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    Hello, We're looking for someone who could create and maintain a news oriented Twitter page which would feature news articles about Syria and it affairs. I would like that person to be knowledgeable about the Arab world. Best regards, Digi-MENA

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    Web Developer for developing, maintaining, and improving an existing Website We are working on a website development project and looking for programmers to further develop and expand an existing platform (PHP Laravel /JavaScript). We have an initial list of bugs that need to be addressed. In addition, we also have a list of new functionality to add

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    I have a website ..I just need to correct some small problems in it.

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    Maintaining a website 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a person to help us 1. to maintain our website, i.e. updating info from time to time 2. to create e-brochure

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    AJAX Loading Error when attempting to upload Joomla updates. Godaddy says they cannot assist with this!

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    Hello, I would like to add listing capabilities (user sign up, login, a user dashboard, the ability to upload a listing, with to maintain our current branding. My website is an accommodation provider and I need users to be able to upload their own accommodation options for me and my team to approve. Please get in touch for more details.

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    Would like a website to advertise individuals job seeking to aid with employment possibilities.

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    Looking for a part-time monthly service.

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    We have a small team working on documents and often we find that our housekeeping slips to one side. We want to make sure that any files that are below standard are highlighted at the end of each day or week.

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    Need a website to take bookings for a car rental startup. Website preferred using word-press.

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    Looking for someone who can provide support and maintainance of a webpage and make necessary changes on [登录来查看链接] on php ,codeigniter

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    The developer should be able to refactor already bu...Push notification support Without answers to the following questions, please don't bid. 1)What questions do you have about the project? 2)Why do you think you are a good fit for this particular project? 3)Have you taken any oDesk tests and done well on them that you think are relevant to this job?

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    I have built a shoppify account, I need someone that is a professional at shoppify to fix it and maintain it for me while I start focusing on advertisement.

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    Looking for a in house full time developer to maintain and update an existing application with new features. Will be supported by the existing developer team for knowledge transfer and further support required for an year. Will have to work independently and full time in our office in South Delhi, Saket. For more information about the application check

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    We are a investor-startup connection platform focusing on Asia. The platform is up and running (coded by the founder himself). We are looking for a full stack developer experienced with NodeJS, MongoDB to take over the project so the founding team can focus on growing business.

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    Hello! My office is seeking a freelancer to work with us long term on maintaining and improving a web-based software we have developed. The hours will vary but should be around 20 a week (maybe more in the beginning) and you would start around the 1st of September. We would need someone with the following skills: - Front-end: HTML 5, CSS/SCSS

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    We are building a project based on Angular 4 and need a developer to check the codes, review it, fix bug s, guide the team to fix bugs if needed. Much of the coding is done, but we need somebody to make it production ready. There are some other requirements too in that which can be discussed too.

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    We have videogame in production on Android Store, wee need someone to maintain it on Unity, create stage, add design and object.

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    Need help creating and maintaining our website and other social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram ,Facebook etc. by : **Posting current and latest sports news on a daily basis ** Increase subscription for our media presence by regular posts **Conduct monthly quiz or any such activities to increase brand presence of The Rejuvenators(our company)

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    this will be needed for about 6months! i will pay you weekly or montly! with milestones! Everything like adding photos! updating texts... yes all of it! it is not a big site.. and will not require alot of time! BUT it needs be in good english!

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    Maintaining website 已经结束 left

    I have an entertainment website I want someone to post around 15 contents every day. Note: I can provide you the contents you just have to upload them.

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    maintaining database 已经结束 left

    Database created by Marina must be maintained. We need help with all kinds of small problems that we cant solve yourself.

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    I need someone with coding experience for ongoing work to setup specific integrations and being able to update them as needed. This will be done in ZoHo using a combination of ZoHo Flow as well as custom automation creation in CRM and Books. There will be initial setup of 2 integrations but I have ideas for others I want as well. The 2 main ones

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    I have a successfull business running and need someone to take care of my website and small projects. I would say its more small things to take care of, but i dont have a lot of time. Due to this i need someone who listens to my wishes and finishes them asap, means hours or maybe days. It‘s very important to do proper work. i hate to review all the time and see that things are not done prope...

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    59 个竞标 currently looking for a social media freelancer who is willing to work 12 hours per month at $25-$40 per hour for one of our current clients. This client’s contract includes 12 hours of paid work performing: Social media management (creating and scheduling posts relevant to their industry and sharing posts to social<...

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    Social Media Expert - 1. Knowledge about growing and maintaining new groups on Facebook. 2. Who have knowledge about SaaS applications, SEO and Payments

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    We have a project that has been in use for quite some time. It is written in C# and targets both Windows and Mono environments. We need some coders to work on tracker issues fixing bugs and adding new features. For example at the moment many of the strings are still contained in individual files where it should be extracted to separate language resources

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    The projec...websites. We would like to work with a partner in building company websites for us, running them and maintaining them. We are looking for someone, who can guarantee us a working website 100% of the time and execute changes for us from time to time. We would deliver the deisgns for the website and would love to manage the content in a cms.

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    A simple database application to add,modify,search and display data. Please message me for more details. Local Android App. There will be Customers. Eg : Karan Saxena Pune 99219898 Vivek Jain Mumbai 99225252 Customers will have Pledges say pledge1, pledge 2 etc. eg : Karan Saxena has 2 Pledges 1. Item : Necklace, Date : 1.2.2018 Loan Amount

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    Hello, I would need help to build and maintain a webpage (Spanish at the beginning) allowing particulars and services providers getting in touch, asking for estimates online, hiring their services, etc. I would also need seo services. Thanks. Eugenio

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    Looking for a part-time developer to help with maintaining a custom built ecommerce system. I’ll be providing jobs on a regular basis, that will be integrated into the main code base. The jobs will be explained before each requirement, and have acceptance criteria discussed before hand. Currently the project is running on PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, and

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    We've created a website using a template.... it's at [登录来查看链接] Need someone that will 'flesh it out' based on what we want put in, and then ensure that we are able to add items in each area, maintain the membership base and maintain the blog etc. On-going (payment as we go) assistance in the future is also necessary. If you are interested, and the price is right.... mess...

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    Need Ready made Accounting Software for Invoicing and for maintaining profit and loss data. Should be able to record all employee and vendor information for Invoicing. Should be able to send Invoice to vendor with a click of button Should be able to profit and loss information

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. i need a android app developer/ Iranian developers preferred. i need an app with very good graphic designing

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    I am looking to hire a web developer (HTML, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, wii/wii2) based in the UK - to create and maintain websites (corporate and e-commerce sites). Looking for long term partnerships. Based in UK please. Please send your prices to create a website and price to maintain on a monthly basis. Please send details about your methodology. Thanks

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    Maintaining a website 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for a talented freelancer to maintain my website on a monthly basis. Has to have knowledge of seo and joomla

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    Just as the title states, we are looking for a freelancer to take existing HTML files that are generated using PHP script, converting that file from HTML to PDF format, maintain the structure and format of the file, then saving it back on the server on a specific folder. The script to do that conversion will be run in a PHP code. We can not give

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    Help with placing ads on existing website. and simple similar tasks.

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    We are a growing agency and are looking for people to join our team. Your task is as follows. 1. We'll give you a list of Prospective Clients with their name, contact number and email and you need to contact them via phone and close a deal in the name of our company. Those clients have already shown interest in getting an ecom store created and so

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    Maintaining wordpress website to do backup

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    create and populate organization units with user and computer accounts. manage user and computer accounts manage access to resources implement printing implement group policy confiqure a server to monitor system performance prepare to administrator server resources manage hard disk manage data storage

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    We are looking for people with: * Knowledge in ASP.NET MVC * Knowledge in MySQL * Knowledge in Crystal Reports (or similar) * Experience with unit testing framework * Experience with large querys * Design skills are very important. * Very Proactive The candidate should be very fast programming and with initiative, creativity and quality

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    ...experience developing and maintaining an island power grid. Must be able to step into position very quickly and oversee island electrical repairs/replacement. I need the expertise of a seasoned EE. This will be only the first step in the chosen individual's long, rewarding position with us. We will be seeking additional experts for construction and other

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    We have 2 WP websites: one for real estate sales; the other for holiday lettings. To keep both sites humming happily along and to boost our SEO rankings we're looking for someone knowledgeable. We'd need: - ideally someone near our place of business (Moraira, province of Alicante, Spain) so we can have face to face meeting when necessary. - if such

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    We are looking a rails developer for long term realtionship. We need people with high level in Ruby on Rails, and deep knowledge on gems and Web Development(CofeeScript/JQuery/Bootstrap/CSS/HTML) For first task is needed high skills in CoffeScript. Just people with initiative and wanting to learn

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    $1958 - $5873
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    Cryptocurrency "Unify" ([登录来查看链接]) is looking for a developer who would be interested in maintaining our cryptocurrency and doing updates for a coin. Right now we need a switch from PoW to PoS system. We also might need things like updating the wallet design, maybe creating masternodes. You can check the current "Unify"

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    We are looking a rails developer for long term realtionship. We need people with high level in Ruby on Rails, and deep knowledge on gems and Web Development(CofeeScript/JQuery/Bootstrap/CSS/HTML) As a sample, we want to make a module for manage settings of users. Just people with initiative and wanting to learn

    $1958 - $5873
    $1958 - $5873
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    Cryptocurrency "Unify" ([登录来查看链接]) is looking for a developer who would be interested in maintaining our cryptocurrency and doing updates for a coin. Right now we need a switch from PoW to PoS system. We also might need things like updating the wallet design, maybe creating masternodes. You can check the current "Unify"

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    ...usheer.tutor&hl=en 5 What needs to be done: 5A. Install the apps above, go through the user flow 5B. Download the Uber Eats app:[登录来查看链接] 5C. Take note of the Uber Eats Interface. However, ignore the "Location" aspects of the Uber Eats interface. I repeat, do NOT take note of the

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