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    NEED PHP/MySQL DEVELOPER: embed donation form, create MySQL database, store contact info in database

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    I need users to be able to register on my site via Youtube so that they can interact with the live stream chat directly from the site. By embedding live streaming and chat via the embed code I was able to implement live without any problems. The big problem is that, even logging into the site with the @gmail email, the user cannot interact with the chat in any case. I also activated the YouTube API v3 with its Oauth but in any case, once logged in, the chat does not activate. I tried also to use the EmbedPlus PRO plugin. I'm looking for a solution to this problem, perhaps through developer skills, which I don't have. Please provide a proposal to solve this problem. If there is a solution ...

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    Hi, I have one video and its subtitles in different languages. I have the project files available. Need someone available immediately to help me embed the subtitles to the video. Please apply soon.

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    Hi We have a Libre office calc sheet/Excel. And want to draw data from a dynamic website to Excel/Libreoffice Sheet at a particular time, 2400 midnight every night. Automatically. Each and every night on a different row each night........

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to design an embeddable API from my existing platform that can be easily incorporated into any third-party site using an Iframe OR iFrame plus API. The user should be able to use the embedding as a simple embedded iframe or an integrated iframe API. Simple embedded - uses simple code to embed and allows users to directly access the third-party site. iframe embedded api - embeds with simple code but allows users to connect functions like linking contacts and other critical data required to operate the embedded features with their local data via an open API and get a 100% integrated experience within the 3rd party site.  NOTE: this past has been updated.

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    Hi We have a Libre office calc sheet/Excel. And want to draw data from a dynamic website to Excel/Libreoffice Sheet at a particular time, 2400 midnight every night. Automatically. Each and every night on a different row each night. Will pay 5 USD to do this and automate the process. Thanks

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    The project requirement is to embed an existing native iOS application into a flutter application.

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    My application is already live on PlayStore. I've embedded Cashfree payment gateway in it. () It's working fine when I'm installing application from android studio directly. But when I upload it to playstore the Cashfree payment page doesn't open and returns null. If you've payment gateway integration experience then connect with me.

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    I have a div box on my website that has the url in text format of a website, I want to set an iframe to embed the website using the div box text string.

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    We have a requirement that needs to be coded in vb to embed in the already written vb code. Attached is the sample file.

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    Im looking someone to design a Teams background that enhances a message for a presentation. The presentation will be about changing our companies culture to focus on talking to Clients more, finding out more information about what they need and how they buy, we will win more work from them. Im looking for a three word tag line too. Looking possibly using 'Inspire, Embed, Grow' i welcome other ideas My company name is WSP

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    We currently host a website on WIX and need to redesign 5-10 pages on our website. The template for the redesigned page has already been made. It needs to be replicated for 4 additional pages. All this using the WIX editor. We have recently onboarded a SAAS Booking Engine which needs to be integrated onto our site (no coding needed; just embed links and copy/paste HTML code). On the WIX Editor Lastly we need to have the whole website optimised for mobile using the WIX editor itself.

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    we need to create a ios app that just show a url website embed:

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    Withing the Landing page we need the following sections: -Gallery grid with the possibility to add as many artwork images as we need. -Button linked/embed connected to an external selling artwork -US/banner image and text with a clock counting down -Contact form and subscribe- Mailchimp is ok to use. You can use a template within WordPress etc.. withing the job we need the Host, email, WordPress, or similar must be configured by you in our host as we don't have the time to go through it. Looking forward to your application, send us a landing page sample template on WordPress or similar that you think we will fit our needs - Please! Don't apply if you want to go up from the budget listed in the title" DON'T APPLY IF YOU HAVEN'T READ WHAT WE NEED. We don&...

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    I would like to hire someone who can convert an Excel workbook with VBA macros into HTML code. This is so I can later use the generated code to embed the Excel workbook into my existing website.

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    ...a breath, hold and exhale. A podcast section - Youtube links provided, need to be embedded within this section. This playlist is called ‘Meditation for relaxation and stress relief’. A notes section - Called the PostBox, this simple notes section aims to allow users to post their thoughts in a text message-based visual format (no actual connection to off device networks) Youtube playlist to embed - Just first 5 videos Here are a few links with our concept, please keep in mind that this is the first iteration we do not expect to have a consumer-ready end product but instead an initial version with all necessary features.

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    Description of the project We have an existing mini Windows x64 project in Delphi XE6 that uses the TChromium component of CEF4Delphi (CEF4Delphi is an open source project to embed Chromium-based browsers in applications made with Delphi. See more here: ) in order to access the web page of "". We have also a paper (demo) account in "". What we want to do is to be able: 1) to POST some JSON data to a web page of "" (see POST syntax here: ~1iserver~1account~1{accountId}~1orders/post and here: ) 2) Get back the response of this POST request We

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    3 个竞标 publish some articles to promote the society's attention to stray animals. On the other hand, I want to build a local community of stray cats/dogs. Allow users to post adopted cats/dogs, Or look for your lost cats and dogs. Therefore, the website directory is as follows 1. Home 2. About pets 3. Post an adopted cat/dog 4. Post to find missing cats/dogs 5. contact us In the homepage 1, we can embed the sections 2, 3, 4 to display In 2, we can publish some articles through the administrator account In 3, users of our website can post information about adopting cats/dogs by themselves, including uploading photos, pet introduction, adoption requirements, and contact information. Administrator accounts can modify user-published templates by themselves. In 4, users can publis...

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    would like to embed powerbi dashboard on the current our app they have like a "Developer Playground" or <iframe width="1140" height="541.25" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe> and so to avoid having lots of power bi licenses for each user could make embed on web app permission specific because they will still have to sign in but sign in can be same for nonadmin users and page will still be permission specific to web app Looking developer

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    I need a horizontal twitter feed to embed on WordPress website

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    shopify app 已经结束 left

    We have chat software that is embedded into sites pasting our js code We need a simple shopify app to embed our chat js into footer or header liquid template so it shows on companies pages. Our code has a variable to the code that relates to the web address its like this: if the domain is it becomes domaincomau here are some examples: testconz happyorg

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    We need to build around 50 datapages in Caspio, apply our style guide to the Caspio css and embed them on our site; We have already built all of the tables, fields and relationships. We also need to build an integration to save the sites pictures/videos in Amazon rather than storing them on Caspio.

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    site designed in wordpress app builder using elementor i have created custom blog - letter, when user login in dashboard he/she enter blog post from frontend dashboard enter the details 1 tile of post 2 file upload format doc ppt xls pdf 3 content, after submit the form i done in elementor form u choose ur own platform - letter, when user login in dashboard he/she enter blog post from frontend dashboard enter the details 1 tile of post 2 file upload format doc ppt xls pdf 3 content, after submit the form i done in elementor form u choose ur own platform automatically post will published n redirect to post page after that post will visible post title, content, i want file uploded by user it will visible in embed form between title and content it very urgent i req rega...

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    Embed dynamic logo in middle with Qrcode in Codeigniter.

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    ...Woocommerce). Page layout: 1. The ‘About’ and ‘Our Treatment’ pages have a lot of block text. We would like to break up the text by dividing the pages into sections and making it more engaging to read. For example, the 'Our treatment' could be divided into 'sydney-based treatment' and 'outreach program' (with a picture for each) with a visual for costs/rebates ○ We will provide small videos to embed 2. The ‘Our team’ page is currently very long ( ) ○ We would like it to look similar to our other business website ( ) with a grid of pictures of our clinicians. However, when the user clicks on a clinician, we want the URL to change so that there is a different URL for each clinician – to help with SEO. 3. R...

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    Trophy icon T-shirt Design 3 天 left

    UPDATED! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE REQUIREMENTS AS SET BELOW! LOGO Requirements 1. Please use the attached LOGO Requirements picture! 2. Design a creative logo/crest using the phrase “LT_OG SAYS”. Creatively embed either picture of “Army 1” or “Army 2” in the LOGO! 3. The logo should be on BOTH sides of the T-Shirt 4. The logo should also be on the breast/chest AS A CREST! Design Requirements 1. Please PAY ATTENTION to the Phrases. Some are in CAPS, while some are in sentence form! 2. Then create using ONE phrase at a time (from the T-shirt phrases picture) 3. The phrase should be creative font and should be in the middle of the T-shirt. There are 16 phrases in that picture. 4. See picture TS1 as an example! TASK 1: ******Design and submit ...

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    Blog Embed file upload 已经结束 left

    site designed in wordpress app builder using elementor i have created custom blog - letter, when user login in dashboard he/she enter blog post from frontend dashboard enter the details 1 tile of post 2 file upload format doc ppt xls pdf 3 content, after submit the form i done in elementor form u choose ur own platform - letter, when user login in dashboard he/she enter blog post from frontend dashboard enter the details 1 tile of post 2 file upload format doc ppt xls pdf 3 content, after submit the form i done in elementor form u choose ur own platform automatically post will published n redirect to post page after that post will visible post title, content, i want file uploded by user it will visible in embed form between title and content it very urgent i req rega...

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    Hi there, We have a bit of a strange problem with our Elementor and Slider Revolution plugin. I'm attempting to load a video in a modal window when a visitor clicks on a button. This only seems to work when I embed the Slider in to a "text area" using a shortcode instead of the Slider module in Elementor. It works fine if BOTH the slider module and text area versions are on the page, but as soon as I remove either of them so it's just one slider it no longer works. You will need extensive experience using Elementor and Slider Revolution to fix this, I've tried many things but cannot get the model video working with just one element on the page. I will provide a loom recording and screenshots in private for selected freelancers to better understand the...

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    I have a main SaaS website developed in Codeigniter and also have 2 Laravel projects. I would like the 2 x Laravel sites embedded into the CI site to deliver a seamless experience for users. The user experience should make it look like the embedded sites are part of the primary site. Price is the price you quote and timeframe is immediate start and delivery within 5 days.

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    Codeigniter Expert Needed 已经结束 left

    We have work for an experienced CI developer to update an existing module in our ERP system and embed this editor into our existing proposal management module, check, test and add one function of live opens to the existing system. Total job is likely 1-2 days work plus we have other work ongoing if we are happy with the work. We will provide Git access. Preference to immediate start. Kindly quote the price NOT a starting point to negotiate.

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    I need to 10 beutiful HTML + CSS designs that I'll embed in an HTML 5 video player. I'll share the video player details so that you can test and debug that everything works as expected as per the design. Some general instructions: - The code should be responsive so that it looks good in smaller screens but according to the video player's limited area - The code should be well written, documented and easy to understand - You should take care of the design/conceptualization. I will share the content that should be provided for each of the codes. - It should work across browsers so you need to use only options that are supported accross browsers. Examples of content: 1) Code 1: A Title (about 50 characters), and three vertical buttons (rounded). 2) Code 2: A title (ab...

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    I have a site which is fully integrated with The helpdesk ofcleancloud can be https://cleansupport.zendes...problem with Cleancloud api) 2. FAQ and & homepage *toggles for FAQ are not working.* Tried fixing this, it was fixed but we couldnt sign in, so I had to roll back to previous version 3. You *cannot edit account page ()* I was trying to edit the content but I cannot edit it. As soon as I go to edit that site it does not appear anything 4. I was thinking to embed the website inside app since its a wordpress website. I found a free lancer that would do iOS and Android App for this extremely cheap. I can attach to you the requirements on the app and some additional pages Will you be able to do it?

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    Create Wordpress Plugin 已经结束 left

    This is my website Using my addon, people can create forms.. I need a wordpress plugin to embed the form created by my addon, to wordpress pages and popup dialog box... I need a simple plugin, where users can insert a code say XXX.. then the plugin will generate a shortcode that will embed the page.. and also display this page as a popup box

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    We want to build a video hosting site, through the site we can (1- upload the video, 2- upload via a link 3- share the videos via the embed code and others, and extract a download link for the video) Each user can register and subscribe according to the required package We are looking for an experienced programmer at a reasonable price * The programmer is the one who installs the site on the hosting

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    I have a wordpress website at and need a wordpress designer to make some changes on the site as follows: The style of the page is by slides. so i want the following slides: 1. First Slide to remain as it is 2. Second Slide to embed a video (youtube link to be provided). clicking the video will play it in lightbox 3. 3rd Slide - event no. 1 photo album displayed in modern style 4. 4th Slide to 13th Slide - each event we have 10 events 5. last slide - a video again (youtube link to be provided) I want a modern and large image style to be done with the photoalbums specially. Must be modern and mobile friendly. I will choose you only if you read above and show me a sample of something similar you have done. Write the words TK in your bid so that I know you read the above

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    Hello, I need a landing page on If you already have experience, then please bid on this project. Important Notes: - Create Landing Page (2 Pages One main page & Thank you Page) - Add Email Submit from - Embed Videos on the Landing page - Setup click funnel on the landing page so we can get the emails. - Fast Response & deliver by tomorrow. If you read the job description and think you can do this job, then bid on this project with starting word Error; otherwise, your proposal will be ignored. Thanks

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    Dveloper for WP 已经结束 left

    We needa little bit of development with the latest version of VideoJS video player to embed it on WordPress.

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    $312 - $1170
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    Please i have a qliksense server setup on a vps I want to learn how to embed reports on the website so it would any on my token with the user authenticating manually to view report

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    $78 - $234
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    Hi, I have an illustration of a character representing a Bitcoin hero. I need to represent him in a different position. For example like if he is attacking in a battle. I don’t need an elaborate background, maybe I don’t need none. I will use the new illustration to embed it in a website. Style needed is comic. Thanks

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    basic portfolio website 已经结束 left

    I have the basic interface design and requirements ready, however, I need the website by Sunday. Key requirement: should embed twitch into the website. The process must be taught.

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    ...Zoom link: include a hidden field in the student’s profile where the admin can add a unique for the student’s Zoom link. This link, from the student’s account, will open the Zoom URL in a new tab of their browser o A field where the admin will add a date and time for their tutoring session and it can be sync’d with their google calendar - RESOURCES: 3-4 subtabs that embed 3-4 different react.js web apps for their use in class - PERFORMANCE TRACKER PLUG-IN: o the STUDENT CAN view the admins/teacher's entry; they can include their own notes/response in a text box and they can upload their homework to each tutoring session entry; o the PARENT CAN add their own notes...

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    I have WPForm plugin, with google map autocomplete for address. Its working fine, the problem is that the autocomplete is not displayed when I embed the form on a popup. It may be a z-index issue? Need help to fix it asap.

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    I need a CSS developer to write some basic CSS for a PARDOT LAYOUT TEMPLATE. Hopefully, it should be pretty simple. 1. Create CSS for full page background using image provided. 2. Centre content area for form embed. Start content 100px down. Content area should be 70% width of page on desktop. 90% width of page on mobile. I will provide an empty HTML page with the correct CSS links You will need to provide me with the additional CSS code so it can be added to the stylesheet. A page that uses the styles is: BID REQUIREMENTS: Project to be completed: TODAY EXCELLENT ENGLISH SKILLS Previous Pardot experience would be great No Auto bids please, make your bid text is relevant to the project Feedback of 4 stars + Completion rate of 80%+

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    We have an Excel spreadsheet that requires 3 fields inputs (length, width, height) that will produce desired data via calculations in the spreadsheet. Need to embed this into a WordPress web page so that website visitors can enter data into those 3 fields and receive the correct calculations. We also have a simple inches to centimeters converter on this page, as you can see on the screenshot. NOTE: calculations MUST be protected, so embedding may not be possible. A Google sheet could be embedded, but Google says that calculations are not protected. So, unless you know of a way to protect the calculations, a Google sheet may not be used. I have included a screenshot of the spreadsheet so that you can see the fields. They are simple calculations, but the calculations do need to ...

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    I am interested in having a website developed to broadcast my church sermon series. We use as our hosting site for the sermon media (audio, video & pdf) - I would like a stand alone website where we can embed the various sermon series. provides the embed codes for the series so they don't have to be written from scratch. Shouldn't need to be too complicated. Just want people to be able to see the different series available by categories and then be able to click on whatever series they are interested in and access the media. Might be similar to something like a podcasting or vlog web page. An example of a speaker who advertises sermons is to give you a bit of an idea of what I mean. Although this

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    New corporate web site for small business. The page should have introductory and promote about IT Consultacy services. It’ll be better if the page can embed Social Media pages - Yammer, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The services must be hosted in Wordpress, after the handover, a non IT knowledgeable person is able to take it on to manage the contents in the web site.

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    Bsc chart view 已经结束 left

    Hello Guys, I am looking to build a bsc candle stick chart similar ti trade view chart and this poocoin chat that i can embed on my site and customize, it should give transactions history and search box to search for tokens by symbols and contracts address. Im looking for a developer that can help me build this asap, Im also looking to build a presale interphase that allows users to contribute and claim tokens after presale I have other projects in line that i will be completing soon If you are a scammer, pls dont waste my time, you wont get anytbing from here Only serious and goal oriented individuals, theres also a good chance we will keep doing business together

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    Hello. I need one project sample build on laravel 8: After user login, they can go to booking page and submit new booking in popup form with fields : date, name, submit we refresh page to show can update his booking or delete them. I need user specific generated iframe code to embed his page in his existing website and avoid need to login.I mean specific code with encrypted credentials must be include in result, user will be able to manage his booking page without leaving his own website like he is on laravel website page. No need spend time on design, simple bootstrap is ok.

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