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    你好IT Flex Solutions India,我注意到你的文档并想给你我的项目。我们可以能过聊天来讨论细节。

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    I have been looking for an expert with experience in amazon flex bot, which helps to take the blocks in a faster and easier way, these bots are used through a server and also offer filters to take said blocks. There are already services like this right now, and I just want to recreate this service. For now I do not understand what kind of expert I need to develop this tool, if you know or have experience in this field, please contact me. I can give you more information, such as the web pages where they sell this service and recreate it in an exact way. Thanks.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a cloud-based software solution for an Amazon Flex block grabber. The solution must be able to accept payments and have full access capabilities. This solution will involve customizing existing software to match our needs and specifications. The successful candidate must have the expertise to deliver results that meet our expectations. This project is for a custom-designed software platform that will streamline the process of obtaining blocks on Amazon Flex, the Amazon delivery service. The software must be able to collect and sort block information, allow users to select specific blocks, and process payment. This will also involve testing and debugging the app to ensure it's functionality. Security and privacy must also b...

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    ...bio with an image, a name, and a short bio. It consists of a single a element with a class attribute set to "link-bio". Within the a element, we have an img element for the profile picture and a div element that contains the name and bio. The CSS code provides some basic styling for the link bio. We first select the .link-bio class and set its display property to flex to make the child elements flow in a row. We also set the flex-direction property to row to make the elements flow horizontally. We use the align-items property to vertically center the elements within the link bio container, and the gap property to add some space between the elements. We set the padding and background-color properties to create a light grey background for the link bio, and set t...

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    AMPUSHER . Its Home Flex 50-amp smart charger is similar in operation to its public chargers so there is no learning curve. It can be hardwired into a 240-volt circuit (typically the home’s drier circuit) or an existing 240-volt outlet. The 23-foot cable allows for more installation locations in your garage and the whole charging unit has a sleek design Sometimes you don’t need smart-charging capabilities. Instead, you might need a durable outdoor charger that can withstand tough weather conditions. AMPUSHER is ideal for home EV charging, as well as electric lawn/farm equipment, which is a growing market. There’s no app to this one, just a rugged 40-amp charger. This unit can be hardwired or plugged into an existing 240-volt outlet and the power output is adjustabl...

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    Hey I am looking at building a sharetribe flex marketplace (maybe engaging developer in a few months). In the meantime I am wanting to see if I can adjust the Sharetribe Go with a certain request. My idea is around events vendor sourcing (venues, photographers, catering etc). i would like to adjust as below: - Keep all the sign up options as a marketplace lister with no change (e.g. sign-up and create listing. - Once listing(s) are completed return user to the profile page. - Hide all of the search functionality - do not let anyone except me as the Admin view all the listings that are submitted. -> the user will only be able to see their own listing. This would be for a short period of time, so you would need to be able to remove this injected code in future. Regards Matt

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    I need a CSS expert to move the inline CSS for one page to an external file. The page uses Flex. I want the page to look and behave the save when you are done. I'm not looking to just run an online tool to extract the CSS and be done. The inline code is bloated and needs refactoring. Most styling is repeated.

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    My project is focused on creating an advertisement poster for a college using flex printing. The poster should be 9ft X 6.5ft, promotional in style, and have an eye-catching design. I'm looking to employ a talented designer with creative vision who is able to make my poster come alive. The designer should have experience with flex printing and have a solid knowledge of the current industry design trends. Having experience with creating promotional posters and interactive posters is a bonus. If you think you have the skill and vision required to create a stunning poster for my college, then I'm excited to hear from you.

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    ...Failing Elements div.whb-flex-row > div.whb-column > div.wd-header-wishlist > a <a href=""> 3. Heading elements are not in a sequentially-descending order Properly ordered headings that do not skip levels convey the semantic structure of the page, making it easier to navigate and understand when using assistive technologies. Learn more about heading order. Failing Elements Personalised labels for Wines & Spirits <h6 class="woodmart-title-container title wd-fontsize-l"> 4. Links do not have a discernible name Link text (and alternate text for images, when used as links) that is discernible, unique, and focusable improves the navigation experience for screen reader users. Learn how to make links accessible. Failing Elements div.whb-...

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    Hi there we have the dimensions of our PCB and components BOM list ready along with instructions. The list is very small and we just need to get the gerber files so that we can manufacture in china. Initially we will only attach the sensors on this board and later we will attach a Nordic chip that will control everything. After this job we will start a 2000 dlls job where we will add the Nordic and all other components. Lets talk asap and hopefully hire you today. We would love to get this manufactured ASAP

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    A block grabber script, often used in the context of Amazon Flex, is an automated tool designed to give users a competitive edge in securing desirable delivery blocks within the Amazon Flex app. Delivery blocks are time slots during which drivers make deliveries and are compensated by Amazon. The availability of these blocks is often limited, and drivers may compete to secure the most profitable ones. The purpose of a block grabber script is to monitor the Amazon Flex app for newly released blocks and automatically accept them on behalf of the user based on their predefined preferences, such as location, duration, and compensation. By automating this process, the script can significantly increase a driver's chances of obtaining lucrative delivery blocks, as it ca...

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    flex-site in learning 已经结束 left

    display flex flex-flow row wrap

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    PCB DESIGN for flex cable 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for somebody that can make a PCB design for a flex cable

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    Create a flex cable drawing easy job

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    Looking for a contractor who is familiar with ArcGis and Spillman Flex to perform updates as needed to map layers.

    min $392 / hr
    min $392 / hr
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    ...Mindset • Strong leadership and decision-making skills • Ability to develop, manage and drive growth • Goal Oriented **Sales Experience is a PLUS but not REQUIRED. Requirements: Must be 18+ (This is a FEDERAL REQUIREMENT) Must pass a background check Self Disciplined • Trustworthy *Motivated We'll provide: - Paid training program - State & Federal Licenses - Part or Full time Flex options - Commission and Bonus Based, Residual income and stock opportunities(11 income streams)Tips: Provide a summary of the role, what success in the position looks like, and how this role fits into the organization overall. Responsibilities Good customer service skills—must be comfortable speaking with others Attend meetings, seminars, and ...

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    Project for Crystal Y. 已经结束 left

    Hello Crystal. We are looking for someone that has implemented Stripe Billing into a Sharetribe Flex marketplace for the use of reoccurring payments.

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    Purim party TOMORROW March 7 — fix faux beard mustache and do make up for various guests … just touch up make up, no full makeup. 4pm - 7pm MONSEY NEW YORK — on-site flex work as it comes

    $1962 - $5887
    $1962 - $5887
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    Trophy icon Logo Design - 06/03/2023 15:32 EST 已经结束 left

    DO NOT SUBMIT MOCKUPS OR 3-D RENDERINGS – THEY WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED I need a logo designed to represent a power search feature in my software. The name of this feature is Flexible System Super Scan. Logo text: S3 Flex Search Branding Colors: #FF1313 #000000 #FFFFFF

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    I do not have a Figma design for this only the attached PNGs. Designed in pure tailwindcss no custom css or js. Use the default theme in tailwind. For the slider use noUiSlider. Icons use inline SVG from iconic. Layout; header is to be to fixed top to the left title to the right Close button. Main content use container with mx-auto then use flex column to create 2 columns. Left column inputs Dropdown Link Floating text input Toggle switch Dropdown with checkboxes Slider Slider Slider Right column inputs Buttons x3 Buttons x3 Buttons x5 Text input x2 Dropdown Dropdown Star Rating use checkboxes Toggle Toggle For the dropdowns use an unordered list <ul> hidden, then use to show the list position it below the input as shown in images. The design will need to be responsiv...

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    Flex Man 3D Model Request 已经结束 left

    Looking to create 3D realistic character of our logo icon.

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    Flex Character 已经结束 left

    I would like to create a 3D character from attached file

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    I want to Implement Pause/ resume call recording functionality in new TWILIO flex 2.0 (React)

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    Job Applications 已经结束 left

    Seeking help preparing, submitting applications for a $150K+ remote role. I am actively seeking a new position, but lack to craft a presentable resumes that past ATS systems AND appeal to hiring managers. I am using to manage my search and I started an account on flex jobs. I can share my credentials with you. I just need someone to coordinate and drive communications with recruiters and hiring managers during the day while I am busy working my regular 9-5.

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    I am using Twilio Flex 2.0 and I need help adding a functional button in dial pad that let you pause / resume call recording

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    Update website slideshow banner styles to ensure the key hero banner feature displays correctly on all browsers. Currently the slideshow banner displays differently on various browsers. Need the main slideshow to not expand below the view port. Currently it will show too big on certain browsers. Needs to use the Flex CSS settings and View Port for the height to ensure it renders nicely on different screen resolutions. Banner needs to break down to different media sizes as well not just the desktop. In conclusion the main banner needs to be set so that it's always within the top section of the viewport or screen. Link: Thanks

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    Need Flex Designer 已经结束 left

    We have a small project need to design f banners.

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    we need to make design for flex...

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    We are a relatively new sporting company looking to work with a 3D printer designer who can translate our ideas into 3D designs that will then be printed to produce prototypes for testing. The equipment is sports related. Must sign an NDA. Preferable to have engineering experience and an understanding of 3D materials, 3D honeycomb/mesh design, flex patterning and more.

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    Banner for Dental Clinic 已经结束 left

    We want to start a dental clinic and wish to design a poster/banner. Will be printed on Flex ..5ft*3ft Dental Delight Attaching content

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    Hi IT Flex Solutions India, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    payment for updating the existing items per pack app

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    we have a website that is coded in bootstrap, we need to convert it to tailwind css / tailwind-elements with mobile ui/responsive priority (Change <table> to grid/flex, etc) it must be prepared in header-content-footer format output is static html file (along with the css, etc) number of pages are about 20, but the page type /format is less than that

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    create a banner design 已经结束 left

    I have company logo and sponsors logo. need to create 8X8 ft flex backdrop

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    ...product sell sheets for products I offer at my small promotional company. I will provide my logo and contact details I want on each page. I will have the following sell sheet pages: 1 - Polo's - side one name brand, side two Value brands 2 - 1/4 Zip Pullovers - side one name brand, side two value brand 3 - Hoodies - side one name brand, side two Value brands 4 - Hats - Side one Trucker Hat, side two Flex fit hats 5 - Jackets - Side one Softshell, side two layered coats 6 - Beanie Hats 7 - T-shirts 8 - Safety Gear - high reflective t-shirts, hoodies, coats and hats 9 - Accessories - Golf Towels, Aprons, blankets 10 - Baseball 11/12/13 - Brand Pages: Travis Mathis , OGIO, Carhart, Spider, Puma 14 - Notebooks 15 - Pet Products 16 - Drinkware 17 - Custom Pens 18- Custom Gift ...

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    Contamos con una aplicación en Yii y Yii2 tenemos avanzada la integración con mercado envíos flex pero la anterior persona no la termino. Buscamos quien la termine de integral y la deje funcional.

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    Hiring Video Editors -- 2 已经结束 left

    Attention all video editing wizards! We're seeking a team of dynamic and talented video editors to join our fast-paced video production house. You'll have the chance to flex your creative muscles and bring your storytelling skills to life by producing 7 one-minute videos per day for the next 4 months. In this role, you'll be responsible for taking raw footage and turning it into captivating and visually stunning videos. You'll have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, from social media content to brand videos, and have the chance to bring your unique spin to each one. To be a top contender for this role, you'll need to be a pro with editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro and have a keen eye for detail. You'll also need t...

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    *Location: Remote work *Vacancies: 2 Google Workspace Engineer *Job Type: Part-time / 3-5 hours a day ( flex hour ) *Job Overview: We are a Google Cloud and Datadog service provider serving corporate clients, and seeking a Workspace Engineer to join our team and support our clients' digital workspace needs. In this role, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining digital workspace solutions that improve our clients' productivity and efficiency. *Responsibilities: -Provide technical support to clients by helpdesk, whatsapp, email or online meeting. -System migration from others platform to Google Workspace -Provide technical support for all Google Workspace tools -Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to Google Workspace -Provide tr...

    $173 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    *Location: Remote work *Vacancies: 2 Cloud Kubernetes & Container Engineer *Job Type: Part-time / 3-5 hours a day ( flex hour ) *Job Overview: We are a Google Cloud and Datadog service provider, seeking a skilled Kubernetes & Container Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will design and implement production-ready solutions using Kubernetes and container technologies, automate deployment and scaling, provide technical expertise, and collaborate with other teams. *Responsibilities: Design and implement production-ready solutions using Kubernetes and container technologies. Provide technical support to clients by helpdesk, whatsapp, email or online meeting. Automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Provide technical expertise in c...

    $181 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Google Cloud Architect 已经结束 left

    *Location: Remote work *Vacancies: 3 Google cloud Architect *Job Type: Part-time / 3-5 hours a day ( flex hour ) *Job Overview: We are a Google Cloud and Datadog service provider, serving corporate clients, and are seeking an experienced Google Cloud Architect to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing cloud-based solutions for our clients, providing technical expertise, and ensuring the successful adoption of Google Cloud services. *Responsibilities: Provide technical expertise in cloud architecture, migration, and implementation using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) tools. Provide technical support to clients by helpdesk, whatsapp, email or online meeting. Work closely with clients to understand their requirements and recommend appropria...

    $212 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Twilio flex 2.0 已经结束 left

    I am working on a project where I have to make changes to Twilio flex Main header. I need to hide menu icon and a logo and apply a bit of styling to workerprofile icon

    $196 (Avg Bid)
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    Veho block grabber 已经结束 left

    I need an android app or something that can automatically refresh and check for block in veho delivery app. Same thing with amazon flex. Let me know if you can do it ( android preferred)

    $2873 (Avg Bid)
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    Lex/flex using c/c++ 已经结束 left

    The purpose of the project is to build a program the capture the tokens of the following CFG : S-> id+T T-> id*S | id+S | id | (T)

    $165 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Client in Sharepoint' button for a 'Create Client in Sharepoint' or 'Create Plan in Sharepoint' button. In order to create the folders necessary, the browser extension will need to parse the Client Name and/or the Plan Name from the web page, in addition to the Client ID and Plan ID it is already parsing from the URL. Client Name can be parsed by searching for <span class="client-information d-flex align-items-center"><span class="d-inline-block">Client: <strong>CLIENT NAME</strong> (xxxxxxxx-CLIENTID)</span></span> Plan Name can be parsed by searching for <div class="w-100 text-truncate text-left" ui_test_id="client-actions-secondary-info"> Plan: <strong>PLANNAME&...

    $1397 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi IT Flex Solutions India, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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    Seeking Wordpress pro for custom site template. Must include breadcrumbs, search, comments, language bar with drop-down icons (English/German), and 8 page templates. Flex Grid layout is a must, child template already installed. Read tech doc before starting. Quick, clean and efficient work wanted.

    $1437 (Avg Bid)
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    Website exists and logs into Agora's Flexible Classroom. I need assistance with Agora and also CSS on site.

    $4105 (Avg Bid)
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    Bulid me a website 已经结束 left

    I own a flex printing shop want to make website for marketing purpose

    $942 (Avg Bid)
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