaining what is wrong and then a table of problem-solution columns with action items for

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    ...and replay a sound file. Button 3: Show us how to call Teamviewer from a Unity project. Button 4: Show us how to call the contacts and select one. Button 5: Show us how to dislpay a map, locate me via GPS and let me change my position if it is not quite correct. All in Unity for Android. Need not be pretty, should be simple, just to show us how to

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    Hi, I am looking for a developer to achieve 2 things. 1. PowerShell script to connect to SQL server, grab the schema of the database and export it to a SQL script. the PowerShell script should exclude some of the tables, some SPs, few functions, all assemblies and users. The PowerShell script will run on the same server as the DB is hosted. The script

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    Edit a PDF file 已经结束 left

    Simple edit of a PDF file. This job must be completed immediately

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    Hello dear freelancers, please read then download the attached file: *Unity knowledge preferred* 1- I have a ready modelled 3d scene and need changes for it, and adding models. 2- You do not need to model, I will give you models to put/add or edit and add to the ready scene. 3- You must download the attached document and 3d file (in link in it)

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    ...form can be saved and returned to be finished at a later date by subscriber) it can be turned into a pdf and downloaded by the subscriber. Attached are documents pertaining to form content/fields, functionality, design and a demo of how the final PDF should look like. The form was started but it isn't finished so you may continue or start fresh. Screenshot

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    Hello, I need an expert to perform a converter in either java, python or php (whichever is more suitable) for PDF files V1.4 and PDF V1.5 to PDFA / A-1a. It must be taken into account that it must be by command line when you want to convert the pdf. The estimated time is 7 days. It can not be more.

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    Create Book-styled PDF with working title 26 Little-known Productivity Apps Every iPhone Owner should know and use.

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    I need someone who can help me make a scoreboard of Jeopardy game in powerpoint.

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    I have a Unity–source code of a Quiz, Here you find more info >> [登录来查看链接] about the code and video’s about how it works. I want to use this code for the same goal but with my requirements (for exp. RTL theme, 2 system to earn Coins, Statistics, ..). So if you think that you can make extra design and CODES with Unity, send me some references

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    I have a finished app built in unity. It is on my desktop and ready to go. However, I am getting error codes from xcode. I need someone to figure out the errors and fix them. If the code is because of something in unity they need to be fixed.

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