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    Hi, I am in need for a logo designer, i have several ideas on how it should look like but dont have the artistic skills to make one that i am satisfied of on my own. Therefor i am looking for sombody that will design both a logo as a website banner in flash/Swish for me. The name is Giwa which means elephant. So i am looking for something that

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    Require Graphic concept design options for website [登录来查看链接] Concept design should be as follows and will feature up to 3 iterations. Further work may follow for successful designer. 1) Fit 800x600 screen 2) Re-designed logo Click4support 3) Feature royalty free image of 1 Call centre staff memeber plus image of modern Desktop

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    ...Unforseen reasons, our last designer was unable to finish the project. We are opening this project again. This project is open to all capable designers, however, the Following desiners, in no particular order, were the next top pics. pinky maximbiz creativewayz Seeking Designer skilled in: Art Flash Logo Design I am curretly developing

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    Looking for a good graphic designer / web designer This is a static website for a community of Christian business people. The design must be professional, but friendly and not too "glossy". There is an existing logo, which must be the basis for the site design. Otherwise I am looking for someone who can develop the look of the site....

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    ...website. While I am still searching for the designer for the webpage, we are looking for someone to design a unique short(15-30sec) flash presentation to be displayed on the webpage while the site is being developed (basically a place holder, or a "comming soon" presentation). This can either be a flash presentation, or an acceptable still-pic...

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    I am looking to create a rating site on the order of "[登录来查看链接]" or "[登录来查看链接]". I currently own a copy of [登录来查看链接]'s rating site software (PHP based) for which I would like to find a PHP programmer and/or graphic designer to simply customize the exiting software if needed. This is the course of action I would prefer. Customization will

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    We are looking for a designer that can design our company logo and business cards. Our company 2Provide Mobile Solutions specialises in the development of applications for the mobile services sector. Please send some links where we can look at some of your previous work. If we like what you have done with the logo and business card we would also like

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    Logo required for [登录来查看链接] the site is just about finished but the designer is lacking inspiration for a logo to fit in the space at the top. Logo should be in keeping with the present colour scheme and design. All bidders will need to show examples of their previous design work. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s...

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    Seeking Graphics design (including logo) of 3 websites. The basic layout of the page has already been defined. The work, therefore, will essentially be developing a logo, colour scheme, adding header, then replacing the present existing poor graphics. These sites are designed to be Search Engine friendly and so some SEO-specific rules will be

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    We are looking for a graphic designer that can edit our existing two fold brochures and posters. Turn around time is critical. The poster job will entail replacing our logo, adding new images and replacing the text. The brochure job will entail adding new images, resizing and repositioning current layout and adding several new programs to the brochure

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    I need a PHP site with a MySQL backend website. I am a designer and will do all the design so I just need the thing coded and to work the way I need it to. The site will have the following links and hence, the same number of sections. Descriptions of each section follows the link title: Home: This page will just blank - I can update and change

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    Hi Flash Designers, I'm developing a site called "[登录来查看链接]", and I want a Flash Banner with a simple animated logo place on the top of my site. I want help from experienced Graphic and Flash designer that can help me to develop a logo in cartoon style. The site isn't done yet, but please have a look on <[登录来查看链接]~cg...

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    We require a graphic designer to create TWO high quality software box images. We REGULARLY create our own (such as those at [[登录来查看链接]][1] or [[登录来查看链接]][2]) however require a design to create two VERY good quality images as so: 1) Image for an UNDELETE product: this is a tool that will allow the user to recover lost

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    I require a logo for an online Wine store called "World of Wine". I would like as deliverables: 1) a small logo for business cards & smaller applications 2) a larger version of the logo for website and larger applications 3) a letterhead banner with the logo at the left and "World Of Wine" to the right. ...

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    ...out site for a preschool in Maine. Share information on the history of school, their location, pictures of classrooms and the facility/staff. Design should compliment their logo and hopefully would use a playful yet professional theme. Pictures from the preschool, the preschools logo as well as content will be provided for the designer. The complet...

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    ...artistic, 1 consumer support). The bid of 500.00 is a budgeted bid to span across our immediate needs for all websites, but mainly for singlesdiary.com. If the coder/designer is indifferent to the bid we are open to what they feel would be a reasonable bid (low or higher) for the work done. We really want a dynamic look, plus be able to implement new ideas

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    I've a company for selling computer hardware. The name of the company is "zero one", according to the binary system in computer science. I need a very capable designer who can design a logo that expresses about this name in good shape, idea and colors. The logo should be graphical only, no text on it at all. Desginers who in...

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    We are looking for a **OUTSTANDING** graphics designer who is AMAZING in creating corporate logos for both WEB and PRINT. We are a startup e-biz reselling products. Our mission is: **"Enriching your life by providing valuable products and services!" **Our target market are young couples (20s to 30s) with pre-children to children up to the ages

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    My project is very simple. I need 4 very stylish and different slide template backgrounds which incorporate my corporate colors and very creative uses of my logo or elements of my logo. That's it. I need top quality designers. Here are the details: 1. You are NOT designing this in PPT or any Powerpoint format. They are to be simple backgrounds

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    I need a logo designed that incorporates the Macintosh, connectivity & PDAs. It should be produced in both a vector format such as Adobe Illustrator and in a bitmap format (such as JPG or TIFF). Please provide samples of your previous work (with your watermark for security reasons). If I find a graphic designer I can depend on, I will have many more

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    ...template auctions.** * Due to the volume of bids we receive, we are asking **anyone interested to produce one template based on the details of this auction. Please then submit a watermarked screenshot of that template for us to evaluate your work.** If we like your template, we will purchase it at the price you bid and immediately order more templates

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    I am looking for a web designer to design and create two very professional looking corporate presesce websites. One site will be for a law firm and the other for an accounting firm. Each website will contain no more than 8 pages. The contents of both websites will be provided after a successfull bid. I want consistency in the appearance of the pages(colors

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    ...require the design of two logos. The first logo will be a corporate logo for a software company. The second logo will be logo for our new e-commerce software. Both designs should be clean and original. Both logos will be on our corporate web site and product packaging. Upon acceptance of an acceptable bid, we will provide the designer wi...

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    Required a web designer to design a template and a couple of logos for my current site. Would like to new logo and Banner design as well. Please look at current site [[登录来查看链接]][1] The order system and bank system will NOT be touched. Please only serious people. Work must be done on my server so I can see work in progress

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    We need a logo and 3 splash screen graphics designed for a software product suite. Logo Name: ScanFactory(tm) Software Suite Description: We are developing and selling a client server document scanning solution for companies in the Insurance, Mortgage and Medical industries. There are 3 Products in the suite and we need splash screens

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    ...template auctions. * Due to the volume of bids we receive, we are asking anyone interested to produce one template based on the details of this auction. Please then submit a watermarked screenshot of that template for us to evaluate your work. If we like your template, we will purchase it at the price you bid and immediately order more templates.

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    ...from 4 views(front back, and two sides). the designer only have to design the temp[late and the template for the page which shows the [登录来查看链接] of work is not required by the designer. on main page i want 1 or 2 flash animations but they should be embeded in the main page. I also need the logo for my company and name of our company is aldefaf

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    We are a start-up R/C performance company (<[登录来查看链接]>) who's target audience is the 12-20 year-old crowd. We need a flashy banner that shows our products and cars but still reflects professionalism and does not annoy site-owners by being too flashy or gaudy. We also would like to keep file size to a minimum for the dial-up user.

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    Web Design Template 已经结束 left

    I am looking for web designer to design a template for my hosting company. Site Specifications: - I have 5 different hosting plans - I will need a search area for the visitor to check for domain name availability - I will need a logo for this web site. - Navigation Tabs: Home / Hosting Plans / Services / Support / Reseller / Order Now /

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    Design Template Needed 已经结束 left

    ...an experienced designer to semi-clone a design for me. Included are the pictures of the two pages: Homepage - I need something like that but custom colors and logo, maybe the bubble things can become something else I specify. Inner-Page - Same changes. This project is for bidders who knows they can create such a design or even a better one....

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    ...and Graphic Design at Design Fusion International. We are an Urban Design Firm that has branched off and started a Global Design Directory. Are old site is pretty archaic yet filled with a massive amount of information. I have been trying to work with technology and update our look but my experience is not up to speed. I tried to use a template t...

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    I am in need one a professional web designer to design and code a simple one page website. This bid is for designing one template. If I like your work I will immediately purchase 15 additional templates from you and more each week. **So please only bid if you are able and interested in designing 15 more and even more templates each week!!!*** We

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    ...that need to be made: <ul> <li>Improve the visual image of the site. It needs to capture the fun of Birthday University without the background picture. Use of current logo and the animation of the front page is desired. <li>Text based navigation, rather than the java script. <li>No frames for the site content. The banner ad spot at the top

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    **Crisp** web site logo for an existing design. I need a graphics **EXPERT** to endow the design of my site with an elegant logo. The logo may have a light weight background graphic if this works better for the designer. The site's name is etransfer ([登录来查看链接]). Feel free to capitalize the T as in eTransfer if this helps the desi...

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    Gaming Team Reimaging 已经结束 left

    ...White Domain: [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接] Wat? Gaming is a group of individuals who participate in 'electronic sports' at numerous competitions throughout the world. The current team practices 6-8 hours per day in preperation for upcoming events and have a rigorous training schedule to rival that of teams in more popular sports. Hailing

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    Should use logo, See attached logo. Or create new logo. There is one more page that is called website hosting, that isn't on the site, but I can email to the bidder. [登录来查看链接] - Web Site Update I need a good page designer to make my site look great. I have a couple of pages online and one offline at the moment, no more than five web pages.

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    My wife is starting a home child care business where people will bring their kids to my home and leave them while they are at work. The address of the website is: [[登录来查看链接]][1] and the URL is already bought and paid for and parked at [[登录来查看链接]][2]. I need someone to design a logo for this home business Ocean County Child Care

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    We need a very creative graphic/web template designer, who understand to isntall and integrate OScommerce. Template design must be warrantied for 30 days, and should be free of any small changes or updates, if necessary. Provider will submit a copy of: .html .psd (all files or orinigal pictures use on the site) .js (if any) .css

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    Design a small web site with an interactive page for users to select the components of an intruder alarm system. I can outline what the web site will contain and what I want it to do, but I am looking for a designer to come up with ideas on presentation, style and usage as well. I would like to see a few ideas before settling with a design. The ide...

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    ... This is a simple request 1) Need a logo design for corporate use 2) Need a business card design that incorporates said logo. 3) Logo must be in a vector format (illustrator preferred), absolutely no bitmapped images will be accepted. Ideal Design: I'll discuss the specifics of what I'm lookin...

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    I’m looking for a coder to develop software that designs pitched roofs for homes. This software needs to create the wire frame outline of the roof based on user specified length and width inputs as well as roof pitch desired. In addition, the planes of the roof need to accept pattern fills with shingle patterns and basic plane shading. Here are the

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    ...website** I currently have started a website that does domain name appraisals and website evaluations. I've already developed the actual format of the forms, but I'm looking for someone to revamp them and make them look more professional and attractive. This should be a fairly simple job for any designer. The form information can be located

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    Two professional logos 已经结束 left

    ...logos designed. One will be a company logo the other will be a product logo. -Company Logo The Company Name: McShane Metal Products This company manufactures metal lock boxes to different target markets. We require a professional looking logo and the creativity is up to the chosen designer. -Product Logo The product we need a...

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    ...Application interface designer/developer. The developer must have experience with creative interface design, ability to create or have access to custom ActiveX controls, and extensive experience with a graphic tool such as Photoshop, etc. The developer must be willing to work closely with the lead developer to complete the project on a short deadline.

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    Logo Redesign 已经结束 left

    ...need a great logo - professional artists or graphics designers with website experience please. I need my website logo redesigned, the website is a internet privacy website. the url is <[登录来查看链接]> - I need to redesign the whole website, but for now only the logo. but go there to get a feel of the website - this logo will

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    Design a transportation web site that will allow customer to book transportation needs online. (Look at [[登录来查看链接]][1] for example). Same basic layout using logo giving . Please leave room for me to modify contact page and a company vision page. Rates information will be provided to designer. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    Hello, I'm looking for a web design that will be able to create a website for my hosting company. I have a Design that I would like the designer to follow, but that will be available for the chosen designer. My logo is to be in bold 3d style text and mirrored, and I would like a realistic flame effect to be on the top of the text....

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    We are soon to begin development of a MMORPG space-themed game that will be an OPEN-SOURCE GPL project. Graphics and artwork are needed to be developed for this project, on an ongoing basis. We prefer all graphics in .png AND .psd (photoshop)format compatible with all common browsers (I know there is a way around the alpha-transparency .png problem

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    Logo design 已经结束 left

    ...for a logo designer. I am interested in working with an individual designer only - not a company, agency, or group of people. The logo will be used on the web and in printed material. It must be clear even when resized down to a very small size. It must look good in colour and black and white. I will provide specific details about the log...

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    Website Design 已经结束 left

    ...assigned this project to a designer from here. But he doesn't reply me back to finish the project. The project was doin flash header like [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接] for my client website http://www.valquest.com. He did part of the project but the flash file is protected so you have to create a new flash header + template design for all website (1 or

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