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    Build a gps application 已经结束 left

    Need a gps application built where users can see friends on road, kind of like uber.

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    120 个竞标 even when the app is closed if slider is activated before • Assignment of the device based on the mobile phone number in a webmask with management options • Output of GPS data in map • Language: English • Automatic position transmission / message when certain coordinates are reached • Retrieval of the current location via the Internet or App

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    Desarrollo Gps 已经结束 left

    Somos una empresa de transporte de carga y necesitamos una plataforma de GPS y un sistema de control para mejorar el servicio

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    We are seeking services to develop social research surveys app to capture data of our beneficiaries regarding agriculture, livestock, non-timber forest produce, skill based enterprise and vocational skills

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    APP tracking for users via mobile application and also hardware tracking, Geo fencing, Wifi tracking, Bluetooth tracking

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    Need a Designer to Change design of Gps Traccar server you have to create super admin, admin and user panel where superadmin can add new admin and admin can add devices and user can see thier device only

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    GPS tracking 已经结束 left

    want to purchase ur GPS tracking application

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    Electronics engineer with GPS experience needed

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    HTML5 Responsive GPS Tracking dashboard to offer cloud based GPS APP

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    Need to develop offline GPS Navigation application (simple app), work with smart devices: phone or tablet. Same as Garmin, Mio,..etc . devices but with much less functionalities. and simple interface. Road network is available and built using ArcGIS Network Analyst extension. API configurations with other maps(ex: google map) is not required.

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    I need an excel sheet to be able convert some series of numbers eg. N 11° 37′ 449′ E 008° 27' 868" into real GPS coordinates and also plot google maps. please if you have no experience in this, do not bid

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    GPS tracker 已经结束 left

    Hi, I am looking for GPS Mobile tracking(not external GPS device related) android and mobile app. I am planning to track agents using his mobile GPS [登录来查看链接] app should be able to track all agents. when i click particular agent , i can able to see movement and where currently he is with exact location and more. I need report like source and destination

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    I need an excel sheet to be able convert some series of numbers eg. N 11° 37′ 449′ E 008° 27' 868" into real GPS coordinates and also plot google maps. please if you have no experience in this, do not bid

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    gps editing work 已经结束 left

    I want to get a gps map edited.

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    GPS Tracking Software 已经结束 left

    ...a vehicle tracking software with harsh breaking and harsh acceleration as one of the features along with other features. Taxi app, open source software will not be entertained, need full access to source code which is already custom built and ready to use. Tracking using device is a must, understand GPRS protocol data for web application. Proposals

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    Electronics engineer with GPS experience needed

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    GPS TOUR APP 已经结束 left

    We want to have a GPS based software that we can place on a tablet in our vehicles and can direct tourists around our city. The software must: 1. lead from point to point using a visual map and audio directions. 2. upon reaching certain geolocations the software must play a diferent audiofiles. It will be the same app as used by the following company:

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    app gps agro 已经结束 left

    Desarrollo de una app para android para el monitoreo y autocoduccion gps con señales de antena RTK L1/L2 Este es un ejemplo [登录来查看链接] Que entregue reportes por mail y que se pueda ver desde iphone y android

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    using gps protocol save all gps related data like fuel, speed, ignition off etc., to mysql database

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    Example... Similar to this...

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    ...looking for a web based real time vehicle tracking software system to be used with generic and popular GPS/GSM/GPRS based tracking devices. We intend to have a GPS tracking/fleet management software for our vehicles. If you already have done much of the software is very helpful with the times. Application Requirements: (PHP, MySQL Server) or (.NET

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    Hi, I have an Android App where User Location and GPS Service handling is implemented. There is a prio for User Location handling like: 1) GPS/NETWORK 2) User´s saved RESIDENCE 3) Manual Input For this a proper logic is implemented checking for APP and LOCATION ACCESS permission. Also a "refresh" logic is available considering scenarios like e.g

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    I need an excellent flask developer who have experience with GPS for my company. Our company is a big IT company. To join out company, please submit here. If you pass the simple test, we`ll work with you. Welcome..

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    ...firmware have to be update or change The tracker use a sim900 + gps module and WIFI module , and works whit a 3,7v battery The tracker send GPS-CELL-WIFI data via HTTP/mqtt I Need a live web tracking platform login for various user The web tracking map have to show live position GPS satellites and CELL triangulation and WIFI web interface must have

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    Electronic engineer with experience in GPS tracking needed - ONLY FROM INDIA.

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    Electronic engineer with experience in GPS tracking needed - ONLY FROM INDIA.

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    Please, answer ONLY 1) if you have read what is asked 2) understood what is required 3) are able to do the work The application: A user has a smatphone and want to know if everything in the house is working well. Via its smartphone the user questions the accessories which are in its house. In the house there is a computer and a GSM transmitter-receiver

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    Gps tracker + live web tracking platform login for various user The web tracking map have to show GPS satellites and CELL triangulation and WIFI data in the web page, PCB design The tracker send GPS-CELL-WIFI data via HTTP/Gprs connection to a server/web page And from web interface must have 2 button to turn ON and OFF a radiofrequency beacon in the

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    We would like to find an existing GPS tracking website / platform we can brand with our company name to track our products. We have the GPS module.......but do not have the website to track.

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    You will have to give me the position of my phone and send it to my phone via SMS using arduino. Or else with Raspberry Pi. You will also have to do data entry, and fill...arduino. Or else with Raspberry Pi. You will also have to do data entry, and fill in Microsoft Word a report containing Microsoft Excel Tables that contain Past positions of my GPS.

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    ...móvil a partir de una versión ya existente de escritorio creada en laravel y un diseño en sketch . La applicación es un visualizador de datos recibidos de dispositivos tracker GPS REQUERIMIENTOS: - Se requiere full-stack freelancer , no equipos de trabajo, empresas o subcotratadores. - Para simplificar la comunicación con el equipo se requiere habl...

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    Hi, we purchased gps device from china, is it possible to integrate this device and save address details in MySQL database every 5 seconds

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    more detail in chat.. Looking for expert.

    $170 - $1416
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    Requirements 1) I need a gps tracker and the location should be sent to website 2) that should work in forest and hilly areas where their is no network 3) mesh based networking is not needed because that will need huge amount to setup network. If even mesh base is acceptable if it's easy to implement and cost effective and also please don't come

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    I'm a personal motocross trainer with over 10years experience I want to make an APP for Iphone and Android with an external GPS to aid in training for racing cars bikes and karts. It needs to show different sections and track maps to help the driver/rider to better understand how they went faster and where.

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    ...sferiche sulla mappa. Si tratta di 12 percorsi lunghi circa 3km ciascuno. Ogni percorso contiene circa 10 panoramiche. Ora ho necessità di inserire in ogni percorso la funzione GPS, in modo da mostrare all'utente in quale punto del percorso si trova mentre si muove fisicamente sul territorio. Qui un link di esempio di percorso demo realizzato con panotour

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    Gps gprs data analizing 已经结束 left

    we are looking for a programmer to collaborate whit us to envole a software able to analize cellular data in a local web..

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    Only GPS/Maps Experts (not genral apps) Ure android phone, should detect when u are 1km of and address (area of a place). Also when u are at 100 meters, and when u are in the place. ([登录来查看链接] Like especify when u are in and out the ). When u are close, use lower use of battery (not drain it),

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    Sistema GPS 已经结束 left

    estamos buscando un sistema ara agregar rastreo de gps, un sistema con panel de control para agregar cuentas a diferentes clientes. y cada cliente pueda monitorear sus recorridos, y también ver sus historial de recorrido ect.

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    gps/gnss nano device 已经结束 left

    Looking for designer for a nano gps/gnss internal antenna device that can sync with a monitory system and mobile app.

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    We want to know whether or not it's possible to have an app developed, ready to support full GPS-functionality and mobile payment option. Furthermore, the pricerange for a development as described is needed. Thank you in advance for your offers.

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    Via its smartphone a user questions the accessories which are in its house. In the house there is a computer and a receiver GSM. The communication between the smartphone and the house is made via this GSM which sends and receives SMS. The computer questions peripherals, and sends back the desired data. The smartphone read SMS and shows datas

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    Our company decided to develop car dashboard system using raspberry like car gps tracker, front vechile speed and distance Analytics, fuel controling and also auto braking system. Note :The developer must have raspberry pi Gopi pin knowledge very well.

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    Need a pcba design; 2x canbus (tja10xx??) GPS module (offer price/performance product) GSM module (offer price/performance product) MCU (s32k or stm32 series) input power supply is 12V (6-36V is good) Offer good prices and show your references

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    ...Importante en Monterrey! Agente de Ventas para comercialización de sistema de sellado electrónico (PEMEX) y bitácora electrónica (Transfer para clientes Fronterizos), telemetria de GPS y soluciones de comunicaciones asi como la lectura y envio de informacion proporcionada por sensores de cualquier nivel. Internacionalmente para abrir area de ventas en Estado...

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    I need a GPS vehicle tracking system. Web platform and app. Example [登录来查看链接] user:demo pass:123456. Principal functions Live tracking Cut fuel replay Geofence Reports admin I'm use device autoleaders 900c and concox GT06N. I currently use this platform [登录来查看链接] , but I do not like using flash. Check user:demo pass:demo

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    I want to fake GPS so that i can access different location using wechat feature "People Nearby"

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    gps tracking system 已经结束 left

    We are selling GPS devices so we need application for user and administrator. Administrator can have integrate device in server so user can track his vehicle from any place using android app or web platform.

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    To design a gps location tracker using simcom 868. Also need to learn programming with simcom 868.

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