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    i want to fix this project working https://[登录来查看链接] i need this within 20-30 hours and max hourly rate is 10 usd thanks Only if u did similar work done show me exp than only i hire you

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    Selekt is a smart tech company providing advanced solutions in areas of AI, Chatbots, Blockchain, Data Analytics & Consumer Experience. The next wave of Technology is already here and our objective is to innovate solutions that can either propel growth or save costs for our clients during these most challenging times. Our expertise is in technology & customer experience and these are the p...

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    Looking for someone familiar with CURL to retrieve information from a https website. The attached file will show I was using CURL until a few days ago it stopped working. My guess is the site changed something on their end. May need to add an option in curl showing a User-Agent or something similar

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    3 个竞标 click on FORCE HTTPS - ENTIRE SITE - I get this error message: Warning HTTPS has not been enabled as it is not available on this server. HTTPS connection test failed with the following error: HTTPS version of the site returned an invalid HTTP status code. SSL is already installed without [登录来查看链接] with https://creatingdentalexcellence

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    Looking for an experienced Python/Android developer: + Can you fix the current issues in yowsup (https://[登录来查看链接]) and provide an environment to run the code without errors? See https://[登录来查看链接] for details.

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    Eu tenho uma tarefa de análise de dados.

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    Transfer my website to different domene https://[登录来查看链接]

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    make my website faster https://[登录来查看链接]

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    I have a site which ssl cert expired, and on http version all the images are still loading from https and not loading. need this fixed now

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    Only with projects already finished rubber stamp store with demo, like https://[登录来查看链接] Developed in PHP and MySQL. Design and shopping cart for rubber stamps.

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    I need java light-weight component to automate login to website https://[登录来查看链接] No use of HtmlUnit or Selenium WebDriver - it has NOT to be have-weight Only [登录来查看链接] can be used to navigate through HTML code. I will apply that compoonent to my stand-alone Java POS application.

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    Hi there, i need to build a simple robot coneected with [登录来查看链接] using API, and give them some strategies levels and start trading with it.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it.

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    We are closing our account with AWS - Need help with making a backup of the entire server and having a copy on my local PC. thanks Sam

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    Необходимо из ваших сток...Обнять Тебя Открытка должна содержать область для подписи текстом шириной 70-100% высотой 20-60% Может содержать рамочку или рисунок. Образцы можно посмотреть на сайте https://[登录来查看链接]

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    Hi, I am trying to get the site to use https using letsencrypt. I am getting this error "Domain: [登录来查看链接] Type: unauthorized Detail: Invalid response from [登录来查看链接] [2606:4700:30::681c:928]: "<!DOCTYPE html>rn<!--[if lt IE 7]>rn<html

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    ... We need to record the price, model, memory size, device color, and any other individual attributes archived data on https://[登录来查看链接] for the following two web addresses: https://[登录来查看链接], and https://[登录来查看链接] Data should be scraped for all available snapshots (there seems to be about

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    Hello, We are an online streetwear shop. The stores demo, male, 17-30 years old, & into urban - pop culture. We are looking to hire a freelance blogger to write weekly blogs for our website. We are looking for quotes to fit within our marketing budget & hire the best candidate. Looking for a person connected to the pop culture community, can write blogs similar to the website: Complex....

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    I have a website begging the community and I want to solve errors after my site

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    Procuro alguém que faça 20 matérias em português, e que inclua as normas do google adsense. Preço a se negociar.

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    I want a website same as like - https://[登录来查看链接] if anyone creates me the same website in 1-2 days please message me. key features include- facebook or google login for join contest Current players or squad join the game and one more Shop Section on it.

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    Make a website force https on a node server

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    Pago R$500,00 reais, esse valor pode ser negociável. Site referencia: https://[登录来查看链接] Curtidas no facebook; Visualizações no youtube; Seguidores no Instagram; Curtidas e comentarios no Instagram Seguidores no Twitter; Seguidores no facebook Curtidas no facebook

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    I need a new similar WordPress website like this https://[登录来查看链接]

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    ...principal com páginas do tipo: Home, Sobre, FAQ, Assinar Plano, Login/Cadastro e downloads gratuitos (este último semelhante a https://[登录来查看链接]). E uma dashboard com páginas do tipo: Biblioteca (Para download e visualização de todas as análises já realizadas, semelhante a https://[登录来查看链接]), Carteira Recomendada (Sem...

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    Built mob. app from this website https://[登录来查看链接]

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    To convert my affiliate website (at https://[登录来查看链接]) to adsense website with travel niche (inclusive keywords research, to write content, to get proper approval from adsense, to insert adsense ads). All contents of the original pages can be changed, except the number of pages must maintain. This shall include on page SEO, to ensure the adsense

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    Preciso criar um cenário com 6 dashboards - Ultimos Pedidos, Faturamento Mensal, Faturamento Diário, Comparativo com o período respectivo ao ano passado.

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    Preciso de vídeos curtos o tema sera emagrecimento e saúde, Vídeos narrados canal no youtube com modelos de videos de exemplo como quero é o canal "CURA VERDE". O Produtor montara o roteiro e a thumbnail do vídeo. Preciso de pacotes de videos... muitos vídeos.

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    Install DCHP via (link removed) on VM for Proxmox Docu: https://[登录来查看链接]

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    Visual Studio 2013 auto run https://localhost load issue - RESOLUTION

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    I have a website and Google has declined AdSense saying that the website has scrapped content. I am looking for someone who can do the needful changes without deleting the content and get me AdSense approval. Please go through the website and it's content, complete the research and advise me I dont want any content to be removed as they all are ranking well in google, however, editing can ...

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    ...web que irá se comunicar com os dispositivos IOT que estarão coletando dados de sensores de corrente eletrica, temperatura umidade e pressão. As leituras serão passadas para um ambiente com dashboard, nele deverá ter gauges e gráficos de históricos, tudo com controle de acesso com usuário e senha. Será um...

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    I want to approve AdSense on my website.

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    Need to develop a marketplace website similar to https://[登录来查看链接] with all features. Please let me know the total cost and time for the project. Need to develop in 30 days (approx.)

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    26 个竞标 desenho colorido: um urso em pé, com uma mão num carrinho de compras, fazendo compras. Ele precisa estar sorrindo ou com expressão de felicidade. Pode ter uns 2 ou 3 objetos no carrinho, como uma TV ou algo assim. É para loja virtual, portanto, uso comercial. Em anexo seguem 3 imagens. * Uma imagem de um urso com um carrinho de compras (Quero ...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my blog.

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    I need a basic setup for a cloud server is a centos server with plesk panel I need to install https certificate

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    i need this project in PHP Core and Codeigniter

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    We are looking to integrate conekta api(https://[登录来查看链接]) to odoo(v12) ecommerce as a payment acquirer.

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    make wordpress site https://www. right now https://www version seems broken, http://www version is loading fine but not https://www all assets/elements needs to use HTTPS change Wordpress Base URLs to use HTTPS instead of http, ensure no errors. START NOW, work fast.

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    Imagine if you will is the summary of my story the Williams sisters. It is fiction and it's about witchcraft it's about a fight between Good and Evil.

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    I need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build a website for my small business.

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    Indicizzazione SEO per sito italiano https://[登录来查看链接] con report mensile di risultati e obbiettivi

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    need someone to help fix my websites as you can see there are many many issues

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    I am looking for a talented web designer and developer to build a website with similar functionality to the one mentioned in the subject, but instead this website will be location and map focused, so the user can search in different countries of the world. I need someone that has a good eye for detail and communication skills. SEO experience is a must. automated replies will be ignored, read a...

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    I want to create an ecom app for spare parts

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    hello I would need a professionally designed logo for a foosball website which is under development currently. Thank you,

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    API Facebook com Node.JS 已经结束 left

    Criar uma página em PHP que ao inserir o usuário da página ou perfil do Facebook ele capture, via API, algumas informações através de Node.JS, como: 1 - Número de seguidores 2 - Número de curtidas

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