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    I need a creative business plan writer. This job is not for general writing. Long-term. I will prefer you only if you domain is business plan writing only. Thanks

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    I own a hair salon in Sausalito that specializes in cutting and styling wigs. I need someone to write a business plan so I can apply for grants.

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    Cloud Africa Ltd is a FinTech that offers services to its customers across Africa. This business plan is specific to Nigeria where the following services need to be highlighted in a clear and concise business plan that can be presented to relevant stakeholders Cloud Africa is working with third parties to white label services for its target audienc...

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    A writer with experience in writing business-related articles.

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    I want it to be in depth and have samples of what a business plan should look like. I will discuss the particulars with the winning bidder. I will retain all rights upon releasing your milestone. You have to agree to do to be considered for the job.

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    I need an Australian copy writer to write some Business writing and content writing I want to sell (export) my garments product like T shirt and pant to Australian market I need a business plan and some web content for my website

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    Hi freelancer, I am a business owner and I need a good article writer to plan and grow my business.

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    Two years ago I wrote a basic business plan for potential investors to read and invest into my company. In the last two years many things have changed and progress has been made. I need a researcher & writer to find statistics, backup market facts with sources & build a professional business plan that would look...

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    I'm a compliance business for adult family homes and nursing assisted living facilities. I need branding, website development, content writer for services and business plan and a graphic designer.

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    My team and I developed a remarkable product related to e-business and blockchain. But of course there is a catch: we still have a lot of work to do, and no budget right now. I am here because I know some of the best talent and minds hang out here. I wonder if this could be the place to find the best team members. We must prepare for inves...

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    I want a business plan writer for my online service. I will perfer well-expert. Thanks

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    I have a Skills Development and HR company, I seeking someone to complete my business plan. I have some content, I need a writer to complete the rest. I would like it short and simple and done within a day.

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    I need a professional to edit and proofread my Business Plan. Selected Candidate should be a native writer.

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    Hi, I need a professional writer who can do a business plan for me. Samples will be required

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    Blog job requirements We are looking to partner with an Engineer writer to interview our Subject Matter Experts in 2019 and write articles on their behalf (Ghost writing). The business language is English, but German language skills would be a plus. We are based near Frankfurt, Germany. You will be required to interview each of our 5 subject matter

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    I need a content writer to develop a white paper for a new ICO idea. ( I have already a scratch of the business plan)

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    I'm looking to open a small cupcake bakery , specializing with herbs.

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    Creating Company profile and Business plan

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    Hello folks, Myself Sankalp Patil working on my own startup. I need a content writer who can help me to write business plan of my sports bar. Looking someone nearby from Mumbai. [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions -Section 13:Communication With Other Users] Cheers...

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    I would like to hire a writer for a business plan. Need someone with good knowledge of business in UK. Thanks.

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    I need an experienced writer on a business plan.

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    ...HYPNOTIC WRITER This non-fiction book is already written. Finished. Done! The concept, the ideas, the principles, the teachings, the methods... all done! It's a unique idea, where sound business advice is overlaid with a famous (Australian) football match. The Game Plan represents corporate strategy. The football fundamentals represent business pr...

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    NCS TAX RESOLUTION SERICES My business is about: Helping customers who owes IRS or State Money, has IRS lien, looking for tax preparation assistance, Tax planning, Owes back year tax, IRS Payment plan, IRS Seizures Offer in compromise, Payroll tax problem, Non-filed tax returns, Non Resident Tax filling. What makes it unique is: Bakr has over 18 years

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    We need an exp writer/financial Expert to write our 5 pages exec summary! Clean , concise, top english and to the point with great clarity and purpose. See below guidelines. We will provide the material for it -winning bid Read please: "The most important part of an executive summary is the first paragraph that clearly explains what the company

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    I want to come up with a business plan for expelling cooking oil from sunflower. I have an expeller with capacity to process 200kgs per hour and will be operating for 9 hours each day. The business will be in Malawi and operate from Lilongwe the capital city. I have the machine installed at my property and no rentals will apply. I want the b...

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    I am the owner of Brightsea Inc. and a small Toronto based tech company which provide [登录来查看链接] . WebPivotTable is a web component which can be integrated to any web site or web application and it has been used by many companies already. We need a business plan to attract venture funds to expand our sales, also extend it to a SaaS solution

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    I want a business plan on cooking oil extraction mostly from sunflower in Malawi using an expeller that can process between 150 to 250kg of raw material in one hour and operating for 8 hrs in a day with 6 operational days in a week and projecting this business for a period of 5 years

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    Food Truck Business Plan 已经结束 left

    Business plan Writer for a new concept food truck. I need a full complete business plan with finicals outcomes and research into the market area I am trying to reach. The plan will be used to get bank loans and investors as well.

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    I am looking for multiple expert writers who can create content for online tutorials on various business and workplace topics. The goal is to create high quality course material for online tutorials and in-person coaching sessions aimed for the average office worker. Below is a list of tutorial topics. 1. Workplace safety 2. Dealing with discrimination

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    Hey, I am purchasing a new motel business. I need a business plan writer to prepare plan with purpose of bank finance. Please share your portfolio so I can contact the best!

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    Hey, I am opening a new startup in digital agency niche. I need a business plan writer. Please share your portfolio so I can contact the best!

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    I am looking for someone that can write a business plan for a start up company. The business is a Money Transmitting Company in the State of Georgia.

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    ...goals. I am seeking a freelancer that can get the job done! That can get my business off the ground. I need funding -- & -- Sponsors -- Angel Investors or Partnerships. I am a start-up non-profit. Do not apply unless you can get the job done. You must have proven experience. You must be a great writer. Someone that is e...

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    I am looking for a good writer experienced in writing business plans. I need a current plan edited and updated to include the key elements, executive summary, business description, operations information, marketing strategy and financial statements

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    Need a Business plan for a cargo transporting drive interstate in state of AZ with future plans for interstate hauling. Also seeking financing.

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    i need a business plan writer for my starting business to get funding and for investors

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    Want a person to write me a business plan.

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    I have most of the inputs (description etc) but putting it together from scratch is what I need from a writer would be great and basically include swot, graphs, 5-year graph and rich vocabulary would be excellent . I need a business plan writer able to do calculation/projection of financial growth for the next 5 years an...

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    I have most of the inputs (description etc) but putting it together from scratch is what I need from a writer would be great and basically include swot, graphs, 5-year graph and rich vocabulary would be excellent .

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    Hi, We are a cryptocurrency trading platform to be in launched in India soon. I am looking for a writer who could take our points and figures and create a business plan. I need this in 4 days. Regards, Krish

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    I need a writer to creat a business plan for a minig project.I have some info on the business.I need a great job done.

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    I need writer to write a business plan for my investment company

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    Hello there, we're a small italian wine distribution company in London, we're planning to make a proper business plan to get funds. We're using "Liveplan" at the moment, so would be better to write in it. Thank you

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    I wish to hire a consultant or business plan writer to help me in developing a business plan aimed to attract investors for funding my chicken farming project. The project is to develop a 3 storey closed house for growing up chicken (broilers) with a capacity of 75,000 birds in Indonesia I need someone who is f...

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    Hi, I need a professional writer to help me prepare and write a Business Plan and a CV.

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    ...actually looking for a very good writer to write contents for a website, promotions and many others things. The writer will need to fulfill these requirements: -Excellent English -Expert in marketing, promotion -Skype or Telegram -Knows about cryptocurrency world -Having some experience in business plan is a great bonus I'm look...

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    I need a business writer to write a 15 page business plan and a3 year pro forma

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    ...friends, I'm looking for a creative Business writer who has a good idea about business plans can create a business plan for my project, not have to write only having any good suggestion because you know in few year there are many eCommerce companies started to sell online but I'm looking to add something unique to this, I...

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    I need a professional business plan writer, with experience and probably an MBA degree to write two comprehensive business plans for me. 1. For a Start-Up Market Research Company 2. For a Survey Data Collection SaaS platform

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