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    嗨 Chetan T., 我想要邀请您来完成我的项目。更多细节我们可以稍后通过聊天交流。 First: Because it is a relatively new store, and there are many sales restrictions on products, I need you to find products with sales rights Second: When you select products, you need to add $1.2/piece of cost Third: I hope that the type of products should be toys, not clothes, not included batteries, not food Fourth: Roi is about 30% Fifth: Purchase from wholesalers who can provide invoices Last:the product has a good sales volume. I want to see how the product you choose is. Then decide whether to continue. Thanks,

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    嗨 Jadez Isobella R., 我想要邀请您来完成我的项目。更多细节我们可以稍后通过聊天交流。

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    ...has experience in writing content, articles, blogs, ads copy, event promotion copy for a long-term project discussing cross-border e-commerce business, DTC brands, Amazon, aliexpress and shopify business etc. Job will be paid by hours and the expected deliverables are bi- weekly with 1 original posts; sometimes I will need some event promotion articles and will inform you one week before the delivery. Marketing knowledge and SEO skill will be huge plus. The writing style guideline will be provided to you and here is the content hub for your reference: Looking forward to your interest! 工作内容: - 负责撰写相关企业品牌传播软文及线上线下活动稿件及媒体广告文字,涉及内容采集、优化、整理和原创撰写。 - 了解跨境电商例如亚马逊、速卖通、aliexpress等,负责撰写跨境电商行业热点、公司产品、大事记相关文章。主要内容产出方向为跨境电商行业+独立站运营。 - 了解SEO搜索引擎优化、负责协助网站搜索引擎优化推广,通过文案优化来促进网站知名度和排名度的提高

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    最近在建一个外卖送餐的网站,需要接入Xunhupay的(微信和支付宝)支付模块。 网站使用的是foodomaa的整站代码: 需要的技能有: Software Version: PHP 7.x Software Framework: Laravel File Types Included: JavaScript JSJavaScript JSON HTML CSS PHP SQL Layered PNG 如果您感兴趣,可以写信给我,价格好商量。 另外网站还有其它的一些改版工作要做,我们可以具体讨论一下能不能一并做。 等您回复哦……

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    1-2分钟mg动画制作 已经结束 left

    需要一个mg动画师做一个1-2分钟的企业宣传片,具体内容详谈 i need a graphic designer to make a 1-2min animated video industry: food safety testing Chinese speaking freelancer preferred

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    To develop OTD KPI reports on JobBOSS: Calculate OTD archive rate by daily, weekly, monthly, there are two conditions need to be fulfilled, one is quantity delivery fulfillment, the delivered qty should equal to requested qty, another condition is delivered date, the delivered date should equal or be earlier than promised day. Scope: all closed SO which closed on current day, current week and current month. Set the OTD target If SO was delivered earlier on last month , then the OTD need to be included in last Month’s OTD KPI. by SO + Project number Use Chart display the OTD by day,week and month. Data source: ERP SQL DB Tool: Crystal report

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    网站已经基本完成了,基于Prestashop开发的,最近自己没时间,所以想找人帮忙开发一个计算运费的Delivery Method模块,具体信息联系后再说。 要求非常熟悉Prestashop模块开发,以及对GIT熟悉。

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    需要一位ui设计师,可以为本人的外卖平台定制一套UI 大致跟国内 eleme 饿了么, 美团 meituan 外卖相似 详细内容可以时候详谈 希望给我可以将自己的作品发给我看看 感谢

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    double space, 5-7page, MLA style, persuasive research paper, I already finish 2 pages and outline of this essay, please help me to rewriting this 2 page. use at least 4 sources to explain how and why food is connected to some dimension of the social or societal realm, the paper's goal is to use research findings to help the readers take a side on a particular issue. use evidence from sources to analysis and support the thesis need at least 2 requirement sources in the file. and also, need at least 2 sources from library website, I already found it and add it in the files. there totally have 4 sources in the files. 2 library source link (i also sent in the files)

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    I have an excel list of food that are use in our kitchen Translate it in english If you are not familiar with kitchen chinese and kitchen english PLEASE PASS I'm fluent in both language, I don't do it by myself because lack of time, not of skillz, No mistakes will be allowed in that translation Total : 1725 汉字 to translate this is a sample of the chinese you will have to translate please provide some example 松仁 小土豆 鲜香菇 洋鲍芯 平菇 帕玛臣芝士 火龙果 猪排 紫叶生菜 鸭肫 芦笋 草莓 鸡胸 斜切面 西瓜 白洋葱 苹果 琼脂 鱼 卡派纳去皮番茄 柚子 紫菊菊 味好美蛇蒿叶 牛肉馅 奥妙培根 奥比水瓜榴 丽歌鸡蛋面 牛柳 卡派纳橄榄油 大土豆 鱼片 老火腿 黑鱼 大米 红灯调和油 黑水榄 绿叶生菜 口蘑 金像面 贝克拉黑巧克力 马苏里拉芝士 茴香球 油 带骨肉眼肉 西红柿 韩国砂糖

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    Menu Proofing 6 天 left

    We have food, drink and a dessert menu that needs proofing quickly for things like spelling, grammar, etc. Would like to have someone who has experience in the restaurant industry, from a menu/proofing perspective.

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    We are looking for a designer to draw a mockup of our webapp. The webapp is a software utility for a sensor which is connected via WebUSB to the webapp. A more detailed spec sheet can be found here: We're looking for a design for the full webapp, with all 4 views. For the delivery, we want the design in Figma.

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    2 项参赛作品 versatile and adaptable to various needs. Camera Integration: - The application will require integration with the device's camera to read and interpret problems accurately. - The camera functionality will play a crucial role in providing efficient and effective solutions. Timeline: - We are looking for a developer who can complete the project ASAP. Time is of the essence, and prompt delivery is highly valued. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in mobile application development for both iOS and Android platforms. - Experience with natural language processing and chatbot integration, preferably with ChatGPT or similar technologies. - Familiarity with camera integration and image recognition techniques. - Strong problem-solving and debugging skills. - ...

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    I am looking for a label designer who can create a visually appealing and informative label for my food product. Skills and Experience: - Experience in label design for food products - Knowledge of FDA regulations and guidelines for food labeling - Creativity in designing visually appealing labels - Ability to incorporate nutritional information into the label design Specific Requirements: - Incorporate nutritional information into the label design - No specific design elements or branding guidelines, open to any design - Attention to detail in including all necessary information and details on the label If you have experience in label design for food products and can create a visually appealing label that includes nutritional information, please submit your...

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    new website 6 天 left

    Project Title: Custom-built E-commerce Website I am in need of a custom-built e-commerce website that aligns with my existing branding. Requirements: - The website should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface for seamless online shopping experience. - It should have a secure payment gateway to ensure safe transactions. - The website should have a pr...Knowledge of database management systems for handling product catalog and customer data. - Familiarity with UX/UI design principles for creating an intuitive and visually appealing website. - Ability to integrate payment gateways and other third-party APIs. - SEO knowledge for optimizing the website's visibility in search engines. - Strong communication and project management skills to ensure timely delivery and collabo...

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    I need someone who can find freight delivery or logistics companies to send second-hand goods (household items and an e-bike) from Georgia (country) to Germany. Freelancer needs to be based in Georgia, ideally with experience in the shipping and logistics industry. Useful skills: Online Research, International Shipping, Calling Suppliers, Negotiation, Supplier/Service Provider Sourcing. More details: What type of freight are you looking to transport? Second-hand goods (4 boxes, one suitcase, and 1 e-bike) What is the total weight of the goods you're shipping? 100-250 kg Do you have a preferred method of shipping? Probably a mix of land and sea From where? Storage facility in Tbilisi, Georgia To where? Residential address in Germany (14612 Falkensee, Germany)

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    ...Britain. The AHAH is an index for measuring how 'healthy' neighborhoods are based on the quality of the environment, for example, local air pollution. The index also includes the ease of access to health services and the availability of unhealthy retail outlets such as fast food restaurants. The health outcomes of communities are often positively and negatively affected by environmental factors such as air pollution, access to health and other vital services, distance from green space and distance from fast food outlets. It can be challenging to understand how these influences are geographically distributed and how they overlap, posing challenges for effective public health intervention at a range of scales and in different places. Health researchers hav...

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    I am looking for an experienced designer to create a detailed architectural structure sketch with specific elements and features to be incorporated. The design should be visually appealing, capture the theme of the project accurately, and meet my unique business needs. The expected delivery time for this project is one week. If you’re interested, let me know right away and let’s get to work!

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    ...**Language Proficiency**: Fluency in German, English, or Portuguese is crucial for effective collaboration. - **Review and Development**: You will participate in a Teams meeting to understand the existing code and discuss the new features to be developed. - **Security**: Emphasis on implementing robust security measures is non-negotiable. - **Payment**: Compensation is contingent upon successful code delivery and testing on our server. Please note that this term is non-negotiable. We are looking for someone who is not just technically proficient but also a good communicator and problem solver. If you are interested in this project and confident in your ability to deliver, please reach out with your portfolio and a brief outline of your proposed approach. Looking forward to pote...

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    ...bugs. Specifically, I need performance enhancements for my app. I have a comprehensive list of known bugs that need to be addressed. The updates and bug fixes need to be completed within a reasonable timeframe. 1. We need to address the map issue, as users are currently experiencing difficulties with manual location submissions, similar to the process on Foodpanda. Both the user app and the delivery app are encountering problems with the map functionality. 2. We must resolve the OTP issue associated with a popular Bangladeshi SIM company. Despite its widespread use, a significant number of users have reported difficulties with verification. Alternatively, we can explore the option of integrating a third-party OTP service, as the current cost of 26 cents (30tk) per customer OTP...

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    restaurant 6 天 left

    Seeking a talented designer to help create a bold and colorful menu for our fast food restaurant. The ideal candidate will have experience in menu design and a strong understanding of bold and vibrant branding. The project will involve creating an eye-catching menu that reflects our brand's personality and entices customers to try our delicious offerings. Attention to detail and the ability to work within brand guidelines are crucial. We are looking for someone who can bring our menu to life with their creative vision and expertise in graphic design. If you have a passion for visually stunning designs and can work efficiently to meet deadlines, we would love to hear from you.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a food ordering and management system chat bot using Python and machine learning. The chat bot should have the following features: - Menu ordering: Customers should be able to browse and order food from a menu. - Reservation management: The chat bot should be able to handle table reservations. - Customer support: The chat bot should be able to provide assistance and answer customer queries. Feed back:- customer should be able to give feed back Order tracking Suggestion of food I expect the chat bot to have a hybrid level of machine learning capabilities, which means it should have a mixture of predetermined responses and the ability to learn from interactions. The programming language to be used for this project is Python. The...

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    I am in need of a skilled chef to join our team in Dhenkanal, Odisha. We are lookin...specialties - Ensure high quality and presentation of all dishes - Maintain cleanliness and organization in the kitchen - Collaborate with the team to create new menu items Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as a chef specializing in Indian cuisine - Ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize accordingly - Attention to detail and ability to work under pressure - Knowledge of food safety regulations and practices - Ability to work well in a team environment - Knows how to make Vada If you are passionate about Indian cuisine and are looking for a permanent position in Dhenkanal, Odisha, we would love to hear from you. Please provide your portfolio and references when...

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    Looking for a skilled web developer to create a food delivery eCommerce website with a focus on healthy options. Key requirements for the project include: - Developing a user-friendly website that showcases a variety of healthy food options - Implementing an online payment system to facilitate seamless transactions - Customizing the website to allow users to customize their meals The successful candidate should have: - Knowledge of web design principles and the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website - Proficiency in integrating online payment systems If you are a skilled web developer with experience in creating eCommerce websites and are passionate about healthy food, we would love to hear from you. Please provide exa...

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    food caterer 6 天 left

    Looking for a vegeterian food caterer for kids birthday party Event Details: - birthday party catering - More than 100 guests expected Cuisine Preferences: - Mixed cuisine preferred - North indian + South Indian food Skills and Experience: -Number 1 in food taste - Professional food caterer with experience in catering for large events - Knowledge of various cuisines, including Western and Asian - Ability to handle a high volume of guests and provide quality food and service

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    Ecommerce website 6 天 left

    ...for selling digital goods using Shopify Skills and Experience: - Experience with Shopify platform and customization - Knowledge of ecommerce best practices - Strong understanding of digital product delivery and management - Proficiency in web design and development - Ability to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website Project Requirements: - Build a fully functional ecommerce website using Shopify - Implement features for selling digital goods - Incorporate specific design elements and features as provided by the client - Ensure seamless integration with payment gateways and delivery systems - Optimize website for mobile responsiveness and fast loading times - Provide ongoing support and maintenance for the website Budget and Timeline: - The client has not ...

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    ...Applications (Android/iOS) ) Core Features: User Login: Connected application with customer 4digit code ( Create from admin in the customers table info ) Product Display: List of available products ( image , name ) with 1 line 40 chars related information. Also the customer price. Add to Cart: Selection of products from a list with the only option to choose quantities Order Completion: choosing delivery date and order confirmation ! Daily Report Generation: Storage of all orders with the ability to generate a daily report in specific lines and rows ( new day begins from 6.01 am , so all reports for the day 24 hours from the above time ) . Additional Features: Customer creation by administrative staff. central database on a hosting environment No support for payments, ...

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    I am looking for a mobile app developer to create a food delivery app for both iOS and Android platforms. I have some ideas for the app features, but I am open to suggestions from the developer. The app should have an interactive and dynamic design style. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proficiency in mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms - Experience in developing food delivery apps - Ability to provide creative suggestions for app features - Strong understanding of interactive and dynamic design principles

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    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled packaging designer to create the packaging for my food and beverages product. The preferred style for the design is modern and minimalist, with a clean and sleek look. I am open to suggestions for the color scheme and branding, and would like the designer to provide creative options. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in packaging design, particularly for food and beverages products - Proficiency in creating modern and minimalist designs - Strong understanding of branding and ability to create cohesive designs that align with the product's identity - Ability to provide creative options and suggest suitable color schemes - Attention to detail and ability to create visually appealing designs that stand out on the she...

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    I am in need of a freelance designer who can create a professional and eye-catching flyer to advertise my product/service. The flyer will be targeted towards both youth and adults. Requirements: - Experience in designing flyers for product/service advertisement - Creativity in creating visually appealing designs - Ability to effectively convey information and attract attention - Timely delivery of the project, as it needs to be completed ASAP. Important: This should be in a PDF file editable

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    I am looking for a graphic designer to create a label design for my project. I have some ideas in mind, but I am also open to suggestions and flexible with the design. The desired timeline for this project is within a week. Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in label design - Ability to bring creative ideas to life - Attention to detail - Timely delivery of projects

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    Project Title: Leadership Development Training...engaging and interactive manner. - The training should be accessible remotely, allowing our employees to participate at their own pace and convenience. - The trainer should provide ongoing support and guidance to participants throughout the program to reinforce learning and encourage application in the workplace. - Strong communication and facilitation skills are essential to ensure effective delivery of the training content and engage participants in meaningful discussions. - The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in leadership development through relevant certifications or previous successful projects. - The project timeline and deliverables will be discussed and agreed upon with the selected...

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    To design and develop a web application for an express delivery (courier) company: - simple and attractive - dynamic - interactive - easy to add and replace promotional content/marketing campaign

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    Project Overview: We are seeking a skilled developer or a development team to create "Abwab Forums," a modern, feature-rich forum application. The project involves utilizing Discourse as the foundational platform and custom developing additional features to meet our specific needs. Our goal is to build a highly interactive, user-friendly, and...timeline and quote for the project. Indicate any potential challenges and your approach to solving them. Application Process: Interested candidates are requested to submit a proposal outlining their experience, portfolio showcasing similar projects, and a preliminary plan for undertaking this project. We need web/ios/android including source codes Code should be on github Code should be dockerised Delivery before 15th of January ...

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    $11708 - $23415
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    I am looking for a graphic designer to work with my Awards company for a duration of 12 months. The ideal candidate should have experience in brochure design. Specific requirements include: - Designing brochures for our Awards company - The expected frequency of design requests is more than 5 per month - The designs should be delivered in both digital and printed copies Skills and - The expected frequency of design requests is more than 5 per month - The designs should be delivered in both digital and printed copies Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in graphic design software - Strong portfolio showcasing previous brochure designs - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines - Experience in print production and knowledge of file formats for digital de...

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    Trophy icon logo for a business 2 天 left

    ...businesses in the real estate industry. - Knowledge of current design trends and a strong portfolio showcasing previous logo designs is highly preferred. - Attention to detail and the ability to understand and interpret the client's vision are crucial for this project. - The final logo should be delivered in multiple formats suitable for both online and offline use, including vector files. - Timely delivery of the project is essential, and open communication throughout the design process is expected....

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    I am looking for a writer who can assist me with some parts of my lab report in the field of food science. Specifically, I need help with the Introduction and discussion part. Detailed: Mainly in the introduction (no more than 500 words), the discussion part (discussion of my experiments (with guided questions, and I have already done some discussion for each experiment, so what you need to do is help me add some references and change words to avoid plagiarism, as something I just copy and paste from the internet), reasons for selecting the data for protein and total carbohydrates content in the nutrition label (no more than 500 words), the analysis of the accuracy and precision of my results (no more than 500 words; I will send the lab result to you), and nutrition information inc...

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    I am looking for a consultation to help set up a company similar to sendgrid, sparkpost, or Specifically, I need assistance with SMTP setup. Requirements: - Expert knowledge and experience in setting up SMTP infrastructure - Ability to provide guidance and recommendations for starting from scratch - Familiarity with email delivery services and API integration Timeline: - This project is urgent and needs to be completed within 1-2 weeks.

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    Project Title: Exploring the Inefficiency of Health Care Delivery in Relation to the Cost of Care I am looking for a talented writer who can provide a detailed explanation of why health care is not efficiently delivered through the market, with a specific focus on the cost of care. The content should be between 1000-2000 words in length. Key Points to Include: - Introduction to the concept of health care delivery and its connection to the market - Discussion on the factors that contribute to the inefficiency of delivering health care through the market - Explanation of how the cost of care influences the overall efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery - Analysis of various phenomena that arise due to the cost of care, such as deadweight loss, excessive p...

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    Project Title: ร้านเบเกอร์รี I am seeking assistance with a marketing and branding project for my personal bakery. Skills and Experience Needed: - Experience in marketing and branding for food businesses - Knowledge of bakery industry and trends - Creative and innovative approach to marketing strategies - Strong understanding of target audience and how to reach them effectively Project Goals: - Boosting sales for my bakery through effective marketing and branding strategies - Increasing brand awareness among potential customers - Creating a strong and loyal customer community for my bakery Key Deliverables: - Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to promote the bakery and its products - Create a cohesive brand identity and design elements, including logo and packaging - Impleme...

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    ...through responsive and engaging interactions. Craft compelling social media content and advertisements that resonate with our target audience. Market Research: Proactively research and stay abreast of market trends, providing insights to enhance our product selection and marketing strategies. Order Fulfillment Excellence: Oversee the entire order fulfillment process, ensuring timely and reliable delivery to our customers. Website Optimization: Take charge of website maintenance, ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendliness are consistently optimized. Qualifications: Proven experience in E-commerce marketing, preferably with Shopify. Proficiency in social media platforms and digital marketing tools. Strong analytical skills to interpret data and make informed deci...

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    46 个竞标 the same time, for a New Year's party. I will provide a draft with all the information that the flyer should contain, as well as the editable logos (one in png and another in svg). I need someone with immediate availability to get to work right now. The flyer must have a size of 800x800, be in png format and weigh no more than 1 MB. I will be connected all the time to facilitate and expedite delivery. Priority for designers who speak Spanish, although not exclusive. Please provide your own work so I can check if we are what each other are looking for. Necesito la elaboración de un flyer sencillo, que se vea "posh" y cool a la vez, para una fiesta de año nuevo. Proveeré un borrador con toda la información que debe contener el flyer, a...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to build delivery zones with postcode range for my project. Geographical Area: - The delivery zones are needed for the entire East Coast of Australia. I need to group postcodes based on deliveries rates and add a radius around each cluster. Software Platform: - I don't have a specific software platform in mind, so I am open to suggestions from the freelancer. Number of Zones: - More than 10 delivery zones need to be created for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong understanding of postcode systems and delivery zone mapping. - Experience in creating delivery zones for large geographical areas. - Proficiency in using mapping software and tools to accurately create and define zones. - Abili...

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    ...transferred and stored to SQL and taken from SQL by API also. This is team work, you will be working with bunch of server guys and python guys. So you need to possess these abilities and criteria : 1. Able to make google sheets fast, make editor for the GS fast and send all of the Google sheets ownership to me. 2. Able to work on SQL and API. 3. Able to collaborate as a team. 4. Agile, fast delivery, and responsive 5. Integrity, Honesty, Independently initiative, responsible, straight forward, loyal, modest, discipline, emphatically fair, hard worker. 6. No toxic working environment. We will pay $50/countries (negotiable) but we may fund more milestones for some few extra works. Possibly to double or tripple payments as bonus for urgent works. Each country is the same, you ju...

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    Client Service Delivery Manager Industry: Technology Responsibilities: - Client Relationship Management - Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients - Understanding client needs and ensuring their satisfaction - Acting as the main point of contact for clients - Managing client expectations and resolving any issues that arise - Collaborating with internal teams to ensure client deliverables are met - Providing guidance and support to junior team members Experience: - Senior Level Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong communication and interpersonal skills - Excellent problem-solving and decision-making abilities - Proven experience in client relationship management - Ability to effectively manage and prioritize multiple client projects - Knowledge of the technolog...

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    ...captivating banners that combine high-quality food photos with creative design elements to attract potential customers to visit the restaurant's website. Target Audience: Food enthusiasts, local community, particularly those interested in Georgian/Russian/Mediterranean cuisine in New York City. Design Requirements Food Photography Integration: Utilize existing high-resolution photos of the restaurant's signature and popular dishes from this gallery ( ) Ensure that the food looks appetizing and is the focal point of the banner. Design Elements: Incorporate elements that reflect the restaurant's Georgian/Russian/Mediterranean theme. Use colors and textures that complement the food and overall brand style as found on the

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    ...Title: Logo Creation ( Blossom Catering) Description: (Business name is Blossom Catering) - I am looking for a logo designer who can create a classic and timeless logo for my Catering business in the food industry. - The logo should be able to capture the essence of my business and create a lasting impression. - I am open to suggestions when it comes to colors and elements for the logo design. - The ideal designer should have a strong understanding of logo design principles and be able to create a design that reflects the classic and timeless style. - Experience in designing logos for the food industry would be a plus. - The designer should also have a portfolio showcasing their previous logo designs to demonstrate their skills and expertise. - The project requires clear...

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    Hi, I have a java project I'm working on for a food ordering system. I am only responsible for the customer part; therefore, I need someone to help with some of the functionalities. The others are working fine. It is a rather simple task that would most probably not take much time. I can send the java classes I have now and explain in details over messages. Would highly appreciate the help.

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