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    I need help building an open source geospatial mapping RESTful service. The data is in both raster and vector. The system should be flexible enough that I can add and remove data files into the server.

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    Deep Google research! Spanish or feeling comfortable with google translate chrome plugin is essential! We are looking for geolocation and geospatial data in Mexico. More precisely, we are interested in ALL property and real-estate data available: * high-resolution aerial imagery providers (25 cm/px or better, could be just certain areas). We are not looking for satellite imagery providers * pote...

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    Geospatial Data Porta 已经结束 left

    I need a cloud based geospatial data portal. I want to be able to turn on and off data layers, be able to adjust semi-transparency, and be able to change the order of layers that layers by point-click-drag. I also want to give the user the ability to add data layers manually (geojson, shapefiles, kmo, Rest Services). They should be able to add, edit, or remove spatial data layers (e.g., point...

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    Need someone with experience using MongoEngine ORM, knows hows to write good tests, and has experience using mongomock library and GeoSpatial data in past. It's more of a bug fix project

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    I need help writing API calls to extract geospatial data for a bbox. My bbox is -93.8816,41.49689703827539,-93.59682,41.5838%20%20%20 in the coordinate system EPSG:4326. I want to write api calls to extract spatial and appropriate tabular data for the following REST API’s. [登录来查看链接] (Contours - Small-Scale for continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii, etc) [登录来查看链接] (all small scale labels a...

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    a small R project 已经结束 left

    I need someone who is expert in R and have worked with Geospatial data. It is a small project and may be extended to bigger projects. If you have enough knowledge of R, Please contact me.

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    Geospatial data analysis 已经结束 left

    need an expert urgently who can create generalized linear model and make geospatial data

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    Message me to get feedback about this project.

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    ABOUT US : SPACETRAVEL’s mission is to develop geospatial solutions and innovations to year-round challenges issued by the market needs and strategic industry clients. This will be done through the delivery of solutions, prototypes and the providence of expertise. In addition to the enhancement and development work committed to the English version of the OneMap by GeoWorks, SPACETRAVEL is ...

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    Geospatial mapping work 已经结束 left

    I am looking for candidates to analyze real estate locations using mapping websites. Tasks would include, finding the location using regular web search, drawing the footprint of the building, and finally candidates will have to analyze images of the location and infer building characteristics. Candidates will use our proprietary tools to analyze these locations. Ideal candidate will be adept at us...

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    I would like to develop a point-of-sale (POS) app for web & mobile platforms for restaurants. The data is stored in a cloud service that is accessible through a dashboard with a geospatial map showing the POS location with performance indicators (sales, # of customers, delivery trips, food supply chain, etc). The dashboard is updated in real-time. The app shall be expandable to capture the fut...

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    I need to build a plot. I will give you a dataset “A” (tidy) with data and another dataset “B” of geospatial data. They have the same field to match. 
I have already the jupiter notebook with all loaded. I have already plot the MAP. GOAL: use a field in the dataset A to plot the result on the map of the dataset B. I hope to be clear. Many thanks.

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    I wanted to build Artificial Intelligence remote control geospatial network access with the help of building in Machine Learning Models.

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    Thesis of GIS master 已经结束 left

    Here the proposal of my thesis but I don’t understand it Can any one help me to simplify what should I do? And how do I start working on it ? I need someone who has an experience in Geospatial information Science (GIS) and I want an Arbic explanation

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    I'm trying to modify some api's to style maps and read and view maps. Here are some examples: [登录来查看链接],41.55148402515417,-93.76690350169676,41.54306905212648&bboxSR=4326&size=&imageSR=&time=&format=jpgpng&pixelType=UNKNOWN&noData=&noDataInterpretation=esriNoDataMatchAny&interpolation=+RSP_BilinearInterpolation&compression=&compressionQuality...

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    ingest the data on XL sheet to Geomesa using Apache NIFI and visualise the data using Zeppeline.

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    Creating geospatial data / Lab 04/arcgis

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    Creating geospatial data / Lab 04

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    Hi, We need to get our company's profile designed. We would prefer someone who has worked/created profiles for companies specializing in GIS/Geospatial. Pages : 4-7 (approx) Project timeline : 5 days from the date project is allotted

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    I'd like to have possibility to capture GIS vector data in web browser (without any plugins). Vector data should be stored in PostGIS server. I need only polygon data with three attributes. The web application have to have tools (represented as Icon): enter geometric data (to draw polygon) delete data (do delete geometry with attributes), edit attributes (to set attribute values: angle 1 (set...

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    Could you create video courses on following topics. Resolution should be HD quality. Video should be divided into appropriate sections like introduction, use cases, pre-requisites and code walkthrough. Total video length must be at least 20 min. Each section must not be longer than 10-15 min. Here are topics that I have in mind. Developing websites with bootstrap Modern React.js Vue.js D3 Azure...

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    Website Wireframe 已经结束 left

    I need a wireframe for a website with search functionality. The website will show home models from different builders that match search criteria such as size ([登录来查看链接]), location (geospatial capabilities), number of bedrooms, etc. The website will use API to pull data from multiple websites and organize/standardize the information. For this wireframe project, the developer will provide generic ...

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    developer/build engineer We are looking to fill a developer/build engineer to migrate multiple existing VS 2013 solutions containing both C++ and C# code to VS 2017/2019. In addition, we need to create an automated build process for these solutions through Azure Dev Ops. Tasks involved will include, but not be limited to: • Upgrading C++ toolset and libraries and fixing associat...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it. I need a website that can pull product information (including pictures) from multiple websites in real time and display this information in an easy to read format that adjust to all screen sizes. This website will have the ability to filter results based on user preferences. Users may select up to 5 or more filters. It will require informa...

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    Small Geospatial Analysis 已经结束 left

    An localized aquaculture operation, challenged with introducing a new product to a market of skeptical buyers. After surviving our first year, we are looking to direct market in upcoming weeks. But, we need to focus on customers with the greatest likelihood and ability to be interested in our products. Requirement: Analyze the 100 mile radius around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 1. Collect Priva...

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    Willing to work in Charlottesville Va office, competitive Salary, equity potential - will share project details after interview. Full Stack Lead Developer | Job Description We are looking for a talented, motivated and highly skilled computer programmer who is comfortable with both front and back end programming. This will be a hands-on, leadership position as a Full Stack Developer; you will b...

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    Are you a talented developer who is looking for a new challenge? In this role, you will work closely with a team of dynamic and passionate engineers and scientists across diverse technologies. You will design and implement software to work with CAD. Responsibilities: Design and implement functionality for Designing automation & optimization Develop desktop solutions using .NET, WPF, and C#, ...

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    3D volume calculation 已经结束 left

    This proposal is focused on methods of 3D object volume calculation from large point clouds. The work deals with filtering, creating triangular meshes, dectecting region of interest (ROIs) and finally with the volume calculation. The data source is from a ranging (LiDAR) sensor mounted on a machine. Processing large-scale geospatial data, especially point clouds, can be very computational and time...

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    Public Geospatial API's 已经结束 left

    I would like some help learning how to use various Public (and perhaps private) geospatil API's. For example, I need help access USGS FEMA flood, US Census Data, NRCS Soils data, EPA data., transportation data, weather data, satellite data (Landsat, Sentinel), I am also interested in accessing global datasets as well. If you know about data I have not mentioned, please suggest. I will...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. must have web mapping knowledge and d3.js and lots of CREATIVITY.

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    Build a Geospatial Portal 已经结束 left

    I'm interested in hiring someone to design and architect an enterprise scale spatial data web portal either using ESRI or open source technologies.

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    I have some kind of geospatial information system (built using PHP, Codeigniter, postgre, leaflet) and I need a web developer to add a function to simplify vertex using [登录来查看链接]

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    Develop Spotfire based geospatial program to grade sections based on a variety of factors including proximity, and available drilling slots

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    Hello Folks, We are looking for Functional Tiny Project of Choropleth Mapping with Multiple Visuals with Categories. So we are decided to work on quick Presentable and easy to manage Technology like [登录来查看链接]! Requirement: 1) Easy to Upload: CSV & Geojson (In format of Button) 2) Dynamic Choropleth using POI database 3) Legend & Label as in Database 4) Multiple predefined categories like...

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    This is an initial project to pull data from multiple ArcGIS Rest API servers from multiple municipalities. There is very good potential for this project to expand into long-term work. If the project is successful, we will look to add 100 more server APIs to this program and the Upwork contractor would be the go-to vendor list for other data automation, aggregation work in the future including th...

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    When picking a real estate agent to sell or lease a property, most owners engage an agent based on an established relationship or go with the agent that promises the highest price. More often than not, this selection process is detrimental to the lender and mortgagor in optimising the sales/leasing result for a property. Unlike applying for a loan, there is no formula or set of established accepta...

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    Data Science 已经结束 left

    Looking for a Machine Learning and Data Scientist for part or full-time role. Strong experience in the following: - experience developing algorithms around large datasets - statistical analysis - python skills - preferred math background any experience in the following a plus: - GraphDB - mongoDB - machine learning - geospatial data - Google Cloud Platform

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    Summary of Project: Come up with a system to display the attached sample geospatial data onto a mapping solution other than Fusion Tables with different colours for categories of property. What I would expect as deliverables: * the chosen mapping solution * an description of how to transform the data into a useable format (if required) — I can automate nearly any manual process * a screens...

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    I require a set of shape files to be processed in a database with spatial data processing capabilities in order to understand the relationships between each of the internal boundaries. Please see attached spec document for more details and an example. We will provide 3 .zip shape files but one of them is too large to upload on freelancer (221Mb).

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    automate dataflow of geospatial data using apache nifi and extract basic statistics from the data by creating a processor in Apache Nifi

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    Apache Nifi 已经结束 left

    automate the dataflow for geospatial data using apache nifi..extract basic statistics from the dat..create a processor to automate geospatial data

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    Apache nifi 已经结束 left

    automate dataflow of geospatial data using apache nifi. customise processors to automate the data.

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    I'm trying to use the web Soil Data Access website API's to download geospatial data.

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    Shared car location 已经结束 left

    In order for the service to be reliable, AutoTel has to make sure that supply and demand are geospatially balanced, meaning cars are where and when they are needed. This task is extremely difficult since cars are driven and parked by customers who are not aligned at all with this optimization task. For the most part, the distribution of cars is uncorrelated with the demand: one reason is that if a...

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    Data Science and Big Data Analysis Phd research paper. Research paper 1800 words and above and 8 slides of PPT. Example : In order for the service to be reliable, AutoTel has to make sure that supply and demand are geospatially balanced, meaning cars are where and when they are needed. This task is extremely difficult since cars are driven and parked by customers who are not aligned at all with th...

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    I have some data. I need to show them on them map of a city and then show nearly 500 dots on the map. in other words, I need to show nearly 500 dots on the map of a city and connect them together. an example is shown in the attached photo

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    I'm looking for one or multiple people to write product guides for a website. The content must be original. I want comparisons of different products. Everything should be referenced with citations. If you write a particular page, you will be listed as the author.

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