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    There are around 1500 00 – 200000 words that you are supposed to type. You’ll be given PDF file. Neither text can be copied nor can it be converted to MS Word file. Terms of Work ------------------- No spelling mistakes... Only error free content will be accepted.. Need content exactly what is written in PDF Budget = $1 for complete 1 page /300 words (Please dont bid if yo...

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    Google Adwords specialist 已经结束 left

    Hi, I already have a website and trying to make some ads on google and Facebook but without much success. I need a specialist that knows how to set up a google adwords campaign in the right way to get as much customers as I can. Thanks in advance

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    I want to be able to determine email addresses that are hosted on gmail/google. Figuring out if the user is on Gmail is usually easy – the Email ends with But what happens for all of those Google Apps for Your domain personalized emails. (example this email, sales (at) [登录来查看链接] is hosted on google). This can easily be detected by running a DNS query on the MX record. I ...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. Software developed in OpenCV that will take live video footage and complete image processing of roadways to determine markings locations and then compute distances and error corrections to control equipment. Full specification and requirements are documented and available including v...

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    Requerimos la actualización de nuestro sitio web a Joomla 3 y Virtuemar 3, actualmente tiene las versiones Joomla 2.5.28 y Virtuemart 2.6.6 funcionando al 100% sin error.<br /><br />Menciono que tengo actualmente una plantilla que puede ver en :<br />[登录来查看链接]<br /><br />Evidentemente la plantilla tiene que seguir funcionando al 100% con sus mismas funciones o ...

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    Your responsibilities: - Collaborate with team members to develop primary keywords and ad audience targets - Create multiple campaigns and manage traffic, customer acquisition and conversion through the channel - Optimize existing campaigns by revising ad copy and format, audience, keywords and landing pages - Create and present reports covering analytics and campaign performance - Collabor...

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    The app must behave as a simplified version of Google Play Books for visually impaired people. It must access the books in “My library”, allow the selection of the book to read, and read it aloud. The application must allow turning the page forward and backwards, stop reading and going out of the application. When coming in again, the app must continue in the last paragraph. The app mu...

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    [登录来查看链接] label extension (can turn any images, otherwise there is an error) screenshoot 01 [登录来查看链接] status color: -If the product is not in stock, the text should be in red -with discounted products does not indicate the stock status (here must also indicate the stock status stand 3. visitor counter always remains at 1 even when there are more visitors.( screenshoot 03) 4. I install...

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    Fix error 500 and 503 已经结束 left

    Hi all freelancers, My website constantly goes down. I am getting 500 and 503 errors. The hosting company is GoDaddy and giving me the following error also: "You're at your resource limits. Visitors might have trouble accessing your site." I have purchased extra Memory (2048 KB) and I/O (2048 KB/s) but had no luck, Need someone who is confident doing this and need it to be done qu...

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    install and setup google page speed mod in my VPS no beginner,no test,no training and make sure u total understand my project use teamviewer done my project [登录来查看链接] my vps requirements can install google page speed mod or not [登录来查看链接] google page speed mod on my vps and make it working] [登录来查看链接] Apache and php optimization,disable all useless function(my website is video tube script)...

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    I need help in sending iso code 3 country listing instead of country name to Anyone with expertise. Please help

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    I need a PHP function coded to get high quality image from google search by keyword. The function is when you input keyword, it should give results of high quality image. Image should be saved to folder. Need this function very urgent in short time. Note: I already have the code and it needs to be corrected to make sure that it gives me High Quality images. The code will be used in a mobile app...

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    Updated my Wordpress and after that I am getting server error. [登录来查看链接] Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be a...

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    I am having problems sending or receiving emails (it was working before) I have a server with centos with zimbra as email server, also this server have plesk installed Testing emails in [登录来查看链接] there is an error "Relay access denied" If I send an email to any hosted there I am getting a replies like "This message hasn't been delivered yet. Delivery will continue to be a...

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    Looking for experts who can rank in 3 pack. If you can please provide sample work and lets discuss in more detail

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    Write some Software 已经结束 left

    Develop an application to track the work done by different team of people supervised by a supervisor. Its basically related to a servicing of a system and equipments based on routine/ usage hour basis / calendar basis (all these has to be forecast for each type of servicing based on the component life etc and notifications should pop for the same when due ) . Currently the entries are made in a fo...

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    I have a local page for ranking.. my keyword is "littleton chiropractor" . My website is ranking in google web search result. But i need to rank in Google Place. Budget is tight ($50) and you must ranking my page in top 3. Write "Google" in your offer letter, otherwise your application will be rejected. Thanks

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    Hi, I woke up today and my website was having issues loading, sometimes it would 100% load other times only partially. I checked the JS logs and was getting some strange timeouts. I have no idea if this is AWS related or not, possible EC2 timeout killing idle connections? Some erros I am getting: WebSocket connection to 'wss://[登录来查看链接]' failed: Error in connection establishment...

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    PHP function to get high quality image from google search by keyword. function to take input keyword and gives result of image Image should be saved to folder. Need this function very urgent in short time.

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    Edit Something 已经结束 left

    edit grammar error less than 2000 words citation format bliography ( chicago ) see is it correct anot file will be sending to you

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    We currently have 1 OBJ created in Zbrush that's giving the error of "Convex Hull has more than 255 polygons" and is falling through our scene—we need the OBJ adjusted, then exported as an OBJ, along with a normal map and cavity map as PNGS.

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    Objective Formulate a team based on your system level view. Make sure one or two engineers are the Compliance and Quality engineer for the code. The role of the compliance engineer is to make sure the code submitted is compliant to our standards, performs most of the comments (learns the code and design), and develops/executes the validation test plan. Create two subsystems, where each subsyst...

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    the requirements are: 1) Removal of drift in head tracking 2) locking the vertical motion and the neck tilt motion. A person should be able to move only horizontally 3) On user neck tilt and return , camera should recenter to 0,0,0

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    Write some Software 已经结束 left

    Write a VB subroutine that will run in a Visual Studio 2013 Windows Form Application that scrapes the current temperature data from the following three websites: 1) [登录来查看链接] 2) [登录来查看链接]:4:US 3) [登录来查看链接] No UI work necessary, this is replacing outdated code in an existing application that performed a similar function. Should use the WebResponse Class and a regular expression and sim...

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    Build a CrossWord Generator with ability to fill online and export as pdf

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    working circuit designed 已经结束 left

    a circuit diagram for a push switch to power an 12vdc to 240vac invertor which will power a 240vac motor to startup a generator, when generator is powering 240vac, push button and invertor become disconected from the circuit, to start with, adjustmeents maybe needed

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    I want a circuit design with diagrams, describing and calculations. As im using tesla generator for my project and i want to expand that in further details. I want a product that will charge a phone wireless. i will attach my current dissertation in the content page there is few things highlighted in yellow that needs to be done. Harvard referencing with also image referencing

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    I have the attached google sketchup files and I need someone to do the photo matching to the buildings to make a model suitable for a presentation. I need the files within 1-2 days.

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    Create plesk package file 已经结束 left

    Create a plesk package of latest YOURLS version. sample based on yourls 1.5: [登录来查看链接] the latest yourls sources can be found here: [登录来查看链接] ensure following: - the package scripts use the new filenames and paths of yourls. - the package is able to handle a upgrade of an existing yourls installation - the package is able to install a fresh yourls installation

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    Hello , everyone cs-cart experts we have working on our e commerce website platforms is cs-cart multi vendor 4.3.6 we want to some work for it here the details with snapshots 1) hide some future from product add page in vendor panel : for this please see attachment file [files name cs1 , cs2 , cs3 & cs4 with red box ] we want to hide these option from vendor add product page No...

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    I have a website based on php and smarty. I would like to implement google autocomplete on the signup forms such as [登录来查看链接] I would like to see an example of a similar task you have completed.

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    We are testing the Seattle Clouds app development platform and are looking for a resource familiar with this process. It is an online toolkit used to allow for the creation of native iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and Mobile Web apps without the need for coding. We expect that for a typical project, we will provide an overview of menu items, access to content and feed URLs, color scheme and desig...

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    android app with google map for creating marker and storing data and photos on server. Replica of my website. See attached document for understanding For same Php service also need to develop for storing data on server. Developer has to deliver all code files on completion.

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    standard structure to view error Im not that familiar with my sql and it's taking me a long time to rectify. I am updating client's site and used wp clean optimizer to clean the database then when I am importing the database to the live site, I got that error. must finish within 2-3 hours.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my blog. Build a news website and get it approved by google news.

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    I'm getting an "HTTP error" when I try to upload images to 3 separate wordpress installations that are hosted on one [登录来查看链接] server. It happens with all image types and it seems to be intermittent. I've tried disabling plugins and managed to get an image to upload a couple of times, but then it breaks again. It's really intermittent. The 3 installs are: [登录来查看链接]...

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    I want you to develop new native Redeem Reward iOS & Android App with Backend. App: Redeem app (Reward app) Platform: iOS & Android Style: Portrait for iPhone + iPad + Smartphone + Tablet Language: Thai (I have translate in Excel file) Who use: App: User = Company customers | Backend: Company admin Main Function 1. One time login 2. User can login on any devices. If each ...

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    Find error in blog 已经结束 left

    a Problem in my blog [登录来查看链接] I'm unable to find it and want to fix it.

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    I've an wordpress blog but there is and error while loading front page. I want to solve that error.

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    Proyek yang harus di selesaikan dengan spesifikasi berikut : 1. program harus utuh tanpa error, dan lisensi diserahkan sepenuhnya kepada client 2. Program menceritakan hal hal konyol yang sering dilakukan di jalan raya yang bisa mengakibatkan kematian 3. program berupa simulasi berkendara, dimana ketika user memilih pilihan salah (melanggar aturan lalu lintas) akan mengakibatkan kecelakaan 4. ...

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    Web scraping script 已经结束 left

    I need a web scraping bot script made for my directory site to scrape other directory sites combine & populate profile listings, reviews and ratings for my directory. Stealth capability for no tracking. Will need several methods used to change our outgoing IP. Spoof the User agent by making a list of user agents and pick a random one for each request. Detection of honeypots for no foll...

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    $5815 - $11629
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    Installation and configuration of Pavotheme Beeshop to opencart website, Installation and configuration of various extentsions and modules like ebay store, Facebook store, water mark etc to open cart. You must have done this before before bidding on it. If you bid, I may request for sample work. If you do not have a sample work to show, please do not bid. You must be able to complete it within ...

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    [登录来查看链接] This page has list of condos ( Societies) When we click on read more for any condo(Society), It opens new page with big picture and full description of that condo ( Society) Below that all information comes from IDX plugin. IDX is showing information only related to that condo ( Society). It is showing all apartments that are available for sale in that condo only. Now, when we click...

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    Hi, We have a requirement for editing Opensource PHP application Osticket to suite our Organization needs. You can know more about the application @[登录来查看链接] We want the following changes to the application. Please study them and come up with your best possible effort estimate 1. OS ticket allows only reply option for tickets. A new option is required to forward the ticket to some emai...

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    Write some Software 已经结束 left

    I take care of a site for a friend that has developed an error on one of the pages. I am not a PHP person, so I need someone to figuring out what is up and fix it? The website is [登录来查看链接] The problem only exist on the "[登录来查看链接]" page so far. The others work fine. Thank you in advance Mike

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    --------- ESPAÑOL ----------- Este e-commerce funcionaba con normalidad hasta que se le hicieron algunos cambios en algunos archivos de la plantilla (css y unos php's como [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]). Estos cambios hicieron que las imágenes de los productos y el botón de Añadir al carro no aparezcan. No sabemos exactamente que pudo pasar. Esto fue lo que ya intentam...

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    prestashop customization layout and installation of 30 products

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    I have attached a screenshot of what I need on the CSS end. I am installing a custom logo on the wordpress admin bar but it is forcing it to be 16 X 16 and I need it 194 X 40. Please tell me the CSS I need. Also, I want to add a warning message to all the admin pages of on particular plugin. Here is what I have so far: global $pagenow; if ( $pagenow == '[登录来查看链接]' ) : function ...

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    Hello I Need help in Google Forms, please check attachment

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    URGENT error php-mcrypt 已经结束 left

    i cannot install prestashop throught my pannel couse i havent this php-mcrypt need to fix from my plask panel

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