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    Hi, I am looking for flash expert. I need small flash video(30 seconds). You can refer my attached video file. This is simple introduce video. Sound: " 哈哈 ! 大家好 ! 我是丹东交警微信公众平台, 经过半年的重新升级打造,现在的平台功能更强大,方式更方便快捷, 可以实现违章即时推送 微信审验学习( A,B 票 11分以下审验学习) 违章消分处理, 线上缴纳罚款。 还可以预约检车, 办理信用卡车险和贷款,注册星级会员以后 还有大大的礼包等着您 哇 ! 一机在手, 车主无忧 快来 关注吧!" thanks.

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    Hi, I am looking for flash expert. I need small flash video(30 seconds). You can refer my attached video file. This is simple introduce video. Sound: " 哈哈 ! 大家好 ! 我是丹东交警微信公众平台, 经过半年的重新升级打造,现在的平台功能更强大,方式更方便快捷, 可以实现违章即时推送 微信审验学习( A,B 票 11分以下审验学习) 违章消分处理, 线上缴纳罚款。 还可以预约检车, 办理信用卡车险和贷款,注册星级会员以后 还有大大的礼包等着您 哇 ! 一机在手, 车主无忧 快来 关注吧!" thanks.

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    我要2600个闪卡。我已经有的字的相什么什么。你只要打字(放在各闪卡个系统)。对不起我的中文不很好。我在美国出生。 我只想广东人!如果你不可以说广东话,我不会招收你。 谢谢。

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    创作并制作一个海豚形象的卡通形象, 包含三个动作: 1. 休闲站立动作: 角色主体静止, 可做小幅度的摆动动作. 2. 抛球动作: 角色主体用尾巴做出抛球的动作. 3. 胜利动作: 角色做出庆祝的动作, 形式可自行设计.

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    我有进行中的、与之前的项目相关的工作Remove control bar from a flash video'

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    需要制作一个1 分钟的动画广告在互联网上播放,含原创背景音乐,文案脚本策划,动画制作

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    Content: around 1.5min video of introduction of tour company. Style: flat-vector graphic motion OR digital hand-draw motion

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    查看威客个人信息和反馈,然后立即与他们聊天! 仅需要3%的佣金,您便可 查看威客个人信息和反馈,然后立即与他们聊天! 仅需要3%的佣金,您便可

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    Flash 设计 表达公司事业蒸蒸日上 Flash 设计 表达公司事业蒸蒸日上 Flash 设计 表达公司事业蒸蒸日上

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    flash制作的矢量图形,含写实及极简风格。 全flash矢量动画,含传统手绘逐帧。 flash整体网站,广告窗

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    熟悉FALSH的动画制作,精通Actionscript3.0程序的编写,能单独开发FLASH游戏; 工作认真负责,好沟通。 有游戏开发经验者优先。 主要开发小游戏,女孩类的游戏,像是做饭,做蛋糕,治疗耳朵等等,可以去国外的小游戏站看一下, 很多,在百度搜索 girl games. 希望 找一些 可以长期合作的兼职开发

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    Company Bio String Cart is a retail/distribution company specializing in Guitar/Bass Strings. I will be launching both online and brick and mortar stores Our Mission: is to facilitate guitar/bass players with every guitar/bass string available on earth. Our audience: is Children, teenagers, and adults who have an interest in music. Major age

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    ...you have ([登录来查看链接] Privat, [登录来查看链接] Bedrift and [登录来查看链接] Borettslag) - Unique graphics/icons for highlight texts - standard components like faq, review, contact us form, hero etc. - Themable template: the style should be themable so we can swap color , style, font etc in one place. (reusable for future sites with change of style from theme variables)

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    Hi! We are looking for a long term engagement with Flash animators. We plan to produce 4 videos each month, each will be around 2 minutes long.

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    I want someone to draw up a 3d model of an acoustic guitar neck in a format that can be loaded into VCarve Pro for processing and outputting as GCode to a 4 axis CNC router. I can supply basic dimensions but acoustic guitar necks are really quite standard and there should be not much in the way of hidden traps, at least I imagine that to be the case

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    Hi Julianto K., we noticed your profile and would like to offer you our project. We have a picture of a husband and wife and would like you to draw a super hero cartoon of each of them which we intend to have printed on t-shirts. Please let us know if you are interested and how long you think this would take you to do. Thank you!

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    Nand flash rom refreshing 4 天 left

    Need some ONFI experts to help in accessing rom via Xilinx ISE design Suite or Vivado. I have my own rom, wanting to change the default rom.

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    I need someone to modify the attached code to start the camera torch when reading a QR. When you start it, click on button "Cerrar Tarea" and the camera screen will come up the camera screen has a button on it. I want that the light turns on when clicking on the button, in order to scan the QR with the light on. You can get the code from [登录来查看链接]

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    Update a blog article HTML 4 天 left

    I need someone who is good with SEO and codin...mobile responsive and with a high chance of Google picking up a rich snippet. This is the page: [登录来查看链接] The most important part of the page is the size guide (Mistake #2). This needs to be formatted properly for google.

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    ...is an anchor link that scrolls too far. When user clicks button in Parallax hero, should scroll to homepage heading, but it continues scrolling halfway down homepage text. • The Parallax hero height needs to be reduced. The heading below should be visible below the hero with no scrolling. • In checkout, a plugin has been used to add a custom yes/no

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    A couple of years ago I wanted to make a short documentary video about a guitar builder. It never got edited because I didn't know where to start, thought It wasn't good enough because I've never interviewed anyone for a video before, etc. So now I'm looking for someone who could make something acceptable from my old footage. The Interview is in German

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    2d animation flash developers Bulk work we have

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    Guitar Sales 3 天 left

    Ok I run a store through Reverb & Sweetwater where i sell all kinds of guitar,But at this point most times i travel to Europe to get more and bring them in and i hardly have time to handle this business which makes me loose some money at times. Am looking for someone who can work as my assistance and sure you can work [登录来查看链接] person i will be

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    ...better than bold, large, pushy design f. This is for musicians and songwriters of all ages. These are smart, educated, intellectual people, not children/babies. g. Incorporate a guitar and/or musical staff/notes. See how competitors do this is different ways. But these really sell well. So what can we learn, but not copy? For now, leave the back cover blank

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    I have the schematic of a tube guitar amplifier, and it sounds very good, but I want to modify somethings and I need someone with real electronic experience for this project. the modification are: presense knobs for chanel 1 and 2, a mid knob for chanel 1 and a pentode and triode switch to down to a half the power of the amplifier

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    ...any vulgarity or any stunt act. Virtual Gift and value Music Sign - 1 Coins Rock Hand - 5 Coins Mic - 10 Coins Record disc - 10 coins Rose Flower - 10 Coins Vote - 30 Coins Guitar - 50 coins Heart - 100 Coins Trophy - 200 Coins Flower Bouquet - 500 Coins Star - 800 Coins Coin Prices 99 C - 66/- 699 C - 466/- 1299 C - 866/- 1899 C - 1266/- 3999 C - 2666/-

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    [登录来查看链接] You have to make this game into Unity. Take resources from a flash game. Create it with Playmaker. You need to create a map editor, create a stage, save it in Json format, and load it.

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    As final result I want to have a working easy to use method to scrape data on great buildings from forge of empires online game. Information needed, in excel: player name, Great building name, points contributed, total points, list of contributors, list of rewards.

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    ...it's own style and creating melodic vocal interjections what the kids will love. FUN! I am offering $100 per song. I can forward you recordings of me singing the songs on guitar along with the chord progressions and lyrics. Please forward me any past arrangements you have done for consideration. Please note: You will only get credit as the arranger

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    ...possivem criar imagens no editor de imagens Flash com uma caixa de diálogo dentro da imagem com a possibilidade de alguém inserir o seu e-mail na caixa de texto dentro da imagem e então clicando a pessoa em alguma parte da imagem ter a condição de coletar o e-mail da mesma. Ouvi dizer que o editor de imagens Flash tem a condição de...

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    ...Åhman ( [登录来查看链接]), to see the amazing things you can create and watch the whole process. SAMPLE TOPICS: Paintballing, swimming, playing guitar, drawing **Please send me a sample of your work in your proposal for the project. Failure to follow instructions will prevent you from getting the job**...

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    in project there is windbond 25q64fvbv flash memory i am trying to play music from that flash memory by arduino uno. i have a wav file to play.

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    looking for a platform for videos and flash related for school students class subject and topic and play the content from the server

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    Kiwi Born Logo 13 小时 left

    I have an existing Trademarked 'hero' from my brand, and I would like the image portrayed with a couple of variations, sitting with legs dangling, lying down face up.....that kind of thing?

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    I am looking for Music Arranger for Classical Garner. Instruments needed: 1. Percussion: Tabla, Drum tec 2. Strings: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin, Sitar, Saantor, sarangi etc. 3. Winds: Flute, Keyboard etc... Main Requirement: Pro Tools is must.

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    Trophy icon Mighty Tails Pet Vitamins 2 天 left

    Hi, I need a logo for my new pet vitamins company, Mighty Tails Extraordin... Mighty Tails Extraordinary Pet Vitamins. The concept of the company is superhero pets. Please design a logo with the following criteria: 1. Dog or a cat using super hero themes. 2. Superhero logo/emblem using the name Mighty Tails or the letter M or MT Thank You!

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    I need character bases made from the three .png character reference drawings (given below) separated, vectorized, named, and inserted into the G2 Character [登录来查看链接] all parts must be separate vector .swf files named accordingly. I intend to modify my drawings to all twelve body types seen in [登录来查看链接]

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    I need a diagram for my factory to be able to do the wiring on my electric bass. I want : EMG BTC Control Pre-Amp 2 Pickups Volume Knob (250K Pot) Passive Tone Knob (works only when in passive mode) which is a 250K push pull pot and will act as the active passive switch. 9V Battery 3 Way Pickup Selector EMG BTC Control Instructions are here : [登录来查看链接] I don't mind how you do the diagram...

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    Hi, I need an expert adobe flash animator for making an animation urgently, I have all the content and scenes ready, just need to animate them, approx 2.5-3 minutes duration. Please send your best animation in flash. Regards

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    Shopify Expert Small Task 已经结束 left

    I need a shopify expert to do some custom coding. Its a small task. I need a hero slider on my shopify pages just like on homepage. Please bid your final amount.

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    Trophy icon Alexa Flash Briefing Logo Design 已经结束 left

    My wife is creating an Alexa Flash Briefing called "Go-Getter Moms". And she needs a logo for her flash briefing. Go-Getter Moms is about inspiring moms around the world that you can create wealth, and the life you want while managing being healthy and still being there for your family. You can be creative as possible.

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    Hello! I am looking for someone to set up the structure of the pages on a new website. Theme purchased is Rosa...it set up properly. Very similar to the way it is set up in the demo. Online Order Page: open to suggestion plug ins Contact: To include map The rest of pages will mainly be hero image, fonts and menus Looking at paying $250.00 fixed price

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    Flash light app 已经结束 left

    [登录来查看链接] i want app like these.

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    Hey there, I am looking to do an ongoing series. I want a comic book style type cover using my girlfriend as the hero. Basically turn her into a super hero. I'd want one cover done every week. We definitely want to use your creativity and inspiration. Think classic Marvel style. Bright colours. Her superhero name would be Inked Human Mermaid. Just

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    Our business makes made-to-order wood furniture in Virginia. We have several prices ...have several prices sheets that require updated information as products and prices change. We are looking for a go-to designer for this task. We also require assistance with hero images for our Shopify website and Facebook page, as well as some ad design assistance.

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    I'm an independent musician and I need to develope a android/ios app that works like a guitar tuner. It takes sound from the mic and analyze frequency, giving as a output the name of the note played by the classical guitar or other acoustic intruments ex. violin, cello, piano. the notes will be played one at time, no chords. I will add also a Qr code

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    swords novel 已经结束 left

    ...plagiarism * free from grammar/spelling errors * upon project completion, you agree to me having the full rights to the Book and its content the story will be around our hero where his mom,[登录来查看链接] and brother get killed by the army 1 by 1 with period between them he is 14 and get older for each loss he get , (the more violence the better) -old weapons-

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