I have a website idea and i need a developer工作


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    LED downlight concept design, need similar skill for similar product, need artist based in UK

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    i need an idea or an business that gives me 1000 dollar profit per month

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    I am creating a new website in which my family are completing their bucket list. To give you some background, I lost my daughter last year and we've been raising money for the amazing charity that helped us. We've had a reasonably successful year raising money and ticking some items off the list. What I'm looking for is to really step...

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    I'm looking for both a website designer and developer to help me build a personal website. The idea of the site is to be a travel blog of sorts, but it'll be more of a photo-based blog than a text-based blog. I've done some preliminary research on popular website builders, but none of them seem to have...

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    I need to develop an app, that allows customers to search for products by asking sellers if they have it or not. Sellers are physical stores. Customers should be able to contact stores using this app and send them messages using WhatsApp messaging style, where customers can send messages in writing, images or videos and ask about the availability and

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    I need some graphic design for doing 27 different desing according to the title attach each desing have A3 poster & 65mmx 150mm ticket too

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    Come up with the best and innovative idea of application to work on and develop. Will discuss and start the ground work for coming into the market. Shall discuss with my team to proceed further. Thank you.

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    blockcain idea need help 1 日 left

    looking to work with a developer

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    Just some simple T-Shirt ideas I did of comic book characters/sci-fi characters.

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    I am shooting a short film and would like a script commissioned based on my original idea. Please present me with a SHORT sample of your work that I can use to guage whether you would be a good fit. The script needs quirky funny characters and smart dialogue. Has a feel akin to the TV show Atlanta with Donald Glover First mile...

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    decide upon a technological system to evaluate from a usability perspective. This system can be anything from software, to hardware, to devices or interfaces. Hit me up for more details about this project. So basically we should make a choice of a technological system, and then the chosen evaluation method we decide on. One Page writing, no articles

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    basic cad design needed for factory in china.

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    I need a logo designed. I already have a clear idea sketched of what I want.

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    Toy Idea for Girls 已经结束 left

    I have a few sketches of what I want CAD designed. I'd like to see how much it would cost to get someone to design them for me so I can get from sketch to physical products.

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    I am looking for a comprehensive Email Client app that will run on iPhones and perhaps also on OS X. This job post is exploratory as I am wanting to see what it will cost before I proceed. If you have an existing app working that can be used as a base then I would prefer that to reduce development time. I am open to the language u...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for business idea 已经结束 left

    Logo for a solar power company start up. Its not just about solar panels , but also battery storage, other kinds of energy storage, total energy management including reporting to the cloud. Company name is : one sigma power Need a logo with both that name , and and icon that could be used separately and with the the wording. See attached

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    Trophy icon Convert idea into design 已经结束 left

    Convert drawing into T-shirt design Frame size 11”x3.5” color combo on picture (pencil) fix or create your own design

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    invented new idea 已经结束 left

    looking for someone have new innovation app idea for development it from scratch

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    innvotion app idea 已经结束 left

    looking for someone have new innovation app idea for development it from scratch

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    I have an idea for a NASA-style 'mission badge' which I would like have worked up into two designs that I can use - one full colour and one single or two colour.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    Web development 已经结束 left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. Myself Sameer Khan from Hyderabad. Me & My Cofounder is looking for a web developer who can develop a mobile optimized website for our business. Our idea is to build a marketplace for tailors who will be visible on our platform wit...

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    Hello, i need you to make a logo out of my drawing.. I need it for an embroidery label so i need a simple art that can be stitched. NO 3D LOGO !!!!! Just simple! I need about 3-4 versions, of which i will discuss with my client. Perhaps we will need some rework on it then. If you are interested i will se...

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    BP Merch Idea 已经结束 left

    I need to add my logo behind products on a shelf. I have a picture of the products on the shelf and the logo and need to find a way to combine them. Would also like a hangtag below the products. This is to present to a large retailer.

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    I need new ideas for logo of a fashion brand (men suits). The title should be visible in Arabic. نحتاج افكار و اعادة تصميم لوقو شعار ماركة ملابس بدل رجالية يجب أن يظهر اسم الماركة في الشعار كما هو موضح في شعارات الماركة السابقة. يفضل شعار عصري و شبابي اسم الماركة: العريس

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    I am not sure what skills you need for this app but I do know I want it for both Apple and Android phones. Basically you would need to have developed an app before the involves camera use. I will not be elaborating any further until non disclosure documents are completed. Before responding to this ad you must say 'i have...

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    Idea of a logo 已经结束 left

    Need a logo, a black and white example scetch. It don't have to be perfect.. I need just an idea and nice look. I will give you a photo of a robot wich you need to redesign to a simple look logo. An examle how it have to look like is included and the photo too. I will pay 10...

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    PRIISH idea mart 已经结束 left

    need for freelancers who are willing to find products and  manufacturers for PRIISH.  freelancer will be paid accordk g to the deal posted in the add.

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    I am a nutritionist and certified health coach too. i like to have a logo by my domain name : Pathperfection there is a path to perfection of health, nutrition, exercise, and attitude that we need to be coached about.

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    I need a creative business idea. New, creative

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    Looking for a idea that I can turn into a business. Ex. wooden bow ties was a reinvention that has a design patent by the creators or a simple new way to do something that can be sold online. Ex. shampoo that is a powder.

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    looking for someone have New online idea based on any Artificial intelligence fields ,and development it .

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    looking for someone have New online idea based on any Artificial intelligence field ,and development it .

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who could write a business plan for a staert up space company. The company has not been founded yet but, to find investors, we need a business plan. Our initial idea is to make a space start up using already built rockets (as for example Rockets of [登录来查看链接]). Thank you

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    My brothers i have a project close to completion and IM applications such as WhatSapp and Wechat With new idea and new design In fact, the market does not want to increase applications such as instant messaging The market wants something special with a new idea like SnapChat and others I want to study the feasibility ...

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    Website idea 已经结束 left

    I am looking for someone who is looking to do work experience for me to create website as for now i just lost my job so will be very tight on the budget for this month at just $10-15 however you can be part of the team. The freelancer must have skills in parallax and creating 3d custom websites using javascript and needs to be completed now within 10

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    business idea- 已经结束 left

    looking for someone have any new online business idea can implement it from A to Z ( development , marketing , management )

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    new online business idea 已经结束 left

    looking for someone have any new online business idea can implement it from A to Z ( development , marketing , management )

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    Sell My game idea 已经结束 left

    I need someone to sell my game idea to top gaming companies and I will give him 20% share. I have a betting sports game idea which could make millions every month I even have an idea to make it viral. I look for a good amount to sell my idea.

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    development business idea 已经结束 left

    looking developer have new idea for development new online business idea form A to Z

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    I have an idea for a birth announcement in the style of a comic book. Clients first child they used this image as first birth announcement. Now for their second child they want the sequel movie poster. See previous [登录来查看链接] to see the first design. See [登录来查看链接] - This design will focus on a baby inside the mothers stomach holding a flashlight

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    担保 加封 顶级竞赛
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    Looking for a professional graphic designer to fix some artwork and layout on a website or make it look more polished and professional

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    We have a large development project that we will be kicking off in the next couple of months and want to get some talented freelancers to help us with the development. This project will be short in duration (max 2 days turnover). I want to see how well you program and if/when you leave comments in your code. We will also be requiring a programmer/developer

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    I have a relatively basic website concept which I designed in Microsoft Office Word and would like to turn into an actual website. This is a project I’ve been working on for some time and is very important to me, so I would like a web developer who is serious and passionate about their work, and...

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    i have idea ,small product need engineer to design it.

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    Trophy icon App idea illustration image 已经结束 left

    An app that lets you choose how much of your bank account balance you want to save (invest) with one quick slide (up and down) and shows your various balances (some USD, CHF, Bitcoin, Ethereum) and your savings rate and income per month. See image for better understanding.

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